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10 Delectable Indian Restaurants in Toronto

best Indian restaurants in Toronto

Call me biased but Indian cuisine is unquestionably delectable and the best, its flavours are diverse and alternate between sweet, savoury, and spicy. It is a magnificent blend of innumerable spices that is pleasant and addicting without being overbearing.

Looking for the best Indian restaurants in Toronto where you will find Indian culture, food, and the best variety of Indian cuisine? We got you.

Toronto is famous for its multistorey and skyscrapers buildings, but have you tried the Indian restaurants out here? The Indian cuisine found in those restaurants is worth the try! 

But, make sure to have your Indian dining experience only from the top Indian restaurants, or else you might not taste authentic Indian food. 

So, why wait? Let’s delve into the amazing Indian restaurants before your stomach starts growling!

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto

There are several Indian restaurants where you will get the best Indian food made by the master chefs of India. 

The best Indian cuisine represents the taste of India by using fresh ingredients. In the bucket of Indian restaurants, here are some top Indian restaurants, where one will get tasty Indian food with self-made Indian spices.

1. Utsav

The word Utsav has come from the ancient Sanskrit word which means ‘festival or celebration’. The freshly made aromatic spices used in this restaurant have a distinctive flavour.

Check out this restaurant at 69 Yorkville Avenue Road.

Courtesy: Utsav restaurant

The specialty of Utsav restaurant is its fresh spices which are a century-old exacting craft prepared every day.

The mouth-watering Samosa, Pakora, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka, Murg Malai Tikka, and Jhinga Tandoori are also worth trying. You will be completely satisfied with the varieties and taste buds of this place.

2. Aanch

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto - Aanch, Website Screenshot.
– Aanch, Website Screenshot.

Sudhanshu Kumar is the man behind Aanch Restaurant. He is the owner and master chef of this restaurant at 259 Wellington Street and has done his culinary management at Niagara College.

To make contemporary palates, he perpetually looks for unique ingredients and prepares his spices.

The variety of Indian food is outstanding here: Chicken Biryani, Mutton Thali, Butter Chicken, Mutton Vindaloo, and Palak Paneer are the super delicious dishes of Aanch.

3. Indian Roti House

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto - Indian Roti House, Website Screenshot
– Indian Roti House, Website Screenshot

This restaurant is situated in Downtown Toronto, 256 Queens Quay, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1B5 Canada.

Are you a roti lover? Then head on to the Indian Roti restaurant.  Here you will get a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Rotis.

Vegetarian Rotis such as Potato Roti, Chana Roti, Saag Roti, Aaloo Gobhi Roti, and more, as non-vegetarian and seafood curry Roti, Tikka Masala Roti, Korma Roti, and the best Butter Chicken Roti and more are some special Indian cuisine of this restaurant.

4. Diwan

One can say that Diwan is the best Indian restaurant in Toronto, located in Aga Khan Museum, 77 Wynford Toronto, Ontario M3C 1K1.

You will be charmed by the lavish decor of the dining room. The 19th century’s decorated wooden panel and modern dining space are handcrafted and printed in Damascus.

Courtesy: Diwan: Aga Khan Museum

Enjoy great outdoor, food and drinks at Diwan’s patio a.k.a Toronto’s prettiest patios by one of Toronto’s best Now Magazines and by the Los Angeles Times.

They serve the best variety of Indian cuisines like food, salads, desserts, and drinks.

5. Kamasutra Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto - Kamasutra Indian Restaurant, Website Screenshot
– Kamasutra Indian Restaurant, Website Screenshot

This restaurant is located at 1522 Bayview Awe Leaside, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3B4, Canada

The new Kamasutra restaurant and wine bar are one of the favourites of the guests. 

6. Indilicious Fine Dine Cuisine

The delicious restaurant is located at 3358 Dundas Street W, Toronto, Ontario M6P 2A4, Canada.

The Indian chef Sujoy from Kolkatta brings culinary skills to Toronto, Canada. His talent is a complete blend of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes that have made him the finest curry chef in Toronto

Courtesy: Delicious

The signature Butter Chicken, Chicken Lababdar, Chicken Do Pyaza, Madras Chicken Curry, Lamb Jalfrezi, Lamb Korma, Lamb Bhuna, Kadahi Lamb, Goan Shrimp Curry, Kadahi Prawn shrimp are so delicious and give the flavour of homely cooking food.

7. Adrak Yorkville

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto -  Adrak Yorkville, Website Screenshot
– Adrak Yorkville, Website Screenshot

Located at 138 Avenue Rd, this Indian restaurant elevates Indian food in Toronto. The Indian dishes represent a mix of traditions, innovation, and modernity.

Adrak Yorkville’s recipes are from the South Asian region giving a mindblowing taste.

An experienced and talented culinary team creates unique Indian-flavored cuisines, and the food plays a prominent role in the stylish and spacious patio of the restaurant.

One can enjoy the authentic taste of Indian food such as Sarson Ke Phool, Paneer Parader, Saunfiyani Tikka, Nadroo Ki Shammi, Kataifi Paneer, Okra Salad, Sabz Seekh, Bharwa Malai Chaap, Amritsari Macchi, Bhatti Ka Jhinga, Murgh MakmaliSeekh, Peshawari Lamb Chaap and more.

8. Little India Food Bar

This outstanding restaurant was established in 1995 at 255 Queen Street W, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1Z4, Canada.

Little India Food Bar & Restaurant has become one of the popular Indian restaurants. In the past 27 years, they have made their fresh spices and have not compromised on the taste and quality of the food.

Courtesy: Little India

Their perfectly cooked creamy textured Palak Paneer is the most famous.

But are you a non-vegetarian fan? Then must try their very obvious Butter Chicken, Shrimp Vindaloo, and also the veggie Pakora.

9. Leela Indian Food Bar

Best Indian Restaurants in India - Leela Indian Food Bar, Website Screenshot
Best Indian Restaurants in India – Leela Indian Food Bar, Website Screenshot

The restaurant has managed to build a quite high reputation among the other Indian restaurants in the city. They have their unique rice table tasting menu by which one can taste a variety of Indian dishes.

The topmost favourite items on their menu are the Lamb Chop, Garlic Prawns, Butter Chicken, and Chicken Tikka Taco.

Leela Indian Food Bar & Restaurant is situated at 3108 Dundes Street W, Toronto, Ontario M6P 2A1, Canada.

10. Pukka

Best Restaurants in Toronto - Pukka, Website Screenshot
Best Restaurants in Toronto – Pukka, Website Screenshot

Pukka is an outstanding restaurant nestled in Street Clair West, 778, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1B6, Canada.

The quality and taste are amazing with the variety of Indian cuisines on the menu. You will be overwhelmed with the fresh and tasty food of Pukka restaurant.

The delicious baked Garlic Naan and whole wheat Roti served with creamy pistachio korma sauce.

Other highlighted items are stuffed Paneer, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken 65, Beef curry, Lamb Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and the special Pukka Salad.

Key Takeaways

If you are someone seeking the top Indian restaurants in Toronto, I suggest you head into the above-mentioned Indian Restaurants, where you will delve into the authentic taste of Indian food.

There is no doubt that these Indian restaurants will serve you nothing but the best, with India’s aromatic fresh ingredients mastered by the best chefs in India. 

Eat an extra roti for us, will you?


1. Which is the most famous Indian food in Canada?

Butter Chicken is the most famous Indian food in Canada. Not only in Canada, but butter chicken is also famous worldwide, prepared and topped with cream, sauce, and butter. 

2. Which city in Canada has the most number of Indian restaurants?

Ontario and British Columbia have the most number of Indian restaurants in Canada. 

3. Are Indian dishes good in Canada?

Yes, if you select the best authentic Indian restaurants then you will be served proper Indian food. 



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