The Most Popular 9 Best Steakhouse in Ottawa

best steakhouse in Ottawa

Steak dinners have long been regarded as the best special occasion meal for Canadians and the highest reward for any major achievement or spectacular surprise, whether you’re toasting a new job, graduation, wedding reception, Christmas Eve, or anniversary dinner.

Even though you can always fire the grill and cook your Steak at home, here is the list of the best steakhouses in Ottawa.

There are many best steakhouses around the city where you can receive a wonderful meal, seafood, mouthwatering sides, and a great experience.

A selected few recognized steakhouses in the list of the best steakhouses have mastered the art of creating amazing steak utilizing their recipes and local ingredients to provide you with a fantastic dining experience that you will never forget.

These steakhouses, which range from the nice dining area to upscale fusion eateries, will have you craving more.

Here is a List of the Best Steakhouse in Ottawa

Starting from the very well-known and old-school favourites, the hotel brand’s popular amenity is Al’s Steakhouse.

1. Al’s Steakhouse

Al's Steakhouse
Al’s Steakhouse – Website Screenshot

Delivering excellent cuisine in a fantastic eating spot since 1967. Al’s is the first and only eatery in Ottawa to use live charcoal for cooking its meat, giving steak its particular flavour.

Since then, the owner has kept the steakhouse near to his heart and eventually handed it down to his son, daughters, and grandson, who maintain the standards of their menu, which includes certified Angus beef, filet mignon, fresh fish, classic cocktails, Steak Salad, Steak Tartare, Zucchini Sticks, Warm Mushroom Toast, Seared Ahi Tuna Salad; slides with Mashed Potato, Baked Potato, Onion Rings, and an extensive wine list.

Al’s Steakhouse’s legendary garlic salad dressing, bottled and sold on-site and in grocery stores across the city, is served with a starter salad with many of these meals.


Al’s Steakhouse has plenty of free parking and offers a menu that appeals to all palates. Additionally, it contains a dining area that can hold up to 130 people. Open daily for evening dining and a nice afternoon lunch.

2. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

The Keg Steakhouse bar is not far from Maplelawn Garden. You will find The Keg Steakhouse Bar at Ottawa Manor.

The restaurant delivers great Steak cuts seasoned for softness and cooked to absolute perfection. At this steakhouse bar, you can have well-cooked great Rib Steak, their specialty: great Prime Rib Roast, Blue Cheese Filet, Vegetarian Meatloaf, Chicken & BBQ Pork Ribs, Blackened Chicken, and fillet steaks.

best steakhouse in Ottawa
Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

It offers kid-friendly excellent food, including chicken strips, cheesy noodles, and kid-sized sirloin Oscar. This steakhouse is a fantastic choice for great food and a nice dinner because it provides a family-friendly atmosphere and attentive service.

The Canadian classic, which boasts distinctive flavours, time-honoured sides, and decadent desserts, is also pleased to support more than 300 different organizations.

This place is easily accessible by any mode of transportation due to its convenient location. You’ll love the affordable costs because it charges regular standard fair prices. This establishment’s friendly personnel can show how much they value their customers through their professional service.

3. The Shore Club

The Shore Club
The Shore Club – Website, Screenshot

The Shore Club is close to various tourist destinations and popular landmarks types, such as Parliament Hill and the picturesque Rideau Canal, because of its location inside Westin Ottawa.

Whether you’re looking for a quick, casual get-together in a nice afternoon, a great breakfast, or a sophisticated romantic night dinner, this fine seafood and steakhouse restaurant is ideal. The Shore Club serves scrumptious Steak and the freshest seafood in understatedly luxurious surroundings.

The menu features some of the most well-known and delicious salad dishes, such as the Cesar Salad, the Wedge Salad, and the Chopped Salad; appetizers like great Steak Tartare, Salmon Tartare, and fresh Raw Oysters; grilled dishes like the Filet Mignon and the Sirloin Oscar; and entrees like Mushroom Ravioli, Roasted Atlantic Salmon, and Fish and Chips.

The fantastic eating spot in The Shore Club has tasteful decor created by soaring ceilings, amazing original artwork, and cool green and blue tones.

Every Canadian will find something in the bar area from popular Ottawa categories of vast wine selection that appeals to them. People from all over places are always warmly welcomed by the kind staff. One of this place’s greatest advantages is the uncompromising service.

4. Rosebowl Steak & Seafood

The Rosebowl Steakhouse has taken great pride in providing every client with excellent food since 1976.

The entire crew is committed to providing you with the most luscious meat cuts, delicious steak, seafood, Filet Mignon, Warm Spinach and mushroom Salad, Lobster Ravioli, great Rib Steak, and freshly baked desserts in an environment that is unmatched.

You can carry your favourite wine to this typical steakhouse and have a bar area with a cold beer from one of the many local and international breweries to go with your great food. You can choose from a wide selection of classic cocktails at this place.

The Rosebowl Steakhouse Ottawa, now situated in Little Italy, is the perfect location for any event, such as a spectacular surprise, wedding reception, or anniversary dinner, no matter how big or little, and what makes it ideal for any occasion is its excellent service, a wonderful meal, and talented employees.

5. Restaurant e18hteen

Restaurant e18hteen
Restaurant e18hteen – Website, Screenshot

Restaurant e18hteen offers upscale takeout wings and evening dining. It has lofty ceilings, stone walls, and a beautiful fireplace that will grab your attention.

The talented kitchen staff at e18hteen serves French cuisine with unique Canadian flavours, all of which are made with the finest ingredients.

According to reviews, the ByWard Market location of e18hteens, one of Canada’s top restaurants for great steak and seafood, combined with its experienced staff, award-winning wine selection, and creative Canadian food, makes it the perfect place for events.

Ideal for holding a wedding reception, VIP dinners, product launches, morning meetings with great breakfast, and cocktail parties.

Restaurant e18hteen has many popular Ottawa categories in the meals, such as Steak Tartare, Salmon Gravlax, Caesar, and Grilled Octopus. 

6. The Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon

The Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon Ottawa
The Crazy Horse Steakhouse and Saloon Ottawa – Website, Screenshot

Many visitors come here to taste expertly Grilled Salmon, Steaks, Prime ribs, Fish Tacos, and Nachos. Visitors at Crazy Horse Stone Grill Steakhouse & Saloon feel at ease and enjoy themselves thanks to the comfortable setting. Its main advantages are quick service and kind employees.

This steakhouse, which serves as a gathering place for many, presents some incredible live concerts throughout the West. It is the most popular and favourite place for unwinding with friends while listening to weekend music.

7. Sterling Restaurant

The Sterling Ambrosia is a huge, beautifully restored heritage structure that once stood as the French restaurant L’Eau Vive and then the bar Le Living Room. The Sterling Ambrosia is housed in a charming heritage structure by the Gatineau River. Visitors can sense Gatineau’s history from within its location. It is the best seafood restaurant.

The Salmon triple appetizer, which included smoked, cured, and raw fish, was satisfying. With that peppery Tartare, Wild Salmon Trio and Filet Mignon stood out for their elegance and sense of balance. Other meals are on the menu, including Cowboy Steak, Burrata Salad, Roasted Chicken Supreme, and Frites Maison.

If you enjoy your meal enough, you can take out wings or some meat from Sterling’s butcher shop to prepare your appropriate version in your kitchen. 

8. Baton Rouge Steakhouse + Bar

Baton Rouge Steakhouse + Bar Ottawa
Baton Rouge Steakhouse + Bar Ottawa – Website, Screenshot

Constitution Square is where you can find Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar, one of the best steakhouses in Ottawa. Their drop-down menu comprises dishes with distinctive and delicious flavours, such as their legendary great ribs and top-notch Thai Steak, Crispy Shrimp, and Prime Rib Sandwich.

It is a favourite place for celebrating family day with meals for the whole family because the menu includes Burger Fest, Ribs and Chicken Family Combo, Family Ribs Fest, and Family Package Tenders. They offer big portions of high-quality, delicious food dishes in a standard fair range. Seasonal vegetables, French fries, a mixed or Caesar salad, and other side dishes are included with every meal for the children.

9. Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Chop Steakhouse & Bar combines the qualities of a great dining area that discriminating customers value, with an emphasis on excellent food, an extensive wine list, premium spirits, and excellent service, together with tremendous energy and a contemporary atmosphere. Its tasteful decor blends the timeless elegance of a typical steakhouse with the rich nightlife of Las Vegas.

It provides a menu that reflects its dedication to ethical beef sourcing and serves big portions of 100% original Canadian beef. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including great Prime Rib, Cesar Salad, Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Steak Oscar, Lobster tail meat Steak and lobster poutine, and Steak frites, handmade dishes with vegan and seafood options. This excellence is accompanied by warm, professional service and vibrant surroundings.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar
Chop Steakhouse & Bar – Website, Screenshot

Thus, we have reached the end of our list of the best steakhouses in Ottawa.

Key Takeaways 

Steakhouses are the perfect option for giving a spectacular surprise with a nice dinner, celebrating family day, Christmas Eve, or any achievement.

There’s a strong possibility that there is a steakhouse close to you that meets your needs, that offers creative takes on traditional favourites, or an upscale establishment where you can enjoy a bottle of wine and a huge, perfectly seared piece of beef, great steaks, great ribs, and seafood.

These are the listings of the amazing steakhouses in Ottawa that we recommend you visit on your special day to remember forever.

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Why is the restaurant named ‘Chophouse’?

Ans. The name of this restaurant came in the year 1690s when the restaurant started to specialize their cuts or “chops” of meat. 

Who owns Crazy Horse Ottawa?

Ans. Mike Labreche owns Crazy Horse Ottawa. 

Who owns AI’s Steakhouse?

Ans. Halim “Al” Saikali owns AI’s Steakhouse. 

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