Why You Must Try These 12 Quebec City Restaurants?

Quebec City

The restaurants in Quebec City have the finest traditional French fare and fine contemporary French cuisine. It is the center of countless gourmet restaurants which offers outstanding and fantastic French-Canadian cuisine. Traditional Quebecois cuisine is vibrant, comforting, and hearty. 

Apart from Quebec City, the other city is as famous as Quebec in terms of different cuisine and restaurants in Montreal; the thing that makes a restaurant famous, elegant, and charming is its staff, chef, and infrastructure.

The behaviour of the chef and their staff is so welcoming that you will never forget their way of greeting and will never forget their cheerfulness towards you. They also offer you all the cuisine from veg to non-veg, from their signature dish to the favoured dishes. They give you an ample menu that you will at first not even be able to decide which dish you have to try first.

Quebec city restaurants
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Apart from this, the infrastructure of the various restaurants is exquisite, they have a beautiful view along with ancient landscapes and modern art, and the dining is just like you have never seen anywhere.

Arvi is a Quebec fine dining restaurant. All the restaurants offer a tasty menu with heart-warming dishes such as local Quebec cheeses, French restaurants, and delicious gourmet burgers. Apart from French cuisine, they also serve French-inspired Italian dishes. Some restaurants also serve authentic Italian cuisine along with their signature cuisine.

Best Restaurants in The Quebec City of Canada

The culture of food in Quebec City is on par. The restaurants in Quebec City can deliver fresh and high-quality ingredients for every style of cuisine. No matter what food items you like and don’t like, whether in your budget or not, you will be amazed at your selection in the same restaurants in City Quebec.

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There are so many restaurants available in Quebec City. You can order any cuisine in these restaurants, and every dish is presented in a very innovative and different way from other countries’ restaurants. Every restaurant here in Quebec offers very heart-warming dishes, which you will never be able to forget in your life.

Every restaurant available in Quebec City has a uniqueness in its way. Every restaurant has some or other unique feature which makes that restaurant different from others.

1. Le Saint-Amour

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Location: 48 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, QC G1R 4E2, Canada

Le Saint-Amour is a very famous and renowned icon of Quebec City which is located or situated in the center of Quebec City. Innovation and tradition are fused in this restaurant in Quebec City to accomplish or fulfill a sophisticated experience with some healthy ingredients. The Le Saint-Amour is basically divided into three main dining rooms.

One among these dining rooms is in the garden, also called the indoor garden. It is the home of some very spectacular wine cellars or can, say wine bars, which can easily impress any wine lover. It is a very romantic restaurant in Quebec.

2. Phil Smoked Meat


Location: 461 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, QC G1K 3B6, Canada

Phil Smoked Meat is renowned for its smoked meats. It offers sound, humble food, something that Quebec city takes pride in. The restaurant has a hot atmosphere and is incredibly friendly. Owner Phillipe P. Bolduc is always there to welcome you.

3. Aux Anciens Canadiens


Location: 34 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1R 4P3, Canada

Aux Anciens Canadiens was built in the year 1675 and is situated in the very popular historic and famous Maison Jacquet. It is one of the oldest standing houses in the popular city of Quebec. These restaurants in Quebec City owe their names because of the Les Anciens Canadiens given by popular Philippe-Aubert De Gaspe, the house’s former resident.

Since the year 1966, this restaurant venue or location has been famous for cooking authentic Quebecois recipes, including duck, meat pies, syrup sauce, pheasant, and caribou. The waiters of this restaurant wear old Quebec City-period clothes.

4. Le Continental

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Location: 26 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1R 3Y9, Canada

Le-continental is one of the prestigious dining spots in Quebec City. It is located in a house built by Jean-Thomas Taschereau in 1854. Since 1956, this restaurant in Quebec City has been offering traditional French meats in a very charming and sophisticated atmosphere. Its main menu contains delicacies, orange ducking, filet mignon and chateaubriand.

Location: 527 Bd Langelier, Québec, QC G1K 5P7, Canada

Battuto stands out in Quebec city’s landscape for its minimalism. It severs Italian cuisine. This restaurant is owned by Guillaume Saint-Pierre, Pascal Bussieres, and Paul Croteau. They also serve French cuisine. Reservation is mandatory in this restaurant, and it is tough to get.

6. Buvette Scott

Location: 821 Rue Scott, Québec, QC G1R 3C8, Canada

In Old Quebec, there is a classy, upmarket restaurant called Buvette Scott. You feel the warmth and intimacy as soon as you enter this space. There are approximately 25 chairs here, so you will definitely be the centre of attention. This place is packed, so call in advance to make reservations.

It is an underground wine bar. Located at the bottom of the rue scoot or rue saint. The seasonal produce inspires it, so, as a result, no dish stays on chef Jean-Philippe Lessard’s.

7. Restaurant Le Fin Gourmet

Location: 774 Rue Raoul-Jobin, Québec, QC G1N 1R9, Canada

Le Fin Gourmet is a fine restaurant in Quebec City. Marina and Elsa Bherer own this restaurant. Have your meal in the comfortable dining room or cooked from sous-vide at the house. This is one of the finest dining restaurants in Quebec City.

8. Sardines


Location: 1 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec

Chef Etienne McKinnon offers flavour-filled and simple main-size dishes. The decor of this restaurant is elegant with art-decorative furniture. You’ll be grateful to yourself if you enjoy sardines.
a genuinely distinctive and delicious experience.

At this young and trendy restaurant, David, the founder, welcomes you at the entrance and the staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. The baked bread, fresh salads (from their garden), sardines (bien sur), and carefully curated wine and beer list are all outstanding.

9. La Buche


Location: 49 Saint-Louis Street, Old Quebec G1R 3Z2

La Buche has elegant restaurant displays along with an elegant dining room. It is the most famous modern dining room. Its menu presents gourmet delicacies, and it is one of the best restaurants in Canada. It offers Quebec cuisine along with authentic Italian cuisine led.

10. Alentours

Source: Alentours Restaurant

This is a very popular and sustainable restaurant situated in Quebec city. This restaurant is the only zero-waste restaurant that serves excellent local fare to the customers All the ingredients used in the dishes come from a nearby 150km radius and all the waste is composted. The dishes are prepared under the supervision of Cheft Moroney. This restaurant also offered a blind-tasting menu to its customers. In short, all the dishes in this restaurant are made from scratch using ingredients available from the restaurants. 

Location: 715Rue Saint-Bernard, Quebec, QC G1N 3G4

11. Bistro Hortus

Source: Bistro Hortus

This restaurant uses fresh ingredients from the farm. Each and every dish is prepared under the supervision of chef Stephane Roth. All the dishes are made up of the fresh seasonal available fruits and vegetables. Almost around 90% of the ingredients used in preparing dishes are organic. This restaurant is one of the very popular restaurants in old Quebec city

Location: 1190Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R 1S6

12. Brasserie Artisanale La Korrigane 

Source: Brasserie Artisanale La Korrigane

This restaurant prepares its very famous beer from ingredients obtained from Quebec’s boreal forest. The owner of this chef Catherine Dionne-Foster along with his great chef team of brewers creates highly unfiltered, quaffable and unpasteurized beer without the use of any harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

Location: 380 Rue Dorchester, QC G1K 6A7, Quebec 

Five Diamond Rating Restaurant

Quebec’s Initiale restaurant in Quebec was recently awarded a five-diamond rating in 2012 by the Canadian Automobile Association and American Automobile Association. It is the leading fine-dining restaurant in Canada. It offers a regular or vegetarian menu to its customers. The restaurants offer refined cuisine du Marche and creative French Quebecois dishes.

Canada had a more enjoyable night than Montreal, on the other hand, Montreal had a very notorious nightlife, ranking second to the very popular Las Vegas, North America.

The visitors have the legal right to gamble, drink, and visit Sainte’s famous Catherine Street at the American bachelor party. Quebec city’s nightlife is not as famous as Montreal’s, but the provincial capital boasts its party spots and events at Grande Allee.

A gigantic disco and bar greet its visitor to the very famous Le Dagobert, whose at least age is 25 years out of most local and private university students, and who usually have a party at the great Grande Alle.

Another famous Quebec nightspot is the Gatineau, where so many university students from across the river in Ottawa flock to take advantage of Gatineau.

Dining and Cuisine in Quebec City Restaurants

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St-Denis Street serves very famous authentic and fantastic French gourmet meals to its visitors. At Au Pied, De Cochon serves the foie gras dish served with stuffed pig’s feet and duck, apart from these very unique and adventurous Quebecois popular delicacies served here.

Pheasant, Bison, and many sugar pies are served at the wonderful Aux Anciens Canadiens, situated in Quebec City’s antique district. Sir Paul McCartney is one of the celebrities who dined and declined at Le Saint-Amour. Their gourmet French meals are very, very expensive.

Le Tartuffe adds its modern and new touches to its classic Lyonnais dishes and classic French famous meals behind Gatineau’s Canadian. Another Quebec City experience in eating that no one can miss is at the province’s number of poutine shops, which have a unique twist on their own.


Quebec City is filled with many restaurants that offer different types of tasty menus, with refined and creative dishes. With mouthwatering types of cuisine that are heartwarming, inventive, and delicious dishes.

Quebec undoubtedly has something for everyone, hope you find a restaurant that fits your taste palette in this article. As Canada’s unofficial capital Montreal serves and gives up dishes from every corner of the whole world, and it is a seamless as well as an endless stream of popular restaurants.

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