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10 Best Toronto Pools to Have Fun

Toronto Pools

What according to you is a perfect holiday? Mine is relaxing in a pool while listening to music and sipping coffee. Feels so refreshing!

Pools are everyone’s go-to place for having a good time, and Toronto’s got a million of them! Leisure activities, swimming, training, diving, playing water sports- all of it is right there around you, and the article is here to guide you through it!

The city of Toronto is quite a happy place- full of fun and entertainment. The highlight would have to be the pools! The summer season brings with it endless options like splash pads, water play areas, indoor and public pools, parks, and more.

10 Best Toronto Pools

If you’re in the city and haven’t been to the pools yet, you’re missing out on A LOT! But it’s never too late, stick till the end of this complete guide to find out about the 10 best Toronto pools to have the craziest time!

1. Sunnyside-Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool

Sunnyside Gus Ryder Pool
Photo by Quark Studio on Pexels

Located near downtown Toronto at 1755 Lake Shore Boulevard West!

It is open all days a week from 10:15 A.M.-7:45 P.M. Not only does it have a free pool facility but also provides changing rooms, showers, lockers, washrooms, and more.

Towels and bathing suits can be rented. Moreover, the pool has a beachfront where you can play Volleyball with your friends! Sounds fun, right?

If you’re hungry, you can also visit the Sunnyside Pavilion for the most delicious food and cocktails!

Reach 30 minutes early for a smooth entry to the pool. Parking is free on weekdays usually before 5 P.M. However, it may create the inconvenience of walking to the beach since the accessible areas are narrow and a little far off.

The pool is kept up and has strict safety protocols. It is advised not to litter or spit inside the pool to maintain hygiene levels.

It measures 91 by 23 meters and is known as ‘The Tank”. Lifeguards are on duty throughout the time that the pool remains open.

Bags are not allowed inside the premises. But there’s no need to worry. For the security of belongings, a locker facility is available, which costs a quarter and is non-refundable.

Thus, Sunnyside-Gus Ryder’s outdoor pool is an excellent option if you’re thinking of spending your holidays at the beach!

2. Alex Duff Memorial Pool

It is a public swimming pool located at Christie Pits Park on Crawford Street, Toronto.

It consists of a 25 meters long lap pool with a ramp, a separate diving pool with a springboard, a waterslide, a splash pad for children, and a conversation pool as well.

It is open Monday-Friday from 12 P.M.-8 P.M. Entry to the pool is absolutely free!

Around 40 people are allowed in the pool for a 45 minutes slot. The facility conforms to the safety rules and is extremely hygienic due to regular disinfecting after each slot.

The pool offers a variety of amenities like water fountains, washrooms, stairs for access, and private changing areas.

The Christie Pits Park also has volleyball and basketball courts, baseball areas, community gardens, and an artificial ice rink for the best experience with your friends and family!

Make sure to visit the Alex Duff Memorial Pool at least once because trust it will be worth it!

By hxdbzxy from Shutterstock

3. Riverdale Park Pool

The pool is located in Riverdale Park East on Broadview Ave.

It remains open all days a week- from 12 P.M.-8 P.M. on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 10:30 A.M.-8 P.M. on other days.

The pool is about 20 yards long and has slots for lane swimming, programs as well as recreational swimming.

Services like washrooms, changing rooms, waterslides, and parking are provided. Riverdale Park also offers a running track, skating rink, tennis courts, and garden areas for picnics.

People usually prefer to go for a run in the morning or maybe play a sport and then relax in the pool.

The pool is a must-visit if you want to spend a chilled-out weekend relaxing, looking at the beautiful Toronto Skyline view.

4. Stanley Park Outdoor Pool

Stanley Park Outdoor Pool facility has two pools- a 25-meter-long main pool with eight lanes and another wading pool.

There is also another 1.8-meter-high water slide, a spray deck, and a water spray ring. It is located in Stanley Park, Walnut Ave, Toronto, and remains open all week from 12 P.M.-8 P.M.

Other amenities include showers with a temperature regulator, bathrooms, and coin-controlled lockers.

The park does not take responsibility for any stolen items. For safety purposes, lifeguards supervise the pool at all times.

For concession, packaged food and drinks are available. Pools in Toronto never disappoint, and that’s a fact!

Stanley Park Pool
Photo by Jim De Ramos on Pexels

The pool is sufficiently large and does not get overcrowded. It is also very hygienic with proper sanitary drives carried out after fixed intervals for disinfecting the water.

Visit the pool for a swim to make the best out of your summer days!

5. Westin Harbour Castle Indoor Pool

At 1 Harbour Square, Toronto is the Westin Harbour Castle– a 4-star lakefront hotel. It has an indoor pool facing Lake Ontario.

The pool is heated and equipped with lights making it ideal for a relaxed dip. There is also a sun deck and a lounge with chairs to make yourself comfortable and have a bite.

You can visit it between 5 A.M.-11 P.M. Monday-Sunday. The hotel provides towels and other essentials.

The place also has a whirlpool on the 5th floor with refreshingly cool water for an enjoyable experience!

One drawback of this place would be that there is no lifeguard supervision around the pools which makes it essential for adults to look after their children.

However, the fun doesn’t end here! There is also a seasonal tennis court and a fitness center open 24/7.

The Westin pool is really great to spend your holidays in the best way possible!

6. High Park Pool

High Park on Bloor Street West, Toronto, has an outdoor swimming pool that operates 7 days a week from 10:30 A.M.-7:45 P.M. Admission to the park is free of cost!

The pool has a wading pool, a separate area for laps, and a splash pad. It is perfect for kids to splash around in the water and have fun on the spiral water slides!

The deck at the northern side of the pool is where people usually sunbathe and chit-chat.

The pool’s temperature is extremely low, but if you’re good with cold water, there would be no complaints.

Finding a parking spot on weekends may be tough, but it’s free of cost on the good side. The park provides a non-refundable locker facility at 25 cents only.

You should visit this place if you just want an off from your busy schedule and chill in the water. You can also grab a bite from the restaurants near High Park.

7. Donald D Summerville Olympic Pool

This is an outdoor pool in Toronto at 1867 Lake Shore Boulevard East, located in Ashbridges Bay Boat Launch which remains open Monday-Sunday from 10 A.M.-8 P.M.

There is no safety threat at the location even at night time.

The Olympic-sized pool is 50 meters long and also has an adjacent 25 meters long pool for training with a separate diving pool with diving platforms as well.

It is located near Woodbine Beach and is one of the best outdoor pools.

Woodbine Beach
By aesthetica from Shutterstock

Entry to the pool is free of cost and has enough space for both training and leisure activities.

The Donald D Olympic Pool, named after the late mayor Donald D Summerville who was a pool project enthusiast, is the quintessential place for swimming!

The place does not remain crowded due to fixed time slots which makes it ideal for training for swimming competitions and races.

8. Maryvale Park Outdoor Pool

Not everyone can enjoy the summer season like those who have a pool or a hot tub in their backyard. But Toronto’s got the others covered!

The city has endless playgrounds and parks with the most exciting pools and water slides!

One of these is Maryvale Park’s outdoor pool, located at Trestleside Grove, Scarborough.

Not only does the staff treat guests with the utmost respect but they also provide good service and amenities like clean washrooms, change rooms, and convenient parking facilities.

Maryvale Park Outdoor Pool
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels

The pool operating hours are from 12:30 P.M.-7 P.M. from Monday-Sunday.

The pool also features showers, a baby pool, drinking water fountains, a chair lift, and an inflatable Wibit. Various swim lessons and programs also take place at Maryvale with proper guidance and safety.

Make sure to visit this place if you’re looking for a fulfilling pool experience. You won’t regret your decision!

9. Toronto’s Trinity Community Recreation Centre

A fitness facility with an indoor pool? Yes, the city’s got it! Toronto’s Trinity Community Recreation Centre inside the Trinity Bellwoods Park on 155 Crawford Street, has a gymnasium along with a massive indoor pool!

It operates Monday-Friday 8 A.M.-9 P.M.  and on Saturday-Sunday 8 A.M.-5 P.M.

The pool is approximately the size of 25 yards and has 3 wide lanes for swimming. The water is always cold, making it great for long laps.

Toronto's Trinity Community Recreation Center Pool
Photo by Felipe Cardoso on Pexels

Change rooms, restrooms, and parking facilities can be availed. You will also find the extremely polite and hospitable staff here!

Believe it or not, it’s a good choice to go for a dip in the pool after a heavy workout at the gym to relax your muscles, and thus the Trinity Center is the right way for you to go!

10. Eglinton Park Pool

The North Toronto Memorial Community Center in Toronto is located inside Eglinton Park and features two of the best pools- an outdoor and an indoor one.

It operated Monday-Friday 6:45 A.M.-9:45 P.M. and Saturday-Sunday 8:30 A.M.-9 P.M. It is advised to visit the center on weekdays to avoid waiting time at the pool and parking inconveniences.

The place features pools along with a fitness center, a gymnasium, public change rooms, and restrooms.

You will also find water slides and a splash pad for leisure. For swimming, there are 3 lanes in the pool. The lifeguards are on duty throughout the pool timings.

Eglinton Park Pool
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels

You can register for swim programs on their website. Additionally, the Park also offers a kids’ playground, a splash pad, and baseball and soccer fields.

It is a great place for an outing with your family and friends!


So these were the 10 best pools in Toronto you can visit to have the best time in the city! For details about travel options and directions, you can surf the pools’ websites.

Not only this, but you can also visit various other pools inside waterparks like Splash Works in Canada’s Wonderland and more.

To explore more, check out the Top 10 waterparks in Ontario. You can also hit the beaches in the city for a swim if you want!

The city of Toronto is always a step ahead when it comes to entertainment and adventure. It is without a doubt, the best place to cross off a whole lot of things from your bucket list!

With countless family-friendly pools, the place acts as a hub for so many recreational activities, which is why it’s a prominent tourist attraction.

Now, there’s no reason to wait any further. Drop a message on your group chat, plan out your trip with this guide, put on your swimsuit, rush to these best Toronto pools, and make the best out of your holidays this season!

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