9 Best Distillery District Restaurants For You To Visit

The Distillery District is a spectacular place to visit in Toronto, ON, Canada. It is among the popular historic sites in Canada and one of the locals’ and visitors’ favourite attractions. You will also see many galleries, heritage buildings, theatres, jewel shops, cafes, and award-winning restaurants. There are several markets with wonderful shops to explore.

After wandering and exploring the whole day, you need a great place to have satisfying food and relax. Distillery District Toronto has several best restaurants that serve amazing food, coffee, cocktails, and other drinks.

Here we are going out to list down the 9 best Distillery District Restaurants which is a must-visit for you. 

Best Distillery District Restaurants – Top 9 Listed!

In this article, the best Distillery District Restaurants have been highlighted that are great spots to satisfy your craving for delicious dishes for lunch, brunch, or dinner. Have a fine dining experience at these restaurants.

1. Cluny Bistro

One of the best Distillery District restaurants, the Cluny Bistro is a true gem in Toronto located at 35 tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.


Inspired by the French food revolution, this lovely restaurant attracts customers for its delicious food and amazing decor. The interiors are designed in a Persian style.

The Cluny Bistro also provides great arrangements for private functions or meetings, including business meetings, social events, weddings, anniversaries, or even planning for your date. They never fail to win their customers’ hearts.

Besides an exciting food menu, the restaurant offers a wide range of curated wine options. You will get food served on both large plates and small plates.

Have a cheese board, beef tartare, bayou bites, oyster, porkchop, grilled Branzino, French onion soup, or salad. Also, enjoy some amazing drinks and desserts; their exclusive menu continues. The vibrant and soothing music played there only adds to its beauty.

2. Pure Spirits

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Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill is located at 17 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4.


Pure Spirits is the perfect place for you if you are fond of seafood. Enjoy the best seafood and other dishes at the most affordable prices. The ambience is amazing, and the staff is very attentive and generous.

Try the inventive seasonal flavours and taste of spicy oysters, mussels, steaks, catfish on bread, grilled mushrooms, and lots more, along with some amazing classic cocktails and spirits distilled in the house to enjoy a great time.

3. Mill Street Brew Pub

Photo by Adam Khan on Unsplash

Mill Street Brew Pub is a popular brewhouse and is also known as one of the best restaurants located at 21 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.


Mill Street Brew Pub is the best option for beer lovers or pub food lovers in Distillery District Toronto.

They serve the perfect combos of handcrafted beers and wines with delicious pizza, burgers, or wings. Get the finest brewed cocktails and ales there with a unique taste.

The lovely interior with fine art on the walls makes it look attractive. The atmosphere inside is very pleasant, and you won’t mind paying for it.

4. El Catrin

El Cartin, a perfect combination of modern and traditional foods, is located at 18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.


It is one of the best places in the Distillery District, with a beautiful patio to drink with your loved ones. Grab authentic Mexican or Spanish cuisine. Try tapas, tequila, or antojitos there.

The charming atmosphere and beautiful decor make it the most recommended place to have an exciting lunch or dinner.

5. Cacao 70 Eatery

Photo by Gabriel Miklós on Unsplash

Get an amazing dining experience at the Cacao 70 Eatery at 28 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.


Get the best desserts, coffee, and sandwiches at the Cacao 70 Eatery, one of the best Distillery district restaurants. This is a well-known spot for having incredible chocolate desserts. This is the right place for you if you want some good and world-class sweet treats.

Have a banana chocolate milkshake, chocolate pizza, hot chocolates, ice-creams, pizza, burgers, and more to refresh your mood.

6. Balzac’s

Balzac’s second location recently opened in the Distillery District at 1 Trinity Street, Toronto, ON M5A 3c4.


Balzac’s is one of the most prominent coffee shops and one of the best Distillery district restaurants that offers Canadian cuisine. You will be awestruck by the lovely decor of this place, no matter if you prefer indoor or outdoor seating.

It would be best if you tried an almond latte, fruit cake, snacks, juices, ice creams, drinks, and the best coffee. Have a great time in its cute and lovely atmosphere with impeccable services.

7. Pizza Nova

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Pizza Nova is located at 997 Bay Street, Toronto.


This is the ultimate destination to eat the best pizzas or wings. Ask them to add some extra cheese and sauce to get the amazing taste. They also serve New York-style pizza and add innovative toppings that add to its beauty.

They have many franchises all over Canada.

8. Boku Japenese Eats + Drinks

Boku Japenese Eats + Drinks is located at 42 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, Ontario.


If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, you must try Boku restaurant for a change. You will love the Japanese fried chicken, sushi, sashimi bowls, noodles, beef, bread pudding, or yummy ice-creams.

The bar at the restaurant serves several amazing wines and beers.

9. Reyna On King

Restaurants in Distillery District
Reyna on King – Toronto, Website Screenshot

Another of the best Distillery district restaurants is Ryena On King, located at 354 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1K9.


If you are looking for fun snacks with classic cocktails, visit Ryena On king to satisfy your cravings.

Get Tender octopus, egg benny, fries, smoked salmon, French toast, and various perfectly cooked dishes with amazing combinations of cocktails at this beautifully designed restaurant.

The outstanding service, exceptional drinks, and menu make you love this place.

Key Takeaways

There are numerous bars and restaurants in the Distillery district of Toronto. Here we highlighted the best Distillery district restaurants for your comfort. Grab the inventive craft cocktails, fantastic meals, and yummy desserts with your friends and family, and have a great time.

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