12 Best Vancouver Breweries—You Must Visit

What can be better than a freshly served cold beer? And when it’s about Vancouver breweries, you are in great luck. From Light-bodied floral notes to super spicy and full-bodied bold ones—Vancouver breweries have plenty of options for all the beer lovers.

In Vancouver, you will find a large number of microbreweries where you can choose your favourite spot, grab some delicious foods and catch some live music with your ice-cold pint—perfect hangouts with friends or family.

Now, you might be wondering, from where to start, Right? From 33 Acres Brewing Co. to East Van Brewing, there are lots of Vancouver breweries waiting for you all over the town.

Here, in this article, I will help you select some of the best Vancouver breweries, their specialty, and why you should go there. So, just scroll down if you are a beer lover just like me!

1. East Van Brewing Company

If beer is your first love, don’t forget to make a stop at East Van craft brewing—one of the most famous Vancouver breweries for offering high-quality, beautifully crafted, high-class beers that you will find nowhere else.

Besides being the winner of the Canadian Craft Beer Award in 2021, this Vancouver brewery also comes with a pleasant and welcoming decoration—you have no option but to go there again and again.

They usually deliver 10 to 15 beers, but if you want to taste the best one, go with Jasmine Rice Lager—a light-bodied go-to drink with floral notes and a crisp finish. Or, if you have a mood for some bold one, don’t forget to try Wheelbite IPA that comes with stone fruits and bold notes.

You can also start with their signature beer, The Jive House Hazy Ale—this fruity, juicy, and light flavoured vino is a must-try while visiting this Vancouver brewery.

Location: 1675 Venables St, Vancouver St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H1, Canada

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2. Brassneck Brewery

If you are searching for the cutest Vancouver breweries, Brassneck Brewery of mount pleasant will be the right choice for you—a sweet little craft brewery in the Vancouver craft beer scene that serves you some unique and classic beers.

photo by Brassneck Brewery

The tasting room of this brewery is impressive with the offering of concrete floor and rough-hewn millwork—quite unique from other tasting rooms in Vancouver bc. 

The craft beer list is always changing depending upon what they want to offer, but two beers are constant whenever you visit—Multiweizen and Passive Aggressive. 

  • Passive Aggressive is the beer that was first brewed at Brassneck—gives you sweet malt flavours paired with sweet fruit notes in both taste profile and aromas.
  • And when it’s about Multiweizen, you will feel the taste of cinnamon, fruits, and clove, which is complex yet unique.

If you are hungry, you can go for some local pastries, jerky, and pepperoni, or, on weekends, you will find some food trucks standing outside with some delicious foods—pair well with your favourite beers.

Location: 2148 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C5, Canada

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3. Brewhall Beer Company

If great beers, classy music, and good food in your bucket list, check out the Brewhall brewery—one of the local-friendly Vancouver breweries that will amaze you with its cheerful vibes.

Vancouver breweries
Photo by New Africa on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

This multi-award winner brewery and its offering of 22 craft beers and nearly 50 ciders—can easily compete with other Vancouver breweries.

If you want your beer smooth and refreshing, give a taste to Kol Story Bro Kolsch Style—come with spicy and floral notes, and the finishing note is clean and creamy.

Or you can go with Azedo Tropico Sour—an award-winning beer famous for its Instagram-y blushy pink colour, thanks to the beautiful blending of pineapple, dark cherries, and passionfruit that give a bright coloration and vibrant aroma.

If you are not in the mood for the beer, try some wines and cocktails which are also unique and classy.

Location: 97 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1B3, Canada

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4. Strange Fellows Brewing Company

Do you want your beer sour and barrel-aged? And some extraordinary twists in their flavours and making process? Well, Strange Fellows Brewing company is the gem of the craft beer industry.

From themed festivals to art sessions and brewers’ lunches—it is one of the must-visit Vancouver breweries.

The tasting room contains 12 alcoholic drinks. Of them, two are in-house wines made by applying the Saignee technique—a winemaking process that gives some strong notes to your drink.

Let’s talk about the beers—start with Talisman West Coast Pale Ale, a golden-hued vino with a citrusy fragrance and tropical touch.

Now settle down with Blackmail Northwest Stout, which will treat your tastebuds with a rich, sweet, and chocolaty finish.

If you’re up for snacks with the ice-cold pint, don’t forget to try their sandwiches, which have gained popularity with these drinks.

Location: 1345 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3K9, Canada

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5. 33 Acres Brewing Company

No Vancouver breweries can compete with this 2018 BC Beer Awards winning brewery cum dining destination—situated in the Vancouver Brewery Creek district.

Vancouver brewery
Photo by Brent Hofacker, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

And not to mention its insanely delicious beers, mouthwatering foods, and welcoming ambiance that is no doubt a perfect place to spend some quality time with your intimates.

This brewery offers you 5 to 8 beers for fills and samples. Of them, 33 Acres of Euphoria, 33 Acres of Lights, 33 Acres of Oceans are must-try beers whenever you visit this place.

From the full-bodied Lights and creamy flavoured Euphoria to refreshing and pine flavoured Ocean—all the drinks will be definitely going to satisfy your craving for a classy beer.

And if you want to pair the pints with snacks, go for the deliciously roasted potatoes, popcorn, meat sticks. Or, if you are looking for a heavy meal, try their taco menu or the house brunch menu.

Location: 15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8, Canada

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6. Main Street Brewing Company

Housed in Vancouver’s heritage buildings in the heart of Brewery Creek District, The Main Street Brewing Company is one of the most famous Vancouver breweries that comes with vintage vibes, woody furniture, and of course, some of the best drinks—that you can’t be bored.

I highly suggest you try their signature, King Pin Hazy Pale Ale, Main Street Pilsner, Fruit Bomb, and Naked Fox IPA. Start with King Pin to get some juicy and flavorful taste with the finishing notes of citrus and papaya. 

And if you are up for a bold one with the taste of grapefruit and sandalwood—get your hands on Naked Fox. Last but not least, Main Street Pilsner is no doubt powerful seduction for your tastebuds.

Location: 261 E 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 0B8, Canada

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7. Red Truck Beer Company

If you want traditional beer, large patios, and some wonderful events to explore, make a stop at the Red Truck Beer Company—one of the most well-known Vancouver breweries and local’s favourite.

This craft beer company is famous for delivering high-quality beers experimented in the tasting room before sending them to the local pubs.

From fresh and light Elderberry Saison to the full-bodied Totality Imperial Stout—you will get all the top quality drinks in this place.

They deliver many diner-style menus freshly prepared from the kitchen and arrange some outdoor concert series and occasional music art during summer to give you some refreshing feeling with your favourite beer.

Location: 295 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7, Canada

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8. Bomber Brewing Company

What can be better than watching a Hockey game while enjoying a glass of beer?

Yes, the Bomber Brewing Company, located in East Vancouver, is one of the well-known Vancouver breweries that offer a projection television in the bar area to watch your favourite game.

The tasting room will deliver you a wide variety of Bomber’s Mainstays and some newer beers and experimental brews. And don’t forget to try their Pilsner, which made them the winner at the BC Beer Awards 2017.  

Snacks are also available here that includes soft pretzels with mustard that tastes incredible with German-style beers. It is a great place that welcomes children and families, and they also offer board games if you are in the mood for a game.

Location: 1488 Adanac St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2C3, Canada

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9. Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Parallel 49 is one of the crowd-pleasing and leading craft breweries in Vancouver. With the avocado-green bar, dark-wood tables, and slatted ceilings, it is one of can’t miss Vancouver breweries.

Vancouver breweries
Photo by Master1305, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

The tasting room offers you 40 different taps for visitors. From the Filthy Dirty IPA, Hazy Pale Ale, Ruby Tears to some summer staple like Tricycle Radler and Grapefruit Radler—you will find some of the best Vancouver craft beers in this brewery.

And if you want to satisfy your tummy, their 117-seated “street kitchen” is the best place where you will have some comfort foods like tacos, burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, and doughnuts—taste heavenly with your drinks.

Location: 1950 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5, Canada

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10. Luppolo Brewing Co.

If you want to taste some high-quality Italian food with a good craft beer and a pleasant ambiance, make your stop at Luppolo Brewing Co—one of the well-known and crowd-friendly Vancouver breweries to visit. 

Luppolo brewing caphoto by Luppolo Brewing Co

Now talking about the beers, they are top-notch, from New World Sour to Gose With Lime and Vivace Saison—don’t hesitate to try them.

  • New World Sour will give you a taste of tropical and citrus notes,
  • Gose With Lime is a German-style beer with a hint of lemon and pepper. 
  • Vivace Saison—a pale ale that has an earthy taste and silky mouthfeel finish. 

So, I highly recommend you visit this brewery not just for the Italian cuisine and high-class beers; but for the friendly and cheerful atmosphere—which is great to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Location: 1123 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2E3, Canada

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11. Strathcona Beer Company

Want to try some seasonal beers? Go with Strathcona Brewing, housed at the heart of Strathcona, famous for delivering some seasonal beers with a modern twist that will find nowhere else.

Vancouver brewery
Photo by Valentyn Volkov, on Shutterstock, Copyright 2022

The tasting lounge will also impress you with their eye-catching and Instagram-y decorations—one of the must-visit Vancouver breweries popular for the award-winning British IPA.

Settled down with the Beach Pink Lemonade—a light-bodied drink that comes with a unique combination of raspberry and lemons that gives a fresh and tart finish.

Or, you can start with Smash Bombs to give your tastebuds a fruity treat. Finish your brewery journey with Love Cherry Lime Sour—come with a bold mixture of lime and cherries.

And to pair your pints, try some delicious foods like Neapolitan-style pizza, salads, appetizers, and wide varieties of meat and veggies.

Location: 895 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1R8, Canada

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12. Container Brewing Ltd. 

If you are up for some unique beer experience in a comfortable and open-air space—Container Brewing should be your next stop. The brewery is one of my favourite Vancouver breweries and a perfect spot for craft beers and friend’s gatherings. 

Get your hands on Origin Neipa, Noch Mal German Pilsner, and Three Legged Mare English Brown Ale—they are the best drinks you can have here. 

  • Origin Neipa is a full-bodied beer with the notes of stone fruits.
  • Noch Mal comes with bright notes of lemongrass, thyme, and tea.
  • Three-Legged Mare English Brown Ale will give your taste buds the aromas of nuts, dry fruits, and herbaceous hops.

Location: 1216 Franklin St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1K1, Canada

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Final Note

From microbreweries to pubs, you will have lots of options in Vancouver, British Columbia, to select your favourite craft beers and enjoy them along with some delicious foods while experiencing the lovely and cheerful atmosphere of the Vancouver breweries.

I have given all the information you need to know before selecting the best Vancouver breweries to satisfy your craving for craft beers. So, just go for the brewery tour, pick your favourite one and enjoy!

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