Blue Mountain Activities: 10 Exciting Adventures to Experience

The Blue Mountains at Night

Ah, vacationing amidst heavenly mountains and gazing out at mesmerizing views sounds perfect, correct?

The Blue Mountains is an ideal vacation destination with amenities such as great dining restaurants, excellent spas, and tremendous adventure activities.

If you are here out for a vacation then you must do some special and interesting activities in Blue Mountain which will lighten your stress and fix your mood. 

Top 10 Blue Mountain Activities

Here, Canada Hustle has compiled some of the great activities in Blue Mountain for you. Ensure to check them out and add them to your bucket list for an amazing getaway!

Courtesy: The Blue Mountains Resort

1. Blue Mountain Resort

This resort not only provides amazing accommodation facilities but other assistance and services as well.

Did you know that a private beach can be found at Blue Mountain? Although the general public can use it for a cost, hotel guests can use it for free.

Blue Mountain Resort
Photo by adrianxg@hotmail.com from Depositphotos

Take the exclusive shuttle from the Mountain Village if you are a resort guest because there isn’t much parking there.

2. Ride the Open Air Gondola

If hiking up the Niagara Escarpment sounds a bit exhausting and tedious, get on board one of the open-air gondolas, take a seat, and let the lift handle the labor-intensive lifting.

The gondolas have no seats and you stand up for the entire ride which is all right because the open air gives you 360-degree views of the surrounding resort area and the gorgeous Georgian Bay in the background. 

3. Scenic Caves Eco Adventure

Visit Scenic Caves, which is just a short drive from the base of Blue Mountain, is a fun family adventure.

The biggest suspension bridge in Southern Ontario is one of Scenic Caves’ top attractions. The 420-foot Suspension Bridge helps you see for miles and miles in every direction. 

4. Mountain Biking

The best place to hit the trails is the nearby Kolapore Uplands and Three Stages area over 40 kilometres of flowy trails through a mixed forest.

The trail route is huge and occasionally difficult to navigate, and to avoid getting lost, make sure to either buy a map in advance or take a photo of the paths at the entry.

5. Go Hiking in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain consists of five walking paths and 18 hiking trails. The hiking trails range from a stroll in the forest to stimulating treks to the top of the hill. 

View from Blue Mountains
Photo by Roxana Gonzalez from Shutterstock

Get yourself checked in at the Blue Mountain Resort and Collingwood Hotels. Hiking is certainly a backbreaking adventure, but it’s one of the most crowd-pleasing activities of all.

6. Try Zip Lining or Tackle a Rope Course

If you want to be thrilled to bits, get up in the air by taking the Wind Rider Zip Line.

The zipline, a family-friendly experience for riders 13 and older, is a 50-foot-high airborne adventure with hitting speeds of up to 50km/hour.

The Woodlot Low Ropes course is located just next to the zipline. Over 25 distinct features, including bridges, cargo nets, and tyre swings, are included on three elevated courses.

7. Dive In At Plunge Aquatic Centre

Plunge Aquatic Centre is one of the top water-based attractions at Blue Mountain.

Some of the most well-known activities are the various waterslides that twist and curve and send you flying out at the end.

Run, grasp, and arc out over the water below as you use the rope swing to put your strength to the test.

Blue Mountains
Photo by fokkebok on Unlimphotos

8. Stroll and Shop in Blue Mountain Village

The little pedestrian-only village at the foot of the Mountain is a great spot for some shopping therapy and is a must-visit place too.

You will always be excited to go around and browse boutiques, sports goods stores, home furnishing stores, clothing stores, and more.

Blue Mountains Village
Photo by LesPalenik from Shutterstock

You can get the newest downhill ski gear and clothing throughout the winter to make sure you look your best on the slopes.

The hottest clothing lines swarm the shops in the summer and remind you of lazy days by the pool.

These places feature welcoming patios in the summer, some of which have views of the lake. So, take a seat at a table, sip something cool, and enjoy a snack or meal.

9. Take a Spin on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush you might as well hop on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.

You may use a set of handbrakes to control the pace of your roller coaster; you can either apply them or let it run at its full speed.

One kilometer of the route winds its way through lush forest and over bystanders as it descends the incline of Blue Mountain.

As you push the boundaries of your fear, be prepared for large drops, steep turns, and corkscrews.

10. Rock Climbing Wall

A substantial climbing wall is situated next to the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster’s entrance at Blue Mountain.

The 25-foot-high wall may seem intimidating, but you will feel more secure about climbing it and zipping back down after you’re dressed in your safety gear.

Each climb is assisted by a staff person on the wall, and it is accessible to practically all ages (three and above). 


Collingwood area, Blue Mountain village| Blue mountain activities
Photo by vvital from Shutterstock

With this, we conclude our fascinating activities in Blue Mountain here. Why don’t you go and explore all of these by yourself? Have fun!


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