11 Best Restaurants In Scarborough That You Must Check Out

Scarborough is one of the most popular districts in Toronto, known for its multicultural background and scenic beauty.

There are beaches, harbours, castles, museums, markets, and malls to engage tourists. But for most of the above, every visitor looks for the proper availability of restaurants. 

The best restaurants in Scarborough are mentioned in this article.

Best Restaurants In Scarborough

Grab the best meals and cocktails from extensive menu lists of these best restaurants in Scarborough

1. Pho 90

Address: 90 Weston Road, Unit J107, Toronto ON, M6N 0A6

What’s special

Get a superb dining experience with an amazing taste of Vietnamese cuisine at Pho 90. You will also be able to find some of the best dishes like pho noodle soup, banh mi, hot sauce, Vietnamese baguette, fried rice, and vegetarian or vegan options.

Its interior decor is lovely, and the outdoor patio looks amazing. You can find clean washrooms and parking areas in this place.

2. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

Address: 60 Estate Drive, Scarborough ON M1H 2Z1

Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

What’s special

If you are in Scarborough or planning to visit there, you must reserve a table at the Keg Steakhouse + Bar.

The restaurant is set up in beautiful surroundings with an outdoor patio. Experience its beauty while sitting around its lovely fireplace at the bar or in its cosy atmosphere. The restaurant has a great staff and ambience.

Apart from serving the best steaks in Toronto, the restaurant also specializes in Canadian, Continental, and American cuisines and offers a great selection of cocktails.

Their menu includes delicious steak, prime rib roast, tuna, beef, fried veggie, onion strings, baked scallops, shrimp, fresh seafood, and much more.

Don’t forget to enjoy their desserts and special drinks, including wines and martinis.

3. Fratelli Village Pizzeria

Address: 384 Old Kingston Road, Toronto ON M1C 1B6

What’s special

Fratelli Village Pizzeria is a hidden gem among Scarborough’s restaurants, where you can have the best pizza in Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

Fratelli Village Pizzeria is also known for its delicious Italian cuisine that offers pasta, noodles, Risotto, grilled seafood, salads, calamari, and exclusive varieties of pizzas.

Also, their cakes and pastries can’t be ignored.

You will love to drink some coffee or craft cocktails and beers in this restaurant’s comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Hyderabad Biryani Hut

Address: 1587 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, M1P 2Y3

Photo by Shourav Sheikh on Unsplash

What’s special

As the name suggests, Hyderabad Biryani Hut serves Indian cuisine. Do not worry if you are not an Indian; you will love to dine there for lunch or dinner.

Have chicken biryani which is supposed to be the best in the town. They serve special biryani recipes prepared in-house with fresh ingredients. You will not get this taste and flavour of biryanis in the neighbourhood elsewhere. 

Try special Hyderabadi dishes like saag paneer, chicken Mughlai, lamb biryani, rice, kebab, and several other delicious Indian tandooris or curries in the meal.

This is a clean and lovely place with attentive staff and great service. Make sure you visit and eat in this restaurant at least once.

5. Chris Jerk

Address: 2570 Birchmount Road

What’s special

Chris Jerk is a Caribbean restaurant loved and praised not only by visitors but also by the local people of the town.

Give yourself exposure to the innovative fusion of Caribbean and Jamaican foods in Chris Jerk. Bring your friends and family to eat the jerk chicken dishes with rice and peas, salmon, oxtail entree, beef meal, poutines, and other jerk meals.

The food items are prepared from locally sourced fresh ingredients and are well-seasoned and spicy. They serve in good portions and at reasonable prices.

6. Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Ltd.

Address: 2282 Kingston Rd, Toronto, M1N 1T9

Photo by Mai Quốc Tùng Lâm on Unsplash

What’s special

Duckworth’s Fish & Chips Ltd. has been an award-winning restaurant in Scarborough for over 50 years.

The restaurant is small and serves on a first come, first basis, so try to reach there early. The meals are served at reasonable prices. You can also order cod, chips, fries, coleslaw, and halibut.

The staff is extremely generous and efficient. Overall, this restaurant is worth visiting to have some nice food and a good time.

7. Ni Ji Sushi

Address: 1095 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, M1P 2W9

Photo by Marina Grynykha on Unsplash

What’s special

If you are looking for some great Japanese cuisine in Scarborough, then Ni Ji Sushi is the right place. You can have your favourite Japanese or Korean dish for lunch or dinner at this restaurant with your family.

They offer a wide range of appetizers, soups and salads, lunch combos, main dishes, and other innovative combinations of foods. You will love to eat spicy chicken, spicy seafood, sushi, spring rolls, salmon sashimi, maki rolls, crispy rolls, bento boxes, spicy dragons, and much more.

The warm atmosphere, super-fast service of the staff, and amazingly tasty and fresh dishes never disappoint the customers.

8. Vi Pie Bistro

Address: 3101 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1M 1P1

What’s special

Next to our list is Vi Pie Bistro, known for its unique Italian cuisine.

The restaurant serves several varieties of seafood, including lobster meat, lobster roll, chicken sandwich, fries, salads, shrimp, French toast, pasta, fish, and heart. You will also get many vegetarian options on their menu list.

This bistro is a perfect destination for a yummy breakfast or a delicious lunch. Try tasty egg dishes, sandwiches, squash soup, and chicken Caesar for breakfast. Food is served in more than adequate portions.

You can also plan a small gathering or private meeting at this place. This small restaurant is one of the gems in Scarborough, with amazing staff and services.

9. Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

Address: 680 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V 4S5

Photo by Jessica Weiller on Unsplash

What’s special

Grab the best lobster in Toronto at the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse restaurant in Scarborough. This is a family-owned restaurant with outstanding decor and a warm atmosphere.

Visit this amazing restaurant with your family and friends and gain a delightful food experience. They offer you great choices for food and beverages.

Enjoy special tea, coffee, or wine with some snacks to relax. And, if you are looking for some delicious seafood or a memorable meal, their extensive menu is all yours. The restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine.

Order anything from fried fish, crab, shrimp, or lobster to fried rice, veggies, soups or salads. All the dishes are so mouthwatering and served beautifully that you won’t mind paying a little more.

10. St. Andrews Fish and Chips

Address: 1589 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ONM1P 2Y3

What’s special

St. Andrews Fish and Chips specialize in British and Scottish cuisines. The beautiful vibrant decor and warm atmosphere will always drive your attention. So, if you are in Scarborough, you should not miss the opportunity of having a great time and nice food at this restaurant.

The menu includes fish and chips, haddock, halibut, scallops, shrimp, meat pies, fries, and several other delicious dishes.

You can have pies, toffee pudding, cakes, or rice pudding in desserts. They also serve wine, beer, and cocktails. You can even opt for some strong coffee or tea as preferred.

Though the restaurant is small, it still wins customers’ hearts with amazing food and excellent services.

11. Mandarin    

Address: 2206 Eglinton Avenue E, Scarborough ON M1L 4S7

What’s special

Enjoy the specialized and award-winning food at Mandarin, one of the best restaurants in Scarborough. Have a unique experience of the buffet system at Mandarin, where various dishes are served on the table for lunch and dinner.

Dine at this restaurant for special occasions like a birthday, a meeting, or romantic dates. It’s a warm and lovely atmosphere that relaxes you, and the awesome food with amazing flavours and aromas will make you its fan.

Try the delicious varieties of spring rolls, salads, soups, chow Mein, noodles, pork, rice, beef, chicken, seafood, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. You will also see an exclusive list of cocktails and other beverages offered in the restaurant.

Bottom Line

Nothing can be more satisfying than having your favourite dish for lunch or brunch in a relaxing place after travelling or shopping for the whole day.

Above I have highlighted the best restaurants in Scarborough that you must try. Enjoy the best food and recipes in Scarborough with your friends and family, and have a nice time.



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