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New Brighton Park Vancouver- Top 4 Things to Do

New Brighton park

Who would not love de-stressing in a park which has everything from four-pawed friends to a massive swimming pool to scenic views?

One thing Canada is famous for is its massive parks, which are known worldwide. The country is home to more than 48 parks, and due to its widespread landscapes, the parks there are mesmerizing.

New Brighton Park, Vancouver – Top 4 Things to Do

People love Canadian parks due to their hidden scenarios and great hiking trails, some parks are even very peaceful and calm.

One such park is New Brighton Park in the province’s capital city, Vancouver. Explore more below!

1. Introduction & History

1.1. Introduction

This very popular park is located on Brighton Road in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

The surroundings are covered by industrial plants and also find the renowned Kitsilano Beach, nearby near the west of Vancouver.

Even though it is not covered in forests, it is pretty loved around the area with people there any time of the day, the Hastings Racecourse can also be found next to it.

This park also has tennis courts, barbecue sites, 2 playgrounds, grassy picnic sites, a soccer pitch, big outdoor public pools, and rocky beaches.

Currently, it is in the process of connecting to Hastings Park through Creek-way Park, where you can walk, cycle, and walk your dog.

New Brighton Park
Photo by Kieran Wood on Unsplash

1.2. History

The history of New Brighton Park goes way back to the arrival of Europeans and the establishment of Vancouver City. The beach area of New Brighton was called Khanahmoot.’ in the Squamish language.

This region was famous among the people for the supply of sea fish and shellfish, it was harvested by the First Nations people for various generations. New Brighton is the place Vancouver began and was previously known as the Township of Hastings.

To remember the importance of the area, the city council laid a plaque that stated that this was where the first outlets were established which include playing fields, a dock, a museum, the first post office, the office of Canadian Pacific Railway, and more.

The plaque reads that this region was named after Admiral Hastings, British Navy. It also says that it had the most fashionable watering area in the province.

Pools here then used Burrard Inlet’s saltwater. But later in the 1970s, it was changed into freshwater pools, and to this day the pools are still used by many.

2. Places to Visit in New Brighton Park

New Brighton Park
Photo by haseg77 from Shutterstock

There are some places worth visiting in New Brighton Park ranging from the picnic spots of the park to the off-the-leash dog park.

2.1. The Infamous New Brighton Swimming Pool

This outdoor pool for all is one large and nice swimming pool for all in the mainland-Lower. This pool has 25m swimming lanes and beach-style sloped entry for inexperienced swimmers, people with wheelchairs, and young kids.

You get to see the port facilities of the industries and the North Shore Mountains. The pool has heated water and is almost 9ft deep.

As for its place near the Industrial area, the pool is not as spectacular as the ones in Kitsilano beach or other pools.

The pool is only open from May to September and there are swimming lessons given here during the summertime.

2.2. The Off-Leash Dog Park

There is a Dog walking park here that allows owners to off-leash their dogs.

Off leash dog park
Photo by everydoghasastory from Shutterstock

To be specific, this off-leash area is between Nootka Street, E Waterfront Road, and Windermere Street.

It is also one of the largest enclosed city’s dog walking parks since the main feature of this park is its vastness. The only con of the place is there is a certain time dogs are allowed to be off the leash from May 1 to September 30 and October 1 to April 30.

2.3. New Brighton Beach

While this a unique beach, it is not often opted for by visitors due to its proximity to the industrial port. This beach area is also a spot for picnics and has a great time.

You can also take part in games like basketball, tennis and beach volleyball. Make sure to sit and have a few moments of peace as there are also picnic tables in the picnic area for people to sit and have snacks.

2.4. New Brighton Salt Marsh

This was a project undertaken by city officials, it was to restore the coastal habitat on the southern shore of Inlet of Burrard.

These marshes are major hubs for the Juvenile fish from the Seymour and Indian rivers. Most fishes pass through here to go to the sea as this wetland is a resting land and feeding habitat for local seabirds.


New Brighton Park in Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most amazing places to visit in the area as it has something for everyone.

The park consists of a huge outdoor swimming pool 9 feet in depth, a playground, a salt marsh, a beach, picnic sites, a dog park, and more.

New Brighton State Beach and Campground
Photo by Mike Brake from Shutterstock

While there is so much more to know about the park, it is one of the loved parks by dogs and dog owners. The off-leash areas are one such place where dogs are seen running, jumping, and happy.

Make sure to not miss exploring this park or you will miss out on a great experience to have a great and peaceful time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Can you swim at New Brighton Park?

Ans- There is a huge swimming pool in the Park, which is for all, and it has an outdoor hot pool.

Q.2. Do they charge a fee to Park at New Brighton?

Ans- If you are visiting the park from 8 am to 10 pm, it is free to park. But if you park here after 10 pm, then there is a certain fee to park.

Q.3. How deep is New Brighton Pool?

Ans- There are various lanes in the pool, and the depth ranges from 5, 2, and 9 Feet from end to end. There are always lifeguards here and a small slide for kids.

Q.4. Is New Brighton Park worth visiting?

Ans- Yes, it is a mix of things all love. You can stroll, jog in the walking trails, have a picnic, take kids to the playground, play sports, or have a swim in the outdoor pool.

Q.5. Is New Brighton Pool saltwater?

Ans- The New Brighton Pool used to be full of salt water from the Burrard Inlet, but as of now, it is filled with fresh water.

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