Top 23 Most Fascinating Winnipeg Attractions

Interesting to note that manmade landscapes can attract this much remarkable attention that makes you wonder, why Winnipeg attractions are worth a visit.

This will be an interesting article, especially for mystery lovers. So, the question is why it is worth a holiday.

Even though you will find the same features in other cities, the most special thing you will feel is the social affinity you build with locals little by little, by experiencing their cultural festivals. In short, a place where you can make bonds with strangers by sharing your warm feelings.

Thus, it is hard to resist the rushing temptation of exploring Winnipeg attractions.

The Top Winnipeg Tourist Attractions of Manitoba in Canada

It is normal for you to be confused about which destination you should visit first. Don’t worry! Start your first jam at the only world-dedicated museum for human privileges. Then followed by spectacular sites and more it is a long list of Winnipeg attractions. So, let’s begin.

1. Canadian Museum for Human Rights of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Attractions Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Winnipeg Attractions – Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Website Screenshot

When you enter, suddenly your eyes will captivate by a massive charcoal wall where the world declaration of human rights is quoted in cream pale skin colour under murky lights, written in 1948. It says all human beings are born free & equal in dignity & rights.

It consists of 7-floors connected by a stunning-tailed gallery called the Hall of Hope, the ramps are composed of Alabaster rock emitting a radiant glow due to the reflection of the LED inside, one above another, unique by design is the Israel Asper Tower of hope started after the 7 storey about 108 steps high.

Then you will pass by the largest gallery called the Canadian Journey followed by the Light of Inclusion and the story of Viola to move your heart. Before this, the preceding two galleries encountered at the time of entrance are as follows.

  • The Spirit Panel

This is originally an initiative to connect the west, east to north provinces, an idea of the board to communicate with the territory by its roots with the knowledge of having each indigenous culture significance.

  • The Indigenous Perspectives Gallery

This is one of the best-visited sites among Winnipeg attractions. Through the wide glass window, you experienced the best view of the Forks national historic site, which will be the next destination to discuss in detail in the next point.

2. The Forks National Historic Site

The Forks National Historic Site
The Forks National Historic Site – Website Screenshot

The Forks as known as the Winnipeg meeting place is over 6,000 years old and hold great importance for conveyance, exchange and accommodation. Its location at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers connects 3 groups of Indigenous people. European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, and Scottish settlers also arrived here for trading.

The multipurpose park span over 54 acres, near the excavation, there is a structure encircled by approx 7 to 11 tall monolithic 6ft to 12ft pillars, and in the centre, a giant half-bisected Metalic dome frame, engraved with beautiful symbols. under the frame, a semi-1/4th horizontally cut rock is weaved to the ground.

After this you may be hungry, then you can visit the Fork Market, a beautiful open sunroof mall that included world-class cafes, and shopping centres, this is one of the unique attributes of Winnipeg attractions. The next stop is a river for more fun.

3. The Red River Mutual Trail

What is special about the Red River Mutual Trail? If you visit in winter then you will be having the best time of your life at a social connecting site with different people, enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family, meet new friends, have a late night out etc.

The frozen river skating and river walk by side of the trail will encourage you to express yourself by writing something on the official red banner. The human rights museum is the only museum where you have fun with history and the most vacation destination among Winnipeg attractions.

4. Winnipeg Assiniboine Park Zoo

Winnipeg Assiniboine Park Zoo was founded in 1904 to preserve natural wildlife of different species. This is the perfect vacation destination for animal lovers and college students. There are a lot of different exhibitions of chanting flora also.

The Assiniboine Park is a great spot for you to get a little closure to the animals. The central attraction of the park is the polar bear gallery. You will love to watch polar bears swimming by standing beneath a transparent tunnel. This park also has a Jurassic entertainment alley, where animated models of dinosaurs take you back to the prehistoric era.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is located 15 minutes from Downtown Winnipeg near the Assiniboine River. Walk the pathway at the end of your day, grab something to eat from the park cafe stroll at the duck pond and admire the majestic art of Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. And you guess right the next stop will be Downtown among the top Winnipeg attractions.

5. Downtown Winnipeg of Canada

The Assiniboine Park zoo was the central attraction of Downtown Winnipeg {DW}, also enjoy the green space by visiting the Leaf Assiniboine Park in the town. Spend your time roaming the bustling streets of this beautifully architectural city.

Visit air Canada window park an open space surrounded by huge glossy buildings right in the centre a beautiful fountain is placed, and it operates between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Enter Carlton St. and enjoy food passed by St Mary Ave church or feel to read books then went to the huge Winnipeg public library and admire the contemporary art of local Winnipeg attractions.

6. The Exchange District of Winnipeg

The Exchange District of Winnipeg
Photo by Jonathan Geiger
Photo by Jonathan Geiger on Flickr

The Exchange District is a jewel among Winnipeg attractions, because of its upmarket contemporary local arts and liberated shopping goal with more than 40 different retailers. The old market square in the Exchange District often organizes occasional music and art festival.

The Exchange District is famous for its culinary services and gives you wonderful occasions. the Exchange District is the heart of Downtown Winnipeg. Diners, museums, boutiques, shopping, and so much more keep you amazed.

7. Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall

The Centennial Concert Hall is occupied with 2305 seats, situated at 555 DW main street. The hall was opened on March 25. 1968. One of the greatest orchestras took place, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra of Manitoba Opera ballet.

You will be amazed to see a range variety of fabulous artistic activities. The frame of the building is infused with unorthodox lines of angels and inside the theme is a dim and dark centre complexion, but it maintains to give a vibe of a modern look that fits in the list of Winnipeg attractions.

8. Manitoba Museum of Canada

(a) Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre 

The star, 13-metre Bruce, held the Guinness Record for over a century for having a length of more than a school bus. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre houses aka CFDC, countries enormous collector of marine reptile mossback, the gigantic mosasaur and more than 80 million years old fossils are put on display for the world.

(b) Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village

The Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village is a record of 1930 inhabited by 2.9 acres spanning over the stunning Icelandic River to Highway 68. This village is a perfect example of multiculturalism in rural life. This is the most awaited hot spot among Winnipeg attractions.

There are several restoration take places like 16 historical sites and galleries, Aboriginal campsites, an outdoor Ukrainian air Oven, and a 1921 CPR caboose. Travel Manitoba from mid-May to September will be an interesting long weekend. Under the law, the heritage hall is also used as a community hall and also for events.

(c) Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum (PHS)

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum – Website, Screenshot

During WWII 1939-1945, the country participated in the British Commonwealth games, and this is the only museum which is devoted to those memories of representatives. It takes you back to 1940 when you witnessed the fact about warplanes, tanks, and vehicles.

This Canadian Museum was built to remember the brave hearts during their contribution to the war as a memorial. Also on the museum grounds is the RCAF WWII Monument, paying tribute to over 19,000 of the fallen one of the most visited places among Winnipeg attractions.

(d) Antler River Historical Society Museum 

Commence from June, July and August, around 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Antler River Historical Society Museum has several beautiful relics there have been found a wedding dress, a 1927 Aboriginal people outfit, a carrier diorama, a military record, a pastoral academy, an a1900 settler cottage, and wildlife displayed with over 200 mounted birds with the miniature scale model steeds and buggies.

(e) Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada 

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is a world-class aspiring Canadian Museum. It will give inspiration to future aspirants and always make its citizens proud, telling the next era of its heroic stories and motivating them to join the air force. This museum will be one of the iconic allures, among Winnipeg attractions.

9. Winnipeg Art Gallery

The central attraction is the fresh Inuit art which is placed under a beautifully crafted showcase called Qaumajuq. You will encounter it at the entry. It is a stunning piece of architecture among Canadian museums, this showcase is consisting of 3 floors made of glass vaults. 5000 of Inuit art and carving are put on display. Hence, it is one of the most stunning Winnipeg attractions.

10. Lake Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg 
Photo by Alexander Paramonov:
Photo by Alexander Paramonov on Pexels

Lake Winnipeg is a well-known destination among tourists because the lake is the biggest lake in Canada, well the most dictated feature. When you stand at the shore you will experience the vastness of this lake, like a sea. surrounded by forest and the 1960s resorted to crown beach, where you get to experience a tropical island.

It is situated in south-central Manitoba, near Canadian Sheild. that is why it is also a significant location for shipping or commercial fishing. The place is also a great Hubspot for having lunch or dinner and is one of the underestimated spots among Winnipeg attractions.

11. Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s vibrant yet complex will be mesmerized by techniques that have earned the utmost applause. Established in 1939 by Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrelly, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet co.

It holds Canada’s renowned ballet company and over a century of continuously operating ballet companies in North America. The Company obtained its royal title, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

12. Royal Canadian Mint of Winnipeg

Established in 1976, the Royal Canadian Mint of Winnipeg was acclaimed as a pioneer in the circulation of coin layouts and inventions. All Canadian official coins and as well as currencies for nations around the world. Visit 520 Lagimodière Boulevard to top your collection of coins, get blessing sentiments and bring home some Winnipeg Mint to remember.

13. Osborne Village of Winnipeg

It is situated at 330 Provisional Road, approx 26 miles near south Winnipeg, Manitoba. This place has been named Canada’s renowned Neighbour for a decade. Osborne is a society in south-central Manitoba, that was first introduced by Victoria and Albert in 1845.

They constructed the massive palatial mansion. Albert is known for his unique Italianate design, thus known as the ‘Osborne style’ and motivated the construction of identical structures throughout the British Empire.

The region was previously overrun by a few rare farms and woodlots. In 1880, a bridge was built over the Assiniboine River south of Main Street and another was assembled south along with the Pembina Road (later known as Osborne Street). Initially known as St. Boniface West, the locale was annexed by the City of Winnipeg in 1882.

14. Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets have owned ice hockey teams of True North Sports and Entertainment (TNSE). This team is a game of professional ice hockey– one of the tops in their sports game. These professionals compete in the national hockey league in the central division a ticket to meet them for a few hours will be an exciting adventure journey in Manitoba.

The original Jets were back in 1972-1996, granted the founding franchises for World Hockey Association (WHA). The originals jet played their last game on April 28, 1996. There was an evolution franchise called Atlantic Thrashers in late 1999–2011. It is the star franchise of Winnipeg attractions.

At present, in an interview at the MTS Centre Bettman confirm selling out of Atlantic Thrashers to TNSE and can see this team again in the 2011 season. Pretty excited! Well, let’s take you to another star sports game if you are into football.

15. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Website Screenshot

The Grey Cup champions of the current era are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WBB) and the pride of Manitoba. The WBB are Winnipeg’s professional Canadian football team they compete in the CFL Canadian Football league in the west division, founded in 1930 as Winnipeg Rugby Football Club and later remained it.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup Champions 12 times, and this is the only out of 3 teams holding privileges without a shareholder team since the foundations. The WBB recently in the 108th 2021 CFL season defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33–25 and holds the most records in winning Grey Cup among 26 other teams.

16. Manitoba Children’s Museum of Canada

The 1889 old enduring train restricted buildings, the permanent galleries, with other traditional galleries. The Children’s Museum will be a memorable spot for you and your whole family, with creative travelling in collections. This will become one memorable moment while spending time with your children going to this star location in Winnipeg attractions.

17. Manitoba Legislative Building

The Manitoba Legislative building was taken complete 1-year and finished in 1883 made of white bricks and stones by the federal government. It cost approx 200000 dollars. It consists of 2 storeys tall, adding 5 Executive Government Department offices and a Legislative Assembly chamber. It also received an award from the Winnipeg Heritage award.

There is a tragic history tale behind all this development. It was burned by fire in 1873. A.G.B. Bannatyne occupied the house in the first place. Then after the incident, the federal government spend to restore the house in the same place.

18. The Science Gallery

The Matrix mirror room the great thing about this is the vivid reflection which is out of the world. The Brickyard LEGO room where you play with legos and build something meaningful out of nothing will be a great experience for your kids. The best part is you have to use your brain not instructions. A mental exercise will entertain you and give you the frustration to bring back your school days.

The Pully room where you have to use your full strength against gravity to lift yourself from the ground challenging right next to the Cosmos corner witnesses the achievement of humanity in space in Winnipeg by Magellan Aerospace. And there is a movie studio to make animated movies completely equipped with sound effects.

19. Birds Hill Provincial Park of Winnipeg

Birds Hill Provincial Park
Birds Hill Provincial Park – Website Screenshot

The Birds Hill Provincial Park is a beautiful wide open space shallow forest area. You start with a driving encounter with stunning scenery, then you reach to spot at the side you will see a sand area where different concerts are organised annually. In winter, the trees turn their colour beautiful yellow, orange and green colour.

This park is usually used for camping, biking and even vlogging. Annually, this place witnessed some greatest events recently, hence it is one of the biggest North American dweller melodies that take place. Roam through the wildflowers or admire the natural view. Birds Hill is also a favourite picnic spot among Winnipeg attractions, for you to spend a relaxing time with your family. 

20. Whiteshell Provincial Park in the West of Canada

This is a 2800 square kilometre park which is wildlife-protected land. Whiteshell Provincial Park is situated in the east of Manitoba. There are several things that you can start with hiking, ski trails, snow bike ride etc. Whiteshell Provincial Park is the best destination location for outdoor activities among Winnipeg attractions. Other than this, there is Mono Cliff Provincial Park to visit.

Start with the Linoo Oowan trail, which is 170 km long commence, your private adventure trail right on the Whiteshell river. This area is called Rainbow falls. Fishing and water trailing are some favourite activities preferred by tourists. There is a lake called Caddy Lake which is a plus point. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain trees which give it a beautiful view to admire.

21. Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface was known as Wynfrid or Wynfrith, born in 675 CE in Wessex, England and died on June 5, 754, in Dokkum, currently in the Netherlands. He was raised in a dignified family and received religious education in the Benedictine abbeys of Adescancastre and became a priest at age of 30. He was destroyed by a group of pagans while he was reading the scriptures.

He is responsible for preaching in Germany because of this, he has been called the preacher of Germany by the English missionaries. The most interesting is the location, the cathedral is right opposite situated across the human rights museum along the other side of the Red and Assiniboine river.

His body is buried in Frida and guarded by loyal minion Sturmi. While reaching the location, you see a park weaved by adorable trees, and a large statue of Boniface’s dignified head standing, mainly the park is good for roaming or spending some time. The gate is the signature structure in the park. You are able to see the Canadian human right museum right across the river.

22. The 10-day Festival du Voyageur

The 10-day Festival du Voyageur is an annual festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Voyageur literary means an employee in a fur trading company and generally came through by Canoe. It celebrates unique Canada’s past in fur trading. They celebrate the french lineage and cultural heritage.

This celebration of this festival started in February and takes place in some historical places like Saint Boniface, French Quarter to experience its crafts, skills, and local art. This is the largest festival celebrated in western Canada.

The diplomats used to be honoured with the title of “Official Voyageur ‘. In 1967, George Forest, the first official Voyageur was introduced and given the name of this winter Festival du Voyageur.
Snow sculptures are one of the best attributes of this festival.

23. Manitoba Northern Lights

The Manitoba Northern Lights in Canada
Photo by stein egil liland:
Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels

The last stop of this amazing journey is the polar light of north Winnipeg. You may encounter low visibility due to light pollution but a short drive northern town of Churchill because it is situated directly below the belt of a few stations in the world holding the top.

When you will reach the top, you can witness the most spectacular exhibition of polar light. This effect occurs due to the collision of solar flares with Earth’s ozone layer. This phenomenon occurs from January to march annually.

Make this your last destination to enjoy the last night in Winnipeg. Under the Arora of polar light, sipping a beer or doing a barbecue is the last long memory you will have other than the museum for human rights and grasping the considerable gorgeous polar lights. This is the most magical place on the list of Winnipeg attractions. 

Key Takeaways

Come down a long way from the Winnipeg human right museum, and Winnipeg art gallery, exploring indigenous art, The Forks, and Assiniboine park zoo has fun in all types of Canadian museums. Go to Winnipeg downtown to experience the exchange district and pick some royal Canadian mint.

At the end of your day with Lights of North. thus, these are some great experiences to search for the riddle behind Winnipeg’s appeal. It is the connection of the locals with natural history that make you feel the connection between all Winnipeg attractions to its roots.



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