Here is How You Can Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


Social media has undoubtedly taken over the whole world and drastically impacted everyone’s routine activities and definitely has played a major role in forming perspectives of others and their lives. It is not only a platform to share what is going on with everyone but also a brief insight into what is now happening with their friends or maybe not so-dear friends because you can watch Instagram stories anonymously.

The urge to be well acquainted with everything from trends to hot topics around the world makes it quite a necessity to stay updated. Some people are in a habit to update everything on Instagram, whether it be about their success, profession, new food they are cooking, or functions they are attending.

It would have been much easier if it was as trouble-free as it seems. However, it is not really the easiest thing in the world. The way Instagram stories are accessible to the Instagram viewer is the same way it has provided transparency for the person posting the story as well.

Uncomplicating the truth, it can be said that if you as Instagram viewers view Instagram stories, it is visible to the account holder, and hence a lot of times you resist the act.

Hence, one might require a few wise ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. The article elaborates on a few methods to view an Instagram story without letting your identity gets revealed.

Instagram Stories

watch instagram stories anonymously

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Instagram does not allow any user to view a story including a photo or a video without logging into their respective accounts. They must be logged in using an account on the app or on the website to view any story posted by another Instagram user.

One more privacy policy implemented by the app is that if the story has been posted using a private account, one must follow the account. This makes the Instagram content quite protected which is indeed a great feature but can be troublesome when one wants to break into the privacy of someone’s account. All the rights belong to the account holder and hence create a safer place for the user to share their personal lives out in public.

Therefore, it becomes quite a task for an Instagram story viewer to stay anonymous while viewing an Instagram story. Here are a few ways that enable you to view stories on Instagram anonymously.

Ways to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

1. Using Another Instagram Account

Instagram account

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The most legal and ethical way to keep your identity unrevealed is to create another Instagram account that does not identify your real name and has a different Instagram username.

This enables you to not only view Instagram stories anonymously without letting the user making the posts know but also gives another substitute to analyze Instagram profiles that one might not try accessing using their personal account

This can be one of the most secure ways but has a demerit when it comes to private accounts as the viewer must follow the account which would only be possible if the account holder accepts the request from the anonymous account. Don’t worry, there are other methods enlisted In case this one does not work for you.

2. Using Online Websites to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Another effective way to watch stories on Instagram and videos anonymously is to use an online website to view or even download the stories.

All you need to do here is to type the username Of the account holder whose story you wish to see. It will take approximately 8-10 seconds to load up and show the results relating to the search Finally, select the exact account and wait for the site to load the profile.

You will now be able to view the stories and the posts they make. However, a few websites might create a dialogue box stating that the account is private and hence won’t make the stories and posts visible which might be an issue.

The best part about these sites is that they do not ask for any Instagram username for anyone who wants to view stories or the videos they post. One thing to be kept in mind is that these websites are not often reliable and secure. They should be used with utmost precautions and of course at your own risk. Also, no costs are involved, so they are free for you to use.

Download a Story View App

If you are planning to watch IG stories every day, you can even download an app for the same, keeping in consideration again that these might not be safe for the device you are downloading it on. All that needs to be done is to type Instagram Story downloader on the play store and download the app.


Here are a few websites that let you watch stories on Instagram having photos and videos anonymously. But, remember that they might be an unsafe choice so moving forward has to be your own decision and choice.

3) Using Airplane Mode

airplane mode

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A fun fact that you might be unaware of is that you can view Instagram stories anonymously using the basic feature in the mobile gadget you most probably read this article on.

Absolutely, it is aeroplane mode. When one opens Instagram, it automatically downloads a few stories, and then if the person turns on aeroplane mode, and again goes back to the app, he will be able to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Major Demerits

A drawback here is that you cannot choose the stories that Instagram automatically downloads for your account because the stories that are first in the line will download and to download the others you would need internet for which again you will have to turn off the aeroplane mode.

This is one of the riskiest ways of watching Instagram stories anonymously since it fails if someone wants to view numerous stories. Moreover, there is a high risk of your identity being revealed.


It cannot be neglected that many of you often arrive at a moment when you want to view an IG story but cannot reveal your identity. Therefore, using any of the three methods stated above might work wonders to resolve the issue for the time being. However, it becomes quite unsafe while using online sites that might render future problems for your device.

One of the safest methods is to make another Instagram account to view Instagram stories anonymously. This lets the user view the story, surf the profile and still keep his identity unexposed.

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