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Do Women Have Foot Fetishes for Women’s Feet?

Foot fetish, with its increasing popularity, is something that both men and women enjoy. A significant population in the world consisting of both genders alike are believed to be participants in this kink. In this guide, you will learn some fascinating facts on foot fetish and whether women also have foot fetishes for other women’s feet.

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  • The Science Behind Foot Fetish

Now before we start connecting how foot fetish is linked with gender, first, you will need to find out what exactly is a foot fetish. Simply put, foot fetish refers to sexual attraction to legs, feet, and even footwear.

Also called podophilia, people with a foot fetish are someone who is very attracted to or particularly aroused by feet. Though it may come as a surprise, a significant number of people all across the globe are believed to have a fetish for this kind.

Studies show how foot fetish is a biological response and the reason why some people feel so strongly about this part of the body. According to biologist Forrest Valkai, the occurrence of foot fetishes is because of a part of our brain known as the somatosensory cortex. This part is associated with arousal based on feet and is believed to be somewhat responsible for such kink. This is also supported by Ramachandran’s theory.

Apart from these, there are several other factors:

  • Psychological Factors: This is primarily based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of regression back to a child’s instincts. Due to the phallic shape of the feet, many are aroused by this part of the body.


  • Socio-cultural Factors: Culturally, feet are seen as a representation of power and societal status and are thus attractive to many. Along with that, various aspects of society, as well as media portrayals are also responsible for this kink.


  • Biological Factors: Neuroscientist VS Ramachandran states that the feet fetish is based on the structure of the brain. His study shows that foot kinks occur largely due to their vicinity of the areas associated with genital stimulation and feet-based response in the somatosensory cortex. Ramachandran deduces that since the two receptors are situated adjacent, spontaneous stimulation between the two is wholly probable.

  • Do Women Have Foot Fetishes for Women’s Feet?

So now you have an understanding of the reasons why some might be attracted and aroused by feet. But what is the connection between foot fetish and gender? Are men and women equally likely to possess this kink, or do they differ in their preferences?


From various research and studies, the general idea seems to be that men are much more susceptible to having a foot fetish compared to women. According to

American social psychologist Justin Lehmiller, men and individuals who identify themselves as queer or part of the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to be attracted to and aroused by feet.


This particular study also shows that in a group, the percentages of people having a foot fetish were as follows: 21% (gay and bisexual men), 11% (lesbian and bisexual women), 18% (heterosexual men), and only 5% (heterosexual women). This certainly concludes that the male gender of all sexualities is more inclined to show sexual arousal for feet.


While the number of women with a foot fetish may seem very low, it is still a large part of the population who are female and are attracted to feet. For instance, the aforementioned study claims that 11% of queer women and 5% of heterosexual women have shown to be sexually interested in feet. So even though the amount is not a lot, this certainly provides the answer to the question of whether women have foot fetishes for other women. And the simple answer is yes.


Generally, the reasons why a woman might be attracted to feet are the same ones we have already explored under the psychological, sociocultural, and biological factors. Based on the Freudian approach, the reason someone is attracted to feet is due to their phallic shape or because of adolescent memories associated with this part of the body. By that logic, both straight and queer women are just as likely to show arousal upon seeing pictures and videos of feet.


Most of the time, a person remains unaware of such kinks and whether they have some weird fetish or not. Communication and exposure is the way to find out about someone’s kinky preferences.


If one is not sure about their interests, they could try exploring various videos and pictures based on both common and strange kinks. For instance, checking out FeetFinder allows you to order tailored content that anyone may like. As long as it is consensual, it is a fun way for not only women but for everyone to explore and discover their fetishes.

  • Closing Thoughts 

To sum it up, the entire science and understanding of the matter of foot fetish is a bit tricky and still much unexplored. While more and more research is being done based on this topic, the statistics about foot kinks have not fully developed.


However, from all the studies that have been done to date, it is still possible to answer the central question of whether women have a foot fetish for women’s feet. And the answer is yes. While the percentage of women may be less in this area, it can be conclusively stated that both men and women have shown an inclination for male as well as female foot fetish.


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