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8 Best Edmonton Golf Courses

Edmonton Golf Course

There are over 80 Golf Courses in Edmonton. Now wonder how and which one to choose?  No worries here are some of the best places you can consider. Before moving ahead let’s see what is the best thing to do with nearly more than 17 hours of daylight during the summer in a place like Edmonton, Canada.

Off course, you will spend some time shopping and enjoying Edmonton’s ‘no sales tax’ privilege but whenever you hear the words summer and fun together, does the same thing come to your mind as mine?

Obviously, you will spend your quality time with friends and family in one of these four courses, or wait… maybe in many of these Edmonton golf courses because I am pretty sure you would crave more golf courses as soon as you start in one of these. 

Well, good for you that I already sensed that and have sorted some of the best golf courses for you here so that you can jump-start your golfing journey filled with fun and excitement.

Please note: do not forget to check the golfing season before starting your journey to ranch golf.

Therefore, here are the 8 most exciting golf courses in Edmonton which you would not want to miss.

8 Best Edmonton Golf Courses 

1. Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range

Doing justice to this place which is rich in its heritage and culture, let us start with one of the oldest golf courses.

Victoria Golf Course is so old, that it was founded even before the birth of the city of Edmonton itself. Amazing right? It does not stop here.

What is more interesting is the fact that in spite of being such an old golf course, this place is perfect for beginner golfers and also the mid-handicapped ones.

It does not mean that others are not allowed. People of all age groups and any level of experience as golfers are most welcome here.

1.1 Perfect Location

It is located near River Valley Road providing excellent scenery of the city, the University of Alberta’s breathtaking buildings, and the Alberta Legislature.

This helps in building up your mood because summer heat could get on our nerves if you do not have something this peaceful or sightful around.

1.2 Details

There are three courses in total with 18 holes along with a driving range, as the name suggests, and some camps and lessons. Yes, they also offer golfing lessons for people who are interested in learning.

For information regarding the rates and opening season, you must contact them directly as these factors keep changing with time.

2. Lewis Estates Golf Course

Lewis Estate golf course is recognized for its finest greens in the whole of Edmonton. Along with the greens, they also have dining facilities.

They have a very friendly atmosphere, professional staff, and fresh food and drinks which you can enjoy while doing your round-up of golf on their patio. Their patio is a great place for you to dine and relax.

edmonton golf courses
image from Lewis Estates website

2.1 Tournaments

On their official website, you can have a look at the competitive green fee rates and can book your round for the course. They also accommodate you with a variety of membership options and tee times as well. There are also professionals available to train you.

You can have your private or semi-private session according to your requirements. You can also book events or participate in tournaments. The list of every upcoming event comes up on their website from time to time. There are separate league events for men and women.

They plan both 9-hole and 18-hole tournaments which are very rarely found in the Edmonton area courses.

The timings and opening dates for the season must be checked on the club’s official website.

3. Rundle Park Golf Course

Rundle Park Golf Course is located next to the North Saskatchewan River and is a Par-3 gold course with again 18 holes and a large green. It is also a great golf course where you can easily enjoy it with your family.

3.1 Important Regulations

The most important thing you should know before starting your day here is to read the set of rules which must be followed.

They have strict instructions to respect their staff members and maintain etiquette. There are also some rules regarding the game which you must read.

3.2 A Riverside Golf Course

The challenges are so thrilling that they make you come back again and again. The nearby Saskatchewan River area provides a beautiful atmosphere and the golf course itself is also very appealing with its tender rolling lands. The facilities are also top-notch.

The trees seem to be well-trimmed and you will not see any water traps. Children can also play freely as the ground is well-maintained and clean.

Advance booking for tee time is also available on their site. These all factors help you take positive decisions about visiting this place.

The timings and opening seasons must be checked on the club’s official website.

4. Edmonton Country Club

Edmonton Country Club
Courtesy: Edmonton Country Club

This is amongst the oldest ‘private golf club’ in Alberta, Edmonton. It is a beautiful course where you can not only play but can also organize events such as wedding events or business meetings for which they have a package system.

There is an extensive variety of tee options in a stretch of nearly 7000 yards.

An Evergreen Beauty 

An amazing fact about Edmonton Country Club is its beautiful design. The greenery and serene nature makes it a perfect and picturesque destination which means you are free to capture as many photos.

Through its design, the country club wants to make itself timeless.

They appoint Canada’s greatest designers for keeping its rich, classic history alive. Who would not want to visit and experience such a prepossessing environment at least once after knowing about facts which are so amazing?

They also feature memberships in their club at different rates. You can also become a shareholder of this club by purchasing their shares. The membership is valid for two years but the terms can change over time.

The timings and opening dates for the season must be checked on the club’s official website.

5. The Fairmount Banff Springs Golf Course

The first and foremost thing you should be aware of regarding this golf course is that it is very expensive.

As the rates inflate and deflate over the stretch of time, you will have to check them from their official website but when I am saying it’s expensive, it means that Fairmount Bnanff is the ‘most expensive golf course’ in the whole of Alberta, Edmonton.

Amazing Experience

Along with its awe-inspiring view of the surrounding mountains, this golf course is also very attractive to traditional golfers.

Generally, it is not easy to get a slot here, but if the stars are in your favour, and you get a chance then the splendid layout will surely give you some real thrill.

The layout is a challenge to professionals and amateurs alike.

They feature rental and tee time facilities which can be booked either through email or from their official website. They also provide facilities for event bookings in their lavish resort and offer training programs in groups; 16 players per group max.

Fairmount has won many awards for its golf resorts, extraordinary excellence, and obviously for its courses. Hence, if you are willing to spend a good sum of money and are fortunate enough to have this experience of a lifetime, then this place is all yours.

The timings and opening dates for the season must be checked on the club’s official website.

6. Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course

Dragons Head golf course, located in the west end of Edmonton, is a public course that is known to be ideal for many activities such as gatherings, outings, and short-game improvements for both beginners and seasoned pros. It is a beautiful course with an amazing, serene view.

Dragons Head Par 3 Golf Course
Image from the Dragons Head Website

The Most Beautiful Golf Course

It is a very well-maintained course with friendly staff members. This golf course can be counted among the, most beautiful golf courses. You can also practice and polish your game with the professionals who are present there to accommodate you with the practice facilities.

The ground is also open for walking giving you the freedom to have a walk-on after a thrilling match in the summer heat. Will not it be a pretty stance to walk on green grasses and trees surrounding you, giving you a perfect experience right into the lap of nature while watching the sunset with your partner or friends?

Sounds mesmerizing, doesn’t it?

But wait. I know you have already started to sort your outfits for the weekend but if you do not want to get disappointed, do check the timings and opening dates for the season on the official website before making any decision.

7. RedTail Landing Golf Club

RedTail Landing golf club is located near the Edmonton international airport, in Edmonton, Canada. Established in 2003, this golf club was specially made to meet the demands of recreational and competitive golfers.

Unique Design of the Course

The course has a Puddicombe design due to which it is nearly impossible for the golfers to not remember each and every hole or not use every club inside their bag.

This interesting technique attracts the players and they become spellbound to return to the course day after day. The RedTail Landing imposes that no other province in Edmonton has better practice facilities than them.

The range of amenities includes Golf Academy, a Practice facility, 3 full-sized putting greens, 2 full-sized chipping greens, 2 dedicated sand bunkers, and a natural teeing area.

To your surprise, they are not limited to a wide variety of golfing options only. They also have a venue for holding seminars and weddings. That way, you can organize a wedding and give your guests access to their outstanding golf course to spend their free time and interact as well.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Go ahead, make your guests happy, and also surprise them with such a unique arrangement.

Do not forget to check the golfing season, timings, and reviews.

8. Mill Woods Golf Club

Operated by the Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association, this golf course aims at building cultural and recreational facilities for the city of Edmonton.

And it has successfully been doing that for 45 years now. In fact, Mill Woods is said to be the first-ever golf course that has been operated by the MCARFA.

MCARFA employs members of Mill Woods and helps in increasing employment and customer service.

Pro Shop

The pro shop at Mill Woods offers a corporate program for all the needs of its customers. There is a wide variety of options available.

To book or inquire about anything, you need to visit their website or contact them directly at their pro shop desk. You can also book a tee time from the website online.

Do not forget to check the golfing season, timings, and reviews.


After reading about all these amazing courses, I’m sure your golfer has risen from his/her sleep and is pretty much ready to hop into the game and try out its golfing techniques on the grounds. Well, who wouldn’t?

All these Edmonton golf courses not only play a major role in sports but also contribute to the country’s economy. As we all know that Edmonton is incredibly known for sports and its entertainment downtown, it’s not surprising that it is filled with over 80 golf courses.

Not to mention, they all are regularly maintained and also act as great tourist attractions. People who visit Edmonton or Canada for spending their holidays are highly suggested to visit at least some of these courses and have the experience of their lifetimes because they do not deserve to be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many golf courses are there in Edmonton?

A. There are more than 80 golf courses in Edmonton.

Q. How much does it cost to play golf in Edmonton?

A. It costs between $52 and $63 for an adult and between $40 and $48 for a junior.

Q. Who owns Blackhawk Golf Course?

A. Alberta’s Rod Whitman owns Blackhawk Golf Course.

Q. What is the oldest golf course in Edmonton?

A. Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range is the oldest Edmonton golf course.

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