Fredericton Restaurants: 11 Best Places

fredericton restaurants

Are you planning for lunch or dinner with your friends or family in Fredericton restaurants, then, we are happy to inform you that you are in the right place. 

The city is located in one of the crucial urban areas in, New Brunswick. The total population of the city is 63,116 according to the reports of the Canadian Census, 2021. The metropolitan area has a total population of 108,610.

The city is the third largest in the province, while the top two are Moncton and Saint John. A trip to Fredericton is always incomplete if you don’t visit any of the restaurants. Have some tasty and yummy foods in the best restaurants.

Fredericton is home to amazing restaurants. All the restaurants offered quality and delicious food. Here, you will also get some classic dishes from the country.

Fredericton restaurants also have the best chefs around the world, who come here to work.

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Here, in the restaurants, you will get Caribbean food and Cuban cuisine as well as some tasty and mouth-watering plates of seafood. We guaranteed that you will never forget the taste in your lifetime.

All the restaurants of Fredericton are very amazing with their service, serve excellent quality dishes, and their pubs provide a variety of wines and whiskeys which you can’t lose.

Top 11 Restaurants Based in Fredericton

As we already told you that the city is home to restaurants, there are so many quality restaurants and you might get confused about which place is better for you.

So, we will tell you the top 11 restaurants at Fredericton in Canada. Let’s start

1. The Palate Restaurant

Palate Restaurant is the best restaurant you have ever seen or eaten at in your life. It is an intimate as well as high-end dining initiation.

Palate Restaurant is both managed and owned by the locals. You will find the restaurant at the center of the district of Garrison.

The address of Palate Restaurant is 462 Queen Street, Fredericton in New Brunswick, E3B 1B6 in Canada.

fredericton restaurants

Screenshot from The Palate

This restaurant in Fredericton offers a very refined take on a beautiful pleasant atmosphere.

A cherished internal surrounding is decorated by art and has an open kitchen along with some stylish, varied cuisine and some luscious wines from all over the globe.

Taste and fresh foods are offered in an open kitchen where beautiful dining joins with a casual and laid-back atmosphere.

The menu of Palate restaurant is well organized and has a very reasonable price. It has a strong center of attention on using items and ingredients from the nearby foragers, farmers as well as fishermen.

A quality selection of both craft beers, as well as ciders, is found in this place. They also provide tasty foods according to season and can be sourced locally. If you are a wine lover then this place is perfect for you.

2. Wolastoq Wharf

The Wolastoq Wharf is best known for its plates of seafood. In this restaurant, you will get a great quality dining experience as well as for frequent needs patrons can also make a reservation. 

The Wolastoq Wharf is situated at 527 Union Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3A 3N3, Canada. The atmosphere of this place is very enlightening.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from St. Mary’s First Nations

However, reaching this place is very challenging but, anyway, if you go to Fredericton you must visit this restaurant. It is located in the north end of Fredericton. But the time and effort you give to them are very deserving by them.

The restaurant is both managed and owned by St. Mary’s First Nation. The restaurant also got a high rating from the top-rated websites.

The outside decoration of the restaurant is very beautiful and the inside part is very attractive and well-furnished.

Not only the view of the restaurant is amazing, but also the food offered by them is delicious and tasty too.

The best offering of the restaurant is fresh fish. It is known that Wolastoq Wharf provides the best fish in the entire area.

The other famous dishes of the restaurant are seafood fettuccine and seafood risotto.

The local source items of Wolastoq Wharf are fresh lobster, clams, mussels and scallops. While it also provides a very wide range of gluten-free and various vegan options.

Most importantly be sure not to forget some space to reserve for the tasty desserts. The restaurant also offers some best desserts as well.

3. Isaac’s Way

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from Isaac’s Way

In the downtown area of Fredericton Isaac’s Way is a very popular restaurant. The place is a little bit laid back and unorthodox but offers very delicious and yummy food.

Issac’s Way is located at 649 Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada E3B 1C3.

The historic and iconic Court House of County Court which was traced back to 1855, is currently the home of the community kitchen. Their decorations show their support for local charities.

This community kitchen is served the local community. Each and everything from right down to the mugs of coffee is supplied locally in New Brunswick. It starts with meats from the region and ends up with local produce items.

The spirited and optimistic décor places put focus on local art. On the walls of this restaurant, you will see the furnish of paintings of local artists. These artworks are there for selling and to increase money to provide support for the young people of the community.

They offer different dishes in the evening such as seafood, steak and duck. Their lunch menu includes a very wide range of innovative soups, salads of salmon and sandwiches.

If you are a vegetarian then no problem you can come to this place. Varieties of vegetarian food are offered by them.

Besides, vegetarian food they also serve gluten-free food.

4. The Claudine’s Eatery

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from Claudine’s Eatery

It also comes in the list of best restaurants based in Canada. The restaurant is maintained and managed by a family. 

Claudine’s Eatery is situated at 138 Dundonald Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada

The restaurant holds the pleasure of East Coast comfort food. The special dishes of Claudine’s Eatery are Seafood Chowder, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict, Jumbo Lobster Rolls and California Club Sandwiches.

In Fredericton Claudine’s Eatery is a wonderful restaurant to have your breakfast. This place is very popular to do a quick get-together with friends or family. 

Their setting is very nice. The atmosphere of the restaurant is just unbelievable. Great service is provided by their employees.

5. 540 Kitchen & Bar

If you want to do the experience of a Gastro pub then 540 Kitchen & Bar is absolutely a perfect destination for you. Here you can enjoy a variety of tasty food as well as some fantastic craft beers.

The address of 540 Kitchen & Bar is 540 Queen St, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, E3B 1B9.

It has a laid-back environment and serves great food alongside small plates as well as special brews. The menu they offered for lunch is very little but has variety.

It includes options from Mac & Cheese and goes up to Indian Butter Chicken.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from 540 Kitchen & Bar

The fish tacos at the restaurants are great. The customers also liked their Cuban sandwiches.

You can also have sweet potato fries. The fries are very crunchy and crispy.

The environment of the restaurant is very fashionable and contemporary. so, go for a visit at 540 Kitchen & Bar, and surely you will love this place.

6. 11th Mile

It is another incredible Canadian restaurant. 11th Mile is a very popular pub and restaurant in Fredericton. The address of 11th Mile is 79 York Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing, all the guests can enjoy their tasty meals and igneous drinks. All the meals of the restaurant are prepared using local ingredients.

The restaurant is chef-owned as well as they also offer the experience of social dining along with some special cocktails. If you are a passionate person about good food then we genuinely suggest you go to this restaurant.

It is an amazing restaurant and wine bar in a very cheerful setting. Their service is pleasant and kind, their cuisine is also excellent.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from 11th Mile

7. MoCo Downtown

The modern Italian fare setting is gratifying. The Mock Downtown is situated at 100 Regent Street, Fredericton New Brunswick.

You can enjoy a very tasty evening meal in this restaurant. The menu of MoCo Downtown includes pasta, seafood, grilled steaks, and more. They also provide varieties of wines.

Big parties are organized here, as well as a semi-private place is also provided by them on the upper floor.

Sometimes you may not get a seat here because of a huge crowd, so you can also make reservations, although it is not mandatory always. It will surely meet all your expectations. Their service and food both are nice.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from MoCo Downtown

8. The Lunar Rogue Pub

The Lunar Rogue Pub is regarded as the best whiskey bar and restaurant in Fredericton. It is situated at 625 King Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada. 

More than 700 kinds of whiskeys are available here. No other pub provides that much variety of drinks. Their wine list is also very long.

It is a long-standing bar that provides a very charming atmosphere. It also has an outdoor seating area and a very huge selection of international pub food.

The beautiful offerings of the restaurant are a fine assortment of beers, kind-hearted staff and a very comfortable outdoor balcony.

After a long journey, this place is ideal for taking rest and a pleasant atmosphere. Go to Lunar Rogue Pub and enjoy their huge variety of whiskeys.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from The Lunar Rogue Pub

9. The Cabin Restaurant

If you are very hungry and looking for a quick meal then The Cabin Restaurant is there for you. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole.

The address of Cabin Restaurant is 723 Woodstock Rd, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 6G4.

Sometimes visiting this kind of small and beautiful restaurant is much better than, going to a big and crowded place. Maybe the size of the restaurant is small, but you can’t judge their food quality and service based on its size.

Their service and quality of food are good enough to compete with other big restaurants in Fredericton.

10. Park’s Noodles and Sushi

Another great restaurant in Fredericton is Park’s Noodles and Sushi. The restaurant is popular for its offerings of sushi noodles and other noodles.

The restaurant is situated at 602 Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from Downtown Fredericton

If you like sushi noodles and looking for a restaurant based in Fredericton then Park’s Noodles and Sushi is best for you. Their service is great. Their menu for lunch is quite good.

The food offered by them is very yummy and delicious. In this place, you will feel like you are at home.

11. Papa Georgio’s Pizza

In the home restaurant, Papa Georgio’s Pizza is also a very good destination for you to enjoy good food. The cost of their food is very low one can afford it.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite beautiful and pleasant. However, like some other restaurants in Fredericton, you will not get any kind of gluten-free menu. Very limited kinds of food are available here.

Their service is very accurate with time. They are quite consistent with their taste in meals as well.

fredericton restaurants
Screenshot from Papa Giorgio’s

The restaurant is situated at 1853 Lincoln Rd, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 8P4 in Canada.


We hope that this guide of the top 11 restaurants based in Fredericton, will help you to choose the best restaurant. All these restaurants are famous for their quality food service and pleasant environment.

At these restaurants, you can have your lunch, dinner or breakfast. Both small-size and big-size restaurants are available here. Not only good quality foods different types of tasty and juicy drinks are offered by them.

The restaurants are very consistent with their service, whenever you visit these restaurants they will always provide you with excellent service.

You can enjoy delicious meals, seafood, cuisines and much more. Most restaurants use local ingredients to prepare their dishes.


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