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What Are the Top 6 Restaurants in Moncton?

Also known as the “hub city” due to its central inland location, Moncton is a city in New Brunswick, Canada. It has a history as a hub of railway and land transportation. This bustling city is among the major tourist destinations.

Apart from being a beautiful tourist hotspot, it is also well known for its excellent food, best restaurants, and great atmosphere. Here are some of the best places to eat in Moncton that offer great food, cheap eats, and an amazing ambiance.

6 Best Places to Eat in Moncton

1. Taj Mahal- Flavors of India in Moncton.

How heartwarming it feels when you find the aroma of Indian cuisine in the heart of a foreign land! The Taj Mahal gives you the same amazement. This place gives you the joy of relishing Indian food and flavors and makes you feel at home. This is the first family-operated Indian restaurant in downtown Moncton. Taj serves authentic Mughlai and tandoori cuisine which is lip-smacking. In addition, there are vegan options and vegetarian-friendly services at the place. The menu also has gluten-free options.

1.1 Refreshing starters

Taj offers great starter, and appetizer options ranging from soups to samosas and pakoras of all sorts. The dal(lentil)soup is an interesting one to try. The chicken tikkas, fish pakoras, and many other craving-satiating eating options are a plus.

1.2 Authentic tandoori and Mughlai dishes (specialty)

Various amazingly tasty Mughlai and tandoori dishes are served at this place like the Tandoori butter chicken, bhuna gosht, Rogan josh, chicken dilbahar, and many more. As the name suggests, the dishes are full of flavor and Indianness. The lamb Rogan josh is the most liked dish in the place. If you are a lover of Mughlai dishes, grace the place. The biryanis are to die for.

1.3 Vegetarian friendly and vegan option

If you are a vegetarian and looking for a tasty vegetarian meal then Taj is your go-to place. From delicious starters like the vegetable samosa, pakora, chilli paneer, and chaat to a tasty main course consisting of karahi paneer, dal makhani, and matar paneer, you get the best food to eat in Moncton and an amazing experience.

1.4 Classic desserts

The dessert options are limited yet appealing to the taste buds. The Gulab Jamun is the classic dessert option. Pistachio and mango kulfi, kheer can make you drool over and you won’t be able to stop at one. In addition to desserts, the place serves lassi, juices, tea and many other beverages.

1.5 amazing ambience and atmosphere

The wonderful modern dining experience adds to the excellent food. The staff is decent and sweet. The great service adds to the good food here. All in all, Taj is a great place and it surely has to be on your next visit list whenever visiting Moncton. It undoubtedly is one of the top restaurants.

2. Little Louis’ Oyster Bar

Little Louis'
Image by Little Louis’

You can experience the modern dining experience and excellent food in Little louis’ which is a well-known dine-in restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Moncton. It has many awards in its name for its amazing wines and good food. This place offers you the best land and seafood in the heart of Moncton. Little Louis’ is the best place for French cuisine lovers. 

2.1 Authentic servings

Little Louis serves authentic, organic, and mouth-watering seasonal dishes along with fresh vintage wines. This place offers self-prepared vintages which require a lot of effort and time. You can enjoy amazing seafood and land menu options.

From raw and cooked oysters to delicious smoked salmon, Little Louis’ has it all! The Caesar salad, pork belly, beef, lamb, pasta, and many more amazing dishes will satiate your temptations.

2.2 Daily chef’s special

The daily chef’s feature is the specialty of the place. One of the amazing things about this place is that the features keep on changing. Chef Pierre curates all of this with utmost patience and effort.

2.3 Amazing ambiance

Not just the food but also the dining experience will make it worth a visit. The place flaunts comfortable sophistication which adds to the good food making it the best place to eat in Moncton. What adds to the surreal experience is the live music, just imagine having the best food along with some great music! Isn’t it the best? 

2.4 A perfect place to refresh

It is a perfect place to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. This amazing place offers great food with a soothing and great atmosphere. what else could one ask for? So come with your friends and family and enjoy a gala time at one of the best restaurants in Moncton.

3. Gusto Italian Grill and Bar

As the name rightly suggests, Gusto Italian Grill and Bar is an amazing eatery by far. It offers various authentic Italian cuisine. If you are craving some amazing Italian eating options then Gusto Italian is the one to satiate it.

This independent restaurant offers the most amazing meals in a relaxed environment. Apart from the Italian servings, the restaurant serves many other lip-smacking food options which will please your soul.

3.1 Handcrafted menu

Gusto Italian serves hand-crafted and curated eating options. They are prepared with traditional methods and authentic ways which give real taste to the people. Authentic Italian pasta, various traditional desserts, prime steaks, and seafood will give a magical flavor to your taste buds and would be an amazing treat to your soul.

3.2 The amazing pizzas!

Italian cuisine and pizza, sound synonymous! this amazing restaurant serves the special Gusto Works pizza. Apart from it, there are many other delicious options like pesto chicken pizza, New Yorker, and Margherita pizza.

3.3 Great drinks.

Along with the amazing eating options, Gusto offers a great range of wine options. The wine list changes continuously as the place explores various options. in addition, there are cocktails and beer. All in all, a gala time at Gusto is for sure!

3.4 Unique dining experience

This dining place has a unique and distinctive feel and ambience. The brick walls and the rustic wood finish gives a cosy feel. The open kitchen and the wood-fired oven give an authentic and traditional touch to the place making it ideal for a relaxed meal.

The place is perfect for get-togethers, parties, small meetups, and all sorts of plans. The place has good food along with excellent service, making it worth visiting. So stop thinking and visit Gusto Italian.

4. The Keg Steakhouse and Bar

The keg steakhouse and bar is one of the best places in terms of its classic steak and seafood and fast food options. It is masters in American, steakhouse, and Canadian cuisines. The place has a stylish ambience, still casual and relaxing. you can enjoy the steak and wine options at this beautiful place.

4.1 The keg classics

The keg classics include prime rib, Filet mignon, Top sirloin and many other options. The classic prime rib is the most loved dish. Apart from this, there are seafood options with steak-like Steak& shrimp, steak & lobster. There are Gluten free options also available.

4.2 Vegetarian friendly

In addition to the steak and seafood, the restaurant offers vegetarian-friendly options as well making it a suitable place for vegetarians. A vegetarian meatloaf is an amazing option to binge on.

4.3 Wines

The bar serves amazing drinks and wine options as well. So, stop waiting and, visit soon!

5. Catch 22 Lobster Bar

Catch 22 Lobster Bar is undoubtedly one of the best places. Amazing seafood, wonderful drinks, and great feels, that is the whole vibe at catch 22. This amazing restaurant serves some delicious cuisines and is for sure one of the best restaurants in Moncton.

5.1 Amazing cuisines

This wonderful restaurant serves some heartwarming cuisines. The French Acadian cuisine is the show stealer at this place. The amazing food options under the Acadian cuisine will for sure satiate the seafood cravings. Also, the place serves great and delicious eating options with a touch of Cajun cuisine. The amazing flavours will overwhelm the taste buds and will fill your heart with solace.

5.2 Great food

The seafood chowder, lobster roll, shrimps, oysters, and Haddock are some of the exceptional options on the menu of Catch 22. In addition, the Crab cakes, Mariner mussels, and deep-fried calamari are some amazing must-try dishes.

The special catch-22 lobster chowder, catch-22 house salad and catch 22 fisherman’s platter are the major attractions of the restaurant.

5.3 Beverages that will set the mood!

The great beer and refreshing cocktails will always set the mood right. This amazing restaurant offers great draft beer, bottled beer, and cocktail options that will for sure give a relishing feeling. The martinis and coolers are top-notch.

5.4 Awesome desserts and friendly service

This amazing restaurant serves some great desserts and has an amazing ambience. Carrot cake is among the most delicious dessert options. The great service and sweet staff add to the amazement.

All in all catch 22 is a great catch! come with your friend and family and enjoy an amazing dinner at this beautiful.

6. Mansu BBQ & Sushi, Moncton

Best places to eat in moncton
Image from Mansu BBQ & Sushi, Moncton

As the name rightly suggests, Mansu BBQ & sushi is one of the top restaurants in Moncton serving great sushi and Korean cuisine.

6.1 The lavishness of various cuisines

This out-of-the-world place serves amazing sushi, Asian, Korean, Fusion, Barbecue, and Vegetarian-Friendly cuisines. It is one of the best restaurants serving exceptional cuisines

6.2 Best Korean food

Mansu offers the best Korean BBQ and sushi options. If you are a Korean food lover, then definitely visit this place.

6.3 Great sushi!

if you are craving sushi then this place is for you. Mansu serves great sushi and you will just relish it. It’s great if you get authentic sushi in a restaurant and Mansu serves them. So binge on!

6.4 Charming ambience

In addition to the amazing cuisine option, Mansu has a great and charming ambience as well. It is a beautiful cosy space. You will have a relaxed meal and great feels.

6.5 Value for money

The most important part about any place is the value for money and Mansu BBQ stands at top of this. The place has amazing food along with great prices making it a must-visit place.

By far it is very clear that Moncton city has many amazing eateries that serve great cuisines and amazing ambience. The city’s scenic and picturesque beauty is levelled up with amazing food and great price. Be it a friend trip or a family vacation or just a lazy day, Moncton has the best places to eat and you are surely going to love it.

From fast food to lunch options, From craft beer to amazing cocktails, from cheap eats to extravagant meals, from breakfast and coffee to outstanding desserts, Moncton has it all.

Do visit Moncton, New Brunswick, and enjoy a great variety of cuisines while exploring the best places to eat in Moncton and having a never-forgettable experience. 

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