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Thrift Store in Montreal: Shop for Secondhand Clothes

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Let the article take you back in time and impart some historical information on thrift store in Montreal and the circumstances behind their subsistence. The notion of thrifting emerged during the industrial revolution when clothing began to be mass-produced at low rates. This was a new fashion trend since clothing had traditionally been handcrafted and worn until it was no longer wearable, making it expensive. People got access to new clothing at a reasonable price due to the emergence of fast fashion, which prompted them to get rid of their old items.

Thrift stores emerged as a result of the rising fashion industry ethos to help those in need. Christian ministries began collecting stuff to sell and contribute to organizations that needed funding. A collective attitude began to mould individuals in North America, urging for more charities, which resulted in the opening of more thrift stores, which provided chances and service operations to underprivileged groups in society.

Because the world was undergoing rapid economic transition, it was assumed that those who wore secondhand clothing were low-income or poor. Some regions of the world refer to thrift shops as “opportunity shops” and “charity shops” as well.

The Purpose of The Thrift Shop

In today’s day, as thrifting grows in popularity. It has undergone modest adjustments while still raising funds for non-profit organizations and charities. Thrifting’s stigma has shifted from being solely low-income and donation-based to working for the environment and reducing trash. And fashion is the second most polluting industry, thrifting makes it possible to increase ‘the shelf-life of things.

Thrifting is More of a Conscious Step Now

In this twenty-first century, humanity is striving toward a sustainable approach to fashion. When you select secondhand over fast fashion, you reduce demand and, as a result, pollution. Secondhand things do not require the use of additional resources because they have already been manufactured.

What not to love about places where fantastic and affordable clothes are easily available while still being completely sustainable? Here is a curated list of vintage boutiques and thrift stores in Montreal that can provide your wardrobe with an astonishing variety of vintage garments and vintage pieces. A good-second hand discovery in one of Montreal’s best thrift stores is especially satisfying. Let’s see best thrift shop mtl.

Thrift Store in Montreal: 5 Stores

1. Eva B

thrift store in montreal
Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

In Montreal, Eva B is among the best thrift store in Montreal. It is a charming vintage shop, attracting people with a lot of graffiti on the entrance. Precisely, it will overwhelm you once you enter the store. It is not just a vintage store but a mix of a vintage store and a cafe. When you enter, the staff offers you a little bit of free lemonade and some popcorn.

Eva B is a maze of vintage clothing, accessories, and decorative items you didn’t know you needed. They have a massive collection of antique books and cassettes. They even have an aesthetic theatre room to enhance the vibes for the shoppers. You can search for designer styles that start at only $1 (accessorize your clothing without breaking the bank) for their distinctive annexe vintage and lightly used clothes, which range from band t-shirts to ball gown outfits. It is not simply a store for streetwear, but also for special events.

The Megastore Experience

Their store is gigantic in terms of the stock they have. The fact that each item in Eva B seems so appealing and almost it is calling out to you is enough to make you want to buy anything. Such as Beaded jewellery, earrings, sling bags, hats, glasses, coats and jackets, scarfs, dresses, cosy sweaters, shoes and heels, vintage boots, paintings, umbrellas, lamps, crockery, vintage trunks, men’s vintage, soft toys, perfume bottles, vintage mirrors, and whatnot antique. They also feature 100% charity sales where all earnings go to a certain cause.

They also categorize their items into outstanding, great, decent, and vintage for the benefit of their customers. So, you know if the product is fresh with minor flaws or used with damaged or loosened threads. While you are thrifting, you can even get yourself some soup or dessert. So it is not just happy thrifting in Eva B, moreover yummy thrifting in Montreal.

Stop by the Location – 2015 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T3, Canada.

Website –

2. Empire Exchange

Empire Exchange is a Buy-Sell-Trade little thrift store in Montreal. The store is nicely furnished and flawlessly structured. They intend to provide gently worn vintage clothes, jaw-dropping dresses, vintage accessories, and antique footwear in a warm, contemporary setting at an affordable price.

Everyone has clothes in their closet that they don’t wear for various reasons. Often, it is just because the colour doesn’t suit you or the fit is not quite right. Or perhaps it was an impulsive purchase on the street and you could never see yourself in it. Someone else might adore them. And wouldn’t it be lovely to receive something in exchange?

If you want to bring in some of your gently used clothes, accessories, and footwear, you will get a list of the items they have picked in approximately a week. You have the option of receiving 40% in-store credit or 20% in cash.

If you have fewer than a dozen pieces, come in between 2 and 5 p.m. on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday to have your products evaluated on the spot. Credits are redeemable at Empire Exchange locations, as well as sister stores Local 23 and Annex Vintage. In addition to being an ethical and sustainable solution, each item is unique and has its own narrative to tell.

Empire Exchange emphasizes that they do not take just anything. They choose items with the intent of just choosing items with vintage trend appeal that their customer will find appealing. They are particular, but not judgmental. It is about attempting to create things that wear well, are well-made, and are worth resale.

If you have got a designer eye for intricately precise vintage clothing, just hop in Empire exchange. You would find statement co-ord sets, fuzzy baguette bags, cute dresses, bucket hats, satin blouses, hoodies, sweater vests, and statement tees and everything is hand-picked and displayed in the store.

Stop by the Location – 5225 Boulevard Saint Laurent Montreal, QC H2T 1S4, Canada.

Website –

3. Kitsch ‘n’ Swell

Room full of hats
Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash

In the book of good vintage shops in the city of Montreal, The Kitsch’n Swell boutique, a thrift store in Montreal is a must-stop if you are interested and in search of vintage garments and stuff. This store blends vintage culture and fashion.

This shop emphasizes a beautiful collection inspired by the Vintage era from 1920 to 1950s fashions through quirky gifts, kitsch furniture and antiques, and retro-styles, apparel -from poodle skirts to tiki shirts, a lot of exotic, some rockabilly style, and of course Pin-up fashion. It is one of the few shops where you may explore clothes options while also picking up a few things for home decor.

If you love anything vintage, go no farther than Kitsch’n Swell. When you enter, you could feel as though you have just travelled back in time because of the way the place is set up, which transports you to a sort of Elvis meets pinup girl world. Even their fitting rooms have a vintage vibe. Everything antique is available, including decor, apparel, and accessories. The owner’s passion for vintage and kitsch extends beyond clothes. She also offers vintage furniture and antiques.

The authentic pieces will undoubtedly ignite some creativity and inspiration, and the place is absolutely unique. You can discover the curated selection you need to complete your retro look or to add an original outfit to your closet. Luckily you can even find outfits that match with international artists of era vintage wear. Each piece appears to have been obtained directly from the 20’s era and is a timeless gem. In a nutshell, this is all you need to visit for vintage art.

Visiting Kitsch’n Swell is an adventure in and of itself; you may find the perfect vintage clothes of your dreams to add to your wardrobe happily or simply bring some sunshine into your day. It is one of the best thrift store in Montreal QC city.

Stop by the Location – 4065 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada, H2W 1Y7.

Website –

4. Renaissance

Renaissance is definitely a shopping stop if you are in search of a thrift clothing store for reasonable prices and a high-end fashion shopping experience. It is a thrift store in Montreal city cum book shop and a boutique shop.

Renaissance thrift shop provides a diverse selection of clothing, shoes, home décor, books, toys, electronics, and other items. The Renaissance book shop has a curated selection of the most popular titles from the Renaissance collection network. DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, and vinyl records are all available. There is something for everyone, no matter what their age or taste is.

You may even locate handcrafted decorations, furniture, and designer pieces for your home decor. Curated findings certainly live up to their name with their stunning accessories and home decor goods. Their Vintage appears to have it all. It is essentially a Hyper thrift store.

Given that the curated collection is updated daily, the clothing line-up is both vintage and trendy, with pocket-friendly costs for any street style follower out there. There is a liquidation centre where prices begin to drop as low as $5 in this thrift store in Montreal.

All unsold items from their thrift stores, bookstores, and boutiques are sold by weight or unit, giving consumers a good deal. It is difficult to see mile end in Renaissance. Also, on that note, it is a great place to find affordable Halloween and Christmas costumes and decorations. Do check out this thrift store in Montreal to find the ideal piece to complete or simply to add some elegance and flair to your wardrobe. The presence of The Renaissance has become indispensable.

Stop by the Location – 801 Décarie Boulevard, Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC, H4L 3L7, Canada.

Website –

5. Village Des Valeurs

A colourful line
Photo by Lucas Hoang on Unsplash

Village Des Valeurs is a thrift store in Montreal, appropriate for young people that is inexpensive, sustainable, and fashionable. Pre-loved clothing may be viewed as pieces of art that deserve to be appreciated again. They believe that your pre-loved staff can transform the world and welcome contributions from all across the world. They wish to retain the products for years to come, just as how outdated fashions resurface. Through its funky and appealing products, their shop offers no particular style, or all and has a little something for everyone.

They wish to generalize the use of secondhand goods and secondhand clothes to motivate the next generation to be nice and sustainable to nature. They help conserve the environment and assist their community with every thrift shopping or decluttering drop-off. They are committed to celebrating individuality by providing a space where everyone feels welcomed and involved.

This shopping corner is ideal for locating hats, shirts, tees, tops, oversized statement tees, tie-dye clothing, chic styles, flamboyant prints, jackets, denim, and pants in Montreal. The best thing about walking down the thrift shops in Canada is that you will find jackets on every corner. And jackets are a great source to add a finishing look to your outfit, be it denim jackets or military jackets. While shopping in the store you will also find vintage comic books and cassette tapes. Everything is worth the money in this thrift store in Montreal.

Stop by the Location – 2033, boul. Pie-IX, Montréal, QC H1V 2C9, Canada

Website –

Thrifted Shopping Sorted

A trend has emerged with thrifting. For a valid reason, a large number of individuals are giving pre-loved items a second shot at life. Not only may exceptional quality clothing be obtained at unbelievable discounts, but shopping secondhand keeps still-wearable garments out of landfills. If ever you are around Montreal QC, no need to search for stores to buy things for yourself, visit the best thrift store in Montreal and have a fantastic experience of montreal thrift shopping.

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