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Saskatchewan Tourist Attractions: 12 Amazing Places to Explore

main Saskatchewan tourist attractions

Saskatchewan is filled with many unique places that can be explored on a family trip, solo getaway, or even your honeymoon.

If you plan your trip here, you must take at least two weeks from your daily life since there is an unending list of Saskatchewan tourist attractions, special activities, and things you can try.

Top Tourist Attractions in Saskatchewan 

There are many unique places in Saskatchewan that you can check out. Despite being one of Canada’s prairie provinces, Saskatchewan’s amazingly varied landscape provides some surprising activities.

These top 12 tourist places include Canada’s most beautiful national parks, first nations landmarks, and exciting outdoor adventures.

1. Prince Albert National Park

This popular wildlife-watching spot has dramatically evolved over the years, and now you can find several small lakes with beautiful highlands.

At the northernmost of this forest, you will find white pelicans. Besides this species, you will also get the chance to find several other animals. You can come across moose, foxes, eagles, and wolves. There you will see squirrels, deer, and elk-like animals.

Waskesiu Main Beach, one of Saskatchewan’s beautiful beaches, is also in the park. The sand here shares land with the Waskesiu Lake’s eastern shore.

This area is greenish and shaded with giant trees. If you wish to eat or buy something from the local shops, you must head to another side of the street.

Image from: Shutterstock

There are several other beaches where you can sit peacefully, enjoy your time, and relax.

Archeologists have confirmed that people from the first nations have used this place as their habitat for over a thousand years. During the severe winter, they migrated to the northern side of this land and took shelter with other locals.

You can even learn about a debatable naturalist who dwelled here for several years. The author’s (Grey Owl) best-selling books describe his romance with the forest, which is under threat by the progress of human civilization.

2. Saskatoon

Saskatoon, located on the Southern Saskatchewan River, is an enjoyable city. Most visitors show interest in learning about the history of the people living in the Wanuskewin Heritage Park.

If you are also interested in history, you will also get the chance to learn about the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and the early European settlers and their culture.

Saskatoon features the famous street “Boomtown 1910” and the Western Development Museum (there is a total of four museums, and this is the largest.)

During your exploration, visiting the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo with your kids can be the best thing to cheer up your kids. The children will like the museum beast collection and its beautiful landscapes.

However, if you are an art-lover, the Remai Modern Museum is a must-visit site in Saskatoon. This museum is well known for preserving the great Picasso collection.

3. Cypress Hills

The region is home to world-class outdoor attractions, including an inter-provincial park straddling the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.

You can even find the Grasslands National Park near the US border.

Image From: Shutterstock

This park is vast and provides an excellent possibility to reconnect with nature. You can enjoy it by setting a campfire at night and gazing at an incredible dark sky filled with a billion stars.

Since Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is also a Dark Sky Preserve, it offers excellent stargazing opportunities. Located 52 kilometres away from Maple creek, this place is worth visiting.

4. Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Fort Walsh National Historic Site is an important site built in 1875 to counter the illegal trade of whiskey.

The problem was fixed, and later this site was hailed as a vital post in the area. Soon the Fort Walsh National Historic Site became famous for scoring refuges from their clash with the US Cavalry.

The Fort Walsh National Historic Site came in negotiation with the native peoples, the whiskey traders the Sioux warriors and thus became a crucial site in Saskatchewan.

With the Sioux warriors returning to the US, this post was abandoned. The Police from the RCM took this land in 1942 and made it a horse-breeding ranch. Soon after the organization was moved to Ontario, this place was returned to its former glory and became a historic site.

Visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities here; they can engage in hiking the rugged trails.

5. RCMP Heritage Centre

This can be an excellent place for your Saskatchewan exploration, and you will not find any other heritage center like this one.

Even though the RCMP heritage center mainly displays weapons, past photographs, and various equipment, you can still enjoy the royal parade RCMP.

You can watch the parades from the two distinct centers. However, the Major’s Parade is shifted to the Drill Hall; in any case, the weather is not supportive, and the Summer Retreat is the most famous parade.

It is responsible for attracting huge crowds and is referred to as a recruit parade. You will find fresh recruits performing from the British military.

6. Batoche National Historic Site

When you head to the Batoche National Historical site, you can witness the events that occurred in the decisive battle with the Northwest Rebellion in 1885.

The St. Antoine de Padoue (1883-84) church still displays the markings of bullet holes and their shells.

Image From: Shutterstock

The site is well-served by a shuttle bus; you can even witness the gravestones of the Metis who died in the rebellion battle.

Dumont and Legendre also rest with the Metis in this infamous churchyard. Besides this, you can enjoy other nearby places.

7. Moose Jaw

This city is situated between the banks of Moose Jaw River and Thunder creek. From the time of Chinese immigrants, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw have been hailed as an important tourist site.

You can even enjoy your time by exploring the place wearing the obsolete local dresses of Moose Jaw citizens. In addition, there is also a notable museum that is worth visiting – depicting Prairie transportation.

8. Qu’Appelle Valley

Here you can visit the valley created by the glacier waters. This place has sculpted another eight important lakes and a beautiful garden-like area where tourists can enjoy the unique atmosphere created by the Qu’Appelle Valley lakes.

Tourists frequently visit this park during the summertime; there are three distinct parks visitors love to explore.

In this park, you will find a couple of lakes, where you can take an evening stroll with your family members and even enjoy your time camping. The gardens have facilities to play golf and go hiking and a waterfront where you can spend your time.

9. The Battlefords

Yet another important tourist destination, where you can find the two different cities settled on both sides of the Saskatchewan River.

Long back, this was the station for the Mounted Police and a crucial post for the Northwestern government of Canada.

Image From: Shutterstock

10. Manitou Lake

In this lake, you can enjoy many activities. One such famous activity is floating in the Dead Sea. 

In addition, these activities are free of cost for people staying at their resorts. So, if you love experiencing activities indoors, this is your go-to place.

The ranch is open all year, but there are additional lodging options in the historic Arts & Craftsman ranch house during the summer months.

11. Wanuskewin Heritage Park

This park can be considered an old park since it is acknowledged that visitors gather from all over the globe to visit Waneskewin Heritage Park. This activity is now being carried away for over 60 centuries.

Besides its ancient features, this park is now considering being included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visitors can hike a 6 km trail and participate in workshops to learn to build Beaded hoop earrings.

12. Churchill River

For centuries, local First Nations used the Churchill River as a travel and trade route. When explorers and fur trading voyageurs began to visit the area, the river continued to serve the same function.

This mighty waterway is filled with rapids and drops, attracting paddlers from all over the world.

The river attaches to several significant lakes and natural landmarks, including Saskatchewan’s tallest waterfall, Noskowiak Falls. It’s also a great place to look for moose on the shores and bald eagles in the sky or to go fishing for walleye, northern pike, and a variety of other fish.

Final Note

Visitors to Saskatchewan love exploring the province’s iconic attractions.

From the RCMP Heritage Centre at RCMP Depot Division, Canada’s training centre for all RCMP officers, to wheat fields and beautiful skies, there is plenty to see and do.

Enjoy these Saskatchewan tourist attractions, which can be considered hidden gems of Saskatchewan. Ensure to visit these places during your stay here and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Saskatchewan famous for?

Over a third of the durum wheat shipped globally comes from Saskatchewan, which is also the world’s leading exporter of lentils and dry peas. Saskatchewan is not just a global powerhouse in agriculture but also North America’s fifth-largest oil production.

2. What is the best month to visit Saskatchewan?

The warmer seasons in Saskatchewan, from September to November and April to May, are when many tourists prefer to travel.

3. Is Saskatchewan a good place to immigrate?

Due to its rapid economic growth and employment prospects, Saskatchewan has become a preferred choice among immigrants.


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