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Top 12 Unique Ottawa Beaches to Visit This Year!

Ottawa beaches

Who doesn’t like beaches? Ottawa is such a sandy paradise with a splash of refreshing water. It has 4 public beaches and more than 900 lakes.

Ottawa beaches are adored for their beautiful settings to have picnics, sunbathe, barbecue sessions, swim, or relax. They also rent out kayaks, canoes, and more.

They also offer various facilities like change rooms, lifeguards, snack bars, picnic tables, washrooms, wheelchair-friendly, and walking trails. Some playgrounds have volleyball nets and can play various games.

While these beaches are quite crowded sometimes, the visit is so worth it.

1. 12 Unique Ottawa Beaches

1.1. Rideau Yacht Club Beach, Lower Lake Rideau

This beach is one of the secluded beaches in the province. It is at Rideau Ferry Yacht Club’s Conservation Area. It is in the Lower region of Lake Rideau which is between Smith and Perth’s Falls.

This region is a 10-Acre area that is also a renowned park. The park also offers a beach famous for swimming, changing rooms, barbeque & picnic areas, boat launches, and also Outhouse. To park your vehicle, there is a certain fee.

Ottawa beaches
Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash

It is also a great place for dogs and their owners, and nature lovers. It is loved by family due to the shallow water with the peace around it.

This Ottawa beach also further down the lane becomes the part of Rideau canal which goes as far as Kingston. There are also wetlands for birds near the river Tay just near the beach.

1.2. Mooney’s Bay Beach, Ottawa

This is one of the only public beaches that are just in the city, on the Rideau River. This is situated at 2926, Riverside Drive.

This Ottawa beach has a huge area that is best for sunbathing and kids. You can also see the Hogs Back Falls, near the beach.

There is also a park next to it known for its events in summer. These events include the renowned HOPE Volleyball fest in July and much more. This park also has a theme playground known as Giver 150 Playground.

Mooney’s Bay Beach
By Paul McKinnon from Shutterstock

This beach offers many amenities like a picnic site, snack bar, and walking trails perfect also for biking, washrooms, change rooms, supervised swimming, and much more.

You can also see paddle board rentals and volleyball net rentals at Mooney’s Bay.

1.3. Petrie Island Beaches, Orleans

This is a combination of 3 beaches. These three beaches are West beach, East beach, and Centennial beach. This is one of the preferred beaches. This is at the end of east Ottawa in Orleans.

It is very crowded during the summer due to its great settings but it is a great public beach for families and kids. This place is also a fishing ground.

It is a great place to do swimming and relax. This place is also a go-to site for naturists and gets to hike across the island. There are trees on the beach that gives you a more natural feel to the beach.

Ottawa beaches
Photo by Chelsey Faucher on Unsplash

You can rent out beach volleyball, SUP, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. There are also many picnic tables to sit at and have a bite at. There is also a parking area which has a certain fee. There are lifeguards here who supervise the beach.

1.4. Robert Simpson Park Beach, Arnprior

This is a great, maintained, and clean beach that is in Arnprior, Ottawa. This is so where the Madawaska River and Ottawa River meet. It is almost 30 minutes or so away from Ottawa.

This beach is taken care of by the town, and it is heavily supervised by lifeguards. This park is dog-friendly and is loved by dog lovers and owners.

Robert Simpson Park Beach also has walking trails that go to the falls and dam on the Madawaska River. There are also gardens where you can sit and relax, making it one of the perfect beaches for a family or a weekend getaway.

There are also fountains, band-shells, and much more here to experience. They also avail amenities like picnic tables, splash pad, gazebo, food stand, play structure, and washrooms.


1.5. Britannia Beach, Ottawa

This is one of the most popular beaches in Canada. This beach has been a core tourist attraction for more than a century. It is at 2805 Carling Ave, near Ottawa Downtown.

It overlooks a large stretch of Ottawa river or Lac Deschênes remains. In the 1900s, the beach was lined up with waterfront piers and carousels. But now all these are long gone.

Britannia beach is almost the same as the rest of the beaches with facilities. These include picnic tables, washrooms, lifeguards, shaded sports, volleyball, and a free parking lot. There are play structures for kids and water fountains too.

but it has 2 sailing clubs where sailboats are often seen in the sea.

For ice cream lovers, there is a hidden ice cream store known as Beachconers for the best ice creams. It is simply the best Ottawa beach to come with family, date, or just by yourself for a moment of peace.

Britannia Beach
By Julia Pare from Shutterstock

1.6. Westboro Beach, Ottawa

This super beach is in the city of Ottawa. It is on the Sir John A MacDonald path for biking, on the western shore of the Ottawa river.

This beach is one of the most famous beaches in the country as it has the most amazing views.

This is a perfect place to visit with your family or partners to relax and have a calm time here. The trees here give a natural touch to the beach with enough shade and greenery.

This beach is also a perfect place to lie down, sunbathe, and have a drink or meal. They facilitate washrooms, change rooms, parking spots, lifeguards all the time, and a canteen. There are also hotels to stay in near the beach.

One of the must-visit cafes here is the Westboro Beach Cafe where they serve the best snacks with live karaoke and music. It is one of the preferred beaches.

1.7. Pine Point Beach, Deep River

This unique Ottawa beach is a major must-visit attraction of the Ottawa valley. Pine Point beach is along the Ottawa river and boasts over 200m of sandy shoreline.

The riverbed later drops over 100m by an immediate plunge into deep water. This is one unsupervised sandy beach. It is also rich in water where you can find clams and weed patches.

While this place has no specific picnic areas or supervision, they do have a majestic mixed forest, walking trails, washrooms, and a parking area. Near the Deep River Marina, you can also find a boat launch.

Always keep your eyes open for Bald eagles while visiting Pine Point.

The water here is very safe, as the water here is checked weekly by the Ottawa Public health.

1.8. Lake Clear Beach, Eganville

Set in the Bonnechere Valley, the crystal-clear waters of this Ottawa beach are its prime factor. The fine white sand is almost 12m by 60m, which is just perfect for new swimmers.

Although the beach is an unsupervised public beach and has no picnic area, it is so worth it. There are compost toilets for all.

You can go snorkelling, swimming, and even paddle from the paddle boards to Hurds Creek. You can see snapping turtles, peregrine falcons, and much more animals above the cliffs around.

It is also one of the calm places where you can sit, relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. It is open all year round. You can even stay here in the nearby rental cottages.

1.9. Charleston Lake Provincial Park Beaches, Lansdowne

Ottawa beaches
Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

Situated in the extension of the Canadian Shield, Frontenac Arch, the beaches here are one of the most loved beaches in Canada.

Prince Charleston Lake is the centre point of the park. It is great for hiking, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, going on Paddleboards, camping, and wildlife watching.

The lake has almost 75km of shore and has various islands, coves, and even bays. While the Ottawa beaches have no supervision but there are washrooms, change rooms, campgrounds, barbecue pits, water taps, and even a pet beach near Shady Ridge Beach.

You can rent out kayaks and canoes.

1.10. Burntown Beach, Braeside

This beautiful beach is in Braeside/ McNab along the Madawaska River. It is just 35 minutes away from Ottawa.

This beach offers guests a wide sandy beach shore, play structures, picnic tables, canteen, washrooms, grass region, snack bar, rowing area, and change rooms. There is also a boat launch.

You can go canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, sunbathing, sailing, and much more. Make sure to go to Burntown’s shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and much more.

1.11. Petawawa Point Beach, Petawawa

This is yet another unsupervised Ottawa beach. Petawawa point beach is just perfect to have a relaxing time. It is at the junction of the Ottawa river and Petawawa. There is also a premiere park with a waterfront.

The water here is checked every day and cleaned by the officials. Due to its vast area, you can get a secluded place to relax and enjoy nature. It is also one of the largest Ottawa beaches.

Ottawa beaches
Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

They offer a boat launch, canoe, kayak, SUP, stunning vistas, a snack bar, and much more. There is also a group of islands across the River Ottawa to Quebec. It is the perfect area to go paddle boarding. It is also open all around the year.

You can also go windsurfing, sailing, and various other activities. It is also a dog-friendly park but you have to pay a fee to park your vehicle in the parking lot.

1.12. Silver Lake Provincial Park Beach, Lanark County

Silver Lake Provincial Park is near Maberly town in Lanark County,just 1 hour away from Ottawa.

This beach is small, clean, clear, and amazing. This is a perfect place for families. This small beach is the main attraction of the park. The water samples of the beach are checked weekly.

They offer paddling, fishing, and swimming. There is also a picnic shelter, barbecue pits, a swim area, and play structures, but there are no lifeguards. They also have campsites to stay in longer.

You can rent out Canoes and kayaks. The marsh walks at the east end of the lake is a comfortable home to bullfrogs, red-winged blackbirds, Mallards, and painted turtles.

This is considered one of the best beaches in Ottawa.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Is it safe to swim in the Ottawa River?

Ans- Yes, it is very safe to swim in the Ottawa River and the oceans here are also clean and clear.

Q.2. Is Ottawa safe for tourists?

Ans- Yes, it is one of the safest cities in Canada.

Q.3. Is Britannia Beach free?

Ans- Britannia beach is accessible to all. The parking lot is free but have to rent a volleyball net.

Q.4. Which beach is closest to Ottawa?

Ans- The beach closest to the city is Mooney’s Bay. It is right in the city and easily accessible.

Q.5. Does Ottawa have any beaches?

Ans- Ottawa has 4 major beaches and more than 900 lakes and rivers. There are more minor beaches across the province that is loved and crowded.

3. Conclusion

These are some of the famous and unique beaches in and around Ottawa. These Ottawa beaches are just perfect to have a calm and relaxing time. Some other beaches and waterbodies are just this great.

These Ottawa beaches are perfect for family getaways and romantic weekends. Make sure to visit the list above to plan the perfect beach day on the perfect beach.

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