Hot Springs in Canada: 15 Must-Visit Spots

Hot springs in canada

Gazing at mesmerizing snow-capped mountains whilst submerged in a hot spring sounds wonderful, does it not?

Canada has so much diversity in nature that it might surprise you, it is no less than a winter wonderland in the cold months of the year.

Hot springs, to put it simply, are naturally heated mineral groundwater that has healing properties and can be relaxing.

Top 15 Hot Springs in Canada for a Relaxing Day

Canada has a huge number of hot springs that are open to all and is busy during the winter.

It is also one of the most loved sites by nature lovers. Below is the list of 15 attractive and best hot springs you will love to explore.

hot springs in Canada
Photo by Ian Liberry on Unsplash

1. 15 Attractive Hot Springs in Canada

There are a lot of Hot Springs that range from the Northwest Territories to western provinces.

Most Hot springs in Canada are situated in British Columbia as the atmosphere is just perfect there.

1.1. Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon

These hot springs are now known as Eclipse Nordic Springs.

It is almost half an hour away from Whitehorse, there are two hot pools here that are open all around the year, and the temperatures in these Takhini hot pools vary from 37°C to 42°C.

These hot pools have a high amount of Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium which cause the water to be rusty in colour. Takhini hot springs are just the perfect to relax with blue sky and trees around.

There are also relaxing rooms with cold plungers, saunas, showers, and much more. All you have to do is to bring your sandals or water shoes, but there is an entry fee.

These Takhini hot pools also have their campsite and a hotel on the site for convenience.

1.2. Miette Hot Springs, Alberta

These hot springs are the hottest in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

These Miette Hot springs are situated in the infamous Jasper National Park in Alberta. There are many pools here, two hot pools and 2 cold pools, which stay open from May to October.

There is parking for cars, motor homes, and more. There are also RV parks, and it is also one of the reasons why tourists love Jasper National Park. Also, there is an entry fee here.

1.3. Liard River Hot Spring, Northern British Columbia

This hot spring is on the Alaska Highway, really close to the border Yukon and almost 4 or so hours away from Nelson Fort.

Liard River spring holds the second position in the list of largest hot springs. It is set in a natural and beautiful setting.

The geothermal water of the Alpha pool can go from 42°C to 52°C. People love to soak in this water to relax and have a great time. This hot spring is in the Liard River hot springs Provincial Park.

The parks have great flora and fauna with more than 14 orchids. There are also changing rooms, playgrounds, Campgrounds, compost outhouse, and even wheelchair access and other modern amenities.

1.4. Lussier Hot Springs, British Columbia

This is one best hot springs in Canadian Rocky Mountains. Lussier Hot Springs have several pools that are at the side of the freezing Lussier River.

This hot spring is in the White-swan Lake Province Park in Kootenays and is open year-long. The temperature of the three water pools in the hot springs can vary from 33°C to 47°C.

The waters are set in a great setting with a green lush forest and a cold river. You have to be clothed when you are in the waters and no pets are allowed.

You also can’t camp here, however, you can find the park’s campsite within walking distance but is seasonal.

The park is also a famous area among hikers and trekkers that go through the Lussier Gorge.

1.5. Banff Upper Springs, Alberta

This marvellous attraction is in Banff’s National Park.

The waters in these springs are rich in minerals and have an amazing background of the Rocky Mountains, and the water temperature goes from 37°C to 40°C.

Banff Upper springs is also one of the last places left where public bathing is allowed. It is one of the 9 springs with sulphur and healing properties.

Here, you can rent out towels, swimsuits, and lockers.

hot springs in canada
Image Source: Pixabay

To enter these upper hot springs, there is an entry fee for adults and children respectively.

This spring is situated at a high elevation of 1,585m. You can find minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, bicarbonate, and sulphate.

1.6. Temple Garden Spa, Saskatchewan

Temple Garden Mineral hot springs and Spa has a few numbers of pools that range from outdoor to indoor. It also works as a spa and hotel, situated in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

These pools, sourced from a geothermal well, were made in 1980, and the pool holds water that has a temperature of 44°C.

The waters are rich in minerals, and these include magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, potassium, and sodium which have many skin benefits.

1.7. Harrison’s Hot Spring, British Columbia

This beautiful property has 5 pools and is set in Fraser valley, the south side of Harrison Lake, just 2 hours from Vancouver.

Harrison hot springs house two natural hot springs: Sulphur springs and Potash Springs.

There are 2 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools which you can explore.

hot springs in Canada
Photo Source: Unsplash

The temperature of the waters in Harrison hot springs can go from 28°C to 40°C. One significant thing about these waters is that these springs have the biggest number of mineral particles.

While Harrison springs stays a hidden gem, these waters are visited by famous names like Liam Neeson, John Wayne, and much more.

The waters in Harrison hot springs are rejuvenating and have healing properties that heal Arthritis and rheumatism.

However, this place is not for public use, it is only for the guests dwelling in the resort. Some of the cabins here are pet-friendly too.

1.8. Keyhole Hot Springs, British Columbia

This paradise of Hot springs is near Mount Meager, just 100km away from Whistler. There are several small pools with woods around and rivers along, these hot springs are open only seasonally.

These springs are also known as Pebble Creeks hot springs. Visitors have to do a short hike almost 2.4 m Lillooet River trail to get to these rocky hot springs. It might be a little hard, but the result is so worth it.

The three largest springs of the lot are known for bathing and soaking. Also, there is a campsite above the hot springs that is just 10-15 minutes away.

1.9. Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

This one particular is the largest hot spring in Canada.

Fairmont Hot Springs is situated southeast side of Invermere and the temperature of the waters here goes from 30°C to 39°C.

Hot springs in Canada
Photo by Nico Bistolfi on Unsplash

The property has a resort for lodging, fine dining, and even recreational activities.

Although the hot springs are only open for guests staying there. You can also find a heated pool indoor that is only for guests and has a capacity of almost 50 or so people.

There are rooms, cabins, a campground, RV Park, villas, and lodges. The outdoor activities here include snowmobiling, hiking, spa, bird watching, and golf.

1.10. Hot Springs Cove, British Columbia

This beautiful and remote hot spring is situated northwest of Tofino, in Maquinna’s Provincial Park.

The coastline of the Provincial Park often makes visitors awe. You might even get to see eagles, seals, bears, whales, and sea lions. To reach springs cove, you have to hike for almost 2 km.

The water temperature here is 50°C but cools down when it gets mixed with the Pacific waters. The closer the sea, the cooler the waters become.

There is an outhouse and changing room near the hot springs cove. Don’t forget to bring slippers as the pools can be slippery.

1.11. Halcyon Hot Springs Resorts, British Columbia

These geothermal hot springs are in Nakusp, West Kootenays, on Upper Arrows Lake. Here, the 4 pools overlook the Monashee Mountain ranges.

The waters in the pools have a temperature range from 37°C to 40°C. But there is also another seasonal mineral springs pool. The mineral contents of these waters include high lithium concentrations.

hot springs in Canada
Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

These waters are very effective in their healing properties that they were once bottled and used as a tonic.

The high mineral contents in the waters often help with arthritis, depression, and even brain injuries.

You can even stay here overnight in the chalets, cottages, studio suits, and much more that is available there.

There are other activities like Spa, biking, hiking, golf yoga, and even a good restaurant.

1.12. Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia

This hot spring is in Sinclair canyon just next to Highway 93 near the southern end of Kootenays National Park.

The water temperatures in one swimming pool are always 27°C to 29°C. This pool also has slides and a surfing board. And the other pool, also the bigger one, has water that is 39°C.

The water here is highly radioactive as it contains radium, but it is not harmful to people.

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1.13. Kraus Hot Springs, Northwest Territories

These pretty hot springs are hidden in the River Nahanni in Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories.

Kraus Hot springs are also known as a secret paradise, the total area of the park and the hot springs are 30,000 or so square km.

Fun fact: This riverside hot spring is also a UNESCO Heritage Site.

hot springs in Canada
Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

The only con of the hot spring is the odour. The waters here can exert a pungent smell of rotten eggs due to the high content of Sulphur.

These springs are also the hardest to reach as you have to fly from Simpson Fort or Paddle down the river. Keep in mind that, these springs can be only used in the spring, so plan it accordingly.

1.14. Canyon Hot Springs, British Columbia

These hot springs are in between Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier.

Canyon Hot Springs is a resort with lodging and spreads across its 200-acre land. It is found in the Selkirk Mountains, also, there is an entry fee to enjoy the springs.

These picturesque hot springs were supposedly found by railway workers at the century’s turn.

Now, there are 2 great luxury pools, also, the water of the hot pool waters is 40°C and the swimming pool is 32°C.

You can also find many accommodations like chalets, log cabins, and campsites. There are also RV Parks and also tent camping, and more than 200 campsites at the resort.

You can boat, hike, go rafting, climb mountains, golf, trail riding, and much more.

1.15. Ainsworth’s Hot Springs, British Columbia

These hot springs are located near the shore of Kootenay Lake in the Kootenay Mountain range.

Ainsworth hot springs are also a resort with a large pool or horseshoe-shaped caves.

The temperature of the water in the large outdoor pool can be almost 35°C and the water in the 150ft cave pool can be hot to 40°C, there is also a cold pool where you can relax.

The mineral-rich waters have magnesium, calcium, silica, potassium, and lithium. Due to the fast flow of the water in the cave, the water changes constantly.

You can rent out bathing suits and towels and gets lockers for free with the entry admission.

For the people who don’t want to go to the pools immediately, you can have great food from the restaurant and can stay at the motel on-site.

hot springs in Canada
Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

2. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q.1. How many Hot Springs are there in Canada?

Ans- More than 30 hot springs are spread across the various provinces of the country.

Q.2. Are there natural hot springs in Canada?

Ans- There are many natural hot springs in Canada, and Western Canada has the hottest springs.

Q.3. Where is the biggest hot spring in Canada?

Ans- The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort holds the title of being the biggest and the most natural hot springs.

Q.4. Which is the busiest spring in Canada?

Ans- Liard River Springs is one of the busiest hot springs.

Q.5. How sanitary are the Hot Springs?

Ans- Waters of hot springs are often safe in the case of carrying disease-causing organisms. But some of the springs have PAM, which is a very rare but threatening infection caused by bacteria in the springs. Just be careful and take shower after being in the hot springs.

Q.6. Do these springs have an odour?

Ans- Some of the springs have a pungent odour. While these springs are relaxing and can be beautiful with the nature around them, they can smell like rotten eggs.

3. Conclusion

Canada is famous for their diversity of landscapes, and one of these iconic landmarks is hot springs. Canada’s hot springs are one of the loved places.

While most of the hot spring pools have an entry fee, it is worth it as the view of the most springs is marvellous.

Some hot springs are developed into a park and some of the waters are still in primitive area and is hard to seek out and visit.

Make sure to visit these marvels of nature and have a great time, but first, check the schedules of Hot Springs.

We will see you here then!



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