What Are the Top 9 Nail Salons in Vancouver?

Nail salons in Vancouver

If you are planning to get your nails done in Vancouver, we have got you covered because this article will give you a long list of all the best nail salons in Vancouver you must explore.

A good pedicure is all we need and when it comes to nail salons, Vancouver houses plenty of them. A monthly pedicure helps keep your nails clean and moisturizes your hands and feet with proper nail care. Self-care is extremely important for our overall physical and mental well-being; so do not shy away from getting yourself pampered.

Top Nail Salons in Vancouver

It is recommended to have a pedicure every month to avoid fungal infections and keep your nails trimmed and squeaky clean. But, due to our hectic schedule, it is not always possible to take care of ourselves and I get it.

But, sometimes a little self-care does no harm and a good pedicure or manicure is way too relaxing and satisfying for our mental well-being.

So, ladies as well as gentlemen, if you are looking for top-notch nail studio in Vancouver, read the article through and know where to get yourself coddled.

1. Nailed It Beauty Spa

One of the best nail salons that top the list is Nailed It Beauty Spa which provides a healthy and clean ambiance for wellness and relaxation.

The salon focuses on more than just keeping your nails polished and hygienic. The quality is great and long-lasting and the high-end services surely take your nails to the next level.

High-quality nail products are used for pedicures and manicures and everything is dealt with by professionals to give a relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Gel polish is used as they are durable compared to traditional polish. Also, customers frequently request shellac services where the gel and regular polish are mixed.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Nailed It Beauty Spa

The team works with great sincerity to provide customers with the best pedicure and manicure services and there are various nail styles to choose from, including watercolour, abstract art, geometric patterns, and visual prints.

They also provide kids’ mani & pedi, lash extensions, lash lifts, and waxing. You can either make a pre-booking or just walk into the salon.

2. Yugen Nail Spa

Yugen is a family-owned business inaugurated in the year 2020, already received fame within 3 years. 

The customized and detailed nail art list is one of the finest in Vancouver and high-quality nail products are used for every nail treatment along with the newest technologies and tools.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Yugen

They provide nail colours for your every mood, personality, and occasion whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, or beach wedding.

The team is highly professional and certified and knows its job perfectly. Their flawless mani & pedi can never go wrong and will surely uplift your confidence and beauty.

In addition, Yugen also provides nail enhancements, skin treatments, waxing, Brazilian wax, and eyelash extensions. The rates are affordable as well with a convenient pre-booking system.

3. Ari Beauty

If you are crazy about pretty nail art that lasts long, you have to visit Ari Beauty in Downtown Vancouver.

This premier nail salon has been in for years and provides clients with best of the nail services. From a simple mani-pedi to a spendthrift package; they have it all.

They highly prioritize the satisfaction of the customers and feature a calming ambiance with high-quality services and amazing customer service.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Ari Beauty

By using top-class products and certified professionals, Ari Beauty has become one of the most well-known nail salons. They are always open to new ideas; thus keeping the environment very outgoing.

They provide nail colouring treatments, gel manicures, and nail extensions, along with threading, waxing, and lash treatments.

4. Crafty Nail Bar

Crafty Nail Bar comes with an array of services along with a talented and professional team to elevate your style. It offers pedicures and manicures with gel nail polishes and acrylic.

The high-quality images in their website gallery show their good and creative work along with the decent prices and you can either make a pre-appointment or just visit the salon directly.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Crafty Nail Bar

The staffs are too kind and friendly to the clients thus creating a healthy ambiance. In addition to pedicures and manicures, they also provide paraffin treatment, massage treatment, and waxing.

5. Joyride Beauty Salon

If you are looking for toxin-free nail treatments that are not harsh on your skin, Joyride comes to your rescue.

Joyride Beauty Salon is one of the best nail salons when it comes to eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan-free nail treatments and is the first toxin-free salon in Vancouver.

The three vital things that Joyride does not compromise on are the quality of the products, the quality of the service, and the hygiene of the salon.

With an extensive list of mani & pedi packages along with a warm and safe environment, this salon attracts a lot of customers daily.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Joyride

They provide water treatments that are sustainable along with traditional soak treatments and organic treatments. The team is certified, knowledgeable, and meticulous to keep their clients happy and content. You are surely going to leave the salon feeling confident.

They also sell top-notch organic quality Joyride beauty and wellness products and provide facials, waxing, and lash and brow treatments in addition to nail treatments.

6. Varnish Nails & Beauty

If you are looking for nail gift cards to present your special person, you have to go to Varnish Nails & Beauty as they have an extensive list of amazing gift cards.

The atmosphere of this salon is very relaxing and is a perfect spot to get pampered after a day of hustle and bustle.

The team of Varnish are independent practitioners and knows their job thoroughly. It is a paradise for the finest self-care.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Varnish Nails & Beauty

Spoil yourself at Varnish with classic pedi & mani, hydrating pedi-mani, bio colour mani-pedi, en Vogue treatments, creative nail designs, nail repairs and so much more.

7. Poised Nail Lounge and Spa

Poised Nail Lounge and Spa is a one-stop beauty salon, specializing in nails and hair. The boutique spa is squeaky clean and each tool undergoes sterilization after every use.

Foamy tools like buffers and toe separators are thrown away after every use, so if you are a cleanliness freak; this is your spot.

They provide a pyramid of nail treatments including classic treatment, express treatment, spa treatment, and nail extension along with a lot of add-ons.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Poised Nail Lounge and Spa

For big occasions like weddings or birthdays, pre-book in advance. Additionally, the salon also provides hair treatments, waxing, facials, lash treatments, and also a Poised Gift Card.

8. Me Time Aesthetics

If you are craving a relaxing foot massage, Me Time Aesthetics has got your back where you get to pamper your limbs with love and care.

The salon believes in respecting every human body and prioritizing it before anything.

The ambiance of the salon is calm and comfortable and the price is pocket friendly too with no compromise to the quality of the products and customer service.

nail salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: Me Time Aesthetics

The salon is not only about building and polishing the nails; it creates an awareness to be conscious about our nail health.

Another, unique thing about this salon is to experience Nageen’s Candle Land where you get to create your candles and then take them home.

The materials, fragrance, container selection, sparkles, and dry flowers will all be provided by the salon and you just have to be creative and enhance the beauty of your candle. Sounds fun right?

9. La Lotus Nail Spa

Looking for a luxury nail treatment with an affordable budget? La Lotus is one of the ideal nail salons for pocket-friendly but premium nail treatments.

The specialized and professional team deserves all the hype and is quite up-to-date with the latest innovations in the glamour world. They mostly specialize in nail treatments and you are surely going to feel content with their incredible services.

Nail Salons in Vancouver
Courtesy: La Lotus

Sanitation is sincerely taken into consideration and every client receives a personal kit for the treatments. La Lotus Nail Spa received the award-winning nail technician title of CABC and was also awarded the first position for ABA.

It is one of the largest nail salons and was also the gold winner for the top mani & pedi treatments.

Final Notes

With this, we have come to the list of all the popular and best-known nail salons in Vancouver where you can leave feeling beautiful and assertive.

Makeup is a choice but self-care is not; so take some time from your busy schedule and pamper yourself with a relaxing manicure and pedicure.

I am sure you won’t be disappointed with the amazing treatments and services provided by these best nail salons.

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