Your Guide to the Best Parks in Toronto

Parks in Toronto are extremely beautiful and have something unique to offer to everyone.

Right from views of shorelines to green spaces, you are sure to get a genuinely wholesome delight. Although most parks have a historical significance, they fit into this modern world and go with the flow very pleasingly.

You are at the right place if you’re seeking for the best parks in Toronto. Check it out! Head below to find out 8 of the best parks in Toronto for its people and some cool things you could do.

Top 8 Parks in Toronto

1. Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park of Toronto is a favorite of almost everyone who visits Toronto. It is an extremely huge park that is open to the public. People come here to chill and relax during their time off with friends and family.

Located in the Ontario Place, this park is one of the most popular green spaces in Toronto and Canada. With a significant number of people turning up here every day, the park makes a lot of fortunes and fully redeems the fun for people.

Things to Do in Sunnybrook Park

a. Bike trails

These biking trails are a top attraction for many people who visit here. The bike trails have proven to be safe and exciting which is the reason why so many people come here and wander around the trails.

b. Dog Off-Leash Area

The Off-leash dog area is more like a dog park where walkers come here with their dogs for a walk. The Off-Leash Dog Area is open for commercial dog walkers as the particular area is fenced for safety purposes.

2. High Park

One of the largest and most epic parks in Toronto, High Park has carved a name for itself in the past few years. It is a massive park that stretches from Bloor Street West to Queensway making it one of the biggest parks in Toronto.

The High Park is The High Park is filled with hiking trails, vegetation, a wading pool a beautiful lakefront view. You can also find small and cute animals like squirrels running all over. It is the perfect place for families and friends to hang out and have one hell of a time.

High Park in Toronto
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Things to Do in High Park

a. Hiking Trails

The park is known for its vast hiking trails, which have been the top-most attraction for almost all visitors. People frequently gather here in large groups to hike across these paths.

b. Visit the High Park Zoo

The Zoo of High Park is an incredible zoo that is a beauty in itself. Children and adults come here to enjoy themselves while taking a stroll with all the animals. It is a complete green space, so you can be sure to enjoy the fresh atmosphere around you.

c. Check Out the Basketball Court

The Basketball Court is massive and continues to be a great source of fun for all people who come here. It does complete justice to the sports features by giving visitors an incredible sporting experience.

3. Trillium Park

The Trillium Park boasts about its large space and fantastic leisure. Trillium Park remains to be owned and controlled by the government itself, making it one of the best parks in Toronto.

Ontario precepts inspire the architecture and landscape of Trillium Park. The park also has trails, rocks, and other landforms, making it a must-see park! It is also notable as the William G. Davis Trail passes through the park, making it a great attraction.

4. Humber Bay Park

One of the most exotic waterfront Toronto Parks, Humber Bay Park, is located in Etobicoke. Since the park is so diverse, it is differentiated into East and West, which have their very own distinct attractions.

Keeping this park up to the mark is that it wants to establish a recreational focus for visitors and residents. It wants to uphold the ecology while upholding the standards of the park.

Things to Do in Humber Bay Park

a. The Sight of Water Jutting Into Lake Ontario

The water of the East section of the park gives the visitors sight of the water rolling and mixing with Lake Ontario. This is indeed a lovely sight as you can watch this diversion along with the sight of the ducks with your loved ones.

b. Walking Trails

There are bike trails and other walking trails which allow the people to have a fun time. The walking trails are also present for dog-walkers, like a dog off-leash area.

5. Trinity Bellwoods Park

One of the finest parks in Toronto, known for its sports facilities, it is trendy among the youth of Toronto and other neighboring areas. The park rests atop the Garrison Creek.

It is nearly 15 hectares large and situated in Queen Street West. Speaking of the facilities, it has a large number of areas committed to sports and other activities along with a picnic area. It is one such park that is not worth missing out on.

Things to Do in Trinity Bellwoods Park

a. Take a Look at the Artificial Ice Rink

This park has a manmade Artificial Ice rink which is open to the public. There is also an outdoor ice rink present here. The outdoor ice rink has given people a lot of fun experiences. Many reviewers suggested that this ice rink has given them a lovely experience.

b. Enjoy the Sporting Activities

The park has eight tennis courts and two volleyball courts. Apart from that, three baseball diamonds have been a top source for all athletes. The top attraction, however, remains to be the baseball diamond.

c. Wading Pool

The wading pool is a kid’s favorite. Keeping this in mind, the park also offers a wading pool where kids can have fun in the water. It has proven to be safe and enjoyable for all children who visit here.

6. Toronto Botanical Gardens

Although it is not one of the parks in Toronto, this is a set of famous botanical gardens with an environmentally significant area. It is filled with green spaces and will give you a relaxing time in case you get here.

With nearly four acres large, the botanical gardens are full of flowers and colors everywhere. It is located at Leslie Street and has nearly 17 small gardens inside its premises.

Some Gardens to Visit Inside Toronto Botanical Park

a. Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens is one of the most famous gardens inside the premises. It has flowers like roses and other wildflowers. Apart from that, it also has an excellent rock showcase that adds external beauty to the garden.

b. Allan Gardens

This is also a park that is adjacent to the original botanical garden. It is indeed a beauty to the eyes. So, don’t leave downtown Toronto without getting yourself here!

Allan Garden in Toronto
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7. Toronto Islands

The famous Toronto Island Park is one of the popular parks in Toronto. Inside this island, you are sure to find an array of things to do for all age groups.

You can visit the Centreville Amusement Park, which has rides for children as well as adults. Apart from that, you can also pick up a splash pad and go for a fun time on the beach.

Camping, hiking, multipurpose sports field, and other picnic areas can be accessed here. Inside the premises, you can also check out the Scarborough bluffs, an epic attraction.

8. Colonel Samuel Smith park

Located near the shoreline, this park will give you views of the aquatic scenes that are present in the surrounding area. It is filled with plants, flowers, and other green spaces.

The park’s history is a part of the First Nations Culture as it was home to the city’s first ice skating rink ever, and it has attracted visitors to come here and enjoy it to the fullest.

Things to Do in Colonel Samuel Smith Park

a. Children’s Playground

This children’s playground is located very close to this park and near Lake Ontario. Children often come here and spend the day very beautifully.

b. Waterfront Parking

Get yourself here and have a fun time. You can get full-fledged views of the water that surrounds this area. It is often termed as a romantic getaway as well.

Apart from these parks in Toronto, there are other parks like East Point Park, Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, and Withrow Park. If you want to get views of the Toronto Skyline, you should also visit the Toronto Music Garden near Queen Street East.

You can be sure to enjoy some movie nights nearby some of these parks. The walking paths and cycling trails that are present here are sure to give you a wholesome experience. So what are you waiting for? Get to these places right now!

If this helped you find some of the best parks in Toronto, we are happy to help! Have fun, and don’t forget to click pictures!


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