Port Burwell Provincial Park: A Brief Guide

Port Burwell Provincial Park

Are you feeling uncomfortable in luxurious places? Want to feel the authentic countryside? Therefore, Port Burwell Provincial Park will be the best choice for you.

There is a certain point when anyone wants a little touch of countryside taste. The elements of this park are very subtle, but to enjoy and derive the excitement of camping and hiking is something extraordinary.

There will be no luxurious assistance or accommodation. Thus, one needs to do everything all by themselves. Like filling your water tank for your caravans or reach to the beach side after walking on 2km trails.

Although there are more than 5 top trails, each trail will lead to the beach. Despite its being a small town, there are relics of the past which are preserved. Thus, keep reading, the article will tell you about everything Port Burwell Provincial Park. So let us begin.

1. Where is Port Burwell Provincial Park?

The Port Burwell Provincial Park is located on the southeastern border of Elgin County of Canada. This park is an ecology mixture, due to it having a lake, called Lake Erie.

If one is living in London city of Canada then the park will be situated more than 52 km straight approx from the city centre. But this is nearest than any other city in Canada.

Port Burwell Provincial Park
Photo by Kuba Karoń From Pexels

2. How to Reach The Port Burwell Provincial Park?

So, if one wants to reach Burwell Provincial Park, then one can take a road trip. Well, the address of the park is 9th Wilson Lane, ON NOJ1TO. Thus roads are the most suitable option, but due to the availability of a lot of options, thus one gets lost or often takes long highways.

The closest cities are London, Brantford, Hamilton, and Kitchener from the Burwell provincial park. Trains are also available but those who live in any of the above towns or city they can opt for a car because it costs less than a train. This is suitable for western or far northern side residents.

3. A Guide For Your Trip to Port Burwell Provincial Park

So, here is the basic information first, port Burwell Park has a total of 235 campsites for now. Which is a huge deal for an ordinary recreational park.

And if one wonders if there are any electrical sites available, thus yes there it is! About a total of 123 for now. And trailer waste dump stations are of 2. And all other utilities are available in this small park. One can check directly into the Ontario Park site. Now let us discuss how one should plan the entire day.

This will be more helpful for trailer campers in Port Burwell Park. There are more than 200 car camping in the beach parking lot. First, get a day-use vehicle permit (the type is according to the owner’s respectful basis).

The parking lot is inside the driftwood forest, thus one has to cross the forest to reach the naturist beach of Port Burwell. Well, leave that to the end.

According to camp map legend, first set up a tent. Want to do it in a group or private is up to you. Then take the main park map and explore the trails.

Exploring trails one will experience nearby attractions. Don’t worry this park is for dog lovers also. Obviously while exploring trails one will be hungry and then quit the hike.

Rest in the campsite, barbeque, or sleep for the next adventure. The next spot will be Port Burwell Town. Unexpectedly, Port Burwell town has a marine museum, & the best sight-seeing will be the retired Canadian 1st class submarine.

Cameras are not allowed inside thus, one has to visit by themselves.

3.1. Food

Now it’s time to experience good food. Visit the best nearby restaurants in Port Burwell town. Here are the top three; Simple Scoops, Izzy’s Schooners, and The lighthouse restaurant & Pub.

3.2 Activities

The activities included in the Port Burwell Park are fishing, boating, camping, disc golf, swimming, kiteboarding, and many more

There is a free admission playground, theatre, and much more. One can just forget about a leash-free-roaming dog. If the park decided on an event then it will be organized.

Port Burwell Provincial Park Dog beach
Photo by Jake Oates From Unsplash

Just think, it will be amazing to stare at the sky at night wondering about the stars while drinking a beer can in front of the fireplace. The best part of Port Burwell is its simplicity and far more authentic experience of natural beach camping.

Now here comes the climax, it is time to take a walk with four-legged family members, and make a nice gradual sandy entry. Walk over, less than 3 km of naturally stretched sandy beach on the northern shore side of Lake Erie.

Both the leash is attached to the northern side of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is a crystal clear lake. Home of more than 100 fish species.

4. More About the Park

A regular and prepared camper knows this very well and always renewed their fishing licence in Ontario. Thus, recommended to end your day in Port Burwell Park with any one of activity. Mostly the whole beach enjoyed free admission activities.

According to the area reviews “Parks’ ‘ read, the park had a rating of 5.5 stars. Which is averaged about other parks in Ontario.

Seems very average but still, Port Burwell Park has some popularity. This is a dog beach and trailer situated near the camping parking lot.

Thus, travellers prefer this park but the likeable part is its countryside originality. The pure essence of Canada’s free parking and camping experience is hard to find.

Although this is one of the smallest parks in Ontario, Which has an average area of less than 300 ha. However, there are fine trails and areas which are left to be roamed.

For instance, the Alzora Camping area has the most unique features and will give a magnificent experience.

5. FAQs

5.1. Which Month Is Suitable to Enjoy a Visit?

The best time to visit the Port Burwell Park is on the August long weekend or in September. The travellers often visit mostly in the season of fall.

5.2. When Park Staff Open Doors of Port Burwell Provincial?

The times are specific, one needs to arrive between 9 am to 4 pm. Once parking lots are filled the door will be closed. On weekends, Saturday and Sunday are usually busy.

No doubt that Burwell Provincial Park has a spacious parking area. Still in the seasonal time it gets packed, thus one must do a pre-booking before the park closed its gate.

5.3. Defining Advance Daily Vehicle Permits and Types of ADVP?

The ADVP can be purchased through online service from the Ontario Park site. Thus, the reservation service generally starts at 7 am. Thus, stay valid up to 8 am to 10 pm. These timings are subject to change. Kindly check before visiting.

An ADVP is an instrument which lets advance space allotted to a travel trailer up to five days of pre-allotment.

Annual, winter, summer, and commercial are several types of ADVP available for Port Burwell Provincial Park. For information visit Ontario to get a permit DUVP site.

5.4. What Are The Fees for ADVP?

The fees for the ADVP can be charged between $1.00-$19.00 up to $400.00 approx. of every type of ADVP. One can visit the Ontario Park DU1-DU4 fees site for more information.

The top 5 popular provincial parks are Point Farms, Port Bruce, Potholes, Pinery, and Presqu’ile. 


It’s really hard to find this type of park where a father lets his child experience the original camping essence. This dog beach has excellent sand and a lake.

Port Burwell Park has long tall trees, space sites, and levelled ground. Thus the area is suitable for a night camping in a car or traditionally.

Well, the main rules are fines for illegal beverages, rowdyism, overspeeding, pets without a leash, and much more.

All of the above the park provides a space for fishing. Though one should know the basic rules and disciplines. One can check by visiting the Ontario park rules site. The fines could go up to $100 – $200 approx.

Thus, let’s summarize the basics, Burwell Provincial Park has many unique features. A less than 3 km stretch of beach filled with great sand. Which is an excellent dog beach.

Amazingly this park has hiking trails, and those are the best three trails which are followed by Port Burwell Beach, Port Burwell Point Loop, and the best Raven Creek Trail.

The park will be a great campground because the area and atmosphere are suitable for camping. There are group, Alzora, Iroquois, and Leander camping areas available.

Other nice features are spacious campsites, which could be private campsites or group campsites. And also spacious parking lots.

This is also a caravan camping-friendly park. The trailer-suited parking lot at the provincial park has a warm environment with surrounding tall trees.

In summary, it has a trailer wash station, an exploration station, a beach, trails, and camping grounds. However, the most unique feature is that Port Burwell allows fishing. Know more about fishing licences in Ontario.

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