8 Best Nightclubs in Ottawa

Are you living in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada or just about to move there soon? If so, then there is great news for you.

These are the best nightclubs in Ottawa that you should check out immediately to experience a wonderful and fascinating night out with your friends and family.

Dance Floor, Some Live Music, and Great Night Club to Enjoy

Nightclubs are all about having a fun time and lots of entertainment with your favourite squad.

Nightclubs are the perfect destination that offers you a dance floor where you can dance night long on hip hop songs and sometimes you also have amazing live music played in the club by local artists and live bands in the background which is a perfect place for a dance and music lover.

best nightclubs in Ottawa
Image by Daniel Jiménez on Unsplash

And along with that, if you have gotten some great nightclub hosts, then you will get a lifelong clubbing experience in the city at night.

A nightclub is a modern and sophisticated place where you can enjoy good music with good food, have a great atmosphere, and spend a great night with your close ones.

A nightclub is a great spot where you can party night long till late hours and experience fantastic DJ nights without any disturbance, especially in those funky lights on the dance floors of the best clubs in Ottawa and enjoy the sleek and hip vibe of the best nightclubs in Ottawa city.

Some Cozy Space

A club can sometimes be one of the best locations that have an intimate venue that gives you a much more intimate and cozier atmosphere where you can dance on the dance floor with your partner or with close friends to great music and enjoy bottle service, cheap drinks, or freshly crafted beers in the small corners offered in the club.

Sometimes you can also spend a great time in the outdoor seating of the club which is a perfect place to chill and relax.

There are many best nightclubs in Ottawa that you can visit. You can also go to a budget-friendly Ottawa nightclub as the city has many of them and party till the time you want and experience the lavish nightlife of the best nightclubs in Ottawa.

Most Important – The Fun and Entertainment

A club can become your favourite spot and most visited place if you go there frequently on the weekends to enjoy yourself with your special people.

It is a great way to take out time for yourself from your busy schedule and partying in a club allows you to socialize with other people which will help you in calming your mind and will refresh your mood.

night club and pub
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

There are some best bars in Ottawa and a few pubs as well which not only offer you live music, live bands, DJ nights, drinking beer, an intimate venue, some important music venues, and a good food menu but you can also play games there, for instance, the bar offers board game can be played in the best nightclubs in Ottawa city at night.

So, clubs in Ottawa can be a good board game destination as well.

Best Nightclubs in Ottawa for an Amazing Fun Night Experience

There are some super exciting, best nightclubs in Ottawa that will leave you mesmerized.

Once you visit them, you would want to go there, again and again, to enjoy the night listening to wonderful live music, and experience hip-hop vibes night long on great music in this beautiful city at night, and live bands.

1. Pour Boy Pub

Pour Boy Pub is one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa, which is situated on Somerset Street. It has its proper address at 495 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J7, Canada.

The pub will offer you solid entertainment with some best music to dance to. Different types of music are played in this club such as classic rock, classic rap, modern alt-rock, and so on. So, this makes this pub perfect for you to dance with your family and friends.

It also features special events on the second floor and other events as well such as comedy events, rave nights, trivia nights, paint, and music nights.

pour boy pub
Image by pourboyottawa from Instagram

You can check out their Facebook page for more information. You can enjoy cheap yet super-flavouring drinks and amazing craft beers in this club in Ottawa.

Their food menu consists of a wide selection of delicious and mouthwatering food to choose from, and it also has vegan and vegetarian food on the menu which will give you an amazing experience for having your brunch.

The staff members are very amiable and down to earth, and their service is awesome. Try their pour boy burger, pour boy lager, chicken and waffles, blueberry beer, different types of fish, and truffle cake for a nice dessert.

The pub offers distinct seating, and the patio area is very cozy and great.

On Friday, bingo night is organized which is good and fun. These bingo nights are very enjoyable with friends.

They have a very nice selection of beers and cocktails which you will enjoy drinking. It is a great drive bar in Ottawa where you can enjoy yourself continuously and spend your night with your friends.

It is a must-try pub in Ottawa especially when you want to hang out with your friends. It is one of the highly recommended pubs in Ottawa to make your night a splendid one, a great casual spot with a nice atmosphere.

2. CITY at night

City At Night is one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa which is situated in downtown Ottawa. City at Night is the perfect club that will provide you with the best parties and clubbing vibes and standard drinks. You can enjoy your favourite drinks at the bar that this club has.

City at night
source: cityatnight.ca


They say – “Ottawa’s primary exponent of electronic dance music – Programmed and hosted by the Canadian capital’s most prominent DJs and promoters – Not only a club and events venue, but also a place for culture and community.”

The City at Night club has an amazing arrangement of live music, hip-hop culture, and wonderful and exciting DJs where you can party all night and enjoy the downtown Ottawa nightlife.

Bottle service is also available in this downtown Ottawa club. Many theme events and other events also take place such as private events, a celebration of birthday parties and most important of all great music and dances.

The city at Night club takes care of its guests very well and always puts great effort into fulfilling the demands of its customers; for this reason, it is one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa.

The service is fast and amazing. People in this club are always found to be busy dancing on the dance floors and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

The space of this club is small and nicely decorated, making it cozier to spend the night with your special people.

CIty at night club
source: cityatnight.ca

The City at Night club has a fun crowd, the space is dark and intimate, and international events are also organized here.

If you want to have the best party with your all-time favourite and great music like techno or house music with a mind-blowing sound system, then this amazing club named City at night in Ottawa has got you covered.

So, quickly go and check out this outstanding club that has its address at 222 Slater St., Ottawa ON K1P5H8, Canada.

3. Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa

Barrymore’s Music Hall is one the best nightclubs in Ottawa, situated on Bank Street, and is a fantastic club, concert venue, and music hall that has amazing live music, and its proper address is 323 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X9, Canada.

The music hall offers great music festivals, wonderful and unique bands, and solo artists who perform very well which makes it a great place for enjoying parties.

Barrymores Music Hall Ottawa
Source: By P199 – Own work, Public Domain

The lighting of this club is good, and the layout of this club is designed as a music hall that gives theatre vibes.

You can follow their Facebook page for more information and updated news regarding the events. This music hall has an excellent bottle service for their customers and they even host film screenings as they have big screens.

The club also has several floors, the walls are mirrored, and it is a great party and authentic music venue in Ottawa city, making it one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa.

They have often been found offering free tickets to people which saves the entrance fee. So, before going to this music hall, check their website once.

The atmosphere of this club is elegant and sophisticated with some energetic vibes as the club offers the best kinds of music such as special house music, retro music, hip hop, and so on, where you will have a great time dancing.

So, if you are a fan of good bands, big screens, great live shows and live music, and acts. Then, this club is for you.

The club is very spacious with the proper seating arrangement where you can enjoy concerts and the most amazing events that are offered here.

So, go and grab a corner of this club and enjoy the nightlife of Ottawa drinking beer and dancing to some fascinating hip-hop music.

4. Rainbow Bistro

This is another amazing and classy party club in the Byward market of Ottawa city and the best live music venue which has a lot of space to watch these live events from, either from the front side or from the balcony at the second level.

Rainbow Bistro
by Laura Collins on Rainbow Bistro’s facebook

It is a perfect destination to experience great music and some local playing band at night, making it one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa.

This club is located at 76 Murray St, Ottawa ON K1N 5M6, Canada. It is a great place where you can get all the entertainment and fun in abundance.

You will get to experience a diverse crowd in this one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa. It is the best place for music lovers to enjoy a top-notch musical performance at night with some hip-hop vibes.

The layout of this club is decent and nice, the club offers great beers on its menu and also has a pool table, and the space is pretty intimate with a good sound system which you are certainly going to love.

The management of this club is great and well-mannered. This club in the Byward market offers chill vibes, and many events also take place here such as blues open mic nights, talented acts, amazing shows which are very lively, live bands, and many more.

The drinks offered are very delicious and are also budget-friendly. You should try this club for sure which is in the Byward market area for experiencing a super happy night out with your people.

5. Clocktower Brewpub

This fancy Brewpub in Ottawa is the longest-established service that serves authentic craft breweries with a great variety of rotating beers and a scrumptious food menu that has a wide variety of delicious food dishes.

So, if you are looking for a place in Ottawa where you can enjoy unique and classy beers, you will love this place in the city. The pub has its headquarters located at 575 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5L7, Canada.

Image by clocktowerbrewpub from Instagram

The food here is prepared exceptionally and the service is also exceptional. The staffs are awesome and accommodating.

If you want to go out somewhere to have a nice brunch or meal with your family, visit this cool and classy brewpub in Ottawa city as it has a great patio space that is dog friendly where you can enjoy the nice weather with your favourite wine.

The indoor space is nice too. The pub offers great food starting from their tacos which are a must-try, to some tasty wings, fish and chips, fries, and lettuce wraps, and don does not leave the place without trying raspberry wheat which is a refreshing beer.

You can plan group gatherings with your friends or colleagues and if you want to have a conversation with some tasty food and pint artisan beer, then choose this place for doing so.

If you go downstairs to this pub, then you will see that it has great space for live performances. The basement also has a space where large parties can be organized.

6. The Loft Board Game Lounge

Located at 14 Waller St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9C4, Canada, this is the best place to play over 700 board games, a perfect place for any game lover.

Image by theloft.to from Instagram

You can enjoy with your friends, playing super fun board games here as the place has a lot of space and great seating arrangement.

Just visit this place in Ottawa city and choose which board game you want to play, and the knowledgeable staff of this place will provide you with a suitable game of your choice.

You can also take your kids to this amazing loft. What a wonderful way to spend your night in the city. The loft is quite busy as many university students are found playing board games here.

Along with some best board games, this place also offers the best food on its menu which you can try such as Ceasar salad with grilled chicken, nachos, and caramel popcorn which are served in ample portions.

All this you can enjoy with ice-cold beers. You can also go here for having a super tasty dinner or lunch with your friends while playing video games. This game lounge is all about gaming and entertainment.

7. Mercury Lounge

Mercury Lounge is a nightclub located in Byward Market that has its address at 56 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, ON K1N 7A2, Canada.

It is one of the best nightclubs in Ottawa where you can dance all night and have fun and entertainment.

Best nightclubs in Ottawa
Image by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

This club in the Byward market is a hidden gem for massive parties. Different styles of DJs, bands, and great live music performances are offered here with a perfect dancing floor where you can groove with your friends in the city all night.

This cozy and wonderful club in Ottawa is a must-visit place to enjoy local as well as international talent and music of all genres such as hip-hop, disco, funk, jazz, electronic music, and soul which will make you dance especially on hip-hop beats, making this club as one of the most entertaining and best nightclubs in Ottawa.

The special quality of this club is that it has not one but two dance floors and on both dance floors, you will get to listen to different types of music.

ABOUT ( According to ra.co)

Open since the ’90s, the four-floor Mercury Lounge has been central to Ottawa’s arts scene. Primarily and traditionally a jazz club, Mercury has been working towards combining jazz with electronic music culture and artists. Mercury Lounge serves as a club, concert venue and a recital and exhibition space for other forms of art.”

So, do not miss visiting this chill club with a trendy crowd of amazing people, a cool dance floor to dance at, friendly staff with their phenomenal service, and funky vibes to make your night extraordinary, and most of all this club will give you the best nightlife that is located just right in the heart of Ottawa.

This club will give you the vibes of being at a house party, a great place to chill with your friends.

Check out the video on their Insta page.

8. The Moon Room

The Moon Room is the perfect lounge to hang out with your friends having a great patio at the back of this lounge which gives romantic vibes.

The Moon Room
Source: foursquare.com

Enjoy the classiest cocktails in this lounge which has a variety of flavours with food that is very delicious and full of ingredients.

Also, try the cocoa Caliente cocktail, Pierre noel cocktail, and espresso martini, you will love them. Along with that, you can have great meals here.

Enjoy the dinner with tapas-style dishes and a greater variety of food provided on the menu. The truffle popcorn and moon board charcuterie served here are very tasty and delish and also the truffle popcorn has salty notes that go very well with a cocktail or a beer. So, do try them.

The service is friendly, the staff of this bar is professional, and the atmosphere of this place is cozy and intimate and has beautiful lighting which makes this place the perfect venue to spend your evening.

This bar has the address at 442 Preston Street, Ottawa K1S 4N6, Canada.

best nightclubs in Ottawa
Image by M.S. Meeuwesen on Unsplash

So, if you are looking for a place to spend your night with some excellent drinks and with great ambiance. Then this is the right place to enjoy amazing creative cocktails and wine with your lovely people and have a splendid night.

It is a warm bar in Preston Street where you can just feel relaxed and do conversations with your friends and family while enjoying the authentic cocktail.

Why Ottawa’s Nightclub?

There are various great nightclubs in Ottawa where you should at least go for once. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and being the capital city of Canada, it has lots of superb destinations that attract thousands of tourists every year.

Among all these beautiful destinations that Ottawa city offers, one of the best places to visit here is the nightclubs.

These best nightclubs in Ottawa are the perfect place to do clubbing and they will give you a lifelong experience that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

It becomes important to come out from the all-day boring routine and do something exciting and for this, a nightclub will be the right place to have all the fun and entertainment.

You can spend a fantastic night with your loved ones in the best nightclubs in Ottawa. And if you are worried about the cost, then don’t worry as there are many best nightclubs in Ottawa that are not that expensive, and you can enjoy your nightlife in a pocket-friendly club in the city.

Once you will go to these best Ottawa nightclubs, you will find that it is worth the cost and none of your money has been wasted.

The nightclub offers you all the enjoyment and relaxation that you want to experience. If you want to spend quality time with someone special, then what can be more perfect than taking your partner to a nightclub?

So, do not miss a chance to visit any of these 8 best nightclubs in Ottawa and have a rocking nightlife.


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