Richmond Night Market: 14 Things to Know

richmond night market

Vancouver is a lower mainland region in British Columbia. Interestingly, one of the most famous night markets is held in Vancouver, Canada. This famous Asian night market is Richmond Night Market. It was founded by Raymond Cheung.

In North America, Richmond Night Market is the largest night market. So many vendors put up their food stalls and food trucks here. If you are a foodie, then you will love this place.

You can hang out with your family and friends, eat and enjoy the incredible event.

Also, there are so many things to try out in Vancouver . You can explore Granville Island, Stanley Park, and many more fun activities and adventures. The world-famous Capilano Suspension Bridge is also situated in Vancouver.

The world-famous Capilano Suspension Bridge attracts a huge number of visitors. Someone interested in culinary education can go to Granville Island Public Market.

Below, in this article, you will find some amazing things about Night Market in Richmond.

1. Richmond Night Market 

Aren’t you excited to get Richmond Night Market open soon? The Night Market opens for 2023 with Wonderland Theme. The Night Market will consist of Summer Wonderland this year. This year it will be held between 28th April to 9th November.

Every year the general admission and opening hours are from April to mid-October. It always runs during the summer season. The various food vendors put up their food stalls. The stalls of a few of them are especially for entertainment purposes.

Most of them mainly focus on selling great food. Apart from this, it features live entertainment, live music, interesting carnival games and midway games. It also features oversized prop chairs and activities like martial arts.

Mostly the kids love the oversized prop chairs. Both residents and visitors love it. It attracts nearly one million visitors each year, which is growing at a rate.

Last year the finale show of The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 was featured. Large crowds arrived to watch the finale. It introduced audiences from all over Canada to an unprecedented show.

1.1 History

The entrepreneur Raymond Cheung is the founder of Richmond Night Market. It is the largest night market in Asia. First, it was held at the Continental Centre in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

In that short duration, many people visited the market. And it became difficult to handle the traffic due to reduced capacity in Continental Centre. It is because there was no parking facility as well as traffic increased on the roads. All this happened because the market was held in a parking lot.

After that, it was held at various places. It was so because some places were on lease whereas some had different issues.

1.2 Location

Address- 8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4, Canada

richmond night market
Screenshot from Google Maps

Richmond Night Market is 6 minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport. It is situated near River Rock Casino Resort.

It will take around 45 minutes to reach if you are going from Metro Vancouver. And almost 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. You will reach the place in 8 minutes from Cambie Road. The Bridgeport Station on Canada Line is the nearest.

2. 14 Amazing Things to Know About Night Market in Richmond 

2.1 Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Night Market are as follows –

  • Friday – 7 pm to 12 am
  • Saturday and Long Weekend Sunday – 6 pm to 12 am
  • Regular Sunday – 6 pm to 11 pm
  • Long Weekend Monday – 6.30 pm to 11 pm
richmond night market
Screenshot from the official website: Richmond Night Market

2.2 General Admission

The general admission at the Night Market will cost you $8. You can get free senior (60+ years) and kids (up to 7 years) passes.

There is a provision for a Zoom pass also. It is to avoid the crowds at the entrance gate. By getting a Zoom pass, one can avoid long lineups.

2.2.1 Zoom Pass

The cost of a Zoom Pass is $35. This pass allows you to skip the line. The Zoom pass allows entry to six people at a time. The benefit is that it can be transferred to others also.

Get a Zoom pass if you are in a hurry to enjoy the incredible event. This pass will help you to directly enter the market. You won’t be required to wait in a long queue.

For more people to accompany you, you can use Zoom passes on the same evening.

2.2.2 How Does the Zoom Pass Work?

Zoom Pass is referred to as a multiple entry pass to avoid a particular line. It is also called an express pass. This may change your game. It allows multiple entries to different persons.

The pass has a total number of six entry points. One can use the Zoom pass with the other six members. It can also be used during multiple visits. It does not have any limits. However, the Zoom passes of the previous season cannot be used in the upcoming year.

Zoom pass is strongly recommended if you want to skip the long line.

2.3 Food Selection 

This year 2023, Richmond Night Market will be unique from previous years. There’s going to be an International Food Adventure. This year at Summer Wonderland, there will be the largest international food selection.

richmond night market
Screenshot from the official website: Richmond Night Market

The visitors will get to taste international foods at a single location. Also, some vendors will be from Turkey and Indonesia.

The night market has been regarded as a great opportunity to eat a variety of street foods. There will be more than 110 great food vendors offering a variety of dishes in one place. Some food items and recipes are the favourite ones of the people. These recipes return each year.

Also, there are other unique dishes like mochi waffles, crispy chicken skin, flying cup noodles, and hot pots. Several food booths are also uniquely displayed and lit up.

Despite this, BBQ Squid will also feature in the market. The place even offers some amazing options to everyone. Kids under six years or older and people above 60 years are welcomed warm-heartedly.

2.4 Types of Food You Can Buy at the Night Market in Richmond 

The Richmond Night Market offers an ample menu. Seeing such a wide variety of street food items is amazing. Are you a foodie? Then you should try jiggly pancakes, doughnuts, puffers or bao.

There is certainly a wide variety of delicious Asian food. Desert dishes include small mochi French toast, crepe, and rolling ice cream. Also, there are dim sum, crispy chicken meat, rolled gelato and onigiri.

2.5 Entertainment

Richmond Night Market is not only about exploring food. It also features wide areas of entertainment. Once you are done with your shopping and eating, you can explore the Wonderland Forest. Also, there are other rainbow-infused decorated places. Here, you can sit and relax.

The amazing live performances on the main stage include –

  • Musicians
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance Teams
  • Many Demonstrations
richmond night market
Screenshot from the official website: Richmond Night Market

2.6 How Much Does it Cost to Go to the Richmond Night Market?

The normal cost of the ticket is USD 7. For children of 6 years and older people, the tickets are free. The cost of the Zoom pass, which is discussed earlier, is CAD 35.

This pass allows entry to six people. The six people can visit the market on the same day and also at different times. It does not include the costs of food. It is because the food is of different brands. And the prices vary as per the different products.

You will have to pay for each food item you buy. And also for every activity you wish to indulge in.

The price of the food items ranges between $8 to CAD 15. It is similar to the other markets, events, fairs and festivals. For example, if you enter the market, then expect a budget of around $30 to $40.

Despite this, you can buy things from other vendors too. And then the budget will be up to you.

2.7 Parking Facility

Is parking free, or how much will be the price? Is parking available on weekends? You must be thinking of these questions if you are planning to drive your car. Don’t worry, the answers are here!

There is availability of parking in the Richmond Night Market and it is free. Despite this, there is another factor that should be considered. Indeed, parking is available, but it is so limited. Despite this fact, it is also very popular.

It is suggested to either reach early or very late to the market. Otherwise, you are surely going to avoid the parking lot because of the unavailability of parking. To avoid all these hectic situations, it is advised to go by train.

And now the question about the parking on weekends. The night market is so busy during weekends. So, you can expect even more vehicles on the weekends. So, you might not get parking.

2.8 Is There a Line at the Entrance of the Richmond Night Market?

If you didn’t arrive early, then expect a line at the entrance. You will have to wait in line at the entrance. It is so during the early hours of opening only. The lines become short after 8 pm. But, before that, you will have to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes to get entry.

On the other hand, there is an option of express entrance too. This is especially for those who don’t want to wait in line. By paying for the Zoom pass you will get the advantage of skipping the line.

2.9 How to Pay at Richmond Night Market with Cash or Card?

In the digital world, we all expect to pay with a card or phone. But, here it is suggested to bring money that is cash along with you. Almost all the vendors in Richmond Night Market accept only cash.

Only a few of them also accept cards. There are some ATMs nearby, but they often have long lines. So, it is always recommended to get money with you to avoid the lines at the ATMs.

2.10 Where to Stay in Vancouver, Canada?

If you are planning to visit Richmond Night Market you will require good accommodation. The prior accommodations are recommended. The market closes at midnight. So, even if you enjoy staying up late at night, you don’t have to worry about your stay.

richmond night market
Photo By: James Wheeler/ Pexels

Vancouver is a famous tourist city in Canada. During summer, the hotels get booked so fast. And it might be difficult to get accommodation. So, booking in advance is always a great option.

Find the hotel recommendations in Vancouver here.

2.11 Can You Buy Alcohol at the Richmond Night Market?

In Richmond Night Market you won’t get any sort of alcoholic beverages. This is a family-friendly event and an enjoyable place. It features a variety of delicious food and different types of vendors. But, there is no alcohol.

But don’t worry! Here, you will get a huge variety of tasty options for beverages.

2.12 Can Pets be Taken to Richmond Night Market?

Richmond Night Market is pet friendly. Luckily, you can take your pets along with you. Now, you don’t have to leave your pets at home. Please note that pets are prohibited in the food court section. There is a separate designated Dog Play Area.

Only one pet per family is allowed. So, if you are thinking of getting more than one pet, it will be difficult. In this case, your pet will be tagged and allowed only in the non-food zones.

You should ensure that your pets can handle large crowds. As the place is a little busy for them to roam.

2.13 Best Time to Visit Richmond Night Market

The later you go, the more you enjoy it. As it gets late, it gets less busy. It is because families with kids go early, as the kids fall asleep early. Mostly after 8 pm, there are no lineups. And you can easily get into the market.

This time is ideally suggested because there are people but, crowds are not there. At this time, you will have a great opportunity to explore the night market.

Hope these tips might help you during your visit! But, the decision is up to you and according to your plans.

2.14 Is Visiting the Richmond Night Market Worth it?

Richmond Night Market is one of the best sightseeing places. And is it done? Really no!

You won’t regret it if you plan to spend weekends in Vancouver. There is a lot to see and do in the city. You can search and look up the delicious famous food of Vancouver. And also, have a visit to the amazing places. And try out some adventurous activities.

Your experience is going to be amazing and enjoyable.

3. Other Things to Do While You’re in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city. It features so many attractions for the visitors. These are worth watching. You will enjoy visiting these sites. And also have fun by taking part in different activities.

Canada’s Vancouver City has splendid places to visit. You can do walking, cycling and jogging in the Seawall. It is the longest waterfront path of 28 km in the world.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, have a visit to Cypress Mountain Ski Area. Also, The Strait of Georgia, Lighthouse Park and Bloedel Floral Conservatory are some of the best places.

If you are thinking of going to a place near Richmond Night Market, then River Rock Casino Resort is a good option indeed!


You should a visit to Richmond Night Market. This event is held from April to mid-October. As the name suggests it runs during night hours. During summer and holidays, people are free. Multiple people visit the market during long weekends.

Most people have become used to visiting the night market. It is because of the awesome experience during their first five visits. The market gets even more exciting from previous years.

It is a perfect place to relax yourself with the whole host of live music, entertainment and incredible food.

The place attracts foodies. Are you one among the foodies? Plan your first visit as soon as possible. Don’t miss to eat any food item at the single location of delicious food by the food vendors.

So, why to think twice? Plan your trip to the Richmond Night Market soon this summer. Also, take your family, kids, and friends to the market. Before planning check the opening hours and general admission.

5. FAQs: Richmond Night Market

  •  Do you have to pay for parking in Richmond Night Market?

The parking lot at the Richmond Night Market is free and very popular.

  • What are the timings of Richmond Night Market?

The timings of the night market are from 7 pm until midnight.

  •  What is the best day to visit Richmond Night Market?

Thursday and Saturday are more busy than Sundays and holidays. Mondays are typically even less crowded.

  •  How to pay at the Richmond Night Market with cash or a card?

It is suggested to bring money along with you. Most of the vendors prefer accepting money. Few vendors also accept cards.

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