10 Amazing Ottawa Museums to Explore

As it goes, the beauty of a place lies in its complex history beautified through periods through museums.

If you are in Ottawa or planning to visit there on your next vacation, Ottawa museums should be a must-visit for you. Visiting these Ottawa museums will be worth your tour, trust me on this!

The city has numerous attractions, including theatres, landscapes, art galleries, museums, hikes and trails, parks, shopping centres, restaurants, and bars.

But, in this article, we will specifically talk about the top 10 Ottawa museums which will leave you awestruck.

10 Amazing Ottawa Museums to Explore

One of the biggest attractions in the capital city of Ottawa is its museums. They are not just spots to wander and enjoy, they provide lots of educational information and detailed insight into the various aspects of life.

Some of these are considered national historic sites. Out of a total of nine national museums in Canada, there are seven national museums in Ottawa.

Discover the best experience of visiting these museums in Ottawa with your kids, family, and friends. Look at the most popular Ottawa museums to make your trip to Ottawa more exciting.

1. Canadian War Museum

Canadian War Museum Website Screenshot
Canadian War Museum (Website, Screenshot)

Canadian War Museum is one of the unique museums in Ottawa. With numerous military artifacts and historic wars exhibitions, it gives you an insight into Canadian military history.

Explore the various galleries and displays that include artillery, tanks, fighter planes, records of prominent war members, photos, artworks, and other related information. Visiting the Canadian War Museum is a great educational and learning experience for its visitors.

This national museum is also known for its unique architecture. Many permanent exhibitions give interesting information about Canadian conflicts, the world war, the cold war, and Canadian politics.

Location: 1 Vimy Pl, Ottawa, ON K1R

2. National Gallery of Canada- Cafeteria

National Gallery of Canada Website Screenshot
National Gallery of Canada (Website, Screenshot)

The National Gallery of Canada is a national art museum of Canada in Ottawa city. With more than 40,000 artworks and various outstanding collections, it is among the best Ottawa museums and largest art museums in North America.

It displays some of the most prominent fine arts, including the Group of Seven paintings, Inuit sculptures, and masterpieces of world-fame artists.

The museum’s building is beautifully designed. Several permanent and temporary exhibits are held there all over the year. You can also visit Parliament Hill and the Royal Mint, within walking distance from the museum.

For some eateries, you can grab a coffee with snacks and if you want to buy something memorable you can get unique gifts from their gift shop.

Location: 380 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9N4

3. Canada Science And Technology Museum

Canada Science and Technology Museum Website Screenshot
Canada Science and Technology Museum (Website, Screenshot)

Canada Science and Technology Museum is the perfect destination if you are always curious about technologies and scientific developments. There you can learn everything related to Canadian scientific heritage and technological innovations.

Several events of live demonstrations and research activities are organized in the museum. Many interesting permanent exhibitions are held to display the significance and role of science and tech in various fields of life.

The Canadian Science and Technology Museum is a tourist spot and very educational and informational for visitors and students.

This is one of the best museums in Ottawa to bring your growing kids and develop their interest in science and technology. You can join different educational programs or workshops being organized there.

Location: 1867 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario K1G

4. Canada Agriculture And Food Museum

Canada Agriculture And Food Museum Website Screenshot
Canada Agriculture And Food Museum (Website, Screenshot)

Visit Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, among the popular Ottawa museums, and discover the link between agriculture and science. You will also learn about the agricultural development in Canada and the impact of advanced technology on it.

Apart from knowledge and information, there are many interesting things to explore. Explore several exhibitions showcasing the history of Canada’s agriculture and food production, processing, and storage.

There is a Central Experimental farm where you will spot various farm animals, including sheep, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, horses, beef cattle, etc.

Enjoy the place with your kids and family and experience the live demonstration of the sheep shearing and honey collection. Join their interactive kitchen or watch films on food. You can also buy water and snacks there from vending machines.

Location: 901 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3K1

5. Canadian Museum of History

Canadian Museum of History Website Screenshot
Canadian Museum of History (Website, Screenshot)

Want to learn about human history? Then it is the perfect spot for you. It is one of Canada’s national museums and among the most visited. It showcases a huge collection and study materials defining the human history of Canada from over 20,000 years.

You will find an indoor collection of totem poles, the History Hall, the achievements of the First Peoples, and an exclusive stamp collection.

The Canadian Museum of History is well-designed and maintained. With numerous exciting displays and exhibits, the museum is loved by adults and kids. There is a beautiful painted ceiling named ‘Morning Star.’

6. Bytown Museum

Bytown Museum Website Screenshot
Bytown Museum (Website, Screenshot)

Bytown Museum is among the popular Ottawa Museums set in the oldest stone building in Ottawa. The museum allows visitors to explore everything about Ottawa city and Canada, from its past to the present. It also displays lots of artifacts.

Documents, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and details about the city can also be found here.

The museum gives you detailed information about various spots in Ottawa, their origin, and historical evidence. Enjoy watching the International Fireworks competitions there.

The museum is set in a beautiful location with locks around it, people often picnic around these locks. The building is also a unique example of architecture in Ottawa.

Location: 1 Canal Lane, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1L1

7. Canada Aviation And Space Museum

Ottawa museums
Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

Canada Aviation and Space Museum boasts a huge collection of aviation artifacts. It is one of the best Ottawa museums and highlights the role of Canadians in the development of aviation.

Explore the main exhibition hall and learn about the aeronautical history and growth in Canada. It showcases an extensive collection of military and civilian planes. You will also spot aircraft from several other nations of the world.

The museum also provides educational programs and virtual field trips to students or other interested visitors. Guided tours and interactive displays make it more interesting for kids to visit.

A gift shop and refreshments facilities are also available at the museum.

Location: 11 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4R3

8. Canada’s Currency Museum

Canada's Currency Museum (Website, Screenshot)
Canada’s Currency Museum (Website, Screenshot)

Canada’s Currency Museum, as the name suggests, showcases a huge collection of currencies of Canadian as well as international trade. The museum hosts a large collection of currency and related artifacts from the early years.

The museum gives you an interesting educational experience by defining the Canadian economy through various activities and galleries. It also elaborates on the role of Canada in the world’s economy.

Location: 30 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G9

9. Canadian Museum Of Nature

Ottawa museums
Photo by Gillian Lingard on Unsplash

Explore the wonders of the natural world at the Canadian Museum of Nature. This is a national natural history museum and one of the best Ottawa museums to visit with family and kids.

Canadian museum of nature excites all its visitors, including adults and kids, with its natural versatility. There are birds, butterflies, dinosaurs, volcanoes, mountains, rocks, fossils, and lots more behind a glass sheet.

You will love to visit the interactive exhibits and events throughout the year. Some of its most special exhibits are the Planet Ice, Winged Tapestries, and Owl Rendez-Vous.

The museum also hosts various engaging galleries, including the Birds Gallery, Water Gallery, Earth Gallery, Fossil Gallery, Pacific Gallery, and much more.

You can also join a class or book a virtual workshop for a learning experience. A must-visit museum in Ottawa for all enthusiastic visitors.

Location: 240 Rue McLeod, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2R1

10. Ottawa Art Gallery

Ottawa Art Gallery Canada Website Screenshot
Ottawa Art Gallery Canada (Website, Screenshot)

Ottawa Art Gallery is also among the best Ottawa museums loved by art lovers worldwide. The gallery displays thousands of artworks and encourages people to share their artworks.

A spot for a cultural meeting where they can interpret and talk about the different arts. You will get overwhelmed by its wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures, media art, and photos.

Several permanent and temporary exhibitions showcase contemporary art and popular works of renowned artists. If you want to get detailed insights about the museum, you can also choose to become a member.

Location: 10 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2

Key Takeaways

Ottawa is among the favourite destinations in Canada for all visitors, it has something for everyone. And when you are in the city, you must visit these ten best Ottawa museums.

These amazing museums are among the biggest attractions in Canada as they offer visitors and locals full entertainment, fun, and learning experience.


1. Which is the biggest museum in Ottawa?

Ans. The National Gallery of Canada is the biggest museum in Ottawa. This museum consists of a beautiful collection of Canadian art which is eye feasting for the visitors who visit this museum.

2. Which museum is free to visit in Ottawa?

Ans. Ottawa Art Gallery doesn’t charge any entry fee in Ottawa. This museum is located at 50 Mackenzie King Bridge, which is nearby the Downtown Rideau area.

3. Which museums in Ottawa are the best for couples?

Ans. Canadian War Museum, National Gallery of Canada, and Canadian Museum of Nature are some of the museums in Ottawa which is best for couples.




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