3 Amazing Things to Do at Christina Lake

Christina lake

Christina Lake is one of the most popular destinations for students and family vacations in Canada. Lots of activities can be done with the warmest water of the lake. This lake is situated in the south-central region of British Columbia.

The length of the shoreline of this lake is about 27 miles. Some main attractions at Christina lake are the Kettle Valley railway trail, Christina lake provincial park, Dewdney trail, Gladstone Provincial Park, and the trans-Canada trail.

Every Sunday, you can treat yourself to some retail therapy at the local market, which sells locally sourced food and handmade goods.

On Thursday evenings, you can go to the Welcome Center to hear live music from the area, or you can go to the Christina Lake Visitor Center to see a list of classes, like fitness and art.

If you plan your vacations at Christina Lake then you must scroll down this page to take a small knowledge about the things which can be done at this lake.

1. Water Activities

Here are some water activities that you can try doing in Christina lake.

1.1 Kayaking and Canoeing

It is one of the most famous places for kayaking and canoeing adventures. Christina Lake Marina & wild ways provide rentals for kayaking and canoeing.

This lake is fully covered with amazing water bodies and creeks so it will give you a great experience in kayaking and canoeing.

Autumn or summer is the best season for kayaking and canoeing activities with compare to the winter season.

 Christina Lake
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1.2 Swimming & Fishing at the Sandy Beach

If you want to do fishing in British Columbia then you should choose this lake as a good place. In this lake, you will get a wide variety of fish.

To catch fish here you can use many fishing methods like ice fishing, casting, trolling & fly fishing. These fishing strategies provide fine enjoyment in March and April.

If you follow Konkanee fishing then you should choose the month of May and June. Texas point is a widely known beach among tourists

1.3 Boating & Sup (Stand-Up-Paddle Boarding)

SUP is also a famous water activity that can be enjoyed at Christina Lake. Rentals for SUP are also available at wild-ways adventure sports. It is one of the famous places for those who want to take experience stand-up paddle-boarding in the warmest water.

The warm and clean water with the beautiful scenery of the Lake always attracts boaters also. There are many boat-access beaches are available at the north end of this lake.

If you need to have a boating revel together with your own circle of relatives or friends, you may take a pontoon boat.

 Christina Lake
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2. Activities on Land

Here are some terrestrial activities that you can try doing at Christina lake.

2.1 Horseback Riding & Cycling

Christina Lake is a favorite destination for horseback riders and cycling lovers. Different types of terrain always attract all types of horseback riders.

High terrain gives you a spectacular viewpoint of the lake and low terrain of gently sloped forest trails gives you relaxed riding.

The Lake is surrounded by many uncrowded trails and trans-Canada trails. Your kids can also enjoy the pony rides here.

2.2 Biking & Mountain Hiking

If mountain hiking and biking is your idea then Christina Lake is a great place to do it. Different types of bikers and walkers can follow about 27 routes available here.

Here, you can enjoy the trails and stroll along the rolling hills. You can take a river cruise through Gilpin Grasslands Park with your family and friends. You can contact Wildways for information on trail and shuttle services, etc.

Christina Lake
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2.3 Christina Lake Golf Club & Nature Parks

The picturesque 18-hole championship Christina Lake Golf Club is located on the Kettle River.

Selkirk and Monashee mountains give a beautiful background to the golf course. The Cascade Par 3 is also one of the famous 9-hole golf clubs available in the area of this Lake.

A community park is a beautiful natural place available near this Lake. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are very popular in this park.

The whole park is filled with picnic tables where visitors can feel the views of the lake. Many types of birds, a living Machine Wastewater treatment plant, a coffee and gift shop, walking trails, and studio space for the Christina Lake Arts are also present here.

If you also want to check out some most famous lakes in Canada, check them out here.

 Christina Lake
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3. Winter Activities

Are you visiting Christina lake during the winter? Then check out these amazing activities that you can try doing there,

3.1 Snowmobiling Activities

Snowmobiling is the most famous activity to do at this Lake in winter. Different snowmobiling options are available for you at the walker area of Paulsen summit with maintained trails.

In winter when the lake freezes over, the big length of snowmobiling area will give you an amazing experience.

The roads of Santa Rose and Fife are very suitable and easily accessible for all types of visitors. Christina Lake Snowmobiling Society hosts two family-oriented events annually named The Poker Run and The Family fun day. You can join these events and enjoy it all.

Christina Lake
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3.2 Skiing

One of the top ski areas in western Canada is Christina Lake. Red mountains ski club offers world-class ski facilities with cross-country and alpine skiing.

Cross-country skiers can drive 25 minutes to the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club-maintained, well-groomed trails in Paulsen Pass.

The ideal ski slopes and unparalleled snow conditions of Rossland always attract the skiers of the world. Additionally, Nancy Greene, a World Champion Skier, and Kerrin Lee Gartner, a Junior Skier learned to ski on Red Mountain.

Thousands of people from all over the world now flock to Red Mountain and Granite Mountain, which are next to it.


There are many places to explore and endless outdoor activities offered by Christina Lake. The diversity of the Lake gives wonderful feelings to visitors.

Free mini golf and free wi-fi facilities are also available to relax your family time. It is a top location for year-round exploration and genuine hospitality.

It is also important to focus that visitors should not harm the wildlife and environment of the park. Extra attention is also required during vehicle driving in the area of the lake, especially at night.


1. Why is Christina Lake famous?

Christina Lake, famed for its beautiful, warm, and pure waters, is situated on the western side of the South Kootenays in British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies region. It is a popular destination for anybody seeking a refreshing dip to beat the summer heat.

2. Is BC’s Christina Lake the state’s warmest lake?

Christina Lake is the warmest tree-lined lake in British Columbia, with water temperatures that average 22 degrees Celsius (71 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer.

3. What is Christina Lake’s BC history?

The lake bears Christina McDonald’s name. Christina McDonald was the daughter of Angus McDonald, a fur trader who oversaw the Hudson’s Bay Company station at Fort Colville from 1852 until 1871.

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