City Of Saskatoon And Its 10 Most Beautiful Attractions

Saskatoon is a beautiful city situated along the south Saskatchewan River in Canada. It is among the largest cities in Saskatchewan, Canada. The city of Saskatoon is rich in arts, culture, and heritage. With the most exquisite sceneries and the locals’ liveliness, the city of Saskatoon attracts visitors from all over the world. You must plan a trip to this lovely city for your future vacation.

What Is the City Of Saskatoon Known For?

The city of Saskatoon impresses its visitors in several ways, be it the Saskatoon exhibition or its culinary scene, historic sites, or art galleries. There are lots of attractions in the city to explore for tourists. Saskatoon city is also known for being the biggest producer of potash, which is a major component of Saskatoon’s economy.

This article explains more about the city of Saskatoon and its popular attractions.

Top Attractions In The City Of Saskatoon

Have a look at the prominent attractions in Saskatoon city.

1. Prairieland Park

One of the most famous place in the city of Saskatoon is Prairieland Park, in the exhibition neighbourhood of the city. It is a hub of events and attracts people to join, celebrate, and enjoy. Many awaited premieres,s along with other events,s are being organized there for years.

You can also plan an event of yours to be hosted by them. Be it some industry event for business purposes, a fun ride for a seasonal vacation, live racing, an exhibition, or a tradeshow, everything is conducted very authentically. The venue satisfies all the locals and visitors of different tastes and purposes.

The food and other services provided are awesome, and it also provides a proper parking facility.

Location: 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7K 4E4, Canada

2. Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is the only destination for animal lovers in the city of Saskatoon. The park and the zoo feature a nursery, gardens, heritage buildings, and a zoo. This Natural Historic site is a treat for the residents and tourists.

Apart from the park, it has a recreational area and a Mac Donald’s playground for kids. The park is a good source of education and fun together for kids. a must-visit spot for families to know more about natural life.

Location: 1903 Forestry Farm Park Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7S 1G9, Canada

3. Saskatoon Farmers Market

Photo by Vishang Soni on Unsplash

Saskatoon Farmers Market is also a nice spot to explore in the city of Saskatoon. This is a place where you can experience the craft, food scene, diverse products, and people-watching simultaneously.

The market is meant for the local vendors who sell their local produces created by them from locally sourced goods. Purchase fresh and pure food items, vegetables, and bakery products from this oldest Farmers market in the city.

 Thus, the Saskatoon Farmers Market is very budget-friendly and popular among tourists. Certain events are also held there from time to time on special occasions like Merry Christmas or New Year.

Location: 2600 Koyl Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5X9, Canada

4. Wanuskevin Heritage Park

Wanuskevin Heritage Park is the oldest gathering place in the city of Saskatoon that celebrates the rich culture and heritage. Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture at this popular archeological site. You will learn about the area’s people, foods, and aboriginal artwork.

This is the ultimate spot that serves something interesting to each visitor. Walk around the exhibitions and art galleries displayed at the park. Or enjoy memorable in its hiking trails. They also arrange various educational programs, meetings, and events.

People of different tastes gather and enjoy together at this unique spot. There is also a playground for kids to have fun and a restaurant for visitors to get some food or refreshments. Several cultural programs,s including plays, dance performances, and workshops,s are also held there to engage people.

Location: RR 4, Penner Road, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J7, Canada

5. Ukrainian Museum Of Canada

If you are a fan of Ukrainian culture or want to learn more about it, you must visit the Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Several permanent and temporary exhibits are there showcasing unique artworks, ceramics, textile work, paintings, and wood works depicting the history and heritage of Ukraine. There is also a library and archives for visitors to explore.

Location: 910 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H5, Canada

6. Canadian Light Source

Canadian Light Source is the biggest research facility in Saskatoon, located at the University of Saskatoon. This is the biggest source of light in Canada. This is among the biggest projects in Canadian history,y with various scientists involved.

You can opt for a public onsite tour to learn in detail the history and contribution of scientists in different fields in this major research center. You can also be a part of their virtual tours to learn the minute details related to science.

Location: 950 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H6, Canada

7. Prairie Lily River Cruise

Photo by Georg Eiermann on Unsplash

If you wish to discover a unique way to explore the city of Saskatoon, the Prairie Lily River cruise is the best option. Experience the beauty of the lovely city while enjoying a cruise ride through the Saskatchewan River.

It takes one hour on the Prairie Lily cruise for sightseeing. The staff is very friendly and assures awesome services. You cannot carry any food items or drinks with you.

They sell snacks and beverages on board only. Dinner is also provided on the main deck of the cruise. Amenities of washrooms and climate control are also available on the deck.

 They also organize and host certain events and meetings if the visitors ask. You can plan any special gathering, meeting, or event on the cruise to have a beautiful and memorable experience.

Location: Box 255 RR#6 LCD Main, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J9, Canada

8. Western Development Museum (WDM)

It is a village street which has a network of four museums. The four locations are North Battleford, Saskatoon, Yorkton, and Moose Jaw.

You will also spot various interactive displays, galleries, and some theatre presentations. The displays and exhibits include cars, a display of old tractors and threshing machines, and artifacts.

This big museum has a huge collection of around 80,000 artifacts. They have also designed a section that reveals the agricultural and scientific progress in the city. You can easily spend two to four hours there without getting bored.

Location: 2610 Lorne Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7J 0S6, Canada

9. Saskatoon Jazz Festival

Photo by Jens Thekkeveettil on Unsplash

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is a leading music festival in Canada that attracts millions of visitors and music lovers worldwide. The festival starts every year in summer at the end of June and lasts ten days. It has become the prominent center for the promotion of Jazz music. This festival is among the largest Jazz festival in Canada.

Enjoy the high quality, live musical performances of well-known Jazz artists and emerging talents in the bright and colourful festive atmosphere. The festival is deeply rooted and has a cultural impact on society.

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

10. Meewasin Valley

Photo by Ed Wilgz on Unsplash

Another famous attraction in the city of Saskatoon is the Meewasin Valley trail which offers several amazing parks, beautiful landscapes, and fascinating views. This is quite a long trail and runs on both sides of the river.

The valley also provides a guided tour facility with information about the cultural backdrop, museums, and other prominent features. The Meeswasin Valley offers several attractions to tourists.s

  • In winter, you can also choose skating at Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink.
  • Enjoy the most amazing hiking experience at Beaver Creek Conservation Area.
  • Explore the wildlife and the natural flora and fauna around.
  • You can also join the Meewasin walking tour and discover more about the valley and the city of Saskatoon.
  • Have fun at the valley while birdwatching, camping, or biking.


Exploring the city of Saskatoon is no less than a delightful treat to anyone. The city,y with its many attractive spots, allows you to have a great and memorable time with your close ones. Apart from the heritage buildings, museums, and galleries, Saskatoon city is also charming for all shopping lovers.

Yes, there are numerous markets and shopping malls in the city. Also, a large number of restaurants are there to serve you mouth-watering foods. You can also enjoy a night out in the city with your friends while attending any festival or event held there or going to any popular bars or pubs. 


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