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9 Best Amusement Parks in Toronto to Explore

The Top Amusements Parks in Toronto to Visit

Amusement parks have been a source of entertainment for decades. The first amusement park opened as early as 1583, and everyone seems to love them more since then. People of all age groups have been enjoying a good time at these fun-filled places for ages.

You’ll find everyone from kids with their whole families to thrill seekers of every age here and Toronto is said to have some of the best theme parks.

Hence we have constructed this guide to help you maneuver through the best amusement parks in Toronto.

The Top Amusement Parks in Toronto

With a population of 2.9 billion, Toronto has a lot of busy locals and tourists to cater to every year, be it in food or entertainment. And the amusement parks in Toronto are beautifully excelling in catering to individuals looking for exciting places to satiate their adventure-seeking souls.

Following are the parks we have handpicked for our list of best amusement parks in Toronto, which we think have the best attractions and even better thrill rides that you’ll definitely visit again.

1. Centreville Amusement Park

Centreville amusement park is a favorite of children among all the visitors as it has tons of entertainment areas full of fun rides for everyone. The location is Centre island, near the Toronto islands which is offshore Ontario.

Centreville is considered one of the best parks in Toronto because of all the facilities and attractions it has to offer. And the icing on the cake is the entry is free, making it a perfect place for a fun day out with your whole family or group.

The main attraction at this park is the antique carousel, the Ferris wheel, the lodge fume, bumper cars, twirling tea cups, and much more. The antique carousel dates back to 1907 and the ride has a historic culture of its own; it also has a miniature roller coaster.

And for when you get hungry after enjoying the rides, they have more than 10 food centers to satiate your cravings. They also have a farm as a part of their amusement park which is a feature unique among the other amusement parks in Toronto.

This farm houses many animal species like rabbits, chickens, cows, ponies, goats, and others, but it is shut down during the fall and in addition, they also have dedicated ferry boats for reaching there.

Check out the ride timings and parking availability on its website; certainly one of the best amusement parks in Toronto.

2. Calypso Park

Calypso waterpark is very famous in Ontario and the whole of Canada as it is the largest water park in Canada. It is also the biggest theme park in Canada, which makes it one of the best amusement parks in Toronto.

With its location in Limoges, it has been an exciting source of attractions and rides not only for visitors from the city but also for the people of the whole world.

Image by Max Romulus from Pixabay

The rides at this theme park will make anyone seek more fun. Calypso stands out among other theme parks as it consists of almost 100 water games, 35 slides, and also two grand theme rivers.

It also has the largest wave pool in the country which makes it one of the best amusement parks in Toronto. Furthering the list of facilities provided by Calypso, their water pools are heated at 28 degrees so its suitable for everyone including family and thrill-seeking individuals equally.

3. Canada’s Wonderland

Located within the greater Toronto area at Vaghun, Ontario, Canada’s wonderland is a 134-hectare amusement park that has been a favorite among visitors. It carries an interesting history with it.

It was proposed to be made as Sunnyside amusement park and the other two parks were shut down in the greater Toronto area and therefore Canada’s wonderland, formerly known as Paramout Canada’s Wonderland, opened in 1981.

Canada’s Wonderland is a great place in the city to spend time with family or have a picnic with friends. This park features more than 200 attractions among which there are about 18 roller coasters, one among them being the all-new Yokom-Striker, which is the longest, fastest and tallest dive roller coaster in the world.

Canada’s Wonderland has seasonal celebrations, specially designed to entertain kids and their families like Halloween camps and winter fests for enjoyment. Canada’s Wonderland park features another premium attraction called Splash Works. It houses more than 15 family-friendly rides to cool down on a hot summer day.

They have a variety of activities to enjoy cliff jumping for adventure-seeking individuals and also two water slides, and a wading pool for people looking forward to relaxing and for children to play.

Canada’s Wonderland also has restaurants nearby to grab some quick meals on the walk which makes it special among other amusement parks in Toronto.

4. Fantasy Fair

Fantasy fair is a loved amusement park among all the amusement parks in Toronto as it is an indoor amusement park. It also is the largest indoor amusement park in the whole of Ontario province.

Fantasy fair has been serving since 1985 and has a ton of attractions that are suitable for children with their parents as well as adults. This fair features 12 full-sized rides like roller coasters and bumper cars which are loved by people of all ages along with a unique age-old carousel; which is one of the main attractions there at the park.

It was constructed by the famous carousel constructor Charles Loof in 1985. It features about 8 stationary horses, more than 40 jumping horses, and 4 chariots on a 54-foot deck.

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

5. Splash Island

This water park is an educational park among the amusement parks in Toronto. Its two acres of dedicated land is located in the Toronto zoo. Splash Island has some attractions and water rides as it is a water park.

A lot of visitors like to visit there on a hot summer day to cool off the heat. The rides are family-friendly rides made for kids and we’re sure you’ll find a ton of kids there splashing water at each other.

As this water park is also an educational park, it hosts interactive games and exhibitions to teach the crowd about flora and fauna of the aquatic world along with different climatic concepts like the water cycle and evaporation.

This helps them spread awareness about aquatic life and importance of clean water and a lot of other environmental issues.

6. La Ronde

This one among other amusement parks in Toronto is a local favorite because of its location and the nature of the operation. Located in Montreal and the largest amusement park in Quebec; La Ronde has a lot of rides to enjoy and other attractions and rides to spend your time at.

It offers a variety of rides to choose from like thrill rides, family rides, and kids’ rides.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Currently, this theme park is run by Six Flags and have a wide spectrum of the ride to choose from ranging from thrilling roller coaster coasters to water rides and fun experiences.

Patrons have to purchase the tickets through the website and they can also check parking and other availability through the same website.

7. Kidstown Water Park

Kidstown water park is a park, as the name suggests, a park, especially for preschoolers and grade kids. It has its location in Scarborough and is operated completely by the city of Toronto.

Kidstown is a great option in theme parks among other amusement parks in Toronto as it offers a wide range of kid-friendly rides like a wading pool, splash pads and so much more.

The family visiting with kids can enjoy the grassy picnic spot and spend their time there. This water park generally operates from mid-June till labor day weekend. The timings of it can be checked online along with its entrance and other attractions to brush upon.

8. Wet’n’wild Toronto

Located in Brampton, Wet’n’wild is among the premium amusement parks in Toronto. It is the perfect place to beat the summer blues by enjoying its huge rides and exploring the fun pools and other games.

They also have food accessible nearby so that you don’t have to worry about your stomach’s hunger pangs. This theme park has different rides for people seeking different thrill levels. Their Bermuda triangle and big surf are popular attractions among the others.

9. Sgt. Splatter’s Project Paintball

Paintball fights are a popular and growing concept when it comes to amusement parks in Toronto and around the world. Hence this paintball project is very popular in Toronto.

It has available rentals and packages and a dedicated space to play paintball fights with your peers.

Photo by Rainer Eck on Pexels


Do whatever your expectation from a good amusement park might be, from a range of good roller coasters or any other amazing and fun ride, or a water park to cool off a hot sunny day, we’re positive that any of these theme parks or amusement parks in Toronto will surely not disappoint you.

You will make the trip for you and the people traveling with you thrilling and adventurous and surely something that they’ll cherish in their memories.



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Pankti Parmar

I am an avid traveler who is always on the lookout for exploring new places and everything that comes with them, like the culture and the food. And I incorporate all these feelings in my writing vividly enough so that the reader can get insights into what the place is about.

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