11 Things to not Miss in Harrison Hot Springs

This article is about the places to enjoy your trip and the full-service spa located at Harrison hot springs resort and spa. Harrison hot spring is a perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

Harrison hot springs is among our favourite places to visit when we want to get away from the city without going too far. It’s a fantastic area to go to at any time of year.

harrison hot springs
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In the summer, the area offers a variety of water-based sports and year-round hiking options. Similarly, in winter, it offers a nearby ski hill.

Facts about Harrison – The Spa World

  • The village of Harrison hot springs is a small village in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, located at the southern end of Harrison lake.
  • It is a member of the Fraser Valley Regional District; its closest neighbour is the District of Kent, and it is the town of Agassiz.
  • Since 1886, when the Canadian Pacific Railway opened, bringing the lakefront springs within a short carriage ride of the transcontinental mainline, the Village of Harrison hot springs has been a modest tourist hamlet.
  • Harrison Hot Springs had a population of 1,905 people in the 2021 census of population, living in 885 of its 1,045 total private homes, a decrease of 29.8% from its 2016 inhabitants of 1,468 people.
  • It had a population density of 347.0/km2 (898.7/sq mi) in 2021, with a land area of 5.49 km2 (2.12 sq mi).
  • There is a famous international airport, Abbotsford international airport (YXX). It is the nearest airport, only 53 kilometres apart.
  • Bellingham (BLI) (78.1 km), Coal Harbour Spb (CXH) (96.8 km), Vancouver (YVR) (102 km), and Victoria (YYJ) are all neighbouring airports (140.6 km).
harrison hot springs
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11 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs BC

So let’s start talking about the popular attractions in the Harrison hot springs. This small place is full of surprises where you can relax, visit historic places, and many fun-loving places full of adventures.

1. Harrison Hot Springs resort and spa

Visit Harrison Lake & Hot Springs, a resort and healing spa that combines nature and pampering since 1886. Set in a beautiful location along the lake and provides a wide selection of events and activities which makes the guests active.

What does it offer:

  • Guests can take a plunge in one of five natural hot pools or try a variety of health treatments at the spa.
  • The marina has pleasant fishing grounds and kayak and bumper boat rentals for a more energetic experience.
  • On-site dining options include beautiful sit-down meals in quiet locations and relative poolside fare for the guests.
  • The only private mineral pool in the hamlet of Harrison Hot Springs provides an unrivalled experience of one of British Columbia’s most popular vacation locations.
  • Top-tier onsite cuisine, exclusive marina access, professional spa services, special packages, and more are available to guests.
  • The East Tower, West Tower, West Wing, Heritage Building, and private Cottages are now available to guests.

2. Canwest art gallery

The Canwest art gallery on the Lake is located near the Harrison Beach Hotel, 160 Esplanade Avenue, in the Harrison Hot Springs. It is now in its 26th year of existence. Browse in a calm atmosphere.

What does it offer:

  • A breathtaking view of Harrison Lake.
  • Something new comes on their shelves every week!
  • Canwest Art Gallery is well-known for showcasing the work of approximately forty Canadian fine artisans.
  • Watercolour impressions, magnificent bronze animal sculptures, crystalline pottery, metal art, and natural wooden boxes, to name a few, are boldly displayed.
  • It is also handicap accessible.

3. Sasquatch Provincial Park

The Sasquatch provincial park was founded in 1968. It all started with Green Point Park, a 20-hectare inland fjord that was transformed into a picnicking place in 1960. The park was considerably extended and renamed eight years later. Sasquatch was the inspiration for the name. It covers approximately 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres).

What does it offer:

  • Sasquatch Provincial Park comprises pocket lakes, a distinctive second-growth and birch forestry, and picturesque mountain ridges north of Harrison Hot Springs.
  • Sasquatch Provincial Park is a huge forested region with lakes and campsites just a short way northeast of Harrison Hot Springs.
  • The park’s day-use area is Green Point.
  • You’ll discover beaches near the park’s entrance on the shore of Harrison Lake.
  • Swimming and picnicking are enjoyable activities at this location.
  • Trout Lake, a small body of water nearby, does not allow boating.
  • The other lakes are further inland, with more day-use spaces near the camps.
  • Other animals that call this park home include beavers, bears, mountain goats, and bald eagles.

4. Miami Bridge Walk

This 1.13-kilometre circular trail is located near Harrison Hot Springs. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to accomplish this course, which is rated easy. This is an excellent walking trail. The source of the hot springs is on the left, and you can return to the village on the right.

What does it offer:

  • Gorgeous cedar woodland at the base of Agassiz Mountain after crossing the Miami River bridge.
  • A short woodland stroll through moss-covered trees, past historic lamp posts, and across nine crossings, many of which have stairs.
  • Begin walking from the front of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort Hotel to the back of the hotel’s parking lot.
  • The trail returns you to the west side of the resort along the lake after about 400 meters. 
  • A nice family trek or to get away from the bustle.

5. Spirit Trail

This 0.97-kilometre circular trail is located near Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes to accomplish this course, which is rated easy. 

What does it offer:

  • This trail is ideal for walking.
  • Beautiful view.
  • Less crowded hence more privacy.
  • Dogs are welcome.
  • In some areas, pets may be off-leash.

6. Harrison Water Sports

A wide variety of aquatic activities are available for all ages and groups. The most important factor is a minimum age of 10 and up is allowed without adult supervision.

Children ages 6 to 9 require adult supervision or assistance from someone 16 years or older. While in the park, families should not leave their children alone.

What does it offer:

  • A Waterpark That Floats.
  • Rental of a sea doo.
  • Rent a BBQ Boat.
  • Rent a Bumper Boat.

7. Sandpiper Resort

The beautiful Sandpiper Resort is a well-known attraction in Harrison Mills. The resort is worth a visit to see the gorgeous grounds and take in the breathtaking views of the Harrison River. Don’t miss the 160-acre property!

What does it offer:

  • The Sandpiper Golf Course and
  • Rowena’s Inn– a great place to stay if you’re planning an overnight stay
  • The Clubhouse Restaurant
  • The main inn was transformed from an old English house.
  • Grounds that feature rustic and luxurious cabins.
  • A few pet-friendly rooms and cottages. 

8. Kilby Historic Site

The Kilby Historic Site, a living museum portraying BC’s history and rural life in the village of Harrison Mills, is only 5 minutes from the Sandpiper Resort. The entire complex, which

What does it offer:

  • Lovely gardens.
  • A 1906 general store museum.
  • A vintage postal service and art centre.
  • The Manchester house is open to the public for tours.
  • An ideal educational attraction for learning about the area’s history.
  • The Kilby Café serves a packed lunch menu that may be eaten in or taken away.
  • In the cafe, Eliza Kilby Rose Garden, or at a picnic table on the heritage grounds, enjoy hand-made pastries, Cabin Fever Junction pies, and Birchwood Gourmet Ice Cream.

9. Scenic 7 Excursion – Fraser Valley visit

When visiting the lovely Fraser Valley, the Scenic 7 Tour is a must-do tour. This vacation centre encompasses all of the adventures. This is the tour for you if you want to see the most scenic sections of the Lower Mainland and leave no stone unturned.

What does it offer:

  • This excursion takes you down one of British Columbia’s most gorgeous roads, stopping at local hotspots. 
  • Valley Voyages offers you the unique opportunity to explore Fraser Valley’s backyard.

10. Harrison Lake beach park

Harrison will not let you down if you want to lay out and soak up some rays. A vast stretch of pristine, sandy beach runs along the lake’s southern shoreline. The beach bustles with activity in the summer months, making it a popular summer getaway.

What does it offer:

  • In the summer, many activities on the lake, such as kayaking, canoeing, and boating!
  • You can swim in the lake and lagoon, but please remember that the glacier-fed water is chilly even in the summer.
  • Some local businesses provide organized kayaks or boat rides.
  • You can hire paddle boards or boats and go on your own.
  • Set up an umbrella, go for a paddle, splash in the shallows, create a sandcastle, fly a kite, or build a sandcastle.
  • The young at heart will undoubtedly be drawn to a nearby playground.
  • The weekend entertainment series, which runs from mid-July to Labour Day, will appeal to music fans.
  • On weekends, Pioneer Plaza hosts live music and entertainment on the beach’s eastern edge.

11. Othello Tunnels

At Othello Tunnels, a network of abandoned railway tracks spanning the Coquihalla River, you can walk through the province’s deep gorges and lush forest. 

What does it offer:

  • You’ll get up-close views of the rushing river.
  • The lush beauty of the area is if you walk the simple 3.5 km loop through five separate tunnels.
  • The park has a series of walkways, bridges, and roads cutting directly through steep rock cliffs,
  • which some soar to 91 meters and was built in the twentieth century to link the region with the coast via train (300 ft).

No need to be sad because the list is not over yet. There are many other places in Harrison hot springs where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Harrison hot springs Restaurant

So now I think this part is important because a portion of tasty food is in search of every traveller with the best experience of the place.

Copper Room

The Copper Room in the Harrison Resort & Spa is the place to go if you’re searching for a romantic and glamorous night out. Take a trip back to the days of opulent decor, big bands, dinners and dancing nights.

Morgan’s Bistro

Morgan’s Bistro, which overlooks the lake, served us a delicious meal. The strawberry caramelized pecan salad, the braised lamb shank, and the fresh fish special were all delicious. If you can’t get a table outside, don’t worry; the indoor dining room is wonderful and has a great vibe. Try to grab a table on the deck to see the sunset on a lovely evening.

Muddy Waters Cafe

You will love the Muddy Waters Cafe for breakfast and lunch. The food is fresh, healthy, and tasty, and the service is quick and courteous. In the afternoons and evenings, there is often live music. All of this at a very low price.

Lakeside Cafe

If you want to experience Canadian cuisine, Lakeside Cafe is the place to go. After a lengthy walk around Harrison Hot Springs public pool, stop by this cafe for tasty cuisine and a resting spot. Perfectly prepared omelettes, scrambled eggs, and bacon are available to request.

Best Hotel in Harrison hot springs

When planning any trip, the most important checklist is the comfortable stay worth investing money in, as it will be a long stay.

Aldesta hotels

In Canada and Australia, Aldesta operates distinctive hotels and resorts. While always striving for the greatest level of service and quality, they allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauties that have made British Columbia and the Great Barrier Reef such valued holiday destinations.

Cedar Springs Harrison Lake

This property is conveniently located in the Harrison Hot Springs section of Harrison Hot Springs (BC), close to attractions and intriguing dining options. This 4-star hotel offers a variety of amenities to enhance the quality and enjoyment of your stay.

Harrison Lake Hotel

A sauna and steam room are available in the fitness centre. The on-site restaurant offers a wide range of facilities like West coast cuisine, hearty breakfasts and daily specials. Live music is occasionally performed at the restaurant. You will get the best facilities like an air conditioning room, free wifi, hot tubs and many more amenities.


  • Harrison Hot Springs, only over an hour outside Vancouver, is a little, world-renowned resort town known for its geothermal hot springs.
  • The local economy, which employs a few people, is mostly based on tourism, so there are many opportunities to unwind. Don’t worry.
  • Harrison isn’t just about spas and sunbathing; there are plenty of exciting activities, fascinating sites, and delectable restaurants to tempt your taste.
  • There are soo many world-class places and resort. 

So it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy the freshness of Harrison hot springs!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Harrison Hot Springs is one of our favourite destinations for when we want to escape the city but not travel too far. It’s a great place to visit any time of the year. The place offers a wide range of water-based activities in the summer, hiking opportunities year-round and a ski hill close by in the winter.
  • The Ecosystem Supports 47 Naturally Heated Springs.
  • It Is One of America’s Most Accessible National Parks.
  • It’s the Oldest Protected Area in the National Park System.
  • Driving in Hot Springs is easy, and free parking is well-marked. Downtown is a condensed, walkable area, with many hotels, shops and restaurants just across the street from Bathhouse Row.



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