Explore the 18 Magnificent Landmarks in Canada

The second largest continent of the world is a land of scenic lands and unique landscapes. These regions are diverse from each other.

Landmarks in Canada

Canada apart from its super-friendly people is also famous for its landmarks, pristine lakes like lake Louise, rivers, maple syrup, poutine, and the infamous ice hockey.

There are aesthetically pleasing famous landmarks in Canada of natural wonders like Nova Scotia, Niagara Falls, and much more.

There are many famous Canadian landmarks you must explore on your visit, discover the best of them below!

Landmarks in Canada
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Below given are the 18 magnificent landmarks in Canada that everyone should visit once in their life.

1. 18 Magnificent Landmarks in Canada

Millions of people visit these Famous landmarks in Canada every year. Below mentioned are the 18 iconic landmarks in Canada-

1.1. Parliament Hill, Ottawa

This is something iconic that should be visited by all Parliament Hill in Downtown Ottawa in the Nation’s capital. This is also called the Hill, which was a military base till 1859.

This landmark in Canada is known for its fascinating gothic revival style and its beauty of it. Don’t forget to see the inside and fawn over its beauty of it.

Landmarks in Canada
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Parliament Hill is the home to the Canadian Parliament. There are frequent tours of this famous landmark that informs us about the importance of the architecture.

Parliament Hill is also a centre of festivals. You can see many concerts and events that are held on the lawn here.

This place is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking and exploring the place is a marvellous experience.

1.2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Three waterfalls together at the end of Niagara Gorge are called Niagara Falls. It has been loved for more than 200 years.

These falls cover the border of Canada and the US. It is a beautiful, natural, and famous Canadian landmark.

The largest of the lot, Horseshoe Falls is more than 790 meters wide and has a king appearance in it. You can see the fall 24/7.

You can see Niagara Falls by flying above it in a helicopter, zipping across, or going behind Niagara Falls. You can also have a boat ride to the base of the falls or stroll through the Promenade, which is a riverside walking space.

It is also a spot loved by adrenaline junkies. This fall is also powerful that flows from Lake Erie along the Niagara River to Lake Ontario.

1.3. CN Tower, Toronto

This sky-reaching, famous Landmark in Canada that is situated in Downtown Toronto has been a star- attraction since 1976. CN Tower held the title of the tallest free-standing structure for almost 31 years with more than 553 meters.

However, CN Tower was shifted to second by Burj Khalifa in 2007, the third by Canton Tower in 2009 and as of today it is the 9th tallest. More than 2 million people visit these famous landmarks in Canada.

It was made on the land of the Canadian Railway Company which made it the name ‘CN’. It serves as a communication tower.

There is an observation deck up in the CN Tower that has a glass floor is the best place to see the beauty of the town as far as Lake Ontario.

The CN tower has a fine dining restaurant, 360 the restaurant, which is a complete circle, free walk space with the highest bar in the world. The place has a marvellous romantic setup to it at night.

1.4. Stanley Park, Vancouver

This famous Landmark in Canada is a park based in British Columbia that opened in 1888. It is 1000 acres total in the ground which covers the northwest of Downtown Vancouver by the English Bay. It is often called a famous urban park.

More than 8 million people visit the park and British Columbia yearly. Most of Stanley Park is covered in woods with more than half a million trees old and tall.

You get to see totem poles, signs of historic Canada, meadows, hiking trails, and the Vancouver aquarium.

Landmarks in Canada
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The main spot of attraction is the big seawall that is at the out rim of the park. It was made to stop Stanley Park from eroding into the ocean.

1.5. Rideau Canal, Ontario

This Canadian landmark connects the country’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario Lake, and the St. Lawrence River at Kingston.

This is an engineering marvel with 202 km situated around Downtown Ottawa. The canal was built in 1832 through the woods.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is loved and visited by many. In the winter of Canada, the Rideau canal become the largest ice-skating rink.

People visit this Canal starting near parliament hill, especially in winter to skate and try the foods found around there.

The Rideau canal holds a huge role in Canada’s history. You can visit the military museum in Ottawa next to the Rideau Canal and know more about the canal and the history of the country.

1.6. Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

This basilica is the definition of stunning architecture. It is situated in Old Montreal, Quebec City. The church was built in the early 19th century and holds a lot of historic importance which thus, gave it the tag of a National Historic Site.

The church, an Iconic Canadian landmark has a beautiful and great interior. You can find various shades, wooden carvings, and even sculptures.

It is a busy church in the continent with 11 million people visiting this place and Quebec City.

Landmarks in Canada
Photo by Timothy L Brock on Unsplash

In Quebec, Notre Dame Basilica offers you beautiful aesthetics with stained glass windows, religious sculptures, and much more.

The Notre dame basilica, however, now costs a certain entry fee which covers tours and history, but if you are visiting for mass, then it is free. All of this makes it one of the most famous landmarks in Canada.

1.7.  Hopewell Rocks Formation, New Brunswick

This famous landmark is a stone spire that comes out from the seafloor. It is located on the Bay of Fundy, these sandstone rocks are made from continuous Coastal Erosion.

You can walk under and around these formations and when it is a high tide that can go up to 16m from the ocean floor you can go kayaking around it.

These Hopewell rocks become caves when low tide. People mostly go both times to these rocks to see the difference.

This is one the most iconic structure in Brunswick and is known to be a location of dinosaur fossils, minerals, and much more.

It is in the provincial park named after it, known as Hopewell Rocks Park. You can find similar kinds of rocks in Nova Scotia known as the Three Sisters.

Landmarks in Canada
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You can also see the Reversing fall in St. John situated in New Brunswick. It is the flow of the tide is so high that it causes the flow of the St. John River to go roll.

1.8. Mount Robson, Canadian Rockies

This mountain is the highest point of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The majestic Mount Robson has thriving flora and fauna.

You can see deer, moose, and Black and Grizzly bears. The hiking trails here are famous among travellers. this is also one famous landmark.

The mountain has a high rise of almost 3100m and it was first summited in 1913, the climb to this mountain is considered dangerous.

The Canadian Rockies are spread across several National parks like Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. To see this particular point, visit Mount Robson Provincial Park. It is also listed as a World Heritage Site.

Other Canadian landmarks to see near this mount are Moose Lake, Overlander Falls, Yellowhead Pass, and much more.

1.9. Banff National Park, Alberta

This Canadian landmark is just a place for nature lovers. The region where the park is situated is very rich with mountains, lakes, ice fields, glaciers, flora, and fauna.

It was formed in 1885 and has almost 6,641 square kilometres. This is one of the biggest Canadian landmarks.

There is also the infamous Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. The most famous feature to see here in Alberta are Louise Lake and Moraine Lake.

These lakes, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are just magical and are perfect to sit back and enjoy, swim, and even hike.

Landmarks in Canada
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This place is also one of the most preferred ski locations in the country. In winter, it looks like a winter wonderland.

Banff National Park is also one of the oldest national parks in Canada. Almost 3 million people visit this park yearly.

1.10 Grouse Mountain, British Columbia

This is one of the busy Canadian landmarks in Canada near Downtown Vancouver, North Vancouver, and British Columbia just 20 minutes away.

It can be visited all around the year, the mountain stays risen above 1,250m over the city.

One such famous activity is a hike up the hill known as Grouse Mountain Grind. The hike is almost 2,830 steps and takes almost an hour or two. While this is the best hike in the nation, it is also considered a difficult hike.

Landmarks in Canada
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Other activities include zip-lining in summer, snow sports in Winter, sleigh rides, light walks, visiting the Eye of the wind, a wind turbine, and also a wildlife refuge.

Another way to go all the way above the mountain is by the Grouse Sky-ride, an aerial tram that has been opened in 1966 and takes 8 minutes to reach the summit.

Travelling on the tram can give you an amazing view of the Mountain and the city.

1.11. West Edmonton Mall, Alberta

The name has a mall in it, but it is everything but a mall, this big complex has everything from shopping to entertainment.

It was established in 1981 and has been adored by the people ever since. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Canada.

According to the facts, this Edmonton Mall is large than the Vatican and has more than 800+ shops and 100+ food facilities.

It even has an indoor water park and a colossal amusement park with the tallest roller coaster in the world.

There is also a bowling alley, ice rink, escape room, spacious room, aquarium, and more. You can also go shooting, go karting, mini-golf, and even a big IMAX Cinema.

The visit to the West Edmonton Mall is worth it and can be a great experience.

1.12. Head Smash In Buffalo Jump, Alberta

This is the oldest place in North America where buffalo jumps. It dates back to 6,000 years or so ago. It was also a hunting site for bison and buffalo.

This is one of the famous Landmarks in Canada that has cultural and historical importance.

It was the place where the hunters ran after the bison to this site, and this was where they jumped to their death.

There are some trails to walk, a museum, and a small visitor center. This Canadian landmark is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

1.13. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

This is a small village that mostly consists of fishermen. The aesthetic seaside with one of the country’s famous lighthouses, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse is almost an hour from Downtown Halifax.

This lighthouse is iconic in this village. It was first constructed in 1868 and was later reconstructed to its current form in 1914. This Canadian landmark is often considered synonymous with Nova Scotia.

Landmarks in Canada
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There is also a trail drive next to the lighthouse. If you wish to stay at this beautiful place, there is always the option of renting out a cottage there for the summer and enjoying the atmosphere.

Even though a small village, Peggy’s is often overflowing with visitors and has more than 7,00,000 global guests yearly, this makes it one of the most famous landmarks in Canada.

1.14. Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island

This infamous bridge connects the mainland to Prince Edward Island. It is the world’s longest bridge built in icy waters.

This bridge almost 12,900m, was built in 1993 and was named after the formation of the Canadian Confederation.

Confederation Bridge is the longest bridge in Canada. It takes almost 10 minutes to cross the bridge. This bridge is often considered a marvel of engineering.

The view of the arch of the bridge disappearing into the water is quite worth seeing.

Landmarks in Canada
Photo by Deana Davis on Unsplash

But keep in mind that to cross it, you have to be in a vehicle as walking and cycling are not allowed. It is one of the most iconic Canadian landmarks

1.15. Halifax Citadel Hill, Nova Scotia

This Citadel is an iconic national historic site in Canada, it is also a much-visited Canadian Landmark.

It was opened in 1856. there are 4 forts built on citadel hill. That and the citadel have a huge historical importance a rich history.

The Halifax citadel was built by the British military and settlers who were interested in the region in the mid-1700s as this area was close to the harbour. The area was so convenient for the easy defence of the town and port.

At first, there was only a small fort on the hill, and houses were built near the end of the hill, but over time, the fort and homes grew in size and became what we see today.

Other things to see around here are the iconic old town Clock and the Halifax City Military Museum.

1.16. Canadian History Museum, Quebec City

Like most things in Canada, this museum is huge. 

The artwork in the Canadian museum can be classified as, Canadian history and artifacts, cultural studies, Anthropology, and ethnology.

It is located on the River Ottawa in Downtown Ottawa. It was designed by an aboriginal architect; Douglas Cardinal and this building is considered an architectural marvel.

The building’s model is what brings the guests to this place.

The artworks found here include the Totem Poles, the Canadian Stamp Collection, arts by indie artists, reflection alley, and much more. It is one such famous landmark in Canada.

Landmarks in Canada
Image by Gabriel Macias from Pixabay

The main highlight of the museum is the Morning Star, it is a dome that has 7 stories from the ground painted in 1993.

The abstract painting was done by Artist Alex Janvier. The central area, painted in white, represents the morning star.

This is so much appreciated that there are seats where people sit and enjoy the dome.

1.17. Hotel Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

This famous hotel is situated in the city of Quebec on rocks that overlook the St. Lawrence River.

This Gothic-style hotel is surrounded by 18th and 19th buildings in the Upper Town in Old Quebec City.

This hotel was made for the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 19th century. It was made as a part of a series of hotels made to attract more guests.

The construction was completed in 1893 and named a National Historic Site in 1981.

Landmarks in Canada
Photo by Shawn Lee on Unsplash

The designs of this building are the reflection of old French castles which has towers, spiked roofs, and even turrets.

To know more about the interior, there is also a guided tour for all, or you can stay in one of the 611 rooms in this hotel.

The lower level has exhibits and the terrace has a stunning view of the river of St. Lawrence. In this lavish Canadian Landmark, you can also find a wine bar, bistro, spa, indoor pool, fine dining restaurant, and much more.

1.18. The Northern Lights, Northwest Territories

It is one amusing and stunning thing to see. The lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, can be seen in the Northwestern Territories of Canada.

It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Canada that people visit multiple times.

Hundred thousand of people flock to these places to see this marvellous natural phenomenon. Most people head to Yellowknife to see the light shows as it can be seen, better than other regions.

Landmarks in Canada
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The northwestern territories have the perfect environment for the lights, it can be seen for at least 200 nights a year. The most preferred time to see these lights are from early fall to April.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q.1. Which is the much popular Landmark in Canada?

Ans- While all the landmarks have something unique about themselves, most tourists who visit Canada, want to visit the infamous Niagara Falls.

Q.2. Which Park is considered the best?

Ans- Banff Park is Considered the best with its beautiful location and its vastness of it. There is so much to do there from hiking trails to the serene turquoise lakes like lake Louise.

Q.3. Which are the most well-known man-made landmark in Canada?

Ans- One of the well-known Man-made landmarks in Canada is the CN Tower in Ontario. Millions of people visit this tower each year.

Q.4. What is Canada famous for?

Ans-The country is known for its icy winter, maple syrup, and the adventures and sports in the spacious regions. Canada is one of the safest countries.

Q.5. What is Canada’s Nickname?

Ans- Canada is also known as ‘The Great White North’ as most of this country is covered in ice.

3. Conclusion

Canada is the best country to visit as there is so much more to do there. The country offers a lot to its guests.

While the article here is a list of top places to visit, there are other Landmarks that can equally amuse you.

There are other Landmarks in Canada to visit like the Capilano Bridge, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the National Gallery, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Hall of Fame- Hockey, Montmorency Falls, Reversing falls, the whole range of Canadian Rockies, and much more.

There are parks too that offer their visitors activities like hiking, rafting, and even biking.

Make sure to refer to the list above about landmarks in Canada when planning your vacation, who knows you might find a place you can cherish forever!




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Nicky Rose Roy

Hi, I'm Nicky Rose Roy. I am an avid writer who loves to read and learn new things. I believe books and writing are the essences of life. I am interested in Travelling, fashion, and beauty. I have been writing all my life. Exploring new places and learning new things mean everything to me. Hope you guys enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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