10 Best Thrift Stores in Richmond That You Must Visit

Thrift stores in Richmond

Thrift stores have all you need – from craft supplies, clothes, toys, antique pieces, jewellery, vintage products, and household items, to other donated items.

Richmond BC is the ultimate space for thrift items. If you love to bargain, this place is only what you need. Picking up a good thrift shop in Richmond BC for shopping can become a bit confusing. Therefore, we are here with the 10 best thrift stores in Richmond to help you.

An Introduction to the Thrift Stores 

Fundamentally, a thrift store is a shop where you can buy second-hand or donated items. You can also donate those products you may not feel like using in the future.

Thrift shops try to reach the charity or fund needs for the church or any such foundations. It’s been a social enterprise for several years. The shop has many volunteers who love to help needy people. These stores sell one-time or two-time used products like clothes, toys, shoes, furniture, household items and many more.

In case, you like to help these enterprises for such purposes, then it can be an appreciable opportunity for you. At the same time, it will help you to get the benefits of inexpensive with good condition products. Whether a visitor or local, you will enjoy visiting the thrift store and receive enough discounts.

If you are willing to discover this huge market of thrift shops, go through the whole article because this will help you with a lot more.

10 Best Thrift Stores in Richmond That You Should Visit

Richmond is one of the review locations in the world, having merchandise from thrift outlets. Here is a list of a few thrift stores that you may consider visiting.

1. Community Thrift and Vintage

Community Thrift and Vintage, located in Vancouver, Richmond, British Columbia, is a shop that offers a great deal on vintage items. It was founded in 2011. This shop collects all the profit by consignment and gives it to the associated organization named ‘PHS Community Services Society’. Jewellery, Sunglasses, Vintage clothing, shoes, and many more are effortlessly accessible in this shop.

You will easily find facilities like a dog allowance, wheelchair convenience, bike parking, street parking, and debit card acceptance in this shop. Furthermore, a mask requirement is a must in this place.

This unisex shop offers a vintage collection at a drop price. Besides, you can get all the information about the map or search for any products under its official website. Nonetheless, you are capable of placing your order from the site itself.

2. RAPS Thrift Store 

RAPS Thrift Store
Photo by Megan Lee from Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

Regional Animal Protection Society, abbreviated as RAPS, is a thrift shop linked with animal welfare. They currently have two huge stores and a cat sanctuary in Richmond.

The availability of the great find for shopping in this consignment shop is undoubtedly at its best. Housewares, toys, linen, hardware, clothing, shoes, craft supplies and mostly everything is at a drop price.

This thrift shop can be an inspiration for many. Volunteers of this shop grant support, love, and care to the cat’s family with many other animals. If you are also an animal lover, it is an opportunity to fill the needs of suffering animals. For more information about how to donate, head to their sanctuary’s official website.

In addition, this store has a diverse range of animal-friendly supplies including dog toys, cat toys, cozy and cute animal outfits, aquarium stocks, and rubber rain shoes for your beloved pets.

The RAPs thrift store isn’t limited to one because it has other shops too. And the other shops are also commendable as it has many options for the customer. Furthermore, using any browser, you may easily navigate to the Raps thrift stores webpage.

3. Value Village

Value Village is the most admired thrift shop in Richmond BC. They’re the biggest supporters of a non-profit organization like ‘The Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’. Value Village is located near Moncton Street, Richmond BC.

You can donate many types of consignment, for instance, Electronics, Clothing & Shoes, Books & Media, Furniture, Appliances, Games & Toys, Housewares, and Beds & Baths to this store. Moreover, you will get a few facilities like parking availability and service pet allowance at this location.

Whenever the donation is taken, the volunteers try to reuse the things and earn a profit. But immediately, they transfer the funds to the associated companies’ programs to support the children.

Value Village has more than 300 stores not only in Canada but also in the US and Australia as a whole. You can check their Value Village websites and the collections they have.

Value Village thrift store in Richmond.
Screenshot from the Value Village.

4. Richmond Family Place Thrift Store

The name itself suggests this thrift shop is famous for supporting programs related to families and friends. Richmond Family Place Thrift Store is correlated with some of the companies to help and support needy family programs. Selling items at a low price is the leading source of income for their donation.

Volunteers running the thrift shop try to maintain quality collections with the pricing for their consumers. Owing to that, you can expect clothing, jewellery, linens, household items, and many more from this thrift shop. Also, you can visit their Facebook page to see their collections or the donation campaign.

The official website ought to have gratitude for remaining simple to access with just a click away. You can get further information on donations and shop from there. Also, you can apply for volunteer, and the steps are straightforward. Start it by filling up the application form.

5. SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation

High-quality second-hand goods village thrift store, linked with the children support foundation and family stability. SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation was established in 1990 to raise funds for SOS Children’s Village, Richmond BC. This shop is located at a very famous Moncton Street, British Columbia.

You can purchase all-gender clothing, books, shoes, purses, antiques, jewellery & accessories, art & paintings, linens, and so on at amazing deals can be an ideal choice from this thrift outlet. They also delightedly welcome donations of the mentioned products that have only been mildly utilized.

Additionally, this shop provides facilities such as debit card acceptance, dog allowance, wheelchair accessibility, and street parking. But be mindful because this thrift store lacks facilitating Apple Pay and bike parking.

Visit their online website and support them by purchasing or donating goods. The Facebook page of the thrift shop is also available, do check it out.

6. The Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is a discern store from other stores near Vancouver. In spite, you may also call this a consignment shop established by the national server. They aimed to help needy people without any discrimination.

Again, this consignment shop not only sells antique items but also sells clothes, toys, declutter items, vintage lookbooks, housewares, and many more. In addition, you will find helpful volunteers here with diversity across the world.

Volunteer of the Salvation Army Thrift Store
Screenshot from the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Here, you get great amenities like debit card acceptance, street parking open to all, and masks-wearing staff. Apple Pay is not available at this consignment store.

To be part of this Salvation Army thrift store, you need to apply on their website. If you want, you can directly donate any of your gently used products.

7. Bon Retour Consignment Clothing

Having great deals along with vibrant quality, this consignment shop has its popularity. Working for 30 years, and still providing the finest designer consignment to consumers. Bon Retour Consignment Clothing is also located on Moncton Street, Richmond BC.

Recycling the donated items and making them more attractive and enjoyable is their profession. Every fascinating and charming design is available in the shop, so just pick, and you are good to go. Mostly, this store is famous for clothing, jewellery, shoes, handbags & purses.

Consigns from this thrift shop turn into cash for donations at a huge range. Being part of this consignment shop would be a lovely opportunity for you, to go through their website and follow the steps frequently.

In addition, you are capable of donating items as per your desire. It could be anything like clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes etc. You should not miss this consignment shop on Moncton Street.

8. HOB Thrift Boutique 

Vancouver Hospice Society (VHS) has been a part of the donation family since 2003. HOB Thrift Boutique is one of the well-known thrift stores, incorporated with the Vancouver Hospice Society (VHS), Vancouver, Richmond BC.

The motive of this shop is to help and support suicidal issues for people and families. They provide charity and funds to broken people who can’t even afford bread for themselves or their families.

Over 140 volunteers are working together with HOB Thrift Store. Although, these volunteers make the boutique more enjoyable while picking up the items by helping. From vintage wedding clothing to simple elegant clothes, you find every lookbook.

Apart from that attractive accessories, vintage jackets, shoes, and most of the products are made by Vancouver designers by recycling the consignment. This store also offers giveaways to lucky shoppers. If you want to be a part of this community, contact the volunteer through the website of this thrift store.

9. Richmond Hospital Healthcare Auxiliary Thrift Store

The Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary Thrift Store
Screenshot from The Richmond Hospital/Healthcare Auxiliary

The thrift outlet collects generous revenue from donations to raise funds for the patients admitted to the hospital. Richmond Hospital Healthcare Auxiliary Thrift Store is located in Steveston, Richmond. However, the location map can be found directly on the website for your convenience.

It has numerous designer clothing for the entire family. Not only clothing but accessories, housewares, personal care items, hardware, and especially exciting seasonal items (Halloween, Christmas, and Easter) are also available.

The shop claims to review the donated merchandise for good condition. Thus, by generating the amount through donations, equipmentṣ and medicines are purchased for Richmond Hospital.

The official website of this thrift shop has full and proper details of the programs, do check it out. Besides, if you want to become a volunteer, want to donate, or purchase anything, you can easily visit the website.

10. BC SPCA Thrift Store

“Speaking for Animals”, is the watchword of this thrift store. BC SPCA Thrift Store‘s motive is to protect orphaned animals from malnutrition, accidents, bacteria, etc., and to provide shelter to them by generating revenue from donations.

There are around ten branches available for the thrift shop all over British Columbia. Do you want to know them? Here is the list:

  • BC SPCA Kamloops Second Chances Thrift Store in the Northshore offers an excellent collection of second-hand materials.
  • New West Thrift Store is the second branch that offers very clean products to its customers.
  • The third one is the Port Alberni Thrift Store of BC SPCA which is popular for offering unique antiques.
  • Richmond Thrift Store is a staggering place but maybe a few of you will find the prices very high here.
  • The Sidney Thrift Store has an excellent collection of things related to animals.
  • Surrey Thrift Store, BC SPCA has everything at an easy price.
  • North Vancouver Thrift Store is a wonderful place to dig into as the customer service is cherishable.
  • The east of BC SPCA Vancouver Thrift Store is the eighth branch you can consider.
  • BC SPCA Vancouver Thrift Store in the West is also an appreciable place to go for.
  • The last one is BC SPCA Victoria Thrift Store.

Products like housewares, furniture, rugs, curtains, clothing, games, electronic equipment, and books are available in thrift stores with assured deals. Donations of these items are also convenient at the shop.

Without delay, you can also be part of these branches of thrift stores by donating some of your items that are not in use. Simply, contact the thrift shop volunteer or get to the store for donations or to purchase exciting and attractive items.


1. Which Era Is Said To Be Vintage?

The 2000s era of clothes is mainly said to be vintage. These vintage clothes look heavenly attractive on any person, and the vibe is indeed worthy. Also, a person who doesn’t know much about 20 years ago fashion, then to they will like it.

2. What Determines Thrift Stores Distinct from Consignment Shops?

The basic difference between these two stores, the consignment shop can be profitable, but the thrift shop is mainly correlated with charity and funds. But, in some cases, the consignment shops are also linked with the donation campaign.


These were the 10 Best Thrift Stores in Richmond, BC. Every thrift outlet is doing great deeds by donating for some good reasons. Also, it is recycling and reusing donated items for environmental and social needs. Furthermore, it offers opportunities to be part of these donation programs. So, if you want, you can easily participate.

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