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Temples in Toronto: 20 Special Highlights

temples in Toronto

The Temples in Toronto are visited by people of various religions and ethnicities that coexist in Canada, which is highly secular. Canada is home to some beautifully constructed temples that people of all religious backgrounds visit.

This country has a sizable Hindu and Sikh population, most of whom immigrated from India and other former British colonies. Aside from Hindu temples, there are also Buddhist temples and Gurudwaras. They have amazing structures that provide peace and calm to visitors.

Temples In Toronto

Indian immigrants began arriving in this beautiful country nearly 118 years ago, and there has been a huge rise in the Hindu population ever since. The Hindu Canadian network is an amazing organization that helps unite people from all over the world. They also celebrate various festivals in a multicultural population.

Although these things were kept at bay during the early stages of immigration. The Hindus have influenced Canadian life so much that they are one of the largest communities in today’s world. In Canada, over 1000 societies manage the maintenance and construction of Hindu temples. One of the ancient temples was built in Nova Scotia in the year 1971.

This article looks at some of Canada’s most popular Indian temples.

1. BAPS Shri Swami Narayan Mandir

This magnificent temple is located on Clareville Dr in Toronto’s far northwestern industrial district. The massive hand-sculpted temple is completely made of white marble. The atmosphere of this place is serene, tranquil, and ethereal.


Wonderful build quality, Hindu deity sculptures, and other Vedic traditions can be found in the temple. Furthermore, in BAPS Shri Swami Narayan Mandir every devotee is given maha prasad. 

If you visit this place, you will be able to witness the amazing handcrafted work of the people that involves Indian art, philosophy, and tradition. The Mandir was constructed in 18 months. It represents the devotion of over 400 people.

2. Bhadra Kali Shakti Mandir

Bhadra Kali Shakti Mandir is not only religious but also has significant historical significance in Canada. It is one of the most visited temples and is also considered a very sacred place. 

It can not only provide a place to worship God, but it also helps to build a friendly community of like-minded people, host recreational events, participate in various cultural activities, and provide vital social services.

3. Buddhist Temple, International Buddhist Society

This well-known temple is located in Vancouver, Canada. This is likely the largest temple in North America, not just Canada. The temple has amazing surroundings and enough space for people who want to practice meditation in a holy and spiritual setting. There is also the presence of amazing gardens along with a small pond.

Source: CC BY-SA 3.0 Wiki

It has similarities with the Chinese Buddhist temples and a complete display of Buddhist traditions. There are numerous photogenic locations at the temple. There is also a Chinese restaurant in this place.

Beijing’s Forbidden City, China, influenced its design. Its magnificent beauty is due to the golden tiles on its two-tiered roof, two scholar’s courtyards, and flared eaves.

It has tranquil surroundings and plenty of space, making it ideal for those seeking a quiet, spiritual, and devotional environment to meditate.

4. Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir

Seven days a week, the temple is open and holds bhajan-pujas daily at around 6 p.m.

Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir
source: Shri Vitthal Hindu Temple – Toronto |

In addition, in Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir prasad is served to devotees following each puja, bringing the full experience circle. Hindus from all over North America visit this temple to pay their respects.

5. Devi Mandir

This Hindu temple was built three decades ago by Hindus, who were also locals of that place. It is a very popular mandir among the Hindu locals.

Courtesy: Devi Mandir

Regular classes on Kirtan and traditional Indian instruments like Tabla are held at the temple regularly, and anyone is welcome to attend.

6. Sharon Temple

The Sharon Temple was built in the nineteenth century and still stands today. This historical masterpiece, located in Ontario, Canada, has a rich heritage.


Old trees surround the temple, and the interior resembles 19th-century culture, lending it an ethereal aura. The symmetrical design and fusion architecture are what attract people here.

7. Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

One of the most famous and popular temples is present in this place. The Sri Siva Vishnu Temple started the religious services on 28th April 2016.

Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

The temple requests that all devotees continue to support and visit the temple regularly.

8. Hare Krishna Temple (ISKCON, Brampton)

The Hare Krishna Temple is one of the most visited and popular temples in the entire Canadian region. If you wish to participate in their events, you will learn about the teachings. According to the pupils, these teachings will help you enlighten your soul.


There are also several sermons from the Bhagwat Gita, which are also very famous among the locals. This temple, part of the worldwide ISKCON temple chain, is located on a large plot of land with plenty of space for meditation.

9. Fo Guang Shan Temple

It is a famous Buddhist temple in the neighbourhood. The yellow-red architecture of the temple is similar to various Buddhist temples and is very famous in the region.

Fo Guang Shan Temple

The temple is also well-known for its tea room, run by temple volunteers, and serves fruits, tea, and Chinese Laksha noodles.

10. Hindu Temple Richmond Hill

The Monument is thought to be the biggest Hindu Temple in North America, having been built and run by Hindus. Following the Agama Sastra traditions outlined in the scriptures.

Hindu Temple Richmond Hill

Mr. V.Janakiraman Sthapathi is the person behind the designs. He originates from the same architectural family and is also known to build the Big Temple in Thanjavur during the Chola period in South India.

Two extremely beautiful vimanas are built on the top of Lord Venkateswara and Lord Muruga in the temple.

11. The Sringeri Temple

The Sringeri temple has magnificent architecture that is reminiscent of Karnataka temples. The temple is famous for its authentic and traditional Indian architecture, which is why many Hindu pilgrims love to visit the Sringeri temple. 

Courtesy: The Sringeri Temple

It is built on approximately 30,000 square feet of land and is made of marble and granite imported from India. The three significant features of this place are an 18ft. mandapam, a 30 ft. gopuram, and a ceremonial passageway.

12. Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir

Bangladesh Canada Hindu Cultural Society (BCHCS) was founded in 1995 to provide a platform for local Hindu and Bangladeshi community members to engage in cultural and spiritual activities.

Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir
Source: Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir | Facebook

Since then, BCHCS has provided social services to the communities and integrated Hindu social-cultural values into diverse Canadian societies.

Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir (BCHM) was established in 2005 as a reference organization of BCHCS to meet the need for a Temple where Hindu locals could participate in their religious festival activities. On January 25, 2005, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) granted BCHM the registered charitable organization status.

13. Hindu Sabha Temple

Hindu Sabha Temple is one of the most fascinating temples of the Sanatan Dharma and consists of the idols of many Hindu deities.

Hindu Sabha, a non-profit religious Hindu-centric organization in Canada, built and operates the temple. In this temple, you can join the yoga and meditation classes organized by different community members.

Courtesy: Hindu Sabha Temple

Furthermore, one can even become a community member by filling out forms from their official website. The members of the Hindu Sabha Temple often encourage the life of locals, in terms of religious and spiritual.

Moreover, there are special classes for kids, which are very interactive. Even senior clubs involve different activities and promote Hindu teaching. 

14. Guruvayurappan Temple Of Brampton

One of the most famous and is known to be the most beautiful temple in the entire Brampton region. The temple is rebuilt recently.


The Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton organizes multiple events where people can chant mantras, participate in different cultural events, and enlighten their life with the religious beliefs of Hinduism. 

15. Toronto Sri Maha Ganapathy Temple

A must-see for Hindu worshipers in and around Downtown Toronto, this temple is well-managed. Regular worshippers visit here to perform their rituals. Mandir also adheres to the Hindu calendar and celebrates all festivals. The temple also provides prasad to all visitors and devotes.

Courtesy: Shri Maha Ganapathy Temple

This is a divine and serene place for Hindu worshippers in downtown Toronto. Shri Maha Ganapathy temple contains various idols of various deities, including Lord Ganesha. Must go to find inner peace.

16. Sridurka Hindu Temple

The place is impossibly peaceful and organized. All the idols in Sridurka Hindu temple are dressed so you can feel the divine power from afar and admire them without being distracted.


Most importantly, you cannot take your gaze away from Amman’s statue, which is located in the center. She is as welcoming as a mother awaiting the arrival of her child. Even those who have been ignored or discouraged in life can feel Amman’s invitation with her wide open arms when they look at her.

The most important aspect of Sri Durga Temple in Scarborough is its silence, which allows you to meditate without distraction. When you visit this temple, time seems to stand still because there is so much to admire: the internal architecture, the great paintings of the idols, and the beauty that words cannot express.

17. ISKCON Temple In Ottawa

The ISKCON Temple in Ottawa is considered one of the city’s most popular Hindu pilgrimages. Krishna devotees from Canada and devotees from other parts of the world gather at Iskcon temple in Ottawa.

ISKCON Temple In Ottawa
source: Iskcon Ottawa | Facebook

You can join events here at Isckon temples, like the rath yatra and Canada Day Maha Harinam.

18. Canada Kandaswamy Temple

Mr. K. Kailaisantha Kurukal laid the groundwork for this magnificent temple in 1998. It is known as the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil.

Canada Kandaswamy Temple
source: Canada Kanthaswamy Temple | Facebook

A large image of Navalar Perlman can be found in the temple. All of the temple’s customs and celebrations are carried out in the same manner as at the Nallur Kandawamy temple in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

You must visit the Canada Kandaswamy temple during your stay in Toronto.

19. Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple

Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu temple is known as the Sabarimala of Canada and was founded in 1991. In the beginning, it was rented in a small place. Later in 1998, a different plot completely separate was purchased for the construction of this temple.

Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple
source: Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple | Facebook

It started to become popular and slowly attracted a lot of devotees as well. 

20. Jai Durga Hindu Society

Located at Inner Circular Road, New Streed Brampton, Canada. Sati’s Heart fell at the Jai Durga Temple in Baidyanath. Here Lord Sati is seen being worshipped as Durga, and Lord Bhairav is honoured as Vaidyanath, also known as Baidyanath.

Jai Durga Hindu Society Scarborough
source: Jai Durga Hindu Society Scarborough | Facebook

This place is known as Hardapeetha. There is a strong reason behind calling this temple a Hardapeetha. It is considered that the heart of Shri Sati fell over this area. Lord Bhairav, also known as Vaidyanath, is also reversed as one of the very popular twelve Jyotirlingas.


People of various ethnicities and religions coexist peacefully in Canada. The temples in Toronto are a proud symbol of Canada’s multicultural society. Since 1960, Canada has seen a large Hindu migration. Punjabis, Tamils, Telugu, and Bengali Hindus make up most of the Hindu diaspora.

Temples are important religious gathering places as well as cultural centers. Everyone, regardless of faith or culture, is welcome in these temples.

If you are in Canada and are looking for your devoted temples to worship, then worry no more. Canada has it all. Here you will be able to find temples of various Gods to worship. Not only that, these temples are scattered in multiple places for the convenience of the devotees. 

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