9 Chill Activities at Radium Hot Springs Pool

Radium hot springs pool is one of the three Canadian Rockies hot springs operated by Parks Canada, a government agency. These hot pools originate from the same western belt of mountains and are formed surprisingly by surface water and not the usual groundwater.

The rain and snow that falls on the hills seep into fissures and gaps in the rocks underneath. The water converts into steam as it reaches the hot molten earth’s center or a sheath of rock heated by magma.

This steam rises, condenses into water, and flows out as hot springs. Springs stay hot as water continuously flows from the cracked area. Parks Canada also manages Banff national park hot springs, Jasper hot springs, and the radium hot springs pool.

Radium hot springs pool is a therapeutic natural hot spring pool situated on the western side of Canada, in the British Columbia location. These pools are precisely on the border of Kootenay national park, near Columbia valley. It flows out from broken rocks at the base of Redstreak Mountain in the Sinclair Canyon valley. The pool has been open to the public since 1925.

The odourless mineral water issues a soothing and relaxing soak, and the experience of Radium hot springs is believed to have healing properties. The indigenous American folks named Ktunaxa used to bathe in these natural hot springs to heal themselves.

radium hot springs
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The Radium hot springs pool is an all-natural spring, and the water is enriched with minerals like silica, magnesium, calcium, bi-carbonate, and sulphate. 

There is a multitude of activities in the Radium hot springs pool’s proximity and nearby attractions, mainly the local golf courses and public pool park. Honestly, you might have difficulty finding enough time to cover all the adventure activities, abundant and diverse in radium hot springs pools.

1. Soak in Radium Hot Springs Pools

Yes! The first obvious thing to do around the area is to soak in the hot springs pools. There are both hot and cold pools. The hot pool temperature can vary from 37 to 40 degrees, whereas the cool pool has somewhat cooler water, with a temperature of around 29 degrees.

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Though you are advised to arrive prepared with your towels, one can rent towels at Radium hot springs, and rental swimsuits are available as well. The radium hot springs pools are equipped with a diving board, change rooms, lockers, and a snack bar. Adults are charged, and kids under three get a free token.

The cooler swimming pool size is perfect for swimming laps around and enjoying swimming, followed by the hot soaking pool. The cool pool has a regular pool depth apt for diving. Though no street clothes are allowed, one can remain chilled in bathing suits and flip-flops. Both the cool pool and hot pool are well maintained and clean, and Radium hot springs are open all year round.

The place is disabled-friendly and for those having difficulty with multiple stairs. The staff has done a very good job making the radium hot spring pool accessible to everyone.

Radium hot springs reviews rave with positive comments, describing the basic pool experience as extremely relaxing, refreshing, and medicinal. I strongly recommend you spend a few hours in the hot pool to get the perfect experience.

2. Fishing in National Parks

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Fishing is the most popular activity near the radium hot springs pools. You can enjoy catch-and-release fishing or cook them up for dinner. Lakes, streams, and rivers surround Kootenay National Park.

However, there will be difficulty negotiating rough terrain, and the expedition is worth it.

Within Kootenay national park, one can fish in Cobb lake, Dog lake, Kootenay River or Vermillion River. Nearby, Lake Windermere, Backcountry lakes, Olive lake, Minnow creek, Kaufmann lake, and Lake Provincial Park are perfect for catching rainbow trout, Northern Pike, Bull trout, and white mountain fish.

A national park permit, British Columbia, or Parks Canada license is mandatory for fishing in these areas. Several regulations need to be followed at each park, and permits and licenses can be procured at the national parks booth in the visitor’s center. And honestly, it is the best spot for ice fishing.

3. Spa Near Radium Hot Springs Pool

SPa treatment
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A blissful and relaxing spa at elevation massage & spa near Radium hot springs pools is perfect for all sorts of body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and hair styling. The Spas are located at a separate venue, a walking distance from the hot springs, and are hotel attached with free parking.

Though the hot springs themselves act as thermal spas, one can experience pampering to reduce stress, pain, and muscle sores in the radium hot springs Spas, revitalize and rejuvenate. Elevation spa is accessible 24/7, all year round, with prior booking for an out-of-hours time.

4. Hiking in National Parks

Travelling through the trans-Canada highway, the view as you reach Kootenay National park is breathtaking and scenic, with the Rocky Mountains and mountain peaks on the sidelines.

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With Kootenay National park and Banff National Park nearby, hiking and walking trails are unlimited. They are available for both amateurs and experts. Most routes start at the Radium village, like Redstreak Campground Trail and the Juniper Trail, and end at the radium hot springs pool itself.

Each trial offers something unique, stunning geographic features and vegetation, views of Lakes, picnic areas, and benches, and a great place for quiet time, and viewing local flora and fauna. Wild animals like the iconic Bighorn sheep, deer, hummingbirds, wild turkeys, Cougars, and bears are common sightings in Radium.

There are many ideal campsites for a stopover as well. Redstreak campground is located within walking distance of both the thermal springs and the city and is equipped with Washrooms, drinking water, kitchen shelters, lockers, fire rings, and play areas.

5. Golfing Near the Hot Springs

Columbia Valley is a haven for the versatile cross-country game and has eight golf courses, all within a 40-minute drive from the Radium hot springs pool. The Radium group offers two courses, The springs, and the Radium course. 

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The Springs course is one of Canada’s premium golf courses, with picturesque views, green grassy hills, and flats. The course is fun and challenging, with Resident bighorn sheep roaming the area freely. 

The Radium course is surrounded by scenic mountains and has dramatic elevation changes.

6. Whitewater Rafting in Kootenay

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Offered by Kootenay river runners, the three adventure rafting trips are along the Kicking horse river, Kootenay river, and Toby creek. The amusing and accommodating guides, with the stunning scenery, and rapids of glacial water spraying on you, makes the trip safe and exhilarating at the same time.

7. Skiing

Winter skiing can be enjoyed at three spots within 35 kilometers of Radium hot springs pools. With over 100 trails, Panorama mountain resort is ideal for cross-country skiing and offers lessons and activities for total beginners.

Fairmont hot springs resort is a great family ski area for all skill levels, with downhill skiing, three lifts, and access to the Fairmont hot springs pools and eating at one of its restaurants.

a family group of cross country skiers on a sunny
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Or experience Nordic skiing at Nipika mountain resort, an all-sports haven with groomed cross-country ski routes. Lake Windermere Whiteway, Lillian Whiteway, and Junior Johnson also offer classic skiing when conditions allow. For the next level of luxury and adventure, opt for Heliskiing.

8. Biking in the Mountains

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You can choose between trail biking, mountain biking, fat biking, and road biking depending on your skills and personality—a great way to explore the vast terrain with amazing views of rivers and mountains.

9. Ziplining Across the Landscape

Two sites offering a birds-eye view with an adrenaline rush are Valley Zipline Adventures in Radium and Mineral Mountain ziplines in Fairmont Hot Springs. Valley Zipline Adventures offers a 1.5-hour tour of 7 ziplines, a hands-on adventure perfect for the entire family.

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A new addition named ‘the adventure tower’ provides 35 feet climbing wall and then a thrilling free fall jump. The experience is guaranteed to be heart-pounding and stomach-flipping.

Mineral Mountain Ziplines is a six-zipline course across Fairmont Creek, with a majestic view of Columbia Lake, Hoodoos, and the valley below.

FAQs About Radium Hot Springs Pool

1. Is There Chlorine in Radium Hot Springs?

The Village of Radium Hot Springs plant workers maintains a free chlorine residual of approximately 0.35mg/l at the WTP in order to maintain a free chlorine residual of 0.20mg/l at the other end of the distribution system. Online instrumentation just at the treatment plant and also in town also monitors the free chlorine residual.

2. Is It Worth the Effort to Visit Radium Hot Springs?

Radium Hot Springs would be only one and a half hours from Banff National Park, so you get the iconic mountain views but with significantly fewer people. This is why it’s become my new favourite spot; it’s much quieter and less crowded, but just as beautiful.

3. How Do You Dress for Radium Hot Springs?

Bathing suits and towels can be rented; the suits aren’t particularly fashionable, but they do the job! When it comes to footwear, whatever footwear you use at home for your city pool will work just fine, as will bare feet.

An Afterthought: Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore at Radium Hot Springs Pool

Radium hot springs pools are not just a hyped-up attraction, it is one of the biggest hot springs pools among the many hot pools in Canada. The village named after the pool is a full-service town encouraging radium hot springs tours and visitors worldwide.

The water in hot springs had traces of a radioactive element named Radon, a decay product of Radium. And so, the pools came to be called Radium hot springs.

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The Aquacourt was built later in the 1950s. It was the western parks’ first noteworthy postwar construction project. Because of its historical significance and its architectural and environmental importance, it has been designated as a Federal Heritage Building.

It is vital as an example of spa development in Canada’s National Parks. It has an excellent modernist design, influenced by the International Style, construction, and material nature, with a unique architectural style. The Aquacourt building’s foundation is presently under construction.

There are no reservations to visit radium hot springs pools, and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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