14 Best Kelowna Wineries

Ever think of holding a wine glass at its base between your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger and pouring it? You slowly churn it, inhale its aroma, and finally take a sip! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, the thought itself can make you wander the best wineries to visit or search for the places you can plan to satisfy your craving for wine.

The wine thing is one of the most fascinating experiences to have. Whenever we plan a trip to enjoy the destination, we always look for the best food, the best place with famous exotic items, and a drink to enhance our destination.

If you are looking for such kind of an enjoyable trip where you can track down an agreeable climate with evergreen landscapes, lakes, and good wine, Kelowna BC city is the destination for you.

best kelowna wineries
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Kelowna BC is the largest city in the Okanagan valley in Canada. This destination can be a short distance journey with a glimpse of enhancing sites like the wineries of Okanagan valley.

These Kelowna wineries are also known to be the creator of winemaking, famous for their quality and divine-tasting wines. These wineries are recognized worldwide for continuously winning awards for their vineyards. Approximately 86% of grapevines are cultivated and they still stay up to date.

It may not be the genesis of winemaking, but it is considered the heart and soul of winemaking in Canada. Canada has one of the busiest airports being an international wine country.


Established in 1807, the city of Kelowna BC had very few people initially. It gradually developed and became the third-largest metropolitan city in British Canada.

Father Pandosy, was the first settler who set up a church and a school that attracted other people to settle in the Kelowna area in British Columbia. He also started the Okanagan mission and formed the first white settlement in the British Columbia Interior.

best kelowna wineries
Photo by Kolby Milton on Unsplash

It becomes one of the best tourist regions in winter and summer. With a current population of about two lakhs, it has proved itself to be the best place for all visitors as well as for the residents. The city in the Okanagan Valley is surrounded by dazzling scenic belle vineyards, pine forests, orchards, and mountains.

Agriculture was primary, and the long sustenance of fruits made it the best farming land for orchards. Although Canada is one of the cold countries, its interior is relatively mild and dry, ideal for various grapevine orchards. Wines are considered healthy and the most hygienic beverages hence their popularity. Overall it has a complete package of excellent visiting store facilities.

The birthplace of modern Canadian wine making

  • Agriculture was primary,
  • The long sustenance of fruits made it the best farming land for orchards.
  • Although Canada is one of the cold countries, its interior is relatively mild and dry, ideal for various grapevine orchards.
  • Wines are considered healthy and the most hygienic beverages hence their popularity.
  • Overall it has a complete package of excellent visiting store facilities.
  • Niagara Lake hosts many of Canada’s oldest wine making vineyards.
  • They have produced wines of exceptional quality derived from grapes from all over the world’s varietal grapevine for over forty years.
  • The efforts of pioneering winemakers of the region helped propel Canada to world-class wines and placed Niagara-on-the-Lake as an excellent vineyard.
  • We live within an easy-to-understand border between Lake Ontario and the Niagara River.

Best wineries to start

After talking about the wine booming industry in Canada. Listed below are some of the most famous wineries that you should try for their exotic flavour and aroma.

Knowing about these will add to your desire for wine and help you satisfy that craving:

Canadian wines

1. The Vibrant vine

The Vibrant Vine is one of the wineries that have the art of making it by Wyn & Marion Lewis. They are already in the business for seven years preparing their wine from pinot vines.

Red grape wine from ancient times can be preserved for almost five years. The “ready to serve” wine is named to be pinot noir that tastes delicious and that can make you feel like drinking a classy wine.

Through its art of winemaking, the family started this business of wineries and made it a worthwhile journey in providing posh and natural wine.

They won a beverage competition held in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013 with an award titled “Best white wine in the world”

2. Priest Creek Family Estate Winery

The winery Priest Creek Family is an estate wine established in the 1800s by Darren and Jane. They provide you with the most exclusive wine composed of particular grape cultivation. They are cultivating with dedicated passion and remain very grounded towards their product.

Along with tasting their exceptional wine, you can also visit the most flourished mountain from all sides. The region is what makes it more special for activities in the area as it has historical significance.

It has its historical genesis as the plantation was first established by Father Pandosy (the first person among the settler in the city). 

3. Little straw Vineyard

The Little Straw Vineyard is a family-owned winery established in 1960. It is known for its exceptional Pinot Noirs and for producing the only Auxerrois Icewine in Canada.

The majority of grapes are from their own vineyards arranged on the lower inclines of Mount Boucherie close to Kelowna.

The winery provides a package of wines that exist with a divine taste. Plan a trip with your friends or family and enjoy the appealing iced wine by relishing its distinguished taste.

4. Ancient Hill winery

Ancient Hill Winery
Photo by Adam jones/ Flickr

Ancient Hill winery is one of the best, largest holding areas of wine shops and is quite near the airport. The cooler and terroir climate has made the grapes perfectly ripen and enrich their taste.

The owner has a vineyard site, and everything from plucking, fermentation, processing, and bottling is done in-house.

You will get your customized wine along with your preferred food—a must-visit place with an all-encompassing view of the valley.

5. Indigenous world winery

Indigenous World Winery is an entirely indigenous, old, and perfectly blended winery with its traditional culture in modern style.

It is located towards the west of Kelowna downtown and makes for a great view. The beautiful site has a glimpse of the ancient culture as well making it an excellent place for grabbing wine.

You must visit this winery to have traditional wine served with your favourite food.

6. Rollindale Winery Inc.

Rollindale Winery Inc. is the best west winery to provide premium organic wine. Although working through smaller wineries, its wine tastes excellent.

It gives you value for your money with its wine, without affecting the quality. They also have excellent customer service and provide you with all the information in a polite manner.

It also provides you with knowledge of all wines as different wines have different preparation methods and slight modifications can distinguish among all wines.

7. The hatch

At the Hatch, you find a wide range of collection of wines i.e. Red, White, Orange, rose and sparkling.

Mike Jason customs with the club with wide rooms you can roam around, making it a good place for hangouts and clubbing with friends. Best sparkling resort to stay in with a great view.

You will have comfortable and affordable prices for staying and enjoying up to the brink. All people can have a celebration and embrace the eccentricities of grape growing, winemaking, living, and drinking to the fullest.

8. Tantalus Vineyards

Tantalus Vineyards
Photo by nwongpr

By Taylor and Dave, the winery has some exceptional views. They believe in making wine from a single vineyard of outstanding pedigree that would encompass its aroma.

You can also discover the picturesque beauty of lakes and old historic-style vineyards which are glamouring their art in an interesting manner.

The presence of a gallery section all around will give you a glimpse of a nice feeling to dine in. A place with a great view and some good wine makes it a must-visit.

9. The View Winery & Vineyard

The View Winery & Vineyard is a family-owned estate winery, famous for its quality and for producing natural products. This winery is award-winning for the cool environment of whites and spicy reds.

Making history for the cultivation of apple-crafted forward cider, it has one of the finest orchard area plans in the region. Since its establishment in the 1920s, the vintage building is enriched with beauty and a welcoming stop for every wine visitor.

It provides completely homemade wineries and employs an opportunity to experience cider tasting. You just have to drive and experience the route going through downtown.

10. Meadow Vista Honey wines

The Meadow winery has the vision to manufacture wines through the rearing of honey bees. One of the most scientific ways to impart an initiative and provide outstanding wines.

They have lined up a vision of providing eco-foodies and wines prepared from bumblebees creating a sense of environment securing. So, as the name suggests itself it delivers excellent taste wine.

The exquisite ecosystem culture is what navigates you in this winery. This is something more of enrapturing thought to preserve it culturally. For this variation among all other wineries, this will be an ideal spot to visit the marvelous nature area and relish its beauty.

11. Sperling Vineyards

The Sperling vineyards winery brings forth organic and biodynamic wine, run by a family estate business from 1925.

The perfect aroma of organic flavour adds taste to the wine with the most polished, fresh texture and sterling effect.

The family has a long tradition of legacy and commends its ancestry for providing an exotic variety of wine. They are pleased to deliver wines to maintain their long-form of legacy and forward their ancestry with huge grandeur.

12. Cedar Creek Estate winery

Cedar Creek Estate winery
Photo by nwongpr

When we hear organic next to anything, the term itself draws your attention. It’s the same when you look out for a more healthy wine. Cedar Creek Estate Winery is the place to visit to taste organic wine.

It is situated on the shores of Oakan valley on 50 acres. Taylor Whelan’s winemaker also made wine for nearly three decades down the shoreline here.

The farming part is also fascinating to look around, as with the grapevines, they design a multi-approach ecosystem by rearing animals and bees. So, you can have an organic taste with each sip.

You can have the wine of Charrydonas, aromatic white, and pinot noir with your food. The bottle has its snapshot of a beautiful area, adding to your joyful experiences.

13. Nagging Doubt Winery

Nagging doubt winery is known for its artistic winery, with enough experience to deliver wines in the most convenient way that is possible in Okanagan.

The wine has been perfectly blended with the current and extremely old winemaking methods, that’s what makes it most exotic in taste. You should definitely experience these kinds of exotic products.

14. St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate winery

The St Hubertus & Oak Bay were established by J.W. Hughes in 1928 and started sustainable organic farming practices. Their journey has led them to produce a fine-textured wine without compromising its quality.

Since, its inception in 1984, the Gebert Family uses sustainable and organic farming practices in an area of 80 acres to produce the best quality of 100% estate-grown wines.

Specifically, located in the North Okanagan valley is familiar with tropical drinks and appreciates every bit of it. If you want to know more about wineries, check out this site.

End note.

Whether you choose to have traditional wines, current wines, or a perfectly blended wine, these lists will help you to save time and just head forward feeling cozy and experiencing the most of it.

Do explore the places listed when you get a chance. The place is not only for wineries but also for the scenic beauty, and cozy environment, and makes for a satisfying trip in the city of Canada.

You can also learn about other fun things to do with grapes, through this article.



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