16 Most Romantic Patios in Toronto for a Lovely Getaway

Going on a candle-night dinner date can be the most cliche yet the most incredible thing one can experience being in a relationship. Furthermore, a comfortable and delicate taste of food can also light up the mood of any couple.

Considering all these equations, here we are with some of the top-notch restaurants, especially for couples. 

Romantic Patios in Toronto 

Spending quality time with your other half and munching over some delicious food is one of the best things to do with your partner. 

Below is a list of some of the best romantic Patios in Toronto.

1. The “Gaarden”

Want to go to a tropical paradise for your next date night? The Gaarden is perfect for a couple and is one of the newest and best patios in town.

The Garden
Source: The Gaarden

Their menu has an upscale version of delicious food like lobster mac and cheese. Pair it with their Garden Caesar cocktail and relax with your better half in this hidden oasis.

2. El Catrin

Located in the distillery district, El Catrin is perfect for you love birds if you want to experience a fiesta for a date night; this traditional and modern Mexican restaurant argues, “Where are the tacos.”

They also have the most extensive tequila and mezcal collection, and their Baja tacos are to die for. Its environment is very comfortable with great vibes and could be your go-to place for your next date night.

3. Baro

Residing in King West, your heart will indeed skip a beat when you enter the rooftop terrace at Baro. The ambiance of this place is unparalleled.

Source: Baro

Immensely popular as one of the best romantic patios in Toronto. Locals urge that Baro is best when it comes to preparing cocktails. 

One of the highlights of this rooftop patio is their Parrilla Burger, made from aged ground beef, which is smoking good. Remember it’s first come, first serve; hence get in early for your next date night. It would be best if you also considered booking your seats beforehand.

4. Terroni

There is nothing more breathtaking than the Toronto skyline during date night. Terroni is the most sought patio in Toronto, specializing in Italian cuisine and wine options.

Image from Shutterstock

They have fresh pasta, especially Tonnarelli Alla Norcina. Their Italian black truffle shavings are a Terroni classic. This french restaurant is ideal if you and your partner are pasta lovers.

You can always grab your seat here for some evening snacks. 

5. Kasa Moto

Have you ever had sushi under a cabana? When you think about Toronto patios, Kasa Moto is one of the best rooftop patios with a complete services bar.

As date nights are for counting the memories and not calories, the food at Kasa Moto is something you and your partner will romanticize about. After all, on date night at Kasa Moto is how you roll.

6. Reposado Bar & Lounge

Heads up because Resposado is a whole vibe for date night. The food, especially the tapas and ceviche, is Muy Bueno!

With an abundance of tequila, mezcal, and cocktails, you better take it slow to enjoy that excellent date night.

7. Jazz Bistro

The food in Jazz Bistro is a must-try, especially the jazz bistro burger, and the oven-roasted lamb rack is best experienced with live music.

Source: jazz bistro

Their late-night jazz jam happens every weekend and is a great excuse to stay out.

8. Bar Reyna

When it’s patio season, you cannot miss Bar Reyna. It’s summer, and the outdoor dining filled with Mediterranean-inspired plates is a dream.

Image from Shutterstock

Their famous dish, the grilled octopus, is just tender and chewy. Start with their lavish cocktails to lead to a romantic night.

9. The Drake

This hotel has one of the most romantic patios in Toronto. With a fantastic selection of outdoor food, cocktails, wines, and beer, the Drake is among the best places you can choose for a date night.

Located in Queen St, the Drake is filled with beautiful sunsets, beaches, and romantic date nights. So drift away this weekend with your loved one in a land of serenity.

10. Lavelle

When you seek romantic patios in Toronto, Lavelle cannot be missed. Taste Brazilian and Japanese-inspired contemporary food and a space bar with a 360-degree view of the city skyline.

If your girl doesn’t like flowers, you can always buy her some custom-made desserts at Lavelle. 

11. Il Patio Di Eataly

The best rooftop patios in Yorkville, Il Patio di Eataly, offer great bites for a date night.

Il Patio Di Eately gives you an experience of both a bar and an Italian marketplace, from popping some delicious rose and binge eating on Torino-style pizza.

12. Gusto 101

This place has a retractable roof; need I say more? Gusto 101 offers some mouth-watering housemade focaccia made fresh daily.

Mafalda Ai Funghi is one of Gustos’s greatest hits and a must-try. Gusto makes the best tiramisu in Toronto if you are craving some tiramisu for date night. 

13. Broadview Hotel

You better dress up all fancy with your partner for a date night at the Broadview hotel. The spot is next to incredible with its high windows and glowing space. The indoors are nicely decorated with an impressive bar.

The atmosphere here at Broadview hotel is pretty relaxing and heart-warming. There is no doubt that you will have a great time with your partner here in this hotel. 

Image from Shutterstock

The expansive rooftop at Broadview hotel has movie-inspired cocktails and food. You can even ask the bartenders to taste the house specials.

The food served here is delicious and performed by well-behaved staff and servers. 

14. Fifth Grill

The fifth Grill is a vibe you won’t want to miss. If you want a place constantly evolving regarding food, ambiance, and drinks, check out the Fifth Grill.

If you start on some watermelon and elderflower cocktail with some tom yum wings and finish off with “pad gra prow,” you are taking your date night to a new level. A couple which loves trying out unique cocktails will have a great time at Fifth Grill. 

15. Bar Vendetta

What breaks the summer heat? Some delicious gelato? Bar Vendetta serves some beautiful gelato with cream cheese and strawberry filling.

Their patio brings out your romantic side as it’s covered in twinkling lights. It even unwraps Italy’s roots with finger-licking charcuterie and rigatoni; it is an ideal place for double dates.

16. Xango

A fusion of Latin and Asian cuisine, Xango has an enigmatic vibe. Their rooftop patios are adorable, with a vast selection of delicious food like a tomahawk, yukhoe beef tartare, and chopped Xango salad.

When it comes to cocktails, you can tell the bartender about your choices. You can skip water when you have tequila, especially on their taco and tequila nights.

Even academy award winner Viola Davis was spotted enjoying all that Xango offers.

Romantic Patios Toronto: Date Night Tips and Tricks

Want to catch a movie for date night or drink some margaritas on your backyard patio? Why do that when we have excellent restaurants with romantic patios on the Toronto list? 

  • What’s your date night spot? This is a crucial decision. Choosing the wrong place to spend quality time with your partner can terminate the plan. So, diving deep into your partner’s restaurant choices and options would be best.

  • Whether you are single and going for your first date or have been married for the past 20 years, dating can be intimidating, especially out of quarantine. We suggest relaxing or even trying some meditation before stepping out.

  • Who doesn’t like compliments? “You look beautiful,” “I am happy to spend some time with you,” or “I love the way you laugh” can go a long way while dating. These compliments can be heart-touching for your partner.

  • Asking questions like “How’s work been?” “What book are you reading lately?” Did you catch that show?” can help you to build a strong relationship.

  • Be yourself. Wearing what you want and bringing your authentic self to the table is a must.

  • Bring the right attitude and know your boundaries.

  • What’s the budget? Setting a budget for date night can be quite a turn-off for most couples. You don’t need to be frugal or splurge like there is no tomorrow; find the balance between enjoying your night out.

  • Date nights are an opportunity to make meaningful memories. Click perfect photos against photo-worthy backdrops.

  • Go with the flow and leave the fantasy back at home. Yes, planning a date is essential, but you should leave it to the flow. 

Final Thoughts

Romantic dates can get boring after a while, but if you want to reignite that passion, then romantic patios in Toronto are not only on trend but also so much fun.

These places serve delicious food and pretty drinks and help you connect with your partner and have time to communicate your feelings or what you have been going through.





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    Annanya is a freelance content writer with a love for travel and everything exquisite. Her blogs are not restricted to a certain domain but range from food, lifestyle, travel and a lot more.


Annanya is a freelance content writer with a love for travel and everything exquisite. Her blogs are not restricted to a certain domain but range from food, lifestyle, travel and a lot more.

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