National Arts Centre Ottawa: 12 Most Interesting Facts

Every city has that one intriguing attraction that tourists flock to. For Ottawa, it is the National Art Centre, which houses some facts that will blow your mind. Read on to find more!

National Arts Centre Ottawa: 12 Most Interesting Facts

The government of L.B Pearson launched the National Art Centre Ottawa to Commemorate Canada’s 1957 centenary with a finished constructed concert hall in 1969, at a price of approximately C$45-47 Million.

The Delicate and transparent collaboration, a touch of open new space, reveals the artistic broad free perspective.

The recent renovation of the National art centre Ottawa building consists of a creative fortress-look museum, which is more of building houses like several performances spaces, rehearsal halls, dressing rooms, workshops, and more.

The general public may experience the modern tour arts, shows, ballet, etc. With having a sense of inspiration.

Well, for traditional architectural lovers, there are famous old-aged churches in Ottawa which are magnificent examples of conventional architecture everybody must explore.

1. National Arts Centre Ottawa

National Arts Centre Ottawa
Photo by Joy Real From Unsplash

1. The National art centre was established as the centennial project in 1967. The architecture design is decided to be Brutalist fashion of the time.

2. The design is rejuvenated from the original idea to meet the new modern audiences’ needs. In the 1960’s it was designed to keep in mind the access to cars.

3. Many don’t know the National art centre Ottawa is designed to evaluate the dramatic public venue. There are adjacent park landscapes: Rideau Canal, Confederation Square, and the Parliamentary Precinct.

4. The original design is more of a reinforced concrete structure which Donald Schmits redesigned. The National Arts Centre Ottawa is now emerging as an open, breathing-free, looking structure which embraces the nation’s capital.

5. Another fact is that the National art centre Ottawa was designed in the 1960s, although people think it was created in the late 70s or between.

6. The beacon Kipnes Lantern is a three-storey and multi-side signature architecture which costs about $225 million.

2. Performing Arts Centre

Performing arts centre ottawa
Photo by Cottonbro Studio From Pexels

1. The Kipnes Lantern is an inspirational and guiding design. It is also known as the luminous beacon and made the centre of attraction for the National art centre Ottawa.

2. The North Atrium is a trendy place for the public to gather and host beautiful small concerts.

3. Diamond Schmitt renovated the main auditorium, although this hall is named after the G. Hamilton Southam.

4. The Southam hall of the National art centre Ottawa was also redesigned to improve patron comfort significantly. A new magnificent orchestral gallery has been updated and is ready to go.

5. The corridor has been named the Canada Room, a size for more than 500+ patrons. The area reached out to the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site—and renegotiated in February 2018.

6. Three theatres are organized annually – French, English, and Indigenous theatre.

3. Arts Organizations

Arts organization Ottawa
Photo by Julio Nery From Pexels

The National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada, has been completely redesigned.

The building construction project was handed over to the Diamond Schmitt Architects and the contribution of ClearLED, a Vancouver-based company.

In creating the fifth building stage, let’s know a little about these two companies-

1. Diamond Schmitt Architects

The company in Canada was established in 1975 by Jack Diamond and Donald Schmitt.

The company provides a creative solution with an inspirational urban context and collaborative, thoughtful, sustainable design solutions.

This company took another project in the same region and wholly renovated and constructed the Ottawa public library other than the national arts centre Ottawa.

2. ClearLED 

The company is responsible for installing the LED display screen in the Kipnes lantern. Which is the fifth performance centre of the National art centre Ottawa.

Creative installation of the big display screens gives it an all-new attractive look; it is intended to keep attracted and provide a new meaning to the theatre.


There are some rare facts about the National art centre Ottawa which is primarily related to its history.

This is one of the few places which inspire the person in the moment of walking in the long corridor to the open restaurants and cafe-like spacious area where everyone feels like little artists in their world.

Visit and explore by yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear to the NAC Ottawa?

You are welcome to dress as it makes you most comfortable. Some prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt, while others love dressing up for the occasion. It’s up to you.

2. When did the National Arts Centre open?

The National Arts Centre (NAC), designed by Fred Lebensold, was launched in 1969 and offered cutting-edge performance spaces and technology in its primary venues, notably Southam Hall.

3. What are the timings at NAC Ottawa?

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.




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