The Real Annabelle Doll – Top 12 Terrifying Facts

The real Annabelle doll story is still unknown to many people. The release of the conjuring (2013) followed by the Annabelle movie in 2014 rose the question of a real Annabelle doll or Annabelle’s true story in everyone’s minds.

Anabelle also has a real-life story; the original Annabelle doll was a raggedy Ann doll instead of the porcelain doll shown in the movie.

And today in this article, we will cover the entire story of the real Annabelle doll, covering every aspect of the story and how the real-life true story is different from the Hollywood version of the movie.

1. Real Annabelle Doll

The real Annabelle doll is still placed inside Ed and Lorraine warren’s occult museum in Monroe, safe inside a glass case displaying a warning “Do Not Touch” along a cross.

The spooky porcelain doll displayed in the Annabelle movie is completely different than the real Annabelle doll which was a raggedy Ann doll with red yarn hair with a half-smile and a triangular nose.

Many details that were portrayed in the Annabelle movie were quite similar to the real Annabelle’s story.

Real Annabelle Doll
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2. Donna and Angie

The real Annabelle doll was a second-hand doll bought from a hobby store. It was a birthday gift given to a young girl, Donna, by her mother. Donna was a student nurse and was delighted by the gift.

Donna along with her friend Angie lived together in an apartment complex. The two nurses were really happy upon receiving the doll and brought her back to their apartment complex. Angie’s apartment was turned upside down upon the entry of the Annabelle doll.

The doll was a great source of fun at the beginning but soon it became a source of fear for the two nurses. At first, the movements were small and both Donna and Angie thought of it as their own mistake—for example falling off the floor instead of sitting on the chair.

But the movements increased and she was found in completely different rooms as she was placed. For example, she ended up outside Angie’s door after she returned from Donna’s room.

Another close friend Lou was the first major hunt of the raggedy Ann doll. Lou believed that the doll was a haunted doll attached to an inhuman spirit and that they needed help.

Donna and Angie were not ready to believe that such a beautiful-looking doll could be a cursed doll and blamed themselves for their ignorance in taking care of the doll.

3. Haunted Incidents

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Soon after that the real Annabelle doll became more sinister and started playing with them. After that, the girls started witnessing strange things in their apartment.

They started finding notes around their apartment. Sometimes they find changes in its location that search to know where the Annabel doll is.

The strangest thing was that the notes were written on parchment paper and the girls had never used parchment paper before. The notes said different things but the most common was “Help us” or “Help Lou”.

They also found Annabelle appearing back in Donna’s room even with the door shut and sometimes it was sitting with its legs crossed and many more.

Then a blood incident occurred with the real Annabelle doll. One day when Donna returned from work, she found Anabelle sitting in bed with literal blood on her hands. This was the breaking point for the girls and they called for help before things turn even worse.

4. Annabelle Higgins

They reached out for their first medium of help. The first medium introduced them to the real story of Annabelle. The story was that the land on which Lou and Angie’s apartment was built used to be a field.

A young girl named Annabelle Higgins around 7 years old was found dead in the field. After the doll came into the apartment with Donna, Annabelle’s spirit got attached to the doll as the real girl named Annabelle also liked dolls. This was because, at the time when Donna and Angie used to live there, the spirit of Annabelle was still roaming in the field.

For others, it was just another story and just another doll but for Donna and Angie, the doll became Annabelle the haunted doll. Since Donna and Angie were kind and loving, they felt bad for the real Annabelle Higgins and decided to keep the doll by their side as they didn’t want her to be left alone.

5. Lou

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The one who actually saw the actions of the demonic doll was Lou, their close friend. This incident was more physical. Angie and Lou were sitting together and talking when they suddenly heard a sound coming from Donna’s room. They froze as if no one else was in the apartment.

They went to the room and saw that the doll was sitting on the chair instead of on the bed where they left her. Upon seeing this Lou moved forward toward the doll and a strange feeling crept over him. He felt a sharp pain run through his chest, the pain was terrible and upon seeing his chest he saw claw marks like someone leaping on him and roughly scratching him.

They realized that the marks were from the Annabelle doll. The strange thing was that the marks healed straight away and just two days later there was no trace of any claw marks on his chest.

6. Ed and Lorraine Warren

Finally, to get rid of the Annabelle doll’s spirit Donna and Angie called for an episcopal priest called Father Hegan. Father Hegan then altered Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators, to hand Annabelle the case.


Ed and Lorraine Warren told them their trouble began when Angie and Donna believed that Annabelle deserved their sympathy. Ed and Lorraine Warren told them that it was actually a demonic spirit who was in search of a human host and want to take over Donna’s soul

Ed and Lorraine Warren noted down the signs of possible demonic possession which were teleportation (the doll’s movement on its own), materialization (parchment paper note messages), and the “mark of the beast” (Lou’s chest claw mark).

Ed Warren and Lorraine warren ordered an exorcism by Father Cooke and then they took Annabelle with them to her final resting place which was their occult museum in Monroe. The warrens believed that it would finally end.

7. Haunting Experiences with The Warrens

Upon leaving the apartment Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren decided that it was best to drive back from the back roads instead of taking the main highways. They were worried that the raggedy ann doll would cause some problems which may lead to a car accident.

They faced problems even when returning from the back roads. The power steering failed along with the brake failure. The car faced several problems on the way back. The problem stopped only when Ed Warren sprinkled some holy water on the Raggedy Anne doll. Holy water quieted the incidents or you can say the paranormal activity that was happening.

Once home, Ed put the real Annabelle doll on his desk, hoping that no paranormal activity will happen for a little while. There were a few other incidents like the Annabelle doll was seen levitating above but then it stopped. Both Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren thought that perhaps the doll is quiet but soon other incidents happened and she was found in different rooms.

The Warrens called a priest for help but the priest took it lightly and thought that it was just another doll and that there was no demon attached to it. That was a big mistake by the priest and on his way back he met with a car accident. The car turned over and the brakes failed. The priest was badly hurt but he survived. The priest claimed that he saw Annabelle in the rearview mirror just before the accident happened.

8. Warrens Museum or Warrens Occult Museum

Everyone is so curious to know where does Annabelle live or where is the Annabelle doll located? The real-life Annabelle doll is kept inside the Warrens occult museum, sitting inside a glass case with the hand-carved inscription of the Lord’s prayer and a pleasant smile is resting on her face.

The case reads Warren occult museum has a number of haunted things in it but the original Annabelle doll is the most demonic possession inside the warrens occult museum.

There are visitors to the Warrens Occult Museum and there have also been incidents with the visitors. Once a couple visited the occult museum and laughed at how people believed in such silly things and how it was all fake and not a true story.

On their way back home, they reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a tree. The young man was killed on the spot whereas the girlfriend barely survived. She, later on, claimed that at the tie of the accident, the couple was making fun of the Annabelle Doll.

The story of the Annabelle doll and the warrens story is quite famous and is known to all but people are still unaware of the true events that happened in the life of the couple.

9. The Warrens

Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren were paranormal investigators and also a couple who were known to deal with inhuman activities. They were brought to light with the movies such as The Conjuring trilogy, Annabelle movie, and the nun, apart from that they have also dealt with a number of other cases as well. Both the husband and wife were gifted and have stories behind them.

Ed grew up in a house he thought was haunted and experienced certain things at an early age. He remembers the doors opening on their own and strange lights coming from his house. Lorraine Warren realized her clairvoyant abilities at a young age just like Ed. She recalls seeing auras around people but ignoring them at first.

Ed Warren was a self-taught demonologist, lecturer, and author. Lorraine was a woman with clairvoyant abilities and started working alongside her husband. Both have an interest in paranormal activities and started working in that field.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were the main inspiration for the haunted conjuring series which also resulted in the making of the Annabelle movie and the nun movie. Today we know them as great investigators who helped people get rid of paranormal activities at the risk of their own life.

10. Takeover at the Occult Museum

Edward Warren Miney (died on – August 23, 2006) and Lorraine Rita Warren (died on – April 18, 2019) were paranormal investigators and upon their death, their legacy was passed on to their daughter Judy and their son-in-law Tony Spera.

Editorial credit: Faiz Zaki / Shutterstock.com

Ed considered his son-in-law, Tony Spera as his demonology protege and passed him with his work which included the care for their occult museum artifacts.

The artifacts include the Annabelle doll in her protective glass case and other artifacts. Tony Spera has said that the Annabelle doll is the most dangerous thing in the entire museum.

A catholic priest comes in every two or three months to bless their occult museum to bind the evil there. It is a way to keep it safe and away from the lives of normal people.

11. Annabelle Doll’s Escape

There have been rumours about the Annabelle doll escaping which created havoc in people’s minds. The most recent being in the year 2020 when a tweet claimed that the Annabelle doll has escaped on 14th August 2020 at 3:00 AM from the Warrens occult museum in Monroe. This was soon quieted down.

Annabelle Doll still resides in the warren’s occult museum and is safely kept inside the case. The case reads “Do not open”. All the rumours regarding the Annabelle doll escaping are simply fake and the people have nothing to worry about.

Once a Chinese Youtuber was translating an interview with Annabelle movie actor, Annabelle Wallis in which she was discussing getting to run with Tom Cruise on camera. There was a translation mistake and it came out as “Annabelle escaped” which rose fear in everyone’s mind.

But soon this was brought down by claiming that Annabelle is still locked and that the people are safe.

12. The Haunting Movies

The release of the conjuring in 2014 became the beginning of the haunted incident stories. The role of Edward Warren was played by Patrick Wilson whereas the role of Lorraine was played by Vera Farmiga.

Both the actors played their roles beautifully and delivered the final masterpiece. The entire haunted series of movies shows the true story of the incidents that happened.

The release of the conjuring in 2104 resulted in a direct sequel and five spin-offs of the film. Conjuring was quite scary and it covers the entire story of a witch named Bathsheba and how it disturbed the entire family that came to live there. The story was quite amazing and the setting was almost real, so it kept the fans’ attention and gave them, even more, sequels to enjoy.

Their theatrical release order is as below:

  • The Conjuring (2013)
  • Annabelle (2014)
  • The conjuring 2 (2016)
  • Annabelle: Creation (2017)
  • The Nun (2018)
  • The Curse of La Llorna (2019)
  • Annabelle Comes Home (2019)
  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

Editorial credit: Sarunyu L / Shutterstock.com

Final Word

The movies created havoc in the minds of the audience and people started diving more into the storyline. As the popularity increased, so did the demand for more movies. The conjuring and the Annabelle became an inspiration for many horror movies.

The movies were made so realistic that people were scared for days after watching the movie. All the movies created in the conjuring universe are equally amazing and scary. It is the perfect option for a friend’s night out. Prepare a tub of popcorn along with beverages to enjoy the movie.

Due to this popularity, people check whether the real Annabelle doll for sale is available or not.

This was the article that covers the entire life of the real Annabelle doll and what it did. There is one recorded murder under the Annabelle doll and many other deadly incidents. The Annabelle doll is truly one of the most haunting things out there but is now locked and kept safe. 

This was all about the Annabelle doll and its back life story. We hope that it satisfied you and answered all your questions regarding Annabelle. For more articles, stay attached and stay tuned.

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