16 Best Attractions In The Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley is a British Columbia wine-producing spot with farms of vineyards. It is the best place for wine festivals, farmers’ markets, wine tours, and tastings. And you may take a winery tour of the region of two lakes.

People may enjoy cycling in Penticton, paddling on the Kettle Valley and boating through the Okanagan lake. You may see vineyards and lavender fields in the Okanagan valley.

The Okanagan Valley is also known as a hub for food and drinks, with a luxurious environment around the lake. The lakes became a tourist attraction with great views of the water delta by the Marriott hotel of Kelowna city. Also, it’s surrounded by hills which makes it more attractive.

1. Okanagan’s Lake Country 

Visit 17 Attractions of the Okanagan Valley
By: FedMed/Pixabay

This community is in the Thompson Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia. 

Lake Country consists of shimmering lakes, beaches, and orchards that stretch for miles, it attracts guests to return, relax, and experience the sunny Okanagan valley.

Outside, recreation is in abundance, and its name implies, is enclosed by lakes, all of which give endless opportunities for water activities.

Trails for hiking and athletics in the winter. The mountains are for athletics and different winter sports. But don’t forget to wear hiking boots. 

The sunny climate produces glorious grapes, and assemblage is obligatory at the various vineyards set on the Scenic Sip route.

And while in Lake Country, grab some contemporary fruit from one of the fruit orchard stands or sample some homemade turnips at the weekly farmer’s market.

2. Okanagan Falls

Okanagan Fallsby skahadigital/depositphotos

The small community of Okanagan Falls can be found along the south shore of Lake Skaha within the Okanagan Valley.

It is popular with visitors for swimming and water sports. And it is surrounded by an abundance of things to see and do.

3. Naramata Bench Wineries

Naramata Bench Wineriesby skahadigital/ depositphotos

The Naramata Bench Wineries Association is a cluster of about 29 beautiful wineries snuggled on the 14km country road that goes around the Naramata Bench, dominating Okanagan Lake.

It is close to Penticton which you can find in Southern Okanagan. The wineries there are in their prime close to Okanagan Lake.

4. Great Kelowna 

Great Kelowna
By: Manuel Canela/Flickr

On Okanagan Lake’s east shore, Kelowna is a sun-kissed, easygoing town encircled by vineyards. It is the biggest town within the region, with astonishing mountain sceneries, clear lakes, beautiful beaches, and woodlot and farm-laden hillsides.

This place is centred on food, drink, golf, skiing, and fantastic boating on the lake. People can also taste wine or cider tasting of wineries.

You can find the famed Big Ski Resort after a short drive through the city. This is a huge resort hotel in British Columbia and Canada’s largest ski resort village. People can shop at stands of orchard fruit, cycle, hike, and snowshoe.

Visitors may enjoy the visit to Myra Canyon on the Kettle Valley Railway. And also, visitors can go cycling via tunnels and trestles along the great, steep canyon rock face.

5. Downtown Kelowna

A short drive from downtown Kelowna takes you from an elegant gallery to orchards, vineyards, and glasslike hillsides, all accented by the sparkling backcloth of Okanagan Lake.

It provides an abundance of water sports to suit everybody.

6. Peachland

By: Rodney Saigeon/Unsplash

Peachland is a beautiful, enchanting town or even a city as known by some, with its threshold on the banks of the lake.

The time of year to go to this beautiful place is especially during the spring season and often during summer, once the trees are fully bloomed with ripe fruits.

As you go south on road number ninety-seven are the Summerland ornamental gardens, set within the center of Okanagan’s fruit plantations towards the north of Penticton.

It is a spectacular place, similar to an out-of-this-world landscape with beautiful views of the vineyards, orchards, and loads of hills to explore along with a variety of plants. Here you will notice a number of the simplest beaches around the valley.

7. Kalamalka Lake

Kalamalka lakeby Imagenet/depositphotos

The Okanagan valley may be a stunning place to be four seasons a year, but there is nothing higher than summer within the Okanagan valley.

One of all of our favourite spots to relish on a hot day is the largest ice-mass-fed lake within the Valley: Kalamalka Lake, situated mere minutes from Predator Ridge Resort.

8. Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Parkby

The summit of Knox Mountain rises some three hundred meters above the high-water level of Okanagan Lake.

While the lake boundary is virtually 1,400 meters from the western park boundary, much of the remaining boundary is enclosed by residential development.

9. Kettle Valley Railway

Kettle Valley railway heritage site is close to Summerland, British Columbia. This railway runs various excursion trains over the leftover section of the KSVR.

This historic former railway, shared by the Trans-Canada path, and also suitable for walking or athletics. This particular part runs from Faulder to Trout Creek, around the West Summerland and the grassland valley railroad station.

It travels through vineyards, orchards, and wineries and offers incomparable views of Okanagan lake.

10. Okanagan Lake Provincial Park 

Okanagan valley’s Provincial Park is well-known among naturalists.

It’s popular for different types of live viewing birds, inquiry, photography opportunities, and a range of other activities such as campsites, playgrounds, and much more to explore.

11. Osoyoos lake

osoyoos lakeby skahadigital/ depositphotos

Osoyoos Lake’s shoreline measures the city of Osoyoos, British Columbia, and the city of Oroville, Washington. You may enjoy swimming, floating, sunbathing, paddling, or boating at Osoyoos Lake. Osoyoos springs from the word “sẁiẁs”. It means the narrowing of the waters in the native Okanagan language.

Other attractions 

  • Anarchist Mountain
  • Desert Centre
  • Haynes Point

12. North Okanagan

The northern part of the beautiful valley, wherever highway ninety-seven and highway six come across in the town of Vernon. An active community, the in-town space has several places to explore especially for the youth.

You should definitely check out the waterslides that you will be able to find close to the North Okanagan Science Centre. You can also explore the Nature Centre, and nearby you’ll find the Historic O’Keefe Ranch as well.

The city’s proximity to at least one of British Columbia’s most stunning lakes, Kalamalka, makes it perfect for a summer holiday, especially which will consist of gorgeous beaches to enjoy.

Adventurous folks can embark on a paragliding journey, and those who are looking for peace will fish throughout Vernon in the various streams and closeby lakes.

Shining bright on top of Vernon, more than 800 meters high is SilverStar Mountain Resort. This place is a pure vacation site any time of the year. Here you can relish the storybook charm of the Victorian-inspired village.

13. Kelowna City Park

Kelowna City Park
By: GoToVan/Flickr

City Park can be found in the downtown side of Kelowna and is a famous destination for vacations. It has an excellent, gorgeous beach and an eccentric water park to visit.

You can rent powerboats here for a lot of fun in the water. Houseboats and seadoos are also available here.

14. Westbank, West Kelowna

Westbank is an element of the town of West Kelowna within the Okanagan valley and boasts a preferred city district at Gellatly Bay on Lake Okanagan.

Here you can find a replacement wharf, jumping platform, zipline, floating platform, and various beaches and parks.

15. South Okanagan

Far-famed for being set within the center of Canada’s solely true desert, it’s thought to be an oasis type of desert landscape.

It contains many attractive places that we discussed beforehand as well such as Summerland, Naramata, Penticton, and many more. It’s a perfect place to escape for a weekend getaway as you will never run out of places to explore.

16. McIntyre Bluff

by skahadigital/ depositphotos

McIntyre Bluff is a massive ridge of rock and it’s made from metamorphic rock.

It is a beautiful tourist spot set south of Vasseur Lake in British Columbia, Canada, and it gets hundreds of visitors every year.


Okanagan Valley is an excellent tourist spot in British Columbia. The valley is beautiful, with lakes, beaches, amazing landscapes, and vineyards. Adventurous people can enjoy wine, paddling, boating, cycling, and other tourism activities.

The views of the valley can make visitors relax and enjoy their seasonal tours or holiday vacations in the gorgeous and never-boring Okanagan valley.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Osoyoos- This rustic Canadian town sits amidst the Okanagan Desert, the only region like it in Canada. Osoyoos and the surrounding desert are known as the hottest place in Canada.
  • The Okanagan Valley is one of British Columbia’s top-producing wine regions. Alongside wine tasting, festivals, and farmers-market hopping, popular pursuits include cycling the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and boating on Okanagan Lake.
  • Cherries: Early July to Early August. Peaches: Late July to Early-September. Prunes/Plums: Mid-August to Mid-September. Apricots: Mid-July to Mid-August.



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