14 Most Amazing Parks in Windsor

Windsor, popularly known as the ‘city of roses’ is located on the banks of the Detroit River and is well known for its beautiful parks that are a great spot to have some fun and recreation amidst their busy lives.

There are around 205 parks in Windsor for people to fully enjoy the jewels of nature and relax in a very calm and peaceful environment surrounded by recreational activities, magnificent attractions and themed playgrounds specifically designed for kids.

If you are in or around Windsor, don’t forget to visit these magnificent parks in Windsor!

14 Most Amazing Parks in Windsor

1. Windsor Sculpture Park

Windsor Sculpture Park
Photo by Sharon Vanderkaay from Flickr

Windsor Sculpture Park is one of the best parks in Windsor dedicated to magnificent sculptures located on the shore of the Detroit river traversing from Assumption Park to Centennial Park.

This is one of the most unique parks in Windsor that displays 31 unique sculptures made by world-recognized artists in an outdoor public gallery setting that is open on all days at all times.

Windsor’s Sculpture Park is a museum with no walls and it is a great place to unite all like-minded and artistically gifted individuals to share their ideas and connect.

The park has a convenient parking space with lots of benches while also having the facility to fish. So visitors can fish, take pictures, go for a run, or simply watch the amazing display of sculptures made by talented artists.


Windsor, ON N9B 1E8, Canada

2. Assumption Park

Ambassador Bridge
Photo by Sahil Kaler on Unsplash

Assumption Park is one of the city parks in Windsor that has an interesting and creative space to relax and have a good time.

Assumption Park is the boundary for Windsor’s Sculpture Park with a magnificent view of the Detroit skyline and the Ambassador bridge.

This is one of the loveliest parks in Windsor surrounded by wonderful artworks and sculptures that will attract both adults and kids alike.

Assumption Park is a great weekend get-away destination open on all days at all times for families to spend some quality time while enjoying the best amenities like convenient parking, spacious walking trails, open spaces and lots of benches to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfront!


1902 Riverside Dr. W, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

3. Jackson Park

Jackson Park
Photo by Andrea_44 from Flickr

Jackson Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Windsor showcasing some of the spectacular fountains, world war victim monuments and conventional gardens of Windsor like Queen Elizabeth ii sunken garden.

Jackson Park is one of the popular sports parks in Windsor providing a wide range of amenities like play units, soccer field, tennis courts, baseball, rugby, cricket pitch and basketball court making it a great holiday destination for families who loves to spend their leisure time playing sports.

It is one of the most picturesque parks in Windsor with ample parking spaces and well-maintained gardens allowing visitors to take beautiful pictures of their gram.

If you want to take professional photographs with a beautiful background, Jackson Park is the place for you!


125 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8X 2P7, Canada

4. Mic Mac Park

Mic Mac Park is one of the regional parks in Windsor located between Prince Road and Matchette Road on the west side of the city fairly close to Downtown Windsor.

It has a lot of amenities like swimming pools, a soccer field, a mic mac pool, a basketball court and various other sports facilities along with picnic tables and a great parking lot at every area of the park.

It’s a great park for families and couples to stroll around through the walking trails, take beautiful pictures and go for a beautiful picnic.


1125 Prince Rd, Windsor, ON N9C 1Z2, Canada

5. Sandpoint Beach

Sandpoint Beach
Photo by Andrea_44 from Flickr

Sandpoint Beach is one of the most serene and picturesque beaches of Windsor located on Riverside Drive East that is a perfect spot to take a walk along the trails or simply sit and relax in the peaceful ambience of the beach.

The beach has a tradition where people run into the freezing lake to swim and raise money as a form of charity or for providing money to the local hospitals for their maintenance and facilities.

If you are a water sports enthusiast who loves swimming, Sandpoint Beach is the place for you!


10300 Riverside Dr. E, Windsor, ON, Canada

6. Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park in Windsor is one of the safest and most peaceful parks that are kid-friendly and designed with paved trails and open spaces that allow visitors to walk and jog comfortably.

Mitchell has great Tennis and Basketball courts making it a great place to host a sporting event.

This Windsor Park provides multi-purpose facilities to its visitors. If you play Pokémon go, don’t forget to take your hunt there as there are several poke stops and spawning Pokémon.

This is one of the cleanest Windsor parks with well-maintained grass and a small play area for kids to have some fun and recreation while also being a dog-friendly park perfect to take your dog out for a walk.


399 Giles Blvd W, Windsor, ON N9A, Canada, Canada

7. Devonwood Conservation Area

Devonwood Conservation Area is one of the greatest parks in Windsor that is home to some of the rarest birds in Essex County like the Pileated Woodpecker, Eastern screech owls, brown bats and white-tailed deer.

The park is open on all days with free admission and a spacious parking lot.

Devonwood Conservation Area is a beautiful park within city limits that is perfect to stroll around and watch the serene nature like old oak trees in great diversities and various other plant species.

If you love taking peaceful nature walks to soak in all the tranquillity nature has to offer, Devonwood Conservation Area must be on your list of top parks in Windsor to visit!


1830 Division Rd, Windsor, ON

8. Ojibway Park

Ojibway Park which is connected to the Windsor trails is one of the most beautiful parks in Windsor that is a perfect weekend destination for families to have a great with their kids.

Ojibway Park
Source: Ojibway

The whole park is surrounded by local wildlife and pristine nature that will bring calmness to your heart while the paths are clean with signs everywhere that will help the visitors not get lost.

The park offers a wide range of amenities like magnificent ponds and walking trails with clear paths and open spaces that help visitors to spend a great time strolling around and relaxing by the nature.

Ojibway Park is open from 12 pm to 5 pm and remains closed every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

If you are craving to experience some breathtaking visual scenery, head to the magnificent Ojibway Parks in Windsor!


5200 Matchette Rd, Windsor, ON N9C 4E8, Canada

9. Alexander Park

Alexander Park is one of the fascinating parks in Windsor flaunting the magnificent views of the Detroit river with beautiful walking trails and spacious open spaces making it a wonderful spot to jog or take a walk around peacefully syncing in with nature.

The park offers a large number of benches, playing units, a beautiful fountain, a gazebo, breathtaking sculptures and gardens along with a spacious parking lot.

Alexander Park is open 24 hours on all days. If you are looking for a place to conduct a beautiful and intimate wedding facing the magnificent Detroit river, the gazebo in Alexandra Park is waiting for you!


3445 Riverside Dr. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 2W6, Canada

10. Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens

Bert Weeks Memorial Gardens is one of the best memorial parks in Windsor that was named after a former Mayor who contributed greatly to the protection of the green space from development.

The Memorial Garden is one of the best kid-friendly Windsor parks that has an enormous fountain and a pool.

The fountain in Bert Weeks is one of the first and foremost fountains on the east side of the riverfront parks. Bert Weeks has beautiful walking trails with lots of benches to relax and have a great time.

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to relax and clear off your mind from your busy lives, do visit Bert Week’s Memorial Garden.

The incredible views of the river, breathtaking sunsets, calm and serene atmosphere and the friendly people there will surely make this one of the best Windsor parks you will ever visit!


340 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

11. Little River Corridor

Little River Corridor is one of the wooded parks in Windsor that links the Ganatchio trail to the Tecumseh Road providing a way from Riverside Drive to the Forest Glade neighbourhood helping residents of both communities to easily walk watching the spectacular views.

Pond and surrounding trees in the Little River Corridor
Source: Windsor city

The park is surrounded by lovely lakes, spectacular fields, and tons of trails allowing visitors to spend some quality time walking, jogging, and birdwatching as well as providing areas for mountain bikers.

Little River Corridor is home to some of the most beautiful wildflower meadows, ponds, wonderful trees, interesting wildlife and toboggan hills.

Explore these hidden gems in Windsor away from the town if hiking and biking through various trails excite you!


Ganatchio Trail – Little River Ext, Windsor, ON N8P, Canada

12. Malden Park

Malden Park is one of the most famous parks in Windsor that features the highest hill in Essex County having various trails that are suitable for biking, hiking, and cycling.

Some of the highlights of Malden park are its reception centres with an enclosed patio, naturalized concert centres, picnic areas providing tables and barbeque grills for group parties and a special dog park so that you can take your dog along with you and have fun. 

Malden Park visitor centre has free parking, a gas fireplace, a kitchen, and good sound systems along with chairs and tables at the banquet hall and it is open on all days from 7 am to 10:30 pm.

Whether you want to bbq with your family & friends, entertain your dog by taking them to the dog park, sit by the beautiful pond soaking in all nature’s bliss, or rent out the Pavilion for special events, Malden park has it all!


4200 Malden Road, Windsor, ON N9C 0C5, Canada

13. Atkinson Park

Atkinson Park is one of the most busiest and lively parks in Windsor that is popularly known to be the skateboard park of Windsor.

It is one of the best Windsor parks having tons of recreational facilities for both adults and kids to full fully relax and have a great time at the park.

The park has several facilities like an amazing soccer field, an outdoor swimming pool and a skateboard park with rails, curbs, ramps and half pipes for both experienced kids and adults to play and have fun strolling around.

Atkinson Park has lots of benches, picnic tables with bbq grills for families wanting to spend some quality time and several play units making it one of the most visited parks in Windsor. 

Atkinson Park is open from Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 10 pm while on Sundays they are open for 24 hrs. If you are looking for a vibrant park with lots of facilities and recreation for adults and kids, Atkinson Park must be on your list!


2005 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

14. Reaume Park

Reaume Park
Photo by Jodelli from Flickr

Reaume Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Windsor that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Reaume Park is surrounded by beauty everywhere with its gorgeous flowers during the spring season. The park has an excellent outdoor patio suitable to conduct concerts and other special events during summertime.

The Reaume Park is home to the only International floating in the world, the fabulous Peace Fountain. 

Reaume Park is an amazing place to take a stroll around with your family or plans a cute picnic and it also has a beautiful walking trail starting from Alexander Park. The park also has an attractive ice cream shop nearby.

The Park is open on all days from 7 am to 10:30 pm. So grab an ice cream and witness the wonders this park has to offer!


236-246 Pillette Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada

Final Note

The city of Windsor is filled with lovely parks, open spaces and natural areas for recreation and fun for families to spend leisure time together by experiencing the beautiful scenic views the parks have to offer.

Each park in Windsor has something to offer when it comes to amazing walking trails, attractive play units, comfortable benches, swimming pools, picnic tables and amazing sculptures and monuments.

The magnificent parks in Windsor have a great potential to alleviate the recreational needs of thousands of visitors by providing them with a peaceful and calming atmosphere filled with nature’s bliss.

If you are in or around Windsor, don’t miss out on these lovely parks in Windsor that will surely give you a calming experience which you will cherish for a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Windsor a good city to live in?

Windsor has grown to be a more popular city to live in due to its wealth of amenities and proximity to Detroit.

2. How many parks are there in Windsor?

The city of Windsor has 205 parks totalling about 2,558 acres of natural land, open space, and gardens.

3. Is it worth visiting Windsor Ontario?

Whether you are travelling within Ontario or on to the United States, Windsor is an excellent stop on a road trip to explore a lot of amazing places.




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    A finance aspirant and a writer at heart. She loves to draw, binge watch and have comic conversations yet being a soulful traveller to mystic nature spots, making her a lazy yet adventurous person.

Lasna Laila

A finance aspirant and a writer at heart. She loves to draw, binge watch and have comic conversations yet being a soulful traveller to mystic nature spots, making her a lazy yet adventurous person.

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