Exploring Inverhuron Provincial Park: 101 Guide!

Inverhuron provincial park

Lake Huron in Ontario is well-known for its glorious sunsets. On the shoreline of Huron lies Inverhuron Provincial Park

Ontario is Canada’s main economic hub. There are approximately 330 provincial Ontario parks. And more than 100 parks have camping facilities for visitors. Also, there are over 8,000 backcountry campsites.

This article is a basic guide to Inverhuron Provincial Park and campsite. Below you will find some interesting things about the campsite.

Everything You Need to Know About Inverhuron Provincial Park

You might have camped and visited many places. But, Inverhuron Provincial Park provides a great camping experience for visitors. It is an RV holiday paradise. It is located in the best sandy beach area in south Ontario. The best time to visit is in summer.

The space features a hardwood forest and wetland.  The campsite is surrounded by many trees, poison ivy, and rare plants. It also has rocks and many woodland animals. Despite this, you can also find comfort stations here.

1. Location 

Address – 19 Jordon Rd, Kincardine, ON N0G 2T0, Canada

The campsite is situated near Inverhuron, a small town. To clarify, it is located in Tiverton, Canada. 

2. History 

Inverhuron Provincial Park is a historic campsite. It was opened as a campsite in 1959. Until 1973, it was one of the busiest parks in Ontario. 

In 1973, it was closed for camping due to safety concerns. The On Hydros Heavy Water Plant was under construction. But then the plant closed by 2000. And then the park was again opened for camping. 

3. Sites for Camping in Inverhuron Provincial Park

The three camping sites in Inverhuron are discussed below. All of them are unique in their own ways. Make sure to visit them at least once in your next trip. 

3.1 Holmes Bay Camping Site

Holmes Bay Campground, a private site, features about 78 campsites. These campsites are available for tents and RVs. As a result, they are pet-friendly too. The length limit of RV is 10 m (32 ft). Here, in this campground, 66 campsites are available for reservation.

However, many amenities are also available for visitors.

3.2 Gunn Point Camping Site

Gunn Point Campground in the park features about 76 campsites. These campsites are pet-friendly and also available for tents and RVs. Almost all the campsites here have the option of electric hookups. As previously discussed the length limit of RV is 10 m (32 ft).

Inverhuron provincial park
Photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

Gunn Point Campground has various amenities. This includes restrooms, laundry facilities, a parking lot, and water taps. There are even garbage dumping places and clean washrooms. The space also has a waterfront view and comfort stations.

3.3 Lime Kiln Camping Site 

Lime Kiln Campground is also one of the private sites that features about 86 campsites. These campsites are pet-friendly and also available for tents and RVs. Among these campsites, 68 have electric hookup options. Whereas, the remaining ones do not have electrical service options.

On this campground also the RV length limit is 10 m (32 ft). Campers with large RVs can contact the concerned officials. They can get to know whether the space is available or not. This campground also has the basic amenities as the others.

Out of the 86 campsites on this campground, 73 are available for reservation.

4. Various Activities in Inverhuron Provincial Park 

4.1 In-season Activities

In-season activities at the campsite include boating, canoeing, hiking, and so on. Let’s look at the interesting in-season activities of the campsite.

4.1.1 Fishing

The Inverhuron is situated on the shoreline of Lake Huron. It is a sandy beach. It provides excellent opportunities and experiences to the campers for fishing.

The RV campers can catch a wide species of fish here. This includes rainbow trout, brown trout, pike, salmon, and perch. Fishing can be enjoyed either on the shore of the water or offshore. 

Little Sauble River is also next to the Inverhuron. This river also provides nice fishing opportunities. This river also includes rainbow trout, brown trout, and perch. Fishing lovers are going to love this experience. 

4.1.2 Boating and Canoeing 

Inverhuron features many activities including boating and canoeing. Lake Huron offers boat launch adventures to its visitors. The visitors can enjoy the boating adventures. It also features canoeing and kayaking activities. 

Inverhuron provincial park
Photo by Gavin Van Wagoner on Unsplash

Some popular water sports activities include windsurfing, paddle boarding and waterskiing. Often the visitors are advised to keep caution on the shores of the water. It is because the water conditions often change rapidly. 

4.1.3 Cycling and Hiking

Inverhuron Provincial Park also features cycling and hiking activities. The RV campers can enjoy these activities. They can hike along the shore of the waters. Also, they can ride on bicycles and enjoy the scenic view at the campground.  

4.2 Off-Season Activities

Off-season activities at the Inverhuron Provincial Park include discovery programs, bird viewing and swimming. 

4.2.1 Discovery Program

Inverhuron Provincial Park features a discovery program for visitors. In this discovery program, they can learn about the history of the campsite. Also about its features, flora and fauna.

Introducing a discovery program is a great way to get to know about a place being visited. And especially the children will get to learn a lot.

4.2.2 Bird Viewing

The Inverhuron Provincial Park provides excellent opportunities for bird viewing. The birds can be best seen during the spring season. This is the migration period of the birds. 

4.2.3 Swimming 

The sandy beach and the shallow clear waters of Lake Huron are perfect for swimming. Some areas of the beach have been designated as swimming areas. And these areas are safe to swim in, especially for kids. You can also have a walk alongside. Changing rooms are also available there. 

inverhuron provincial park
Photo by Erik Dungan on Unsplash

5. Transportation

5.1 Public Transport

Taking up public transport for your trip might be time-consuming. But, it will surely save you money to some extent. Public transport is available to go to Inverhuron.

For example- if you want to travel from Toronto to Inverhuron you can take the Coach. It operates bus services once daily. Similarly, many public transport facilities are available throughout Ontario.

5.2 Private Transport

Taking up private transport that is driving your car seems so fascinating. You will surely enjoy your whole journey. And the trip will be worth visiting. Inverhuron provides access to RVs, vehicles and trailers.

The network of roads at the campsite is so good. It makes navigation so easy. Interestingly, there are no driving restrictions at the campsite. 

5.3 Parking Facility 

There are eight designated parking areas at the campsite. These are distributed all around the campsite. One parking lot is at the gatehouse and the second one is near the beach. The remaining six parking areas are around the three campgrounds.

Apart from this, RV campers can park their trailers on their campsites. An overnight parking facility is also available at the campsite.

6. Inverhuron Provincial Park Rules 

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Inverhuron. But if you are 19 years of age or above, you will be permitted. But, this is applicable only at the registered campsites. 
  • Campgrounds and campsites must be kept clean. Depositing garbage dumps might cause you to pay a fine. 
  • During the hours of closing, only registered visitors are allowed at the campsite.
  • The campsite was established for a quiet, pleasant, peaceful and natural experience. So, any kind of excessive noise is not allowed. And obscene gestures or language and rowdyism is restricted.
  • You are required to park your vehicles in the designated parking areas only. 

For more details about the rules click here.


Finally, what are you thinking about? Get your bags packed and plan your trip soon. Ontario parks are worth visiting and are mostly featured in ads. You might have camped. But, Inverhuron is one of the best parks in the town. The best time to visit here is in summer, in fact specifically in July.

Take your bike to explore more here. You can take a short walk, swim, have a nice dinner and spend your weekend beautifully. You will be mesmerized by the sunset along the beach coast.

If you are planning to take off from the office, don’t think twice, you won’t regret your camping experience here. The three campgrounds and the amazing activities are going to be fun for you.

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