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8 Best Richmond Coffee Shops

richmond coffee shops

Are you a caffeine addict relying on the magic of coffee beans? Do you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee and often find yourself exploring coffee shops? If yes, visit the best Richmond coffee shops and satisfy your coffee cravings.

Richmond offers a vibrant and diverse coffee scene perfect for a coffee enthusiast. It provides a wide range of coffee shops that boasts a premium experience for locals as well as tourists. So, let’s check out the top 8 coffee shops and what makes them so special.

Top 8 Coffee Shops in Richmond

Here, we have listed the top 8 coffee shops that can quench your desire for a cup of good coffee in this beautiful seaside city.

1. Fresh Press Coffee Bar

Located within a shopping centre plaza, Fresh Press Coffee Bar is a hidden gem in Richmond, BC. With its cute and quaint interior, the place offers an amazing experience to visitors who love to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Fresh Press Coffee Bar

It is famously known for its delightful micro-roasted coffee beans which have a pleasant and neutral flavour profile. The pour-over coffee with soy milk has been known to be smooth without being overly acidic.

On top of that, the place serves an extensive variety of pastries and other baked goods, which they boast are made in-house with superior ingredients.

You can rely on the quality of coffee and other baked item this coffee shop serves. Along with high-quality coffee, they also have a range of tea drinks for tea lovers. Iced Thai Tea Latte is one such option that is famous among visitors.

This coffee house is the type of place which you won’t mind visiting daily. It has a pleasant ambience with a unique triangular-shaped interior that adds beauty to the sitting area.

Along with a great menu, this place in Richmond also has good service. You can visit this coffee shop with your friends and family for a delightful experience.

You would be surprised to know that free Wifi is available in this coffee shop, making it the best spot for teenagers who have to use their mobiles or laptops while sipping an excellent cup of coffee.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a local or visiting Richmond, then you must try this coffee shop. Also, don’t forget to get some merchandise as a souvenir because they offer that too.

2. Viva Java

Viva Java Coffee Roasting House should be on your top visiting list if you are looking for a true coffee experience. As soon as you will step into this coffee house, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans will hit your nose. This will surely tempt you to order a perfect cup of coffee for yourself.

richmond coffee shops
By Fahmi Fakhrudin/ Unsplash Copyright 2018

This coffee roasting house in Richmond has been known to beat the standard coffee shops like Starbucks and Tim Hortons and customers often say that you won’t be able to settle on the taste of regular coffee chains once you try Viva Java’s excellent coffee.

If you are a fan of vintage green beans, then you have to go no further and visit this coffee shop. The ambience of this café will give you an island feel and the colourful décor of the order counter will surprise you with its uniqueness.

The visitors are also allowed to purchase the roasted coffee beans of their choice. Blue Mountain coffee beans are a favourite among customers.

The owner of the café is an interesting character, who often entertains the guests with his humour. His dedication to offering a premium coffee experience to his customers is evident as he selects as well as roasts his coffee beans.

One must remember that this coffee house prefers cash. So, next time, if you are craving a freshly brewed cup of coffee, slip some cash in your pockets and visit Viva Java Coffee Roasting House!

3. Village Books and Coffee House

If you have a love for books and all things coffee, then this bookstore and coffee house combo located in historic Steveston Village is the best cafe for you in the Richmond area.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Village Books & Coffee House

As soon you will step inside this little coffee shop, you will find yourself mesmerized by shelves of books and the smell of handcrafted coffee. You can find both new and second-hand books here. They offer a family-friendly service and a kid section is also available.

Village Books and Coffee House is a small and cozy Richmond coffee shop famous for using its coffee from the 49th parallel. You can order espresso coffees and teas from their diverse menu along with some delicious baked goods.

The coffee shop is not only a great spot food-wise but also has good service. The warm welcome and friendly behaviour of the staff make this cafe all the more inviting as if the old books resting on the bookshelves weren’t enough enticing.

This place also provides free wifi and is wheelchair accessible. Parking can be a little difficult but it is still worth a visit.

Additionally, since the coffee shop is not that well known, it is comparatively quieter. This place makes me wonder whether there is anything better than enjoying your coffee and reading your novel in a nice, quiet place on a rainy afternoon.

4. Leisure Tea and Coffee

If you appreciate a cafe with an old English atmosphere with gentle music playing in the background, you would like to try this family-owned Taiwanese coffee shop in central Richmond.

This coffee shop offers a diverse range of coffee options and tea drinks.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Leisure Tea & Coffee

You can try great coffee options ranging from espresso-based coffee like cappuccinos and lattes to handcrafted coffee brews made from high-quality coffee beans. Don’t forget to complement your coffee with pastries or a light snack.

From black tea to fresh fruit tea, there are more than a dozen drink options to try. In addition to providing great-tasting coffee compared to many other brands, they offer good food such as fried chicken club sandwich which is relished by the locals. Their fried chicken is known to be soft and juicy on the inside and delightfully crunchy on the outside.

Another specialty of theirs is fresh fruit tea which comes with neatly cut fruit pieces in it. The staff is attentive and patient and no one makes a fuss when you ask for refills.

So, you can get infinite refills (refills are made by adding hot water) and enjoy the piano playing in the background.

5. Waves Coffee House

If you just want an incredible cup of coffee in a charming neighbourhood, Waves Coffee House nestled in Steveston is your place.

It is a popular destination among visitors and locals alike with its scenic location and reputation for quality coffee.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Waves Coffee House

With its signature lattes and mochas, this is one of the best coffee shops in Richmond and offers a perfect menu with food and beverages to satisfy all your cravings.

The cafe is open not only on weekdays but also on weekends. However, the working hours might differ which are updated on their website.

The cafe offers excellent coffee and other foodstuff along with clean, spacious and well-decorated surroundings. They provide a great service with the staff being incredibly friendly and diligent.

You can also sit outside the cafe and enjoy the view. There is a kids’ play area if you are planning to take your kids with you.

If you are craving a good old cup of hot chocolate, then this coffee shop can beat other brands like Starbucks easily. You can also visit in the morning and enjoy some Belgian mocha and a breakfast wrap to start your day.

In summary, it is a good place to chill out at a decent price.

6. Sanctuary Cafe

Sanctuary Cafe enjoys fairly high popularity as a coffee shop in Richmond, BC. It is a bike-friendly cafe with a cozy and friendly vibe.

The thing that sets this cafe apart is that it acts as a sanctuary for bikers since it is strategically located at a spot which is a favourite haunt for them.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Sanctuary Cafe

It is no surprise that people call it their best coffee shop. Customers relish their handcrafted espresso-based coffee which has a wonderful balanced flavour.

The baked goods are prepared every day and served fresh. They make sure that the ingredients used are all organic and locally sourced.

The owner is friendly and the staff is accommodating and attentive to the needs of the customers. You are allowed to bring your bike inside the coffee shop and hang it on the wall.

It also maintains a seating facility outside the cafe if you are in the mood to get some fresh air while having some mouth-watering coffee.

Besides excellent coffee brews, Sanctuary Cafe offers pastries baked to perfection, flat white and hot chocolate, delicious muffins and all the other tasty drinks and food you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Sanctuary Cafe gives more than a cafe experience — it invites people to come to visit them on their bikes and enjoy a good drink and food with their family and friends.

It promotes mindfulness and wellness by being a sanctuary for visitors looking for a nourishing and enriching experience.

Therefore, it is truly one of the best cafes in Richmond and a great place to visit!

7. Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Looking for pour-over coffee or espresso drinks? Or a delicious lunch with mindblowing desserts at the end? Then, Rocanini Coffee Roasters should be your new destination.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Rocanini Coffee Roasters Cafe

With a commitment to quality, sustainability and community, this coffee shop sitting in the middle of Richmond is a beloved meeting spot for coffee lovers.

Although it could be a bit noisy and bustling, it can still accommodate your cravings for a good coffee and decently priced snacks and pastries.

Customers love this place because they serve really good coffee and perfectly done chai lattes. The in-house croissants are considered one of the best in the Richmond area.

The vibe of the cafe is relaxing and the staff is friendly.

This local coffee hotspot is often visited by tourists who come to enjoy their time sightseeing and shopping in Steveston. Everyone likes the ambience of Rocanini coffee roasters, be it a student, local or tourist.

You can find people enjoying their coffee at a long communal table with their friends.

The coffee shop has a large sitting area with lots of large windows plus free wifi is also available. They have impressive industrial decor with the walls displaying artwork from local artists. You can support the local artists and buy them if you are interested.

Rocanini coffee roasters also serve people with specific dietary preferences. They have vegan and gluten-free options too. So, you can ask for soy or almond milk.

Whether you want cold brewed coffee after a bike ride or craving hot chocolate in the chilly winters, Rocanini Coffee Roasters is your place.

8. Steveston Coffee Company

If you want to visit a coffee shop which doesn’t disappoint except when they are out of croissants, then Steveston Coffee Company is the place you are looking for.

richmond coffee shops
Screenshot Captured from Steveston Coffee

Located in the middle of the shopping area in Steveston Village, this lovely coffee spot offers fine organic coffee to its customers. They take pride in their handcrafted coffee creations.

The service is great and the staff’s attention to detail in their well-crafted coffee ensures that you will enjoy your coffee to the last sip.

It is a small coffee shop where you can have take-out options too. Their caramel macchiato is considered to be full of aroma and flavour.

Gluten-free and vegan options are also available to make the eating experience inclusive for everyone. You can have your iced mocha latte with oat milk for a dairy-free drink. Kids usually love hot chocolate and other treats.

You will find locals saying that their Cappuccinos and Chai lattes are much better than Starbucks. So, it will be a great idea to try the premium blends of this coffee shop if you are visiting Richmond.

One of the highlights of Steveston Coffee Company is that you can take their coffee beans at home to enjoy the Steveston coffee experience any time you want.

On top of this, if you are visiting the coffee shop with your pets, you can get them dog cookies which are baked with bacon in them.

The variety and quality that this coffee shop offers compensate for its slightly expensive items. From coffee to unique varieties of teas like Matcha, it has everything to satisfy your desire for a good beverage.

Additionally, they serve baked goods and food items like sandwiches which are homemade and pretty good.

They have monthly special items too and offer a discount on a type of coffee bean every month. Overall, Steveston Coffee Company is simply the best coffee shop to visit for a coffee lover.

An Overview of Coffee Shops in Richmond

Richmond coffee shops are a paradise for every coffee lover with their charming ambience and warm hospitality. You can go to these coffee shops, sit back and sip your expertly brewed coffee.

The coffee shops provide a rich menu and you will often find yourself confused to select what and how… such is the diversity. If you are adventurous enough, you can try a different type of drink every day or you can stick to your single favourite choice.

These coffee spots in Richmond have taken coffee roasting to new heights. The coffee beans are sourced from reputed suppliers and they are roasted in-house to provide a specialty coffee experience like no other.

Coffee shops in Richmond are also committed to sustainable practices such as sourcing their beans from farms which are engaged in ethical practices which don’t harm the planet.

These coffee shops can be small and cozy in their interiors or spacious with high ceilings and large windows. Most of them also maintain a sitting area on the outside so that the customers can enjoy the scenic view which makes their coffee experience more delightful.

The coffee shops in Richmond not only take pride in their high-quality coffee but also in excellent food items to complement your beverages.

You can get your hands on delicious baked goods like bagels, cookies, croissants, cheesecakes, etc. and relish them with your coffee.

If you are an avid reader and reading novels in a little coffee shop is your dream, then there are plenty of such spots in Richmond where you can pack those books and enjoy your evening.

You can also pick a coffee shop which entertains less crowd and sit there in silence and read.

Apart from all these qualities that coffee shops in Richmond display, they are also driven to support local businesses and artists. You can find local singers performing in these coffee shops or the artwork of some local artists displayed on the walls.

So, next time, you are planning to visit Richmond, make sure you visit these incredible coffee shops.

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