Canada Hustle is dedicated to empowering tourists the world over an accessible and affordable way to explore Canada. We go beyond offering you tour packages – that all our competitors do. No, what makes us different is our ability to understand what you need – and give you that at the price point you’re comfortable with.

Think about it this way. Tour companies charge so much for tours primarily because of labor. The more people they need to hire for your trip, the higher the trip cost be. Instead, we help you explore it like locals, and with locals.

Our self-guided tours are different. They help you explore popular attractions on your own – while we do all the research and itinerary for you. So, we tell you where to go, how to go, what things to look for, the routes to take – and even what you should do when you’re unsure.

And if you’re still looking for someone, we help you tie up with a local – who can help you get around popular places – and at a much cheaper rate.

Our Destination Guides Can Help You Choose Where You Want to Go Next

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist from inside Canada or outside, we will help you find the right place to go, some good places to eat, and find out all the essentials you need for your trips.

To do that, we bring to you our personal experiences, from our Founder Soubhik Chakrabarti, who is a Greater Vancouver resident and our team. He will take you through Vancouver’s top attractions, Toronto’s Aquariums, and explore other Canadian cities like Montreal, Edmonton, and Quebec City. With input from our travelers, and our team members, our guides are carefully crafted with you in mind – our travelers.

About Our Team

Soubhik loves traveling, and on a normal weekend, you would find him exploring all that Greater Vancouver has to offer, from Stanley Park’s gems to Grouse Mountain. Email Soubhik at




Join us on this journey to discover, learn, and succeed in Canada’s dynamic hustle culture.



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