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Where is Winnipeg in Canada? 7 Things to Know

Have you heard of Winnipeg? Where is Winnipeg in Canada? What is Winnipeg known for? Well, this article has everything you need to know about Winnipeg. Where is Winnipeg in Canada? Winnipeg, the Gateway to the West, is the largest city and the capital of the province of Manitoba. Winnipeg

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A Complete Guide to the Ottawa Art Gallery: 5 Amazing Things to Know

Located in the city's heart, the Ottawa Art Gallery(OAG) is a public art museum situated on traditional Anishinābe Aki. Established in 1988, the gallery illustrates new trends in cultural destinations. It is Ottawa's municipal's art gallery and aims at exhibiting and promoting the art and culture of Canada. Apart from

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10 Most Fascinating Animals in Canada

Canada’s natural diversity is so diverse. It is because of their various landscapes; the variety of the wildlife varies from landscape to landscape. Many of these animals are at the end of their existence or are already endangered. These species are occasionally seen and can’t be found anywhere other than

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The Tallest Mountain in BC and Its 4 Successors

Under the flag of Canada, British Columbia is a place imbued with natural sites to behold. With the Pacific Ocean on the one hand and rugged mountain ranges on the other, BC is home to beautiful landscapes, including beaches, lakes, coastlines, forests, plains, and deserts.  British Columbia is most popularly

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12 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Ontario in The Summer

Ontario, a province in Canada, has many beautiful locations to visit in the summer season. The province also accommodates the country’s capital city Ottawa and one of the big cities, Toronto. The Canadian Shield partly covers this province on the Northern and Western sides. Ontario is divided into 4 parts.

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Whytecliff Park: Essential Visitor’s Guide

Vancouver Island in British Columbia is loaded with almost everything intriguing, beginning with magnificent monuments, ancient buildings, and the dynamic charm that permeates the city. Unless it’s Stanley Park’s famed coastline or a photograph of the historic Steam Clock in Gastown, many spots in the capital confuse travellers. However, there

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20 Interesting Things to Do at Killarney Provincial Park

Nature lover! We got the perfect spot for you! Killarney Provincial Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Canada was founded in 1964. It is a municipality in Northern Ontario named after an Irish city with similar characteristics.  This 645 km² green desert is located approximately 4 hours north

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Whale Watching in Vancouver: 4 Fascinating Locations

Watching whales in their natural habitat can be exciting since they aren't species we see on a daily basis. For some, it's similar to bird watching, but trust me it is much more exciting. Whale-watching tours are arranged for scientific and educational purposes and bring in a revenue of over

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14 Best Kelowna Wineries

Ever think of holding a wine glass at its base between your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger and pouring it? You slowly churn it, inhale its aroma, and finally take a sip! Isn't it amazing? Yes, the thought itself can make you wander the best wineries to visit or search