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11 Best Toronto Museums: A Complete Guide

Toronto museums

Toronto, the largest and one of the most famous cities in Canada and the capital of Ontario, is a peculiar tourist destination. This lively city has a strong cultural background and serves its visitors with several attractions.

Toronto is known for its extravagant lifestyle, music scene, food, landmarks, art galleries, museums, restaurants, and bars. If you are willing to check out some of the best museums in Toronto, you are at the right place.

What’s Special about Museums in Toronto?

There are so many amazing museums that you can plan a special trip for which you won’t regret. They provide you with a wide range of information and displays from various fields, including history, art, craft, science, sports, nature, and culture.

The best thing about visiting museums is that they are family-friendly, and you can take your kids not only to enjoy but to enhance their knowledge as well.

Best Museums in Toronto

Have a look at the best museums:

1. Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto museums
Photo by Lotus Raphael on Unsplash

Royal Ontario Museum is a gem among all the museums. This is a highly reputed and one of the biggest museums in Toronto, with more than 40 galleries.

Get friendly with the world of dinosaurs, explore every minute detail about meteors, or experience the world’s diversified cultural aspects and natural history in one place.

What does it offer?

  • A separate kid’s area.
  • Exhibitions throughout the year. 
  • Brilliant artifacts and modern trends in several galleries.
  • Fossils and skeletons of various dinosaurs
  • Several cultural objects from ancient America, China, and Japan.

Address: 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, M5S 2C6

2. Bata Shoe Museum

Bata Shoe Museum is one of its kind, you will get overwhelmed by the countless footwear displayed here. The Bata Shoe Museum exhibits a variety of 

Bata Shoe Museum started as a personal collection of Mrs. Bata, who used to collect traditional shoes and other footwear-related objects from different parts of the world. Soon the group started growing, and her family planned to display it as a shoe collection in a museum.

What does it offer?

  • More than 12,500 shoes
  • Shoes from the early period
  • Shoes worn by celebrities.
  • A unique way of defining history, culture, and race through shoes from different periods.
  • and related items.

Address: 327 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M5S 1W7

3. Hockey Hall Of Fame

If you are a sports enthusiast, and if hockey is your favourite sport, then you must visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

What does it offer?

  • Details about famous hockey players
  • History of ice hockey. 
  • Various records, data and trophies, and
  • Information about players of the National Hockey League (NHL).
  • Several galleries and exhibits display the collection in artifacts and visuals.
  • The Stanley cup is the biggest attraction.
  • The entrance for kids up to 3 years of age is free.

Address: 30 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1X8

4. Aga Khan Museum

Aga Khan museum boasts the historical and cultural significance of Islamic art and Iranian art. This is the only museum exhibiting the Islamic world outside any Islamic country.

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

Explore the historical artifacts and scientific and cultural contributions of Muslim society to the world.

What does it offer?

  • Amazing art galleries
  • Decorative exhibitions, the museum also offers you to
  • The dine-in facility at its special Diwan. (Diwan is where visitors have the best foods inspired by South-Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines.)
  • Plan any personal event like a wedding or any private gathering under their lovely decor.
  • Shop from the museum’s shop, which has beautiful collections of jewelry, clothing, and home decor influenced by Islamic tradition.

Address: 77 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1K1

5. Ontario Science Centre

Learn everything related to science at Ontario Science Centre. Bring your kids and family and learn lesser-known facts about the secrets of science through their displays, workshops, exhibitions, and live demonstrations.

The museum is an amazing platform for students and teachers to learn about scientific approaches.

What does it offer?

  • Various activities enable kids to experiment with different things and learn science as fun.
  • The Rain Forest
  • Space Hall
  • Science Arcade,
  • The IMX theatre
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Live demonstrations.

Address: 770 Don Mills Road, Toronto, M3C 1T3

6. Textile Museum Of Canada

Up next on our list is the Textile Museum of Canada, which is popular for its impressive permanent collection glorifying the textile history of the world. You will gain a unique experience while exploring this museum, and for those keen to know more about fabrics worldwide, this is the right place.

The fabric in the museum varies from ancient times to modern and contemporary trends making it a good spot for visitors and a very informative place. 

What does it offer?

  • Huge collection of textiles, carpets, clothes, and mats
  • Quilts of different fabrics, designs, and colours-
  • Learn about the technologies used in the textile industry in different periods worldwide.
  • Gift shop in the museum from where you can buy some interesting textile works.

Address: 55 Centre Avenue, Toronto, M5G 2H5.

7. Museum Of Contemporary Art

Photo by Eva Gour on Unsplash

The Museum of Contemporary Art is a masterpiece that displays contemporary Canadian art. The art galleries and other items are displayed on the five floors of a historic building.

What does it offer?

  • Amazing artworks of local and international artists
  • A wonderful destination for art lovers to explore more about fine arts
  • Sculptures inside the museum.

Address: 158 Sterling Road, Toronto, M6R 2B7

8. Mackenzie House

Mackenzie House is a famous historical building in Toronto that turned into a museum. It is known as the very last house of William Lyon Mackenzie.

What does it offer?

  • An Insight into the Victorian Era
  • Ghost stories
  • An informative description of the house, society, and the people living in that era.

Address: 82 Bond Street, Toronto, M5B 1X2

9. Casa Loma

Photo by Tommaso wang on Unsplash

Casa Loma is also a historic house museum in Toronto. This is a heritage landmark owned by Toronto City. The castle is now well maintained for event purposes and is counted as a beautiful castle among Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations.

What does it offer?

  • Air conditioning
  • Theatre
  • Permanent exhibits displaying Canadian history and culture
  • Original furniture from the earlier period.
  • A long tunnel, stables, towers, and many decorated rooms.

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, M5R 1X8

10. Gardiner Museum

Gardiner Museum is well known for its exclusive and unique collection of ceramics. If you are fond of ceramic art, you must visit this museum. The museum is spread over three floors. 

Also, bring your kids to try their hands at clay art. Don’t forget to buy lovely ceramic products from the shop inside.

What does it offer?

  • Big posters giving information
  • Miniature clay figures representing society.
  • The third floor has a clay restaurant that gives a unique food experience
  • Educational talk shows
  • Clay classes
  • Lovely ceramic products to take home.
  • Artifacts, pottery, and porcelain from different parts of America, Asia, and Europe.

Address: 111 Queen’s Park, Toronto, M5S 2C7

The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the most interesting museums and the largest art museum in Toronto.

This is a nice place to spend your day with family and friends.

Photo by Sean Driscoll on Unsplash

What does it offer?

  • Amazing artworks and sculptures from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.
  • Large collection of Canadian and European art
  • Miniatures
  • Abstract art
  • Sculptures, and
  • Contemporary art.
  • You can also ask for a family membership to enjoy all its features.
  • The museum also offers shopping and dine-in facilities. 

Address: 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, M5T 1G4


It wouldn’t be wrong if we call Toronto a land of museums as the city boasts the top-class museums in the world.

In this article, we elaborated on the best and the most versatile museums in Toronto which you must plan to visit.

Get a full dose of fun, entertainment, and knowledge at these best museums in Toronto.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Royal Ontario Museum ( ROM ) is a museum of art, world culture, and natural history in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada. It attracts more than one million visitors every year, making the ROM the most-visited museum in Canada.
Q. What is the prettiest street in Toronto?
  • Ossington Avenue in Toronto was named one of the coolest streets in the world.
Q. What is Toronto famous for?
  • Toronto is known for its many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the tallest free-standing structure on land outside of Asia, the CN Tower.

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