Bayfield Ontario: 6 Key Points to Know

Bayfield Ontario

Bayfield Ontario is a beautiful small town in Canada located alongside the sandy shores of Lake Huron. Bayfield is a municipal community that belongs to Bluewater, Huron County located in the southwestern region of Ontario in Canada.

The Bluewater municipality includes Bayfield, Bruce Field, Dashwood, Verna, Hensall, and Zurich. The majority of the population of Bayfield, Ontario is accounted to the Canadian people. 

Bayfield, Ontario is one of the most popular tourist destinations with the historic main street as the popular destination.

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1.1 History

It was founded in the year 1832.  Baron van Tuyll van Serooskerken and Carel Lodewijk purchased land approx to around 388 acres from the Canadian company. The land was part of a major share accounting for the Huron tract of Ontario.

In the next 10 years from this, a plan was laid out two built two mills namely grist and lumber, for the Bayfield community. The plan was proposed by the British naval officer Admiral Henry Wolsey Bayfield who personally chose the site for setting up the community of Bayfield.

Bayfield river has its significance by acting as a natural harbor for shelter. This waterbody served as the main portal of entry by traveling the route from Detroit and Goderich.

When the population of Bayfield, Ontario just accounted for around 125, the place was equipped with a brickyard, a distiller, two tanneries, two blacksmiths, and a wagon and plow-making shop.

By 1870 the place got converted into a permanent settlement as a large Bayfield community harbor. Bayfield, Ontario was converted into a village in the year 1876. The population of the Bayfield village accounted for around 876 at that time.

Bayfield, Ontario was finally acclaimed as a heritage conservation district in the year 1982.

Since that time many developments occurred in Ontario Bayfield such as the building of railways and the town hall. Later on, the area of Bayfield merged with the Stanley, Hensall, Zurich, and Hay to create a community known as the Bluewater municipality.

1.2. Geography and Population

The total land area of the town of Bayfield, Ontario accounts for around 2.79 km square. The population of the area in the year 2016 was around 1218 which rose to 1250. Out of a total of 906 private dwellings, 628 are only occupied. This data is following the 2021 Census of the Population by Statistics Canada.

As per the climatic changes of Bayfield, Ontario, rain and snow storms are seen because of its vicinity to the shore area. The presence of turquoise waters located at the eastern shore of Huron Lake heavily influences the rain and temperature changes in the region.

1.3. Bayfield Historical Society

The Bayfield historical society is a cultural building that is known to preserve the rich heritage and background of the place. This place serves as a legacy for the upcoming future generations.

It is registered as a non-profit organization and has an affiliation with the Ontario Historical Society since 11th December 1976. This historical society of the Bayfield helps in discovering, collecting, classifying, presenting, and publishing the materials or artifacts belonging to the history of Bayfield, Ontario, and its people.

The collections made by the Bayfield Historical Society are in the form of newspapers, photographs, diaries, directories, postcards, artifacts, cemetery records, voter registration lists, censuses, assessment rolls, clippings of obituaries, and all important events occurring in the region of Bayfield.

There is a service fee that is offered separately for researchers and photocopy, scanning, or any email of the material.

1.4. Transportation

The Bluewater Highway, also known as Kings Highway 21, runs through Bayfield, Ontario. About 20 kilometers south of Goderich is where it is situated.

1.5. Attractions of Bayfield, Ontario

The village of Bayfield, Ontario situated on Lake Huron is quite charming with its various attractions. It ranges from the historic downtown to the beautiful parks, boutique shops, and beaches are all must-visit of this place.

1.5.1. Village Bookshop

Village bookshop is one of the great places while visiting Bayfield and is located in the southwestern region of Ontario. There may be even some signed copies of great writers and authors available there. While wandering on the streets of the historic main street there are many great shops and stores to be checked out in the historic downtown area.

There is a great scenic beauty covering the area and you may end up finding an art studio located in a small barn. There is a kitchen shop called the gravy boat which has all the essential culinary stuff and gadgets.

Not to miss is the shop called Hive which has a range of variety from clothing, home décor, and other essential accessories.

For the love of art and crafts, there are some great art galleries to look out for like Bayfield art gallery showcasing the work of local artisans, Marten art gallery with some unique and exquisite work, and Patina presenting some fine arts and crafts by the local artists.

1.5.2. Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is one of the most beautiful parks to relax and for some picnic fun. It has a large green open space with breathtaking lake views to enjoy the serenity this park offers.

Pioneer Park is a privately owned park that overlooks the views of Lake Huron. For all nature lovers, sunset watchers, or dog walkers, the park is just a great blend for the walking tour, relaxing, and enjoying the silence and calmness of nature.

Image by Just4deb3933 from Pixabay, Copyright 2016

1.5.3. Beaches

The most favorite place in Bayfield Ontario to visit is the main beach. It is one of the sandy beaches in the area with some driveway facilities, parking, and public washrooms.

The beach offers a great view of the sailboats going into the Marina of the village. The platforms or the pier for the ships and boats is built right beside this popular spot of the main beach.

Other beaches of the Ontario Bayfield area are Houston Heights, Howard, and Pioneer Park. Well, the favorite of all is Pioneer park which is a sandy and rocky beach. These beaches are all accessible by a wooden staircase of around 90 steps or so.

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1.5.4. Residential Streets

With the serene views of the place, there are some residential streets along the way that can be visited and enjoyed along the way. Particularly Colina street, Catherine street, and Chiniguy street coming along the way from the historic downtown to Pioneer Park.

The street is lined up with some beautiful trees, beautiful gardens, shops, homes, and cottages.

1.5.5. Farmers Market

Well, one of the best ways to enjoy the Bayfield community is to visit the farmers market. It is a weekend market that operates in Bayfield. 

The location of the farmer’s market is Clan Gregor Square where the farmer’s community sells their local goods. Do visit the place and support the local vendors in the farmers market.

1.5.6. Restaurants

What’s a place without some great food and drinks? Well, Bayfield has some great restaurants with great food to be served. A range to choose from eateries, pubs, and dine-ins.

There is one of the finest inns in the Ontario region called The Little Inn which offers two options for dining. One of them is the Willow room which is a great spot for brunches over the weekends or dining experiences.

Another dining option is the four-in-the-hand taproom which is a pub of the inn that offers a great menu for lunch and dinner. Reservations are required for this pub space in the little inn.

The black dog village pub is among the ideal locations for enjoying delicious food. It offers a great pub-style menu for food, beer, and cocktails which makes it the favorite place among the locals and tourists visiting Bayfield. The black dog pub is located in the General Store building of the Bayfield village since the year 1850.

It is a very popular spot among people for food and waiting in queue if want to seat on the patio.

A bistro with a seasonal food menu is also a must-try when in Bayfield. The place is called the Lake House of Bayfield Bistro offering fusion and twisted versions of dishes. There is also a dining al fresco on the front porch for some dining in and drinks with great views of the main street or the private garden.

Olio and Olio too are there for some great Italian homemade pizzas and pasta. Another option for pizzas available is the Pizza by the Square.

1.5.7. Ice-Creams

There is always room for some desserts and especially when there is ice cream for grabs. The most in-demand is Rosie’s ice cream Shoppe. They serve some hard and chilled ice cream from the London ice cream company and even some frozen yogurts and gelato.

Next in line is the place called Copenhagen known for ice creams and even for some tacos, fish, and chips.

1.5.8. Coffee and Bakery

Shop bike coffee roasters are one of the best places to have a great blend of coffee roasters. The place even offers some great stuff to shop ranging from coffee mugs, tee-shirts, branded merchandise, and some freshly roasted coffee beans.

The pink flamingo bakery and boutique is a renowned bakery and retail establishment. The bakery has a lot to offer on the menu ranging from cupcakes, scones, cookies, squares, and many more.

Apart from the baking items of the Pink Flamingo, there is some tea, coffee, and pink lemonade which is the signature drink of the place.

1.5.9. Stay in Bayfield, Ontario

Visiting Bayfield will just not be good for day trips but can be a great overnight trip and stay. One of the great places to stay is the little inn of Bayfield with a classic ambiance in the dining area and rooms.

There are even Airbnb properties on offer located on the west coast of Ontario.

It is a beautiful place with some great beaches, clear turquoise waters, charming history, and good food.

1.5.10. Bayfield Arena

The Bayfield community center and the arena is a community center spread across 16000 square feet. It is a place for hosting some great events and is enriched with all the facilities and experienced staff to help you through.

1.6. Language, Arts, and Culture

The Bayfield community has the majority share of English language-speaking people followed by some other language and a very few French-speaking people. People from Canada constitute a significant proportion of the population of Bayfield.

As part of the tradition of the place and community, every year in the summer months of August Bayfield fair is organized. Christmas celebrations occur in Bayfield after the weekend of remembrance day.

Some of the annual festivals that are organized are food festivals like the Fireman’s Breakfast, Santa Run, Pioneer park run, Volks Fest, corvette fest, and Halloween Witches Walk.

The largest croquet club in North America belongs to the Bayfield community in Ontario and members participate and compete in this from across the world.

Bayfield, Ontario is a great gateway destination which is just a short drive of 2.5 hours away from the western side of Toronto. The village of Bayfield is a great place to explore in terms of beauty, culture, and fun.

The great lakes of the village alongside the views of lake Huron are some picturesque and breathtaking views to be visited and seen once in a lifetime. The Bayfield town on the bluewater marina gives some great options for picnics and day trips.

Overall, it’s a fantastic location that you should visit with friends, and family, or as a romantic getaway. Although it is a quaint little village has a small-town charm of its own.

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