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Bluffers Beach: All-in-1 Guide For The Best Time!

Bluffers Beach

You’ll find people of two types- beach lovers or simply dull! Well, if you’re the former, you’ve got to love Toronto with some of Ontario’s best beaches, including Bluffers Beach.

Located in Scarborough and surrounded by the Scarborough Bluffs, Bluffer’s Park and Beach is situated to the south of Brimley Road alongside Lake Ontario.

The endless activities and attractions make it a great place to hang out with your friends and family and spend your holidays most memorably!

At times, a vacation is the only answer to clearing your mind and being away from tight work schedules! If you’re looking for one, what’s better than being on a beach, laying down on pristine sand, sunbathing, while you feel the cold waves gently caressing your feet? Too filmy? That’s what makes it interesting.

So, without beating around the bush any further, let’s look at some of the features of Bluffer’s Beach and guide you to an amazing experience!

Features of Bluffer’s Beach

Bluffer’s Park, formed to make the Scarborough Bluffs easily accessible, was formed by creating a flat space at the foot of the clay cliffs through gathering sand.

The towering bluffs are not very rigid and stable. One must keep the eyes peeled to watch out for falling sand as it keeps shifting inside. They are 15 Km long and located alongside Lake Ontario extending to East Point Park in Toronto.

Out of all Toronto beaches, Bluffers Beach is the cleanest and even though it’s an artificial beach, it has an authentic feel to it, maybe due to the forested area on the backside.

The sand at the beach is white and has lots of seaweed and no rocks at all. The cold water is very shallow towards the start and progresses to get deeper towards the end. It’s a lake beach and thus the waves aren’t very high like the tides in a sea.

No doubt, the beach is quite overcrowded on summer weekends and you may find long waiting lines at the food and boating joints.

The best time to visit is during the afternoon on weekdays and at sunrise and sunset every day. For timings, check updates on the web.

Crowded beach
Photo by Birolbali on Pixabay

There is one entrance and exit to the park which may create some inconvenience on weekends due to the large crowd.

The beach as well as the Bluffer’s park is pet-friendly and allows people to walk their pet dogs and cats on a leash.

For accommodation near Bluffers Park, there are various hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express, Delta Hotels by Marriott, in Toronto East, and others like the Best Western Plus Executive Inn, and the Broadview Hotel, etc. You can surf on Trip Advisor for more. 

Safety Criteria

It is a Blue Flag Beach that meets strict water quality and sustainability standards. A blue flag status certifies a beach as eco-friendly, safe, and with great water quality.

Swim Drink Fish- an organization dedicated to water conservation, operates Blue Flag in Canada.

Bluffers Beach originally had the poorest water quality due to increased levels of bacteria and didn’t meet the safety criterion.

The beach was categorized as dangerous and came with certain restrictions related to swimming in the water.

It was later in 2006 when various water quality tests were undertaken after Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and Investment conducted a study, that the water quality improved dramatically, and now, the beach is absolutely clean and safe for a swim.

These beaches must live up to the quality standards for being certified annually with the Blue Flag status.

Travel Options

There are various options you can choose from to travel to the Bluffers Beach destination-

First is the Toronto Transit Commission’s seasonal bus that starts from Kennedy Station and stops directly at Bluffer’s Park Beach. Both, the Scarborough and the Bloor-Danforth lines lead to the station.

There is lots of parking space at Kennedy Station as well which makes it the easier option. You also have access to facilities on the bus route such as provision for bike carriers.

The schedule and route can be checked on the website. The bus line for Bluffer’s Park and Beach is number 12 on Kingston Road’s direction.

The second is to drive to the beach in your car. However, the problem here is to find a parking spot and walk the long way to the beach.

The third would be by train. The nearest train station to Bluffer’s Beach is Eglinton Go.

Another alternative is taking a taxi to Bluffer’s Park, which is slightly expensive.

The city has two airports. Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of them. Scarborough Bluffs Park is around 40 km away from it. The other is Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport which is 16 km away from the park.

The best transport options from the airports to the park are the ferry and the train. However, the cheapest would be traveling in your car. Rates for each of these can be checked on the web.


Bluffers Beach has got to be one of the most fun places to be at! If you’re a beachgoer and feel like fishing, swimming, having a picnic, or going to the marina or parkland areas, Bluffer’s Park Beach is the answer! That’s not it.

You can also find boat launch and dockage areas for an increasingly fulfilling experience!

Photo by Michelle Maria on Pixabay

The sandy beach is perfect for a pleasant walk along the shoreline. If you’re out with a group, you can have a game of Frisbee or maybe Volleyball! A public-use net is also there for these sports.

Creating sand castles is one of the favorite activities for kids. Many visitors go to the beach to sunbathe at the beach whilst enjoying the scenic view. 

At night-time, it’s freezing which makes a barbecue with a bonfire the best option! Bluffers Beach is a picturesque place for partying with loud music and food on the beachside.

Just at the bottom of the towering bluffs, is Bluffer’s Park Marina which is the ideal place for boating and paddleboarding with a fuel dock and mechanic facilities. Toronto’s only sanctioned Mercury dealer is also present on site.

For concession, you can crash the snack bar which serves fast food like hot dogs, chips, colas, and more.

A pub and 2 restaurants are also available for grabbing a bite. You can also have ice cream from the ice cream truck The marina has a wide variety of fish which makes Bluffers Beach great for seasonal fishing!

Certified with the Blue Flag status, the Bluffers Beach water is ideal for swimming as well. There are numerous picnic areas at the site along with a bike trail for an interesting adventure.

Overall, Bluffers Beach is fully packed with entertainment and has countless beautiful picture-perfect views!


Some amenities provided at the beach include a drinking fountain, washrooms, parking lots, and a shower facility.

The stay at Bluffers Beach becomes very convenient due to proper seating arrangements like benches, made available.

To secure a parking spot, it’s better to arrive early to avoid parking elsewhere than the allotted lot. The cost for a parking spot is $1.50 per 30 minutes.

Parking in summer, from 5 P.M.-9 P.M. Monday-Friday, can take a maximum of $6 and $12 on weekends and holidays from 9 A.M.-8 P.M.

In winter, parking is free from Monday-Sunday 6 A.M.-12 A.M. Be careful while parking near the marina as some spots are exceptional which will cost you a lot.

There is a shower facility inside the changing rooms to freshen up and release tiredness. You will have to bring your shampoos, sunscreen, soaps, towels, and other essentials.

For security purposes, lifeguards are assigned to the beach and look after swim areas all days a week from 10:30 A.M.-7:30 P.M. Carrying lifejackets and tubes along with you is extremely important.

At times, there have been cases of fish bites and other injuries. In case of any accidents, report to the hospital -Scarborough Health Network- Centenary Hospital, which is nearest to the park. 


Another amazing fact that makes Scarborough Bluffs and Bluffers Beach a good place for every beachgoer is its exotic wildlife.

The bluffs are home to countless species of birds like Swans, Egrets, Geese, and Rock Pigeons.

Not only birds but various animals are also found in the bluffs such as coyotes, loons, and deer. It is advisable not to go near animals and birds to avoid causing any harm. You can click pictures from a distance with a permit.

Lake Ontario also features a large number of fish species such as the Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Chinook Salmon, and more.

The place is full of wildlife and greenery which is very fascinating and pleasant to look at!

Swan in Lake Ontario
Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

Other Attractions

Wondering if traveling to Bluffers Beach would be worth it? Definitely. Not only would you be able to experience the adventures at the beach, but you can also hit the various other places nearby. A few of these are:

  1. Scarborough Bluffs- The towering bluffs made of sand are extremely beautiful. The bluffs have various parks around them, with only one including a beach- Bluffer’s Beach at Bluffer’s Park.

  2. Bluffers Park Marina- The Marina is ideal for swimming, boating, and other adventures alongside an ethereal view. It is just 5 minutes away from Bluffer’s Park.

  3. Beach Village- A great destination for family outings with ice cream parlors and pubs to party! Another name for this place is ‘The Beaches’.

  4. Scarborough Crescent Park- A lawn with tennis courts, spray pools, and a playground.

  5. Aga Khan Museum- Visit the museum to look at some of the best Islamic and Muslim art.

  6. Birchmount Stadium- A large stadium for outdoor sports like rugby, field hockey, etc.

  7. Rosetta McClain Gardens- With a view of Lake Ontario, the gardens have a rock fountain and a huge variety of flora.

  8. The Local Vibe Tours Toronto- The best tour to explore the variety of food and drinks around the city.

In addition to Bluffers Beach, these places also attract crowds quite a lot. Stop by these places as well for a more exciting experience! 


Alongside the fun and adventure at Bluffers Beach, there are some rules and regulations to be followed. These are-

  1. For photography at the bluffs, a permission ticket is to be taken from the Park Bookings call center on the weekdays. It remains closed on weekends. Click pictures of the wildlife from an appropriate distance for your safety.

  2. Social distancing is necessary at the beach to conform to COVID-19 protocols.

  3. It is advised to wear a life jacket while in the water.

  4. Help maintain the high water quality and don’t litter on the beach. Picnic areas should be cleaned up before leaving.

  5. Alcohol consumption is not allowed on Bluffers Beach. Fine for it is $300.

  6. Swimming in restricted areas with no lifeguards is not advised.

  7. Scarborough bluffs are not pet-friendly and swimming is not allowed.

  8. Police are out patrolling regularly so it is important to maintain discipline.

These rules are formulated to conform to safety and security protocols and to avoid any mishaps or accidents at the beach. Safety is a priority!

These were some of the highlights of Bluffer’s Park and Beach in Toronto.

Going from being a low-grade beach with the poorest water quality to one of the best beaches in Toronto with a Blue Flag status given by Swim Drink Fish- the national operator in the country, Bluffer’s Beach has shown immense progress and is now quite a tourist attraction.

It is a great spot for hanging out, and partying as well as for activities like boating, swimming, paddle boarding, and fishing! The Marina and the Scarborough bluffs add to the prestige of this place.

So, grab your swimsuit and goggles, click gorgeous pictures, and be ready to break the Internet and have a blast because Bluffers beach is waiting for you!

Plan out your trip with this guide and hit the beach to make beautiful memories with your loved ones! 

If beaches are your thing, you can also check out the 11 best beaches in Toronto!


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