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12 Most Amazing Places to visit in Ontario in Summer

Places to visit in Ontario in summer
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Ontario is a province in Canada. It is one of the major provinces of Canada. There are beautiful places to visit in Ontario in summer season. There are many parks, great lakes, and natural landscapes. This is one of the most populated areas in Canada. This is also home to the country’s capital city Ottawa and one of the big cities, Toronto. There are many amazing things to do in this amazing place. Some of these places can be educational and romantic getaways. These places can be great for an escape from reality.

The Canadian Shield partly covers this province on the Northern and Western sides. Ontario is divided into 4 parts. It consists of central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, and Golden Horseshoe.

The climate of Ontario varies in seasons and temperatures. Many water bodies include rivers like the Ottawa river, Bay like Thunder Bay, Georgian bay lakes like the Lawrence River, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron, and waterfalls like Niagara Falls. Ontario has a great history. There are boat tours on these rivers. It is the first place in North America where Europeans settled.

Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

There are many places in Ontario to visit in the summer months. There are beaches, national parks, waterfalls, art galleries, amusement parks, Fathom five national marine parks, a national historic site, and islands in lakes.

The people and the food have their diversity that can amuse you. The bright sun and the slight heat bring out the beauty of summer in Ontario. The forest and the marshlands are really beautiful in the summer, with bright lights going through the dense forest and mountains.

There are various sports done, like hiking on amazing hiking trails, mountain biking in steep mountains, bungee jumping, rafting, kayaking, and many more. There is something for everyone here. Below are the best places to visit in Ontario in summer.

Best Places to Visit in Ontario in summer

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce Peninsula National Park is a beautiful park known for its crystal blue waters, cobblestone beaches, Karst formations, and rock cliffs. It is located on the part of the Niagara escarpment on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. It was established in 1987 to protect the shoreline of Niagara Escarpment and its rock formation that is 400-year-old. It is a national historic site. It is one of the places to visit in Ontario in summer.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is also the largest protected area in southern Ontario. This place later became the core of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The park offers various outdoor activities in summer, like hiking, bird watching, kayaking, swimming, bouldering, and camping. The park has hiking trails ranging from medium to expert, which later connect to the Bruce Trail of the Peninsula. The park is open all year. The park also offers winter activities like cross-country skiing, winter camping, and snowshoeing.

This park is also one of the major places where visitors can stargaze in naturally dark skies.

The Niagara Escarpment extends from Rochester, New York, to the islands in Lake Huron. It also allows visitors to see the sunrise and sunset, the rocks, the flora, and the fauna. The wildlife in this area includes Black bears, many species of birds, wild orchids, red foxes, Snowshoe Hares, skunks, Massasauga Rattlesnake, and much more.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the great places to visit in Ontario in summer, with a beautiful lake and forest trails. It was established in 1944 as a mode of transport, as there was no road access. It is one of the largest provincial parks. It is along the shore of one of the great lakes, Lake Superior. Now Ontario Highway 17 runs through the park.

There were many things to do in summer in this large park. These include recreational activities like swimming, boating, fishing, camping, canoeing in the interior lakes, educational boat tours, wildlife viewing, and many more. It is a great campsite which makes it perfect for a camping trip.

There are many great hiking trails for walks through the forest. There are around 11 hiking trails that can be assessed through campgrounds or highway 17.

Photo by Harrison Fitts

The Coastal Trail is one of the famous trails as this is 65 kilometers and reveals the beautiful Lake Superior coastline. However, completing this hike can take almost 5 to 7 days.

Pictographs are another small trail that leads to the Agawa Rock Pictographs. On the sheer rock, several pictographs can be seen only from the water. Many other courses vary from difficult to short-distance hikes.

The Flora and fauna of Lake Superior Provincial Park are diverse. The trees in the forest vary from coniferous and deciduous trees. Sugar maple trees dominate the area with more than two third of the park. The animal in this park includes moose, grey wolf, white-tailed deer, black bear, warblers, and various birds from the northern forest.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls that are a sight worth seeing in the summer. It is at the east end of Niagara gorge. The Horseshoe falls, the biggest waterfall in these, spans from Canada to the border of the USA. Niagara Falls are formed as Lake Erie drains into Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls is also a form of hydroelectric power.

This fall falls between the twin cities of Niagara waterfalls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. This fall was formed when the glaciers receded at the end of the last ice age, and water from new Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment en route to the Atlantic Ocean. It is assumed that in another 50,000 years, these falls will cease to exist after eroding into Lake Erie.

Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

You can see these Niagara Falls closer with the boat cruise that happens every time. Just be careful with the flow, and the climate, as the water flow can be harsh in some environments. There are helicopters and observation platforms for people to see this beautiful fall. These falls are used vastly in movies and series. Isn’t this one of the great places to visit in Ontario in summer?

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is a park located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay. This park was established in 1893. This is also one of the oldest provincial parks in Canada. This park was recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada. This is one of the important places to visit in Ontario in summer.

This park is contiguous, with a small and separate provincial national park protecting important rivers in this area, resulting in a large, protected area. Highway 60 runs through the south side of the park.

Over 1,200 km of streams and rivers and 2,400 lakes are located in this park. These lakes and rivers include canoe lake and Petawawa, Nipissing, Amable du Fond, and Tim rivers. These were also made from the melted glaciers during the last ice age. This park is considered a border between Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Algonquin Provincial Park has outdoor activities all year round. There are more than 1.200 campsites along Highway 60. one of the most famous ones is the whitefish lake group campground, which has sites that can accommodate 20 to 40 people. Interior camping is often done inside the park at sites accessible only by foot or boat. There are many cultural and natural aspects.

There is a big center known as The Algonquin Visitor Centre. There is a video theater, gift shop, an outdoor viewing deck, and an art gallery known as The Algonquin Room is an art gallery that exhibits the history of this park artistically.

The park is a residence for various coniferous and deciduous plants. The unique mix of these trees is a site to see. There is a diversity in plant and animal species, making it an important place for wildlife research.

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ontario in summer. It is a day trip from Toronto, only around 2 hours from downtown Toronto. There are two parks to visit. These parks are Sandbanks Provincial Park and Presqu’ile Provincial Park. These parks offer visitors stunning views of the waters, kayaking, and boating.

There are many more places to visit in Edward County. Recently, this county has become a favorite spot for foodies as some world-class restaurants and foods are available. There are yearly music festivals and food festivals that take place in various parts of this county. Prince County is also famous for its wineries and vineyards.

With the beautiful summer, people can take advantage of the climate and do adventures, visit various wineries, try many types of wines, and have great and family fun times.


, This is one of the prettiest towns in Canada, called Niagara-on-the-Lake. This place serves the best wine in the province. This is also one of the best places to visit in Ontario in summer. If this summer you want to have good wine, sit on a beautiful patio, and have family fun, then this is the place.

The vineyards and the wineries are so beautiful. There are many dreamy boutique places to stay and try out the local restaurants.

This town is located on the Niagara Peninsula, where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. This is the only town that had a lord mayor. Niagara-on-the-Lake has an important place in the history of Canada. It was the first capital of the r Canada. It was called Newark from 1792 to 1797. This town is one of the oldest Catholic Churches and the second oldest Anglican churches in Ontario, Canada.

The town has many colonial buildings, Parks, the Shaw Festival, Fort George, an Outlet mall on the highway, wineries, local restaurants, and its proximity to Niagara Falls. To enjoy the town in its whole, take a walk or take a horse carriage. doesn’t this make this one of the perfect places to visit in Ontario in summer for a getaway?

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum in Ontario, Canada, is one of the most amazing sites in Toronto, which is also the capital of Ontario. It is also the largest museum in Canada and the biggest in North America. This museum has more than a million visitors every year. This museum has been open for more than a century now. It is one of the most spectacular places in Ontario in summer.

This museum reflects the past, present, and future with art, artifacts, collectibles, and treasures. The museum is very big and has a great cultural reach, commitment to research, a top curation team, and worldwide access to products.

The mMuseumassures that every visit will give you a chance to experience something new or at least a new perspective. With the last few years in quarantine, every experience is worth it.

The visitors must reserve admission prior, as the tickets and the access are limited to timed intervals to help with the physical distancing. There are touchable exhibits, like the CIBC gallery. An area exhibits the most majestic mammals like whales in Great whales: Up Close and Personal.

There are also other art gallery exhibits like Breaking the Frame, which features the earliest photographs taken by a female artist, and the artwork of Elias Sime. There are other smaller galleries in the Royal Ontario Museum, like the Gallery of Chinese Architecture, The Schad Gallery of Biodiversity, Earth’s Treasures, a Roman Gallery, and many more.

Blue Mountain resort

Blue Mountain is a great getaway for summer’s warm weather. It is one of the best places to visit in Ontario in summer. It is one of the most popular sites to hike and have a relaxing time. Blue mountain might be Ontario’s first ski resort. But it later blossomed and gained popularity as a fall, spring, and summer destination. Blue mountain runs along the shores of Southern Georgian Bay.

Blue Mountain, Ontario, is almost 100 miles north of Toronto. This scenic area is near the town of Collingwood. The region is a mix of unspoiled nature and the upscale comfort of the hotels, activities, and restaurants. There is a ton of activities to do in this region. You can cruise into Collingwood or head up the Niagara range to hike and take the cool views of Georgian Bay.

The village, also known as Blue Mountain Resort, is the tourist center in the region. Visiting it for a few days or a weekend getaway is recommended. There are beaches, wineries, spas, caves, bike trails for mountain biking, rock climbing, and many more.

An alpine-style resort is a great place with lots of hotels, restaurants, and shops that just holds the whole scenic mill pond together.

There is a central plaza that has entertainment. Some outdoor adventures like zip lining, rock climbing, and roller coasters make their way to the Activity Central building with the base of ski settings. This is a perfect place for families and couples that helps them to relax and have a great time.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands is one the best places to visit in Ontario in summer. It is the south of mainland Toronto, Ontario. These islands consist of 15 small islands in Lake Ontario. These islands are the group of the western parts of Lake Ontario. These islands are just offshore from the city’s downtown, providing shelter to Toronto Harbor and separating Toronto from the rest of Lake Ontario. This was also one of the training centers in World War I.

These islands are so close that they can be seen from the famous CN tower in downtown Toronto. The islands are home to churches, an airport, private yacht clubs, a public marina, an amusement park, several beaches, and a year-round residential neighborhood. This is one of the biggest car-free communities in North America.

There are many ferries and water taxis that are available to hire. These connect the mainland to the islands. A pedestrian tunnel connects the continent and the islands. If you’re going to this island, make sure to visit Centreville Theme Park, with all sorts of fun, including a wooden roller coaster.

The Toronto Islands are a great tourist destination. Millions of people visit islands every year. Bicycles are the most preferred mode of transportation; they can be rented at the center island.

There are many water sports to do. You can rent canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. There is a great golf course. There are parks great for picnics, walking, playing, water playing, and several gardens. A part of the main beach of Centre Island on the west shore at Hanlan’s Point is clothing optional.

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is a thriving tourist destination. The beach and the summer season are an irreplaceable duo. Wasaga is also the home to the longest freshwater beach in the world. It is one of the best places to visit in Ontario in summer.

The beach is so immaculate during the day, and millions of people visit this beach every summer. It Is one of the best places to visit in Ontario. You can relax and have a few drinks in the local bars and restaurants.

Many local hotels make you feel close to the people there. The people and the food are delicious too. You can take a long walk in the Bay’s shallow warm water, play football, escape the city’s spectacular stress, and feel the cool water and sand in your hands and feet. The nostalgic atmosphere will intrigue you.

There are campsites where you can pitch a tent, have a bonfire, and have a great time. You can also rent vintage cottages or a riverside cabin. There is also a stellar view of Blue Mountain and six other amazing beaches. These beaches have the biggest blue skies and soft white clouds, making this place more beautiful.

You can see the protected and endangered Plovers on these beaches. There is an old boardwalk that creaks. You can stroll, cycle, and roll along the shore.

Sandbanks Dunes Beach

Sandbanks are the largest barrier dune formation in the world. These beaches are located in the Sandbanks Provincial Park. It is situated on Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County near Picton, Ontario. This place gives you the best beach to have picnics after an afternoon on a winery tour. This beach is one of the most visited beaches in Canada. These beaches give you the most amazing view of Lake Ontario. It is one of the amazing places to visit in Ontario in summer.

This beach offers many activities like bird watching, cycling, camping, swimming, and fishing. There is a long shoreline where you can go on long walks with your loved ones. There are more than 600 campsites. There are non-electrical and electrical campsites in the park across the beach. Naturists have used this beach for nude bathing for years.

Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

There are huge dunes on the beach that is caused due to the long shores’ currents flowing from west to east along Lake Ontario’s north shore. The dunes stretch for almost 8 kilometers from Lake Ontario into West Lake. Some beaches are as high as 25 meters.

County Road 12 runs through this Provincial Park. There are a series of fore dunes that are sparsely vegetated; further back, there are back dunes and reforested sand ridges. It is one of the most beautiful natural structures that can amaze and intrigue you.

This beach and park are home to a variety of flora and fauna. There are many plants native to the dunes. These include American Beach grass, Tall Wormwood, and Russian Thistle. Plants like Orchids, Purple Gerardia, and Silverweed are found in the Pannes.

The forested area accommodates various pine trees, sugar maple trees, and white spruce. The animals found here include multiple types of shorebirds and amphibian species, along with the bass, pike, and pickerel, among fishes.

Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is a must-visit place in Ontario in the summer. It is one of the most stunning places, which shouldn’t be missed if you’re visiting Ontario, Canada. Manitoulin Island is a quiet, beautiful, and peaceful destination. It is a great place to go and detox/ relax. This island is situated on Lake Huron in Northern Ontario.

This is also the home to the largest lake on an island within a lake in the world. This island holds many weird and amusing world records. It is just a 3-hour drive to the north of Tobermory, Ontario.

There are many activities on this island apart from water sports and adventures. There are hiking tours on the Cup and Saucer trail to see the incredible beauty of these islands, lighthouses in the islands, and sightseeing.

Other trails teach us about aboriginal history, a day at the beach of Providence Bay, a stunning canoe ride on lake Manitou, fishing, seeing the world’s largest Pow Wow Drum, Peace Pipe, and Dream catchers, and having the local specialty and wines.

The people are friendly and are mostly fishermen. The beauty of this place always succeeds in captivating a person’s attention. This is one of the definite places to visit in Ontario in summer as the summer sun and the natural beauty compliments each other here.


The summertime in Ontario, Canada, is a great and stunning time to explore Ontario. It can be a great experience for the visitors as there is so much diversity in the places to visit in Ontario in summer. There are beaches, museums, aerial parks, many beautiful waterfalls, rivers, lakes, amusement parks, national historic sites, wineries, and vineyards. There is something for everyone.

So many other national parks weren’t mentioned here, but that doesn’t mean those parks are not special. These special Ontario Parks include Windsor Sculpture Park, Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Fathom five national marine park, Thousand Islands National Park, Point Pelee National Park, and Pukaskwa National Park. These parks have so much diverse flora and fauna.

Written by Nicky Rose Roy

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