The Smallest Province in Canada – 7 Things to Know

The world is a collection of tiny particles called atoms and an atom is a pack of even smaller/smallest particles similarly Canada is a collection of many small and big provinces, but does anyone know which is the smallest province in Canada?

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province in Canada among the other 13 Canadian provinces and territories. PEI was formed by rebellious sea levels around 5000 years ago in the Maritime peninsula.

1. Where Is It Located?

Prince Edward Island is located in the womb of the Gulf of St Lawrence. The Gulf of St. Lawrence results from a freshwater brook driven into the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence River, which serves as the path for multiple North American lakes.

The island spreads about 120 miles in Halifax’s north and 370 miles in Quebec City in the east carrying the label of the world’s 104th biggest island.

PEI is bounded by Cape Breton Island in the west, Nova Scotia in the north, and New Brunswick in the east.

Fun Fact – Canada’s only officially bilingual province is “New Brunswick”. Nova Scotia had been crowned the title of the second smallest province or territory among the 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

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2. How Big It Is And How Much Is Populated?

Prince Edward Island spreads up to a national land area of 2190 square miles with 0 square miles of water being 0.1 % part of the total area percentage of the Canadian national land area.

The smallest province in Canada is one of the ten provinces of Canada and is made up of three territories. The names of these three territories are – Prince, Queens, and Kings.

The government recorded that Prince Edward Island’s population is estimated to be 172,707 as of October 1, 2022.

Despite having a comfortable and low-budget housing facility of around $200,000, the percentage of the population living here is low. Charlottetown is the capital city as well as the largest city of this province in Canada.

3. Government of P.E.I.

This smallest province in Canada is administered by a federal government in the frame of a constitutional monarchy. They look after all the matters related to health, education, legislature, financial issues, and laws.

Canadian confederation of 1867 included the independence movement of three provinces- New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Canadian province which further breaks into two northwest territories- Ontario and Quebec.

This led to an irregular change of borders and the addition of provinces and territories making Canada the second-largest country by national land area.

4. History Of Prince Edward Island

The island known as the smallest province in Canada was discovered by Jacques Cartier in the year 1534 but it took more than 150 years to form.

Before the invasion of Europeans, PEI was the home of the Mi’kmaq people who named this province Epekwitk which means “cradled on the waves“.

5. Climatic Conditions

The climatic conditions of the smallest province in Canada are like this:

5.1. Summer Season

The warmth of the pleasant summer season stays for 3.4 months from July to the second last month of September, having an average temperature of more than 19°C. July has been marked as the hottest month having the lowest temperature of 17°C and the highest temperature of 24°C.

August is the most welcoming and unclouded month of the year.

5.2. Winter Season

The winter season makes an entry in December and stays up until the month of mid-March with an average temperature below 2°C. January has been given the title of the coldest month having an average temperature varying between -9.5°C and 2°C.

Autumn is a pleasing month with an adequate amount of precipitation throughout the year.

6. 6 Amazing Facts About the Smallest Province In Canada

If you are planning to visit the smallest province in Canada, then these facts are going to provide you with detailed important information about this province.

6.1. Multiple Identities

The smallest province in Canada or Prince Edward Island is one of the sets of three Maritime provinces and one of the quad-Atlantic provinces.

The other three Atlantic provinces are:

a) Nova Scotia

b) Newfoundland and Labrador

c) New Brunswick

PEI has had many pet names over years but many of them faded some of them are given like “Smallest Province in Canda”, “Garden of the Gulf”, “Cradle of Confederation”, “The Garden Province”, “Million-Acre Farm”, “Spud Island” and “Birthplace of Confederation”.

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6.2. Homeland Of Canada

PEI, primitively known as Epekwitk, plays a very important role in Canada’s history. The smallest province in Canada serves as the homeland of the Confederation of Canada since 1867 and it gained the title of a province in the year 1873.

6.3. Housing

Low budget comfortable lifestyle for middle-class families. Housing and heating expenses are very low and the compulsory lowest pay is starting from an amount of $10.35 per hour.

6.4. Education

Accessible education is provided by the public schools free of cost to anyone who is a permanent domicile in Canada and is below the age of 20 till the completion of high school education beginning from early nursery education programs to 12th grade.

There is a privilege for the students to work on their trading skills after the completion of secondary school- the province provides a detailed program of internships and job offers.

6.5. Outdoor adventures

Despite being the smallest province in Canada, it should be given the title of the land of adventures as there are many things and places to enjoy. Some of these attractions are:

a) Green Gables is a famous cultural site that got its fame from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s writing of “Anne of Green Gables” dwelling in the heart of Cavendish, PEI, issued in the year 1908.

Green Gables
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b) Prince Edward Island National Park portrays the natural beauty of red cliffs, breezy dunes, and the ocean kissing the horizon.

c) Confederation Centre of the Arts portrays the dawn and continuously growing wealthy legacy and art through several exhibitions since 1964. It is spotted in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

d) Confederation Trail is a 473 km long trailhead, where bikers are not allowed due to safety reasons. If anyone wants to release their inner childhood sailor who is looking for treasure, then this place is what he/she needs.

e) St. Dustan’s Basilica Cathedral is 100 years old unexpectedly alluring pretty big church with remarkable architecture depicted in the altar and ceiling of the church. This marble-embedded church is lying in the arms of Great George St of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

f) Beaconsfield Historic House is the huge 2nd Italian-style empire of a rich shipbuilder, detected on West corner and Kent streets.

Beaconsfield Historic House
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g) Being a shopping hub Cavendish beach is a combo of many surprises full of thrilling water slides, escape rooms, trails, beaches, delicious seafood, hotels & resorts, etc.

h) Cavendish cliffs breathing in the shore area of Green Gables which is also a part of Prince Edward Island national park. These cliffs are the height gained by the iron rocks that got red due to rusting over a huge period.

i) Okanagan Valley is the king of remarkable vintage wine production residing in a quarter of the Canadian province, of British Columbia, and is also remarkable for its road trip and the Rocky Mountains.

j) To adore the beauty of nature and wildlife of Canada, Central Canada is the perfect place consisting of plenty of tiny lakes and rivers.

6.6. Mount logan

Mount Logan of Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec being the highest mountain in Canada is located in the Chic Choc Mountains and the Notre Dame Mountains group which is a part of the Appalachian range. It is 1,150 m tall and measured above sea level.

7. Where Can We Stay?

Now the issue comes where to dwell in the smallest province in Canada. Charlottetown and Summerside are the two major cities of PEI that are the best options to stay in. Summerside is labelled as the second largest city in PEI.

Also, here are some hotels and areas to make a comfortable and safe stay during your tour of the smallest province in Canada:

a) The Holman Grand

b) Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites

c) The Great George Hotel

d) Comfort Inn Charlottetown

e) Rodd Royalty

f) Dutch Inn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the second smallest province in Canada?

Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada.

2. What’s the biggest province in Canada?

Quebec is the biggest province in Canada.


Despite being the smallest province in Canada in land area and population, PEI has infinite wonders and adventures to write about, by binding up the most possible and important ones the time has come to an end. This island province is like a golden bird which is immensely valuable, rare, and heavenly to the eyes of the one who sees it.

This smallest province in Canada is one of the perfect holiday spots every person longs to spend their vacation time. So, hope you will plan an adventurous holiday on this island and will help others by conveying your reviews regarding the hotel facilities, weather, convenience, etc.


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