Apple Picking in Ottawa: 16 Amazing Apple Orchards

As it goes and as we have been hearing since our childhood, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But I undoubtedly do not need this motivation to devour the delicious apples I get especially from Ottawa.

Apple Picking in Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is situated east of southern Ontario, close to the city of the U.S. border and Montreal.

The city is known for international musical festivals, ice-skating rink, and natural beauty. Apart from that, apple picking in Ottawa is another most practised thing.

Ottawa is known for its varieties of apples and has numerous orchards around the city where one can pick delicious apples.

There are several varieties of apples found in this region, to name some – Paula red, Lobo, Macintosh, Red free, and Spartan Honey crisp, which are the most in demand.

So, the next time you want to eat an apple why not just go apple picking in Ottawa and feast on the delicious red apples?

Essentials to bring with you for Apple Picking in Ottawa

If you are searching for places for apple picking in the Ottawa region, then we are here to help you.

The apple season here generally runs from late August to mid-October while the pumpkin season is from late September to October.

Before heading down to the apple orchards, there are a few essential things you need to bring along with you:

  • Carry one bag with you, though the farms will provide you with one, it’s good to bring your own to carry the apples according to the quantity you want.
  • Rotten apples may fall on the ground, and you will not like stepping on them, so it’s better to have closed-toed boots or shoes.
  • After strolling in the orchard, you can have your short meals and snacks in the picnic area, but make sure not to litter around. 
  • The sun’s heat gets intense during the daytime, so carry an umbrella or wear a hat to be safe from the sun’s rays.

Now, let us check some popular Ottawa apple farms, where you can select your apples.

1. Orleans Fruit Farm

This fruit farm is located on St. Joseph Blvd. Ottawa. It provides vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, corn beans, rhubarb, peas, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.

Courtesy: Orleans Fruit Farm

You can visit the Orleans fruit farm in specific seasons.

If you want to pick apples, sweet corn, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers then go in August.

Although if you love strawberries, you should go in June, for rhubarb and asparagus, go in May and June, for peas, beans, and raspberries visit the Orleans fruit farm in July.

2. Cannamore Orchard

Apple Picking in Ottawa Cannamore Orchard Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Cannamore Orchard 

The Cannamore orchard is one of the fantastic apple stock orchards in Crysler, Ottawa.

On the weekends, you can enjoy family activities such as cow train rides, wagon rides, a kids’ play area, and a giant hedges maze.

Apples, strawberries, raspberries, and pumpkin picking is quite popular here.

3. Verger Croque Promme

The Verger Croque Promme is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and situated in Mnt. Berndt, Thurso, Ottawa.

Courtesy: Verger Croque Promme

On this farm, more than half of its area is focused on the cultivation of various apples. In Verger Croque Prommeapple, apple cider vinegar and apple juices are also prepared. 

4. Mountain Orchards

Apple Picking in Ottawa Mountain Orchards Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Mountain Orchards, Website Screenshot

The Mountain Orchards are located in the provision of Ontario. You can visit this orchard if you want to have a day out with your friends and family!

You can pick your apples and enjoy a picnic day in this area. Here you can stroll in the corn maze with your friends, jump on the haystack, go for forest trails, and also enjoy the amazing wagon rides.

Oh! Also, while you visit the Mountain Orchards, don’t forget to taste the most famous cider doughnuts!

5. Log Cabin Orchard

Apple Picking in Ottawa Log Cabin Orchard Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Log Cabin Orchard, Website Screenshot

The Log Cabin Orchard invites you to pick apples and pumpkins from their farm, this is a beautiful apple and pumpkin-picking orchard.

Throughout the season, the guests visiting here enjoy themselves with their families. They have fun in the kids’ play area and the hay structures.

6. Hall’s Apple Market

Hall’s Apple Market is located in Lansdowne Park, Westboro Market. Here, the owners grow apples and deliver them to grocery stores.

Courtesy: Halls Apple Market

They run a scratch bakery with 25 varieties of pie, stunning jewellery, fresh cider jellies, unique gifts, and many more.

7. Pinewood Orchards

Apple Picking in Ottawa Pinewood Orchards Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Pinewood Orchards, Website Screenshot

The Pinewood Orchard is situated in the National Capital Commission (NCC) “Greenbelt” Ottawa.

This orchard took an organic initiative to lower the use of chemicals to about 20% of the average, this helps the apples to be the freshest and tastiest in Ottawa.

8. Apple Stock Orchard

Apple Picking in Ottawa Apple Stock Orchard Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Apple Stock Orchard, Website Screenshot

The Apple Stock Orchard is just a 45-minute drive from the south of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. The Winchester apple pie is the popular dessert here. 

9. Avonmore Berry Farm

The Avonmore Berry Farm is located on the country road, Lansdowne, Ottawa. The season begins here in June with juicy red strawberries and raspberries.

Courtesy: Avonmore Berry Farm

In the 20 acres of land, they produce super tasty strawberries. Along with these, they also produce 20 other varieties of vegetables, pumpkins, and delicious apples.

10. Heirloom Orchard at Lansdown Park

Apple Picking in Ottawa Heirloom Orchard at Lansdown Park Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Heirloom Orchard at Lansdown Park, Website Screenshot

Heirloom Orchard at Landsdown Park is the best spot for funfairs and festivals. There are 37 trees settled at the back of the orchard park was the original re-development plan for this apple orchard. 

For the last few years, a local organization performs hidden harvests in this orchard.

They pick unblemished and good apples from the ground of this orchard farm and pass them on to the right clients. Most of these picked apples go to the food bank, ensuring zero waste of apples.

11. Harvest Moon Orchard

In Harvest Moon Orchard, you will find a great-looking crop of pumpkin, squash, and apples. 

Courtesy: Harvest Moon Orchard

They also offer pies, cider, crisps, and many more gifts. Apart from that, they sell napkins at 50% off the price.

12. Ferme L’Atisan

Apple Picking in Ottawa Ferme L'Atisan, Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Ferme L’Atisan, Website Screenshot

The Ferme L’Atisan farm is located near Ottawa, which is 45 minutes away from the city. Here you can enjoy 8 varieties of fresh and juicy apples and other varieties of squash and pumpkin.

13. Rideau Pine

Apple Picking in Ottawa Rideau Pine Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Rideau Pine, Website Screenshot

Rideau Pine is situated away from the dust and pollution of the roads and highways near Ottawa.

In this orchard, you can pick your fresh apples, fruits, and vegetables – pickling cucumber, peppers, corn, garlic, and over 9, other varieties of berries from here. Here, you will also get maple syrup, hot sauces, honey, and more!

14. Ferme Dagenais

In Ferme Dagenais, you can pick your apples and pears, this apple orchard is 45 minutes away from Ottawa.

Enjoy picking the top variety of apples in Ferme Dagenais from August to October and pears until the end of September.

15. McGregor’s Orchard

McGregor’s Orchard is a family-owned orchard, you can pick your apples and also pick bouquets of zinnias for your loved ones!

Courtesy: McGregor’s Orchard

You can enjoy walking down to the sunflower field while buying the goods from McGregor’s Orchard store.

Tourists visiting this apple orchard sit here at the picnic table and admire the appealing view of McGregor’s Orchard.

16. Pine Hill Orchads

Apple Picking in Ottawa Pine Hill Orchads Website Screenshot
Apple Picking in Ottawa – Pine Hill Orchards, Website Screenshot

Pine Hill Orchards is another family-run apple orchard that is 45 minutes away by car from Ottawa.

In this Pine Hill Orchards farm, you can find 20 varieties of apples, which makes the apple site farm more appealing to tourists. Apart from growing apples, they make their luscious apple cider too.

Key Takeaways

A visit to the apple orchards in Ottawa brings so much fun and excitement.

Imagine this – You visit an apple orchard farm, stroll around the apple trees, and find the best juicy apple for yourself and pluck that fresh from the trees, wash it, and have a delicious bite!

Sounds yummy? Then come and enjoy apple plucking in Ottawa, you will not be disappointed.

The quality of apples found here, the process of their cultivation, their picking season, and their delicious desserts will be worth your time.

In the midst of the bright red and juicy apples, there are also appetizing bites: apple pie, butter tart, hot apple cider, candy apples, and many more to try for.

A trip to Ottawa will be a delicious one indeed! Plus, if you want a beautiful view of the apple orchards, visit Ottawa during the apple-picking season and enjoy the yummy apples while sitting on the lap of these apple orchards.


  1. Which is the best month to do apple picking?

September is the best month to go for apple picking. While different varieties of apples are picked around different times of the year, anyway the best time to pick apples is during the start of the fall season. 

2. Can I eat apples while apple picking?

The short answer to this will be a ‘no’. There are different pesticides used while growing apples so it is always advised to wash and wipe off the apples before you take a bite.

3. How long is apple season in Ontario?

Apple season in Ontario starts in mid-August and ends in October. The prime time to pick apples in Ontario is in September. 



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