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Brock Street Brewing Company: 5 Key Facts

Brook Street Brewing Company

If you are trying beer for the first time, you must be very curious and might be having questions like how is it made, what is the brewing process, how many types of beer are there, the styles, the flavours, and the list is never-ending if you are also a curious person like me.  If yes, this article is the perfect place for you. Let us have a look at the very amazing Brock Street Brewing Company.

Yes, a brewery! By visiting a brewery you can not only gain immense knowledge about beer and its styles but also you can sample different types of beers and learn about their history.

Many breweries also offer a tour of their company so as to promote themselves and guide the visitors through their amazing facts

Brock Street Brewery

Popularly known for its creative and unique flavours such as blueberry vanilla alae, and jalapeno, the Brock Street Brewery is a local brewery located in Whitby.

They also serve a variety of craft beers and provide a cozy atmosphere which is also a great spot to hang out with friends.

It is not any normal brewery but an exquisite one where you can have a bag full of experiences like never before.

Hence, let us learn about the 5 most interesting things about Brock Street Brewing Company.

Brock Street Brewing Company
Image from Brock Street Brewing Website

1. The Vintagious Ambiance

The building’s history is quite visible in its ambiance. They use car hoods as tables and also include memorabilia and vintage car parts as a depiction of their decor. There are also car signs and posters on the walls to accompany the decor.

They have done a great job of balancing the building’s history and making its ambiance suitable for modern customers.

The result is a vintage and inviting atmosphere where you get some great beer and this is also what makes this company stand out from the other local brewing companies in that area.

2. Its Historic Location

Serving premium craft beers in the heart of historic downtown Whitby, the Brock St Brewing Company is located in a historic building in town that used to be a car dealership.

Originally, the building was constructed in the year 1920 to make it a car dealership but later, it was repurposed to create a unique and inviting brewery which we now see.

3. Events and Specials

The Brock St Brewery is very famous for holding special events throughout the year. They have a special stage area for musical performances and special events.

They feature a variety of musical genres such as blues, rock, country, and live music. You can enjoy your beer and stay entertained while taking part in these events.

These events also play a major role in promoting the company as they are very popular among visitors and commoners too.

4. Brock Street Contests

Brock St holds yearly contests which are open for participation to all the residents of Ontario who are of 19 years and above.

Hence, if you are a resident of Ontario, you must not purposely miss the chance to pay a visit to this wonderful place. Although there are certain stern rules which need to be followed for participating in the contests.

However, you do not need to buy anything to be a participant which also means that making a purchase does not increase your chances of winning. Fair enough!

There is a whole section concerning the contests on their official website which you can check for more information.

5. Brock Street Brewery Tours

Brock Street Brewing Company Tour
Image from the Brock Street Brewing Co Website

Brock Street Brewing Co. offers tours of their brewery where the visitors can learn about the brewing processes and also the history of its building.

You will also see different types of beer getting brewed and gain knowledge about them. The guides are knowledgeable, passionate about their work, polite, happy to answer your questions, and very good at their jobs.

There are very rare chances that you will leave the tour unsatisfied. Through the end of your tour, you will also get samples of different beers right from the brewery.

They also provide private tours which you can book and customize according to your needs and the company’s offerings. You can contact them at their office desk or check the website.


Overall, the Brock Street Brewery is an absolutely amazing place to have a peaceful and insightful experience. It is a very creative and unique brewery that provides its customers with a considerable selection of beer with an all-welcoming atmosphere.

One more interesting fact about this company is that it is committed to sustainability and hence, uses environment-friendly techniques in its process.

They also donate depleted grains for the use of livestock feed to farmers. It is their way of contributing to the sustainable development of our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. Does Brock Street Brewing Company have a patio?

Ans. Yes, Brock Street Brewery has a rooftop patio that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The patio is partially covered and features plenty of seating.

2. Does Brock Street Brewing Company offer food?

Ans. Yes, Brock Street Brewing Co. has a full kitchen that offers a variety of food and drink options, including appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and more.

3. What types of beer does Brock Street Brewing Company offer?

Ans. Brock Street Brewery offers a wide variety of beers, this includes stouts, IPAs, lagers, and more. Limited edition and seasonal beers are offered here.

4. Who owns Brock Street Brewery?

Ans. Owners Chris and Nikola own the Brock Street Brewery.

5. Who bought the Ballast Brewery?

Ans. In recent years Ballast Point has been acquired for a few hundred dollars from Illinois Kings & convicted smugglers. Here are the findings.

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